Monday, January 11, 2010

Yo it’s Beazy - #MusicMonday Special

Before I jump into the music, I just want to say Thank you God so much for life- some (insert all evil and curse word you can think of) woman tried to kill me today sha – I don't even know if she couldn't control her brakes until she almost hit me or she was sleeping, but I am still so angry – like I keep cursing her in my head, for having the guts to have almost ended my precious life today – I had always thought that if I knew I was going to pai, my first thought will be to ask God to take my soul and to be sad cos of the pain it will bring my parents and siblings and friends I assume..... I am not afraid of death, I am more afraid of not living a good life…but no I was just pure mad @ this – arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh really I can't just curse her out loud? I already think it, so what's the point? – I miss my car- Mschewwww now let's go to the music

So let me tell you about this artist – I reckon most of my blogsville family are not in Naija, so you may have not heard about him – except you are a diehard fan or one of those music sites – I am very very very critical of 9ja artists(like I don't think Banky's video is special, but it is clear & the girls were well dressed so that's ok) so most of the time I just wait to hear what is popular and what I'm hearing from folks is really good…

Afolabi Durotoye popularly known as Beazy is the truth – a rapper and might I add a very fine brother at that, I am impressed with his talent –plus he is so cool – so like on twitter right, I am private – you have to send me a request to want to add me and I have to accept before you can see what I write and he had done just that – like for real, who does that? Most other Nigerian artists you have to beg to follow you back (I can't even begin to talk about the stupid demands these artists be asking for so they can perform at your show, hiss) and some of them are still relatively unknown and hey it's their prerogative, but I'm just saying that any artist that is as humble and as nice as he is, wins my respect and my loyalty all day, everyday

With 2 Mix-tapes out and all the buzz he is getting, I can't wait for his album and to hear more of his work – I like his style, I like that I can say that he doesn't sound like anyone I know, both internationally and from Nigeria – he has some very witty punch lines and he is not all about sex, girls or even money - he does talk about hate sha and if you listen to rap, you know those are the four ingredients – plus I also like that its easy on my ear as per female ( yes let's not deceive ourselves, boys r more into rap than girls will ever be – it's just what it is) – nways before I talk too much, please listen to the songs and comment please – let him know how you feel & your words could also help him improve as well – did I mention that he was cute, hehehehe p.s. his brother is his Manager and is just as cute too (lol)

From his first Mix-tape – Get Money Stay Fly --- and here's the link to download it guys, it's really good I promise

1. Stupid – this song is just the shiznit – so original, I love it – listen to the words carefully, especially at the end of the song – you can't help but love him at this point…….. "I am saying I am stupid, saying you are stupid, most of us are stupid, no dey shame to say it"

Stupid feat Sazzy....
2. Blame It – I loved what he did to this song – freestyle too??? – Like I want to go "no boo, you had to have written it down before" – my favorite line "you think you run this streets, I run this boulevards" hehehe

Blame It Freestyle...
3. Bad Day – Ok, I don't even have to listen to the rap , this song started correct – like the female on here was on point, plus I love the beat – and then if you listen to the actual lyrics, it makes pure sense

Bad Day.mp3
4. In the Bed – Romantic that I am, I love this song - awww I'm curious to know if it was for a real girl, but it's such a sweet gesture – plus its rap still, isn't this just hot? My fav line "so how's about it, I think I found a wife"

In The Bed.mp3
By now, don't you just love how he says "yo its Beazy"
From his second Mix-ape – The Affidavit ---- download from
So apparently folks still doubted that he could rap after listening to all 20tracks from the mix-tape (SMH!!!), so my man decides to drop 15 new tracks all freestyle I might add to prove that he is what he says he is – he didn't need to in my opinion, I was sold at his first mix- tape – funny enough I heard the 2nd mixtape before I heard the 1st and I'm more in love with the 1st but that's just me (let me know what you think) – o an im going to form attaché and say he shouted us out (wepluggoodmusic that is, you know my boss be on his thing when it comes to new artists) – can you see why I love him? Heheheheh
Heads Ringing Freestyle – a true hip – hop head will love this song – very short but such a great head banger plus rhymes on point – the flow was sick 

Heads Ringing Free...
Blow your mind (pon pon freestyle) – hahah I love the intro – like what??? plus the reggae feel to this song and the pidgin in this song kills it for me – this freestyle is sick!!!!!

Blow Your Mind (po...
Addicted – Now the actual hook is enough for me to love this song – plus the lyrics r so on point he is talking about his addiction to music – I love it, I really do


That's it folks!!!! Hope you enjoy his music as much as I do – I think he is mad cool & a hot boy but I wouldn't do the post if I didn't think he was a great artist as well – add him on twitter @yoitsBeazy and visit him on his myspace @ (you should listen to "Hold Am"on there – straight fire song, the drums r mad on there – you would love it)

Hope you all had a great weekend, I wish you a great week ahead as well…..Thank you for my comments on my last two posts, I really appreciate it – Shout out to the Cerberus – you were also a winner of the award, forgive me – I forgot
P.S. I Love You


  1. Nifemi it's not your time jo. God forbid bad thing, you want me to die ni?

    He sounds like Lagbaja on "Stupid" haha.
    I love the way he talks ... takes me back to memory lane. Uhmm ok i'm done.

    Oh yeah "yo it's Beazy" so much sex appeal is oozing from that line.

  2. babes..God forbid o..for this new year? will not dear, no be mata for curse be dis na t thank God o..xoxo

  3. First time here...and i can see why yoitsbeazy's blushing all over my timelime lol...Great post.

  4. good God! i'm glad you didnt die oooooo, cheii what would i have done without ur blog??
    but really Thank God!

    i didnt have time to listen to all the songs, but i liked the stupid one! i went to look for the guy on twitter and oooooh damn, he faaaaainee.

  5. im glad everything turned out well.
    i liked the stupid one and the bad day couldnt listen to the others.

  6. beazy!!!!!

    word on the street is.....ur the hottest rapper ryt now......hope say no b high junp!

  7. You know me now, I went first to "In the Bed" LOL. He sings well, nice lyrics, vocals, hooks and the music is tight too. I went back to listen to Stupid and Bad day, yeah the guy is talented.

    Thank God you were not hit oo, no way Jose.

  8. Haha when I was young :p
    I used to say "no way [J]ose"
    asin I pronounced the J.
    hehehe, just had to say.


  9. LMAO!!!
    thank God you are still here but...
    LOL!!! forgive me...the way you put it out was
    just very!

    listened tot the first two...liked them
    i'll check out the rest...
    BE SAFE OH!!! :D

  10. Beazy this is Dey dey i kne u were talented but man u've jus blown me away with this beat!!
    Props to you bro!

  11. Ah ha.. No wonder I can't read your gist on twitter.. :/

    I'm on notjustok nearly every other day but I gotta admit I haven't heard of this dude. I'll d'load his mixtapes and give him a spin.

    Glad to hear you're okay & safe though. I would have spazzed out.

  12. i like the guy's songs. i like your blog too

  13. @Moyo - Amen, thanks dear and no o you cannot die, you will leave to see your kinds in Jesus, glad you like him

    @histreasure - Amen, thank you so much and yes i did thank God once i calmed down, i;m grateful to him always

    @aeedeeaee - Welcome and thanks, glad you like it

    @CerebrallyBusy - Amen and thanks, lol - your comment made me burst out laughing, glad you like him and yes he is a fine brother

    @leggy - thank you mami and glad you like it

    @Harry - let me know what you think?

    @Obi - i don't believe so, hope you have listened to the mix-tape, please tell me what you thought?

    @Myne - lol, thats funny - glad you liked it though - and we thank God, thanks ma

    @Moyo - lol, ok [j]ose

    @David - lol, we thank God - thanks dear, - glad you like him and will do

    @Logunsrun - very Glad you like it and thanks for dropping a comment

    @Roc - lol, you should just come on twitter already - let me know what you think ok? Thanks dear, we wont have you spazzing out now, will we?

    Cherish - Thanks dear to both and thanks for stopping by


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