Monday, January 18, 2010

#Music Monday

Happy MLK Day guys – for those of us in the states, hope you are using this opportunity to get some rest….been at home all weekend, other than going to church and I am so excited that I got to do that and not go to work today…. Speaking of which I really need to manage my time wisely so I can post more frequently otherwise this will only be a music Monday blog and then I’m rushed to put all the gist of the week on this  post…..

So this year already I have found that I'm not tolerant – it just seems that this is not the year for bullshit – ok so I have a bb and they keep sending stupid forwarded messages, especially msgs that are not true and after I got like 10, I changed my status to say no one should send me another post or I will curse them out cos I wanted to sleep – and you wouldn't believe it 15mins later some dick head sends me the same msg – and sure enough I cursed him out, then he is going to say maybe I should take you off my list – mumu oshi give me two seconds and I'm taking you off, but I was still cursing him out when he took me off – lol, it's funny now, but for a boy he seems rather childish too me – nways just an example of how intolerant I am…..this year can have no foolishery attached to it, I am honest, very straight forward and I am not nice – so there it is

This year has to be positive people, smart people, moving forward – already this year I am learning and doing new things – made two new sauces this weekend, was getting tired of nja food and I reckon it's time to learn some yankee food, plus I want to show off to the male species, lol, not like anyone is tasting it, but at such a time when they get to, I will blow his mind, lol – I did braids(thanks to the best friend), like I don't even rbr the last year I did that …I wrote a business proposal for the first time, so hard but such a rewarding learning experience…..u get my point sha

So lifetime channel drives me insane and to think that most of these movies are based on a true story – like this one "Karla" – she killed and watched her man kill people and stayed still in the name of love….God forbid o, I love love, u all know I do, I think it's the missing ingredient in my life – but that kind of love is devil kind of love and I repeat God forbid – speaking of which, so my twitter crush is very handsome, and all kinds of girls are on him so I'm just backing down, me I can't fight for boy o , lol – church crush is such a sharp dresser but I noticed he has poor dentition so that's that and blog crush, well you all know he doesn't have my time – lmao, no work crush as of yet, no fine boys @ work

The whole issue with Haiti is just so depressing, I can't even watch the coverage anymore – it's been said that no matter what you say about Nigeria and to be honest most African countries, through our poverty and bad reputation, we never experience natural disasters…it's not by our power or our might, but by the Grace of God and I ask that we remember that and be grateful/thankful always…today ,I have a dream, that Nigeria will grow to its fullest potential, and be giants of Africa, rid of poverty, no light, no water, no jobs…..

Nways to the music, today I bring to you new and different – watching the Golden Globes yesterday and I remember thinking I don't recognize any of the songs from the best song in a movie category – to be honest, this is my brothers specialty – shows and movies he knows original scores and songs for, my best friend is good for every commercial in the world, while I know the songs used in most sporting events, especially the NBA (can't seem to figure out what Ushers song for the all star games is? Anyone?) – nways not a lot of original songs from commercials I like so these are a couple from shows and some NBA theme songs – hope you like them

Show – Smallvile ….. Artist – Remy Zero ….. Song – Save Me

Show – House ….. Artist - Massive attack…..Song - Teardrops

Show – Grey's Anatomy …. Artist – Snow Patrol … Song - Chasing cars

Show - The mentalist's last episode…..Artist - Extreme … Song - More than words

Movie – The time Traveler's wife… Artist – LifeHouse ….. Song – Broken

Movie - GLADIATORS …. Artist – Enya …..Song – Now we are free

Artist - Fort minor …. Song – Remember the name …..The NBA used this song for the 2006 and 2007 NBA playoffs as well as the 2008 NBA drafts

Artist - Busta Rhymes & linkin park….. Song – We made it ….. TNT used this as the theme song for its coverage of the 2008 NBA Western Conference Finals

Artist - Kanye west ft Jeezy ….. Song – Amazing ….The NBA used this song for their 2009 season and is also featured on the NBA 2k10 soundtrack

There you go guys hope you enjoyed this as much as I did …. Have a great rest of the week, God Bless you and P.S I LOVE YOU


  1. I totally missed being here!
    ..i think its pretty cool having a crush for every setting. Pretty interesting! :)
    p.s Foolishery, thats a good one!

  2. you and your rambling. i still never listen to these songs you post. one day na one day. i will listen to them

  3. I know the songs for shows and movies but NBA? Nahhh...I know the Busta Rhymes/Linkin Park song though. One among the few rap songs I love. Enya always gets me and with the Gladiator story, I was weeping, LOL. Now I can laugh about it.

    I watched the globes and enjoyed the theme songs esp Leona repping for Avatar.

  4. need for bs! zero tolerance !

  5. i love that kanye song and chasing cars.awesome.:-)

  6. Hey girl
    cheers to a no nonsense new year
    that boy was so immature
    mscheew good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!

  7. Happy new year Girl...
    NO BS if u see d way wey i dey delete people for my fb and around rule:if u not adding to my existence,,abeg waka.

  8. Happy belated MLK day..I like celebrations. :)

    I'm glad you got a day off. I hope you rested well? I've also wanted to try my hands at cooking dishes from other countries...
    This year must definitely be positive. I'll see to it. :)

  9. I wanna comment, but I don't know what to say. Im depressed.

    And MLK shared a birthday with me :)

  10. @Tricia - i missed you too, lol...what can i say fine boys make the venue brighter...and yes i think they need to add foolishery to the dictionary..... don't you?

    @Oye - i will be praying for you woman

    @Myne - lol, Enya is the truth and i love Busta ...i was saying that i was ashamed of myself for not knowing the songs

    @Eve -lol, glad you agree

    @Leggy - they are awesome songs

    @BBB - lol, ose jare

    @Kabi-Osi - Happy new Year ma and congrats again - yes o i agree with you, my sentiments exactly

    @Rose - yes i did thanks, Yaaay to a positive year love, god will see us through

    @Moyo...pele dear, hope you feel better...muah

  11. lol...@ ur crush frm church...Poor dentition, u can always try fix dat...but still linol
    Love d NBA songs (kanye, busta & linkin park)..

  12. lol....nah men, no time to fix no man....glad you love the songs


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