Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Prayer for You

I entered the new year in church, as is my custom and in tears – I was just overwhelmed with joy, my sisters birthday was New Year's eve and I was sad that I missed it again, she turned 18 too and I would have been the one to do all the planning for a birthday party, so I was sad but 20 mins to the New Year I started remembering all the blessings God did for me through the year, I instantly had a headache as the memories flooded my brain because it was A LOT and so in tears and with complete gratitude, I entered the New Year…God is really just magnificent

These are some of the prayers and wishes I have for you this year – some I stole from facebook statuses, the rest from me

As we set forth into the new year: may our prayers be answered, our dreams be accomplished, our body be nourished with health, our soul with laughter, our heart with love, our blessings ,joy and happiness be showered in abundance. May our sorrow, disappointment and unfortunate mishaps be left behind as we enter the year with unshakeable belief that it is our year of glory and great height....

Wishes for the New Year: That narrow-mindedness is a thing of the past and that we realize how petty some of our pursuits really are. A life spent chasing after money and power is a sad waste of precious time, space and oxygen. Realize this: Financial success is not a sign of God's favor and neither is failure. But failure to live and experience in Love and in Truth is the greatest failure of all. But make no mistake, changing one's life for the better this season will not happen unconsciously, it must be willed into existence. Be brave in your endeavors, and have the fortitude that no matter how bad things get this season, success will surely come your way. Again, I wish upon you all the happiness a man can wish to another

The Lord Bless you and make his face shine upon you, the lord keep you and provide for you – you shall Know no sorrow this year 2010, your family will be safe and well, good health will be yours – whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper and be successful, you will not be diminished and stagnant this year, going only higher and higher….uncommon testimony and uncommon blessing will be your portion in Jesus name…you shall abide in his favor for the 363 days left this year, his mercy and favor will surround you always… he will fulfill all your desires and make you leaders

This will be our best year yet guys…I really believe that, individually and collectively… you have all become a part of me so much, I'm excited to be starting this year with you and I pray that we will finish this year together, strong and even more blessed and accomplished than we are at this moment…I will do a meme and or just shout-out people, but that will be a very long thing – just know that even tho I say it a lot and I haven't even met most of you, I really do feel like I know you, some more personally than others and I truly care, worry for you and love you… this year lets endeavor to do things collectively for the betterment of ourselves, our country and people….like the story on Myne's blog, imagining turning it into a book and selling it – the first of its kind, if you know about any jobs for those who need that, about scholarships, unique opportunities, ideas to implement in Naija to help our country become a better one

Already I have some interesting news this year – like, I just realized I don't have anyone I just call to gist or talk to – with the hundreds and friends I have – pathetic right? Not so much tho, love my non, non- relationships….. some idiotic guy on twitter put up a pic of a girl sucking him… now in his mind now he has exposed the girl or accomplished some feat when to me all he has shown is that he is not trustworthy and not the kind of guy I will ever want to date, and is just repulsive to me… 60 sumn year old man, wanting to leave his family, including his wife with cancer for a 20sumn year old woman – plus the woman, plus the man – can anyone tell me they wouldn't be cursed for the rest of their lives?…

I have a new nickname – Little Giant, add that to portablechic and foxy and sugar – hehehehehe - I love my nicknames, what are yours? I think I talk about love and relationship and sex way too much – never mind that I don't have any of the above – so this year, imma stop with that ok? yes, yes I will this into existence… don't laugh at me o – and I have a twitter crush, what is it with me and crushes eh? Best friend thinks I like long distance because I am afraid of commitment, I agree –I am not ready to marry so what's the point? I'm not looking to fool around jo, another celibate year, yea – let's go there - And o, I am going to need a his and her bathroom in my room, when I do get married – I can't do it men, no one is allowed to know that I use the bathroom ever, love has nothing to do with…

Nways my darlings, be good, be safe – make plans this year, just don't go with the flow and the Lord will see you through … kisses xxxxxx


  1. Amen to d prayers! May it be so to u 2. . Happy new year.

    Lol @ twitter crush

  2. Bless you too...little Giant...sounds like d name of a lil baseball league...nd did u get dat his nd her bathroom idea from d movie ITS COMPLICATED...a very cool movie...go watch it if u avnt...ud like it alot....hope work is ever stressfree nd funfilled.....Gudluck nd God moves u as u put ur plans into play in d new year

  3. I feel so ashamed because I just can't pray and your prayer was just perfect.

    I like foxy anyway. it sounds sooo ... foxy! hehe :)

    Oh and we would have many more years together, not just this, amen.

  4. happy new year to u too, littlegiant..i love those prayers and they will come true in our lives for real....keep on being you!! xoxo

  5. Happy New Year and Amen to all your prayers. I wish you more love, happiness and everything you desire. We will surely make this a better place. And yeah to the interactive book!

    My favorite nickname is smallie, little giant sounds better though LOL.

  6. Happy New Year to you too dear. May all your prayers be answered, and may you receive all that you desire and much more..

  7. Huh?! "I just realized I don't have anyone I just call to gist or talk to.."???
    And your pwetty bestie counts as...?!

    Oh well.. Wishing you all the very best in the new year and all the other good/great stuff people say! :D

    Stay blessed!

  8. @Sunnyside - Amen dear, thanks

    @Mr. Jegede -lol @ baseball league name, i have watched Its Complicated, i loved it - but no always had the idea, work is good and Amen dear, thanks

    @moyo - lol, we have talked so i know you know how to pray now and Amen baby, thanks so much

    @histreasure - Amen, thanks ma, God Bless, will do

    @Myne - Amen and Amen - we sure will...yes o , we should talk about the book soon - lol @ smallie

    @Rose - Amen, thanks ma

    @leggy -thanks ma, happy New Year

    @RocNaija - i had missed you o, lol...i live with her now, and we constantly talk, on bb, email, fb - we r bad like that...Thanks dear, wish you the same...will do

  9. Happy New Year. Those prayers are worth stealing :-) Amen to the prayers and I wish you a year of exceedingly abundantly.

  10. Happy New year to you too... I love crushes.. so cute and innocent...

    some of my nicknames: slim-shady(a la my friends because i am an eminem groupie)& shadusky.

    May this year be one of growth and happiness for you.

  11. @Rita - Amen o, thank you so much, lol i thought so too, so please steal as well....Happy New Year

    @ShadeNonconformist - lol, they sure are...imma be calling u slim shady now :) i love Eminem too...Amen dear, thank u so much

  12. You don't look like you anymore :( :(
    i.e. your profile pic.. :(

    Seen this yet?

  13. really tho, Roc you don't like it - i'm hurt, i thought you would like it :((((( i'm going back to my natural hair then :((((

    no i hadn't thank you - Trey is hot though and he's very talented, he sounded really good @ the concert - do you look like him by any chance? make me happy and say yes.... but really you didn't like the pic, i'm hurt :(


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