Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do you think?

On twitter all day and psychologist that I am, I keep analyzing and dare I say judging people from their tweets and it got me wondering, what people think of me as well.
When I think of myself the words, "complicated", "crazy", "antisocial" "weird" "loner" come readily to mind - I'm just not normal, but then again who is? I don't believe I possess baggage, but I do have issues that help define my attitude towards different situations, people.

I feel like on twitter - I'm my one alter ego - chatting major crap, like yesterday I was talking about how I hate thongs & prefer boy shorts(who cares?).On facebook (which I'm off now) I come off as some intellectual, albeit silly person -asking serious questions, funny although usually real statuses, but with all the pictures I put up, like I'm balling 24/7. On blogger from what I've gathered from you guys, I come off as some lover girl o and strong too(I'm so not, its just a front).

Nways my point is whose perception is accurate? does anyone ever end up knowing the real you?- I get that parts make up the whole, but is there really a whole - if you all read Davids blog, u seen the pic of the heart in pieces he had up, isn't that how we all are? Never a whole, just parts that help you deal with each person, situation.

Do any of you think you know me? can you tell me who I am? Or is what we do on social networks and even in life just a matter of waking up & deciding which face we put on, for the most part putting on the same face cos we are used to it, & love the feedback we get from others to that face.

Whewwww? Did that just make sense to anybody? I told u I was complicated - nways tell me a lil bit about yourself, if you will & what you think about me& if you have any questions please do ask. This is a way to grow for me btw? Not some selfish desire to hear you say something nice to me & if you hate me, this is a perfect time to tell me to, but tell me why, so I can change as well ok.

I think its ok to say I'm still finding
myself each day, it does not mean I don't know who I am, but there r still hidden parts that reveal themselves to me each day- like I just discovered I'm scared of the future, not worried but more like I'm anxious for it to be as perfect as it could be

Ok I'm off- P.s I Love You
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  1. I LOVE this post.
    it's just me.
    I have sooo much to say but I'd be back.
    Just wanted to be first *ahem*
    P.S I love you too :)

  2. I think different people bring out different sides of us. There are certain things about a person ie their core that can't be changed but as we get older and experience different things in life we evolve. We are who we choose to be around people and that's how they will perceive us. We just have to be careful that in putting up many fronts we don't lose ourselves. As my favorite quote goes: Practice makes perfect, so be careful what you practice.

  3. Was randomly thinking about this today, and here it is!..cliche i know.
    Its just, really, nobody really knows, that's what i concluded at. Who are we as bloggers is just an expression of who we REALLY are, same with who we are in the real world, in our head. All expressions...big sigh..
    I know.
    Made sense to me anyways. :) Smiley Face.

  4. This post reminds me of a popular story about seven blind men who checked out an elephant and each one described what he felt and was so sure he was right and stuff . . . We come across differently to different people but nonetheless we are who we are. We are indeed our own best judge especially when we are totally true to ourselves. First time here. Great spot.

  5. This is one question I ponder a lot and ask those around me to be sure I am consistent. I know for sure I'm not one personilty. I can be different things to different people. The only thing I want to know is that that me does not depend on others and is basically a pleasant person to everybody. Believe you, I have seen the not so good side of me and believe me it's not nice.

    I think you're still evolving, a bit more open than some around here and in other ways very reserved.

  6. I sorta agree wiv taynement n myne
    but at the same time I think that you can have one face
    you are who you are, in one face, no need wearing masks to suit the interpretation of whoever
    it only livs one insecure and confused
    n like geebee said bout the elephant n blind men
    ur one face, interpreted by diff ppl wud yield diff percepectives anyway!!

  7. and she's back.
    Okay so. 24yearoldteenager got what I'm feeling. And this is so me .. hence my "triple personality" that I was talking about on mine. [so I'm rolling my eyes saying this but] As we all know, I chat the most rubbish on twitter. I'm literally on it all day just showcasing my joblessness and lack of self control and it's just a tool/an excuse to be random and razz and it's a tool for me in the sense that I can say what I won't say out to someone on a normal day [if you get me]. And then on blogger, I come to talk like a serious person using big words and whatnot.
    So basically, we all have more than one personality and just one face to carry them all off. These things won't make sense to some parts of the world but it would make sense to those who feel it and those who aren't intellectually challenged - okay I don't know but ..
    It made sense in my head - If i'm not lazy, I might do a post about it but it's basically my triple personality palaver on my blog.


  8. And this, right here, is the other side to you that you failed to mention in your post.
    The 'curious/introspective' side..

  9. This is so on point... Truth is all these parts of you are expressed in diverse forms through different social networks... I am blabbing...

  10. I have to agree with what you said which is that we have different parts and they make us who we are but it might not be a whole. I don't think those parts are us putting up a front or at least it shouldn't be. It's just us reacting to different situations with different sides.

  11. What did you eat the morning you wrote this?
    More like, what did you drink the night before?
    I have no clue!!!

  12. i know right
    i only see what you want me to see
    and u only see
    what i want you
    to see...


    n sadly true


  13. Cool Post.

    My random 2 cents:
    Normalcy is pretty hard to define.

    I think we're all different or change skins depending on the setting or who we would like to be in an alternate universe (the internet lol, some people would call that looney and , not normal and weird.

    But then again, what's normal?

  14. i agree! i feel the same way as well ..i try not to think about it too much cuz then i feel i dont even know who i am myself! But then again, we're human beings..not characters in a novel. We have different dimensions to our personality...guess it's what makes us unique!

  15. you are a genius i a psych major too so i feel you on so much of this. We Humans are so complex..its crazy to put us into one box..we just have to use each day to discover ourselves..

  16. @Moyo - lol, I love you more dear

    @Taynement - you hit the nail on the head, to not lose ourselves in putting out many fronts

    @24yroldteenager -lol, glad it did make sense dear

    @Geebee - welcome, thank you so much for visiting & you are right, as long as we stay true to ourselves, then its all good

    @Myne -"The only thing I want to know is that that me does not depend on others"-exactly -lol, you know me pretty well :)

    @Devine - I think we r coming from the same place, so having one face, but with diff interpretations -u r right

    @Moyo - yes I agree with u, makes sense to me def - imma go look @ d triple personality post

    @Roc - lol, abi o - I grow all day

    @Harry - lol, you actually weren't babbling

    @Suru - u are right, I guess its just how to represent One's self

    @David - were u high when you put up this comment? Lmao

    @sweetness - anf some people can see right thru us - d irony of life huh?

    @skagroup - lol, the millon dollar question right?

    @Eve -" But then again, we're human beings..not characters in a novel. We have different dimensions to our personality...guess it's what makes us unique!" Lol- nuff said

    @Unwritten -yes love, def learning its ok to keep finding myself out


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