Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm sad… I don't know why, I wish I did – but I'm sad – I was thinking maybe it was cos I didn't get this one job I applied for – truth be told, I was wary about it, would have done it if I had gotten but I also never thought it was worth crying over – the job would have required me to be here 4 years and if you don't know, then I'm telling you – me I am going back to my country, this country is not for me – definitely there is a convenience and luxury of being here but this place is not for me – I feel like I'm drying up being here – not like there is anything in naija other than my folks and friends, but my heart is always there – nways that and I'm loving being with the best friend 24/7, we don't always do anything and still we have the best times – needless to say, that's not why I'm sad – so here's hoping that it leaves me soon

So my sister was telling me about some 23yr old boy that is trying to talk to her – me I instantly said no, she said o she doesn't even like him and I was breathing a sigh of relief – my sister is 18 btw – I love to brag about her, cant believe I have never told you all about her – known as bold and beautiful, this is our future lawyer, already in her 3rd yr in lag, she is skinny as shit tho, I so hate her – she is always saying she will readily exchange bodies, lol – but I thank God for her life really, God has been good to her – she is a December baby too – nways I said no to a guy 5yrs older, because truth be told I myself I'm just getting my head wrapped the idea of dating someone 5yrs older – I am not attracted to older guys period, I just don't see the attraction – especially naija guys, they make that generational gap too obvious – besides my 1st boyfriend I think I was 14, it lasted all of 2 weeks – I liked boys and all but my next boyfriend wasn't until I was 20 – so I personally don't think for her 2nd relationship ever, she should be dating someone 5ys older, he works and everything – she is in Unilag so you know the next thing is hearing some people talk trash about her – and maybe cos I waited to date, my brother did, my last born @ 16 hasn't ever dated – my rules on dating are much more different from most people –best friend says I'm being overprotective – I don't think so, I will say the same thing to anyone, its why I hate when 18yr old girls are crying over boys, even @ 20 I want to slap them – but I am different and weird and special, so I'm not judging anyone – I'm just saying – what do you think guys?

Speaking of boys and relationships – can you believe the stores are now all red and pink, talking about valentine day…..twitter crush hates the mere mention of val's day. He just doesn't see why people are talking about it now…I agree with him, I love the movies that come with it, but maybe cos of my lack of relationships – I only remember one vals day ever( Ibadan days) – I couldn't care less, I just think it's another commercialized holiday that they use to make money in America – for any future man in my life, let it be known u will not be gaining points by doing anything special on this day – infact if you want to make me happy, do something like a week before – totally unexpected, genuine and sweet – cos otherwise I just want to watch a movie on that day and like me and the best friend are doing this year– enjoy myself @ the spa

Speaking of as you can tell, I am the most unromantic female eveeerrr and I keep trying to think of what a romantic day will be for me – I think it depends on the season – if it's the winter/spring, then it's easy cos it's a day that involves me going to see either the all star game, the Super bowl or any of the playoffs, Arsenal game in London or Australian Open Tennis Match, preferably where I get to see Andy Roddick or Serena Williams – anything else you do is jara, and I will love you eternally …..Yes I am that easy, add some suya or good steak and let's go shoe/lingerie shopping (I'll pay I don't care) and I will be your slave forever …. Summer season – the only sports will be the US Open (Tennis); the only other thing that will come to mind is travelling somewhere, anywhere and trying something new – like a cooking class or sumn – that's romantic enough right? I am not totally weird – my friend called me an ungirly girl – cos well he asked about moisturizing cream & I didn't know what that meant – isn't cream cream? Abi

Lmao, so my friend sent me this – Enjoy guys –

"Every Feb 14th men get the chance to display their love and affection for the woman in their life but secretly guys feel left out, there's no special holiday for the ladies to show their appreciation for the men in their life now there is. March 20th is now officially steak, blow job, good sex and shut the fuck up day. It's a simple effective and self explanatory holiday. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town just a steak, a blow job, sum good sex and a day where women shut the fuck up. The word is already spreading, but like any new idea, it needs a little push to get the ball rolling so spread the word!"

Lol, that was too funny – nways I am going to the kitchen – black bean sauce for my stir – fry coming up – maybe that will make me feel better – plus I haven't read a novel since I started writing so I'm hoping I can finish one tonight and get over the spell





  1. lol...im 18 and ive never dated..i like older guys...i dont think i can date someone who is not like 3years older than me merely cos i feel that boys around my age are very immature.i like how you are close to your siblings..thats really good..my sisters and i are really close too.
    i dont have a boyfriend and even though i always get gifts from people on valentine's day it really doesnt have any meaning to me since i havent had a boyfriend before.

  2. I personally don't see what's wrong in dating a 23 yr old. 5 years is not so bad and it's an experience for her dating an older man. But u be big sis so you might see things differently.

    I know everyone says vals day is a commercialized day but so is every other holiday so why do people pick on vals day? how bout mothers day?christmas day?etc.

    lol@the joke.

  3. I think vals day is overrrated
    n unfair to guys
    i knw it sounds cliche but everyday shud be vals day
    i appreciate a random gesture during the yr waaaaay more than i do on vals day
    n i think dating an older guy is kool. they r more focused, n ready to settle dwn, statistics show tht guys begin thinking bout marriage at 25 n above, he may not be sooo bad

  4. ROTFL at d joke...

    i agree dat shes to young to date someone 5years older
    i ahve a younger sis that also 18 and her boyfriend is 21 ,shes been dating him for a lil ova ayear now, my bf is always teasing me about her having sex with her bf... i just cant fanthom d idea i want her to stay young forever

  5. lol@ being d most unromantic female ever. Nah, i'm sure theres a sweet soft romantic side to you... you just havent discovered it yet.

    I'm wit devine on ur sis's relationship. Good luck to her.

    And dat joke..we really shd consider it, imho. Guys'd just love it, the world over.. i know i will. lol.

  6. Yeah. Valentine's overrated. Literal LOL on March 20th, Day when women shut the fuck up.. really?...Older boys are not so bad though. :-)

  7. Lol...i hate vals day,...my boo is miles away...so am always sucking on dat day.
    5 yrs older is ok.U live and u learn.

  8. Wonderful post..I should go finish a novel too

  9. Aww...it happens sometyms really!
    Love the ish abt boys and all.

  10. I get that way.
    And I just cry! Let it out. let the damn thing out. Gosh, I'm so angry atm, sorry.
    But anyway, people that are hating on holidays can like to die in their misery abeg. Not everyone does anything - agreed but some people should keep their opinions to themselves sometimes.
    Im sorry if I sound very rude atm, it's just these things annoy me sometimes.

    sorry about how you feel anyway.
    this morning when i was fine, i started commenting but i had to go and i forgot the nice things i was gonna say but yeah. bye.

  11. oh my goodness. so what i was gonna say was saved.
    lemme copy and paste to cover up for my rudeness up there :)

    I love boys :p
    And my own story with the other sex . uhmmmmm :D

    Anyway, yes people are hating on vals day. Infact I have sooo much to saaaay! People like to hate jare, if everyone led a life of "do what you like let me do what I dislike, we'd be very very fine.


  12. If people expect good stuff from their loved ones everyday then why demonize Feb 14, because it's val's day? Abeg...As for me everyday should be lover's day INCLUDING VALENTINE. And it's my wedding anniversary too, sheesshhh...LOL.

    I think your sis dating a 23 year old guy is not too bad. Just be close to her as usual and give her good pointers.

  13. Random.. random.. random..
    Every one loves a bit of romance. It's just what we like that differs. And yes, lingerie shopping and epic sports games count as well. So stop playing jo..

    You're lucky your sis asks your opinion and it's not just a pic telling you "That's him!"

    Hope you're feeling better? :/

  14. Awww, I hope you feel much better soon..:)

  15. hope u feel better soon, thanks for ur comment on my blog.

    i thought val's day was a day to show love irrespective of the sex?? i love val's day. when i get a boyfriend im gonna val him an he's gonna val me, its a 2 way thing.

    BTW im 17 and i've never dated, but if i were looking, i would look for someone older...like 4 years older.

  16. I like older guys but when they start treating you like a kid then NO!
    I hope you are feeling better.

  17. I dont think 5years is so big a deal...Well i knw older 9ja guys USED to act very controlling, but i think things r beginning to change, n miss bold & beautiful wont even let dat happen.
    As for Vals day...lol...neva really had any big celebrations,(well xcept my ss3 days),bcos lik so many oda people, i blive i shld love n be loved everyday and im nt overly romantic anyways so hehe...but dis year mit b different..(my man has smthn planned)..lol we'll c how dat goes...
    Nice Blog though...keep up d gd job

  18. Eeya . . . I feel your pain. Sometimes things around just get us down but then hope you're feeling much better now. You want to return 2 naija ke? Gurl i'll do anything to trade places wt ya. On dating older guys i think i agree wt u that the generational gap is needless . . . although 5 years is considerable. lol @ the March 20 thingy. I can just imagine how crazy the day will be.

  19. @leggy -for some reason i think 3yrs is ok, but 5yrs seems bad, lol - yea, thats a good thing, makes me complete and i feel u on the vals day thing

    @Taynement - really it has nothing to do with her being my sis, 2-3yrs @ her age, yes but 5yrs seems like a lot....and i will explain about the holidays in my next post...

    @Devine - my sentiments exactly and abt the older guy, my thing with it is exactly that, she is not yet ready to marry - if she was then 5yrs is good

    @BBB - thank you o, and yes that seems like the right age diff for ur sister and o my God if my sister has sex before the age i did, i will kill her, lol

    @Quaggar -lol, i hope i find it soon...thanks and i'm sure u will

    @24yroldteenager - lol, glad we agree and don't mind these silly boys o jare...and no they arent't so bad..

    @Kabi-Osi...lol, u mean ur fiancee? pele dear, u will soon be together forever :)

    @Harry - thanks sir, never finished mine :(

    @MyWorld...lol, yes it does... glad u liked it

    @Moyo...lol, u r so silly...pele o, i will stop hating on vals day

    @Myne....lol @ sheesh for your wedding say, we shall be there o..and will do

    @RocNaija - lol @ stop playing jo - ok o, if that is romantic i guess i am, hehehe..lol, yea i am lucky i guess, and yes i am - thanks dear

    @Rose...thanks i do...

    @Cerebrallybusy... thanks dear...lol, me too sha i will val him and he will val me, lmao - ok love, just be careful

    @Tricia - thats my problem with dating an older guy @ that age....yes i am darling....

    @Anon - o that means u know her...who are u now? have fun with ur man on vals day ok and thank you very much for coming by and dropping a comment

    @Geebee - Yes i am, thank you so much..lol, that's what everybody says till u come here...and glad you agree...lol it will be a very funny day

  20. Ah march 20...lemme put that date down in my schedule. JK...

  21. sitting on d phone nd talkin for hrs about randomness also counts..lol...hows d job...nd dont go quickly disapproving b4 u hear wat she has to say....ure lucky ure a cool sista....nd wats ur fav holiday...not sure if u told me

  22. @blogoratti...lol, u gat jokes...

    @Mr Jegede...lol, i guess it does count...the job is cool, and no i dint disapprove i just told her i don't think thats good...but she will make her own judgement....and my fav holiday has to be Christmas for sure...


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