Monday, January 4, 2010

#MusicMonday – Monday Blues

Hi guys, Happy Monday to ya. A lot of people returned back to work today and I'm sure are feeling the back to work blues, but fear not, Music Monday is here for ya to get you through to 5pm. So I just heard about #MM and being the music freak I am was honored to do today's episode. Not quite sure of the format so I decided to just do it by genres and just pick one song from each genre (so hard!, do you know how many songs there are in this world?!). I'll try my best and hope you'll enjoy each one. Have a lovely Monday!

This is currently my favorite Naija song and my favorite song on Banky's "W Experience". – Omoge you too much ft Wizkid. It was produced by ID Cabasa who along with Cobhams is slowly rising as one of my fav naija producers.

So, I absolutely love the Rascal Flatts. The looks don't quite match the voice of lead singer, Gary Levox but in the end they produce good music. This song is from their "Me and My Gang" album. I like it cuz it's all hick and it's hilarious. Always makes me laugh, plus I love the look on people's faces when I am singing along to it. – Backwards

I was first introduced to William Fitzsimmons in a duet he did with Rosy Golan called "Hazy". I was entranced; I have a soft spot for melancholy songs. I got to hear this song – If you would come back home and I had to get the album. I really wanted to let you guys hear "Find me to Forgive" but I can't find a video for it so make do with this song. A little insight into William, he is the youngest of two blind children, has a beard that could house a family and has a master's degree. He worked as a mental therapist before turning to music.

Okay, I'm kinda cheating here. I'm not a huge fan of neosoul music, mostly because I am not a fan of their itk attitude (issues I know), but I have always made an exception for India Arie. I heard this song on the plane and memorized a line of the lyrics so I could google it as soon as I touched base. It's kind of poppy but who cares, right? Therapy ft Gramps Morgan


Love me some Shinedown. The lead singer is kinda creepy looking and sounds like a cross between Creed’s Scott Stapp and the lead singer of Crash Test Dummies. Enjoy – If you only knew. I couldn’t find a video
L, here's the URL:

So I'm torn as to what song to post so I'm gonna post two. I am absolutely in love with Chris Brown's album and it's such a shame what's happening to him. So I'll highlight one of his songs. My second is from Melanie Fiona. I'm not quite sure what her sound is but she is categorized as r&b so I'll go with it. Enjoy Chris's – Cold and Melanie's – Johnny

I am not a huge hiphop fan like most of my friends and I recently just found out who Gucci Mane was. Some will laugh that I am mentioning him but nyeh, I like this song. Spotlight ft Usher

Now y'all know I am not leaving here without mentioning my Gaga. 2009 was the year of the Gaga(at least in my mind). I absolutely love this woman. Who else can make a song called "Teeth"..Yes, Gaga has a song called teeth…enjoy!

Ok, I will stop here and I really hope I didn’t bore you guys. Hope you discover at least one or two that you like and have a wonderful week ahead!

Sorry its late guys, Today's post is by TayneMent and i'm honored she could do this for me in such short notice - as you can tell she knows her stuff & i can now say i have met someone who loves music like i do - a blogger since 2006 and with 2 blogs, you all probably know her, but just incase, check her out here and here ....thanks again girl..
Looking forward to your feedbacks, plus guys i always reply your comments, incase you ever ask a question or sumn, make sure to check it out...
P.S I Love you


  1. I like the "Backwards" one. It's funky so I downloaded it. My body's just moving to the song and I'm not the one moving - funny. I'd check out their other songs though. The Folk Music one can't play because it's blocked in my country - hiss. Anyhoo, You know Steve Martin, that's folk right? With the Ukulele kinds of sounds?

    Ohh and I didn't check Chris Brown or Lady Gaga and Gucci Mane - I don't know them and I plan not to.

  2. What a great selection, of course I wouldn't expect less from Taynement.

  3. Lol.. Hi Taynement.
    You're right, I laughed. Out. loud, when you mentioned Gucci. :)

    Nice one though.

    PS. Neefe, would help if you titled your guest posts '#MM-feature' or something :/
    I thought it was you until I got to the "So I just heard about #MM.." part. :)

  4. nice one.
    i already heard the songs.
    im not a huge gaga fan sha..and besides i do like gucci mane, hes songs are stupid in a nice kinda way:-)
    i love rock!!!!!i think thats my fave genre.
    and i like melanie fiona's it kills me.
    nice one taynement.

  5. YEP YEP YEP.....Miss LAdy Definately knos her music

  6. @Original Mgbeke - She sure does

    @Moyo - lol, u r so silly, you need to know all these people men, yea "backwards" is really nice

    @Myne - right, i have met my match

    @RocNaija - lol, will do, thanks i just hate long subject lines

    @leggy - thanks, she did a great job

    @Mr. Jegede - yes she does


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