Monday, January 25, 2010

#MusicMonday – Timeless Music

Hello folks, how are you all doing today? Hope your weekend was great and wishing you a blessed and favored rest of the week….First off I want to say a Big Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Male – Jydo – Happy Birthday Baby, I love you mucho…. Secondly, thanks guys for the comments on the last blog, I feel honored every-time you spare a min to leave a comment…so there is no time for all the plenty gist I have for you cos there is a lot of ground to cover… so let's get right to it

So I don't know if any of you caught on tv yesterday "An evening of stars: Tribute to Lionel Richie" – it was magnificent, Chrisette Michele, Jesse McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Ledisi, Akon, James Ingram all performed and then of course the Genius that is Lionel Richie killed it himself…Starting with "All Night Long" – I grew up on Lionel Richie, God Bless my parents for teaching me good music… Today, I have gone through his album and chosen one of my favs to share together with links of some other classics….hope you like it…

1982…. Self titled album Lionel Richie – "YOU ARE" …..The song speaks volumes …. Also listen to "My Love" & "Serves You Right"

1983… Can't Slow Down – arguably the best album in my opinion….. "Stuck on You" …. Also listen to "All Night Long" & "Hello"

1986… Dancing on the Ceiling – "Deep River Woman" …. This song is deep…. Also listen to "Dancing on the Ceiling" & "Say you, Say Me"

1992… Back to Front (Compilation) – if you are a lover, you need to get this album "My Destiny" ….Also listen to "Do it to me" & "3 times a lady"

1996… Louder than words – relatively unknown album compared to the rest … "Piece of Love" …. Also listen to "I Can't get over you"

1997… Truly (Compilation) – again strictly for the lovers in the house … "Oh No" …. Also listen to "Truly" & "Sail On"

1998… Time – "Closest thing to Heaven" - *sighs* just a rush of emotions right now … Also listen to "Lady" &"Time"

2000… Renaissance – "Wasted Time" – for only the 2nd time ever Lionel sings a breakup song – I love it… Also listen to "Angel" & "It may be the Water"

2002… Encore (live album) – more like another compilation, with "To Love a woman ft Enrique Iglesias" being the only original

2004… Just for you – "In my Dreams' - *sighs* *double sighs* …. Also listen to "Just for you" & "long way to go"

2005… Coming Home – "I call it love" – I had to go with the popular song here, this was such a sweet gesture with his daughter in the video, I love this song ….. Also listen to "Why" & "I Apologize" ft Wyclef Jean

2008… Just Go – "Good Morning"- *sighs* *double sighs* *triple sighs* ….. Also listen to "Forever & a day" & "I'm not Okay"

Just cos I'm not tired of him and I hope you are not also – here's one more from the GENIUS that is Lionel Richie "Jesus" – you should also hear Chrisette Michele's cover of this song

And finally the tears come rolling down with this – "Easy" ft Lyfe Jennings …. Lyfe Jennings killed it though, like he schooled Lionel on this one for real



  1. not really a big lionel fan...
    but i know hes huge
    my mum adores him
    jist please>>>> we r waiting

  2. I'm not a Lionel fan but he has mad talent!

  3. I saw the Evening of stars tribute and not only learnt more about LR, but also the UNCF and it's work. I am a huge fan of Richie and even more so now. Thanks for sharing these classics, he's a great musician and his body of work is so timeless. I simply love them and thoroughly enjoyed his recap at the end of the show.

  4. All these "not a lionel fan"s, hmph.
    I him but one question..
    actually no I just realised he wasn't Luther Vandross. Haha was gonna say is he dead :P

  5. lmao...i like LR moderately crazy fan here.

  6. I watched it.Love me some Lionel Richie.Awesome selections.

  7. @BBB...... lol, what u r not a LR fan, what? blasphemy, lol too, this is blasphemy o?lol

    @Tricia - omygosh you too, you are killing me?lol

    @Blowing Blessings...omygosh finally, was very scared there for a min

    @Myne....yaaaayyyyy glad you love it, and yea def learnt a lot about UNCF are so silly, lol glad you love it

    @leggy.... lol, but u like him so this is good

    @Kabi...glad you like it

    yaaayyy LR fans won


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