Sunday, February 28, 2010

My idea of a Saturday night

So I have decided to regale you with stupid stories as I often do….have I told you that I totally adore you guys for your support, kind words, for your love – I appreciate you all so very much – o and a big thank you and welcome to the new additions to my blogsville fam, you really didn't even have to comment and you still did…..thank you so much

Sometimes I just put the earphones in my ear and I get carried away, I can't hear anything the world can be crumbling and I won't hear – its only the song that matters, the song that makes my toes curl, my heart melts and my eyes water – today that song is Bez's "stop pretending" I feel like I have never heard a song more beautiful – it's on repeat tonight as I try to be productive… been sleeping all day, I really hate headaches tho

Did I mention that THE WEST WING is the best show in the history of shows? the dialogue is crazy and so ridiculously funny and to think it's supposed to be a Drama too, I love it… I have found my hairstyle for life, if you see the blogger profile pic, that's my new hairstyle – my Yoruba people will say "mo jo eyan" in other words "I resemble person" for the first time in my life, I've been so vain ehn, may God have mercy on me, but me thinks I can actually model now…well except my parents and siblings all told me this week that I am fat….it's a good thing I am a very secure person, I for don commit suicide finish, I'm still not sure I'm not going to steal so I can do a liposuction J

Which reminds me, a smile is so important – have I said that before? I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot…nways my story… I sprained my ankle some kinda way the other day, I swear I twisted it 360degrees… so I went to the café downstairs and this one older oyinbo guy was so cute trying to talk to me all because I had on a smile…I know there are some oyinbos that are racist and all, but there are some good often random ones that just make me laugh…I have also decided that I will forever wear a red lipstick, it's just awesome, lol…. This cute Arab guy at work said I was cute and I told the bf I would date him to which she said it will never happen - I want to sha, I have never dated a non- Nigerian (see where that has gotten me so far, lol) nways I should before I move back to Naij, don't you think? But truth is what do you guys talk about? that's why I never dated a non - Nigerian, I was born and bred in Nigeria, so how do you talk to someone who doesn't know and can't relate to the most important years of your life?….if I was born and bred here its different, cos no matter the Nigerian values my parents might have raised me with we still will have shared experiences – u get? Nways what do you think?

My boy, for the purpose of this blog will call him dele, finally broke up with his girl, which I swear down I will kill if I find her, but she is all the way in Canada, mschewww…nways I say finally only because ever since I met him…lol, I should tell you that we have never actually met face to face – we met thru a friend via bb, thank God for bb, lol and we have been friends since, actually best of friends, it's crazy stuff I tell you…nways I didn't like her because she made him feel insecure, she was never straight with him, always causing fights, never appreciated gestures, plus she knew nothing about music, which to both of us is a cardinal sin, lol….I feel bad that he is hurt, they were off and on for close to 5 years and I wish he had listened to me last year, it was just one of the things when everybody but him could see that she wasn't good to him, not that she wasn't good for him, she just chose not to be good to him ….same way a lot of girls think guys are evil, some girls are evil….I would do anything for a man that will treat me the way he treated her, he worshipped the ground she walked on and she threw that away, HER LOSS!!!!…..another friend of mine went through the similar thing just this month again - which reminds me somebody else asked me if I was gay again….the next person that does I will just kiss and grab his balls until he is weak and keep on moving, it's getting really annoying – boys are not perfect enough as it is that it irks me that girls like bad boys, abeg give me a sweet guy with that edgy side to him and I will find a way to make him my husband J …..Which reminds me I have the attention span of a 1yr old, you know how peek-a-boo works right? Well in this case I'm the child – my point being you have to be able to hold my attention all the time, I'm very curious about people and once I can figure you out, you lose all interest to me, why do you think Roc appeals to me? – writing it now and I'm worried about me too, lol pray for me J

O I wanted to address something – I gave this advice on a blog the other day to a lady who "thinks" emphasis on the word "thinks" that her husband is cheating – to pray and continue to be a loving wife and things will change, and everyone wanted to pounce on me, what kind of advise is that? How does that solve anything? Bla bla?....Here is what I think – people think prayer means sit down and wait for a miracle to which I say, I pity you, you will jones ehn….when I say to pray especially in the issues of marriage, you started this union with God, that should be the first place you seek help, so you get the strength to fight temptation, to make decisions that you will regret, to find the wisdom you need and the direction you seek….and then you start to address the situation whatever it is, with a clear mind and purpose and knowing that you will be victorious….now if we were talking about the problems in Nigeria and I told you to pray then you should slap me, btw I think every politician in Nigeria right now, needs to be shot execution style for anything to work – that's my solution – you always need prayer I don't care who you pray to, but if you think for one minute that that's not a good advice and the first place to start on anything, then well – I'll pray for you, lol…..

Speaking of writing, mine is both a gift and a curse – something I'm eternally grateful to God for – swear down I need an editor though and a manager as well, someone to tell me to focus and write – I always have so much to write, today it's a song, tomorrow a poem, later that same day a story – in my head always so beautiful but I never put it down – I need some direction with my writing, which reminds me I have assignments to complete, I guess I will be up late, will put up links for sure J

I am moving to Naija guys, end of the year….will let you know the details as it goes along…. I have no plan btw, other than I want to go, which is so unlike me – my bestfriend thinks I'm going to be so disappointed and I will move back soon – I want to prove her wrong, and I can only pray that God is on my side … for one this country causes cancer, the environmental connection to cancer in this country is more than any country period and there are statistics to back this up, plus it's so freaking cold in this country, except I travel to go ski or snowboard I don't want to live in a cold country, which reminds me I need to go to Vancouver it looks so pretty over there but shit men, what the hell is curling? That does not just a look like a sport to me and I don't think even if you explain I can understand it….my life is boring without sports yo, can football season come back already, and the NBA sucks this year

I thank God for my best friend every day though, she keeps me sane for real, even though she thinks I'm the weirdest person she has ever met….it's funny, we are friends only because she stayed on my neck…she had moved here before I did, and she would always send me an email and I would reply and even when I moved here she would always call me, and then I got I finally got the message, she wasn't going nowhere and was going to be there for me – you see my family members are stuck with me, but she chose me and I feel very special when I think of it…..nways I say that to say I love my friends cos left to me, I would probably never have any friends but most of my best friends chose me and stick with me, it's a gift I will forever cherish – I thinks it's why my purpose in life is to be a helper to others, cos God gave me so much, by giving me the best friends including most of you here, you've all been very good to me J

O yea the show was awwweeeeeessssssoooooommmmmmeeeee….. Trey Songz is the best and I blew a kiss for you TayneMent…..he sounds just like he does on cd and he is so freaking sexy it's a crime….Jeezy is my man, like T.I and Eminem there is something about their struggles and thugishness I like and I'm not a fan of Jay Z, but I do love his classics so it was all good….what is it about people and a crowd and fights? jeez there seemed to be a fight in almost every section at this event….Houston has big booty and big boob girls men, like damn, most of them not so fine in the face but that's ok though, cos they got ass and boobs, lol…. I heard on the radio today that if you are a fine girl you never have to learn to flirt, but if you are moderate you have to learn to bite your lips, make eye contact, buy the first drink, flip your hair…..I don't know I'm not a flirt, so what do you do to get a guys attention? I swear its only oyinbos that thing works for? I have been called a tease though; lol and lately I've been told I have a cold heart L

Nways that's all I got- lately, I feel like I need that person to talk to, you know – not your best friend or boy friend cos they criticize or judge even tho they don't mean to, or advise – just that person to talk to till 4am in the morning about dumb shit….hope you having a good weekend, the rodeo is here so this should be fun, will tell you all about it…I should go to bed now….o it's my step/half whatever its my sisters bday today, a point my dad always tries to remind me of, lol – I don't hate any of my dad's other kids, but for now they are babies so I don't even consider them people, am I bad?

P.S I LOVE YOU….. See you on Monday

Monday, February 22, 2010

Visitors on Earth!!!

Its uncanny that i just spoke about her on Friday...but she's gone - my friend with cancer passed on Sunday morning, she was 22...we are indeed only visitors on took me a moment to cry, i was in shock, somehow in the back of your head, especially being in the health field you know that it will happen, but you never just expect it, afterall i have God in my corner...but then it happens and you wonder where is my God?...was about to leave for church when i heard it know what was on my mind before i heard?- that i was looking really pretty cos i had my hair done the day before, and this giant zit that popped up overnight was trying to ruin my sexy - how stupid huh?

On my way to go visit her folks, i kept singing "You are the Lord, that is your name, you will never share your glory with anyone, you will never share your glory with anybody,you are the Lord and that is your name" still the only thing I've been able to say to God since yesterday...i ended up crying so hard when i saw her sister, who after recounting what happened, then said "the thing is though, i saw her this morning" - don't know how long i cried for but if the headache i still have is any sign, then it must have been a minute...

i'm so pained that i'll always remember how she looked with cancer, cos it was bone cancer that caused her face to swell, and thats how i met her and I've always known her, never got to see her prior to that and looking at previous pictures, she was so beautiful and just talking to her, even though she had to write it down she was so feisty, we would have argued a lot i'm sure... watching her dad cry, watching her mum hold her sister and stroke her head while she cried, knowing that her niece will not get the chance to know her, her sister in the hospital was so brave when i went to see her -  i'm so burnt

My mum always says talk to God like you are talking to me...well here's me talking to God....
I wonder about you Lord, i really do - i'm not trying to insult you or question you or doubt you, i'm really not but i wonder about you...the idea that the GOOD ones go first when there are so many evil, vile people on earth, that will live long and some even prosper is utterly beyond me -like my little angel TJ,was looking forward to watching her grow- dust to ashes huh? a mere mortal saying Baba God i don't understand it, but comfort her family and please heal her sister, you owe us that much wont you say?

So sorry, there will be no music Monday today - but please listen to the song below- it has helped a bit...i'm going to go see Jay Z and Trey Songz though, free tickets cos her brother and his wife can't go, would stay home to mourn still(i'm in all black today) but i will just be depressed so i'm going to go, something about faking it till you make it

I should tell you that i truly and utterly love you guys, i know the meaning of love and i don't use it lightly and i'm here for any of you if you ever need me, please know that you can talk to me about anything...i should probably tell twitter crush that i like him, just incase i die today right?- lol, i'm ok though,  not that crazy yet and God willing not dying anytime soon...

Nways let me go back to work, i hate to even open my blog at work, but i had to tell you guys, writing helps me a lot, wrote most of this down yesterday and when watching The West Wing, couldn't keep me from still thinking, went to washing my bras( i don't get how people wash their lingerie in the washing machine) and ironing all my shirts, and then cooking until i was so tired i crawled to my couch and slept off

P.s I LOVE YOU and have a blessed week, the Lord will keep you and yours and this is the last of death news amongst each and everyone of us in Jesus Name. Amen

Friday, February 19, 2010

In a nutshell

I can't sleep, which has been my MO for the past couple days now….I generally don't mind just like to make sure I'm productive if I can't sleep – so this is me being productive….plus I have to take my braids out after work today, clean the house and go get my hair done tomorrow – so I figure I should do this now, otherwise I won't be here till Monday and this is so not a Music Monday Blog…. Which reminds me, when I made the decision to actually start writing I never thought I would write a lot on entertainment and its funny I'm knee deep in it…but it's been good though, I thank God….

So I feel like I miss you guys and have not really spoken to you…I feel like I've been writing more cautiously and I don't like that, so imma try to get my groove back...spoke to my mum today and she told me that any man that will marry me will be lucky and It brought tears to my eyes….it's funny you hear that said from the guy who doesn't want to date you, cos he can't commit…from the guy who won't/can't do long distance or from your girlfriends….it has never had any meaning to me till yesterday….Am I totally being vain or conceited when I say she is right? Lol…not because I'm better, more special, finer than the next but because I'm ME…I'm ME

Let me tell you a story….I know of a woman, a mother actually scratch that a Grandmother whose last born has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and whose first born who herself is a mother has leukemia and won't be able to hold her daughter for 3 weeks….. do you think you can describe or feel the pain this woman is going through?….I really think not….you work all your life to see your children become successful, healthy and happy and now you are watching them sick and there's nothing you can do, but pray, pray that God is merciful to you and remembers all the times you have been good & forgive all your sins……I say this to say that we really need to cherish our lives and cherish each other – my friend lost his dad the other day and I thought to call my dad, which I didn't do btw, will do that today unfailingly - we are visiting this earth, you need to remember that….it's why I find it funny when the girls around me are crying cos they broke up with their boyfriend of 2months and want to kill themselves or just some trivial shit like that….we really need to see the bigger picture sometimes and just realize that there's a reason for everything, and people don't always have to be in your life for a lifetime, some relationships have expiry dates and that's ok

Speaking of which, I really hate the need for people to tell you what they think is good for you sometimes….especially on topics that they themselves have no experience in….my friend "fineboy" would always say if you haven't tried it, you can't tell me it works…….I know, I know I do it sometimes and even if I don't, just cos you haven't experienced something doesn't mean what you say is less important, but some days it just really really irks me….especially about love…..I really wish people would leave me alone on this topic…..being single has been by choice for the most part and I'm not gay…I'm looking for something in someone, and when I find it, I will let you know….why do you think I crush all the time and long distance works for me? Cos I always see a glimpse of said thing and upon further exploration "it's" not there….What is it? Mental stimulation, that's all….I'm a very simple girl, and I want nothing from you other than, you are intellectual and rape my mind…..twitter crush had asked me the other day what I wanted from him? And I told him your attention/time for now…..that's all I want/need every other thing is easy in my opinion….. which reminds me what's the big deal in saying you like someone you just met, I didn't say I want to marry him or that I even want to date him (no particular him, #justsaying) but what's the big deal? If nothing comes out of it, shebi u move on….folks need to take a chill pill and learn to relax, enjoy each moment….enjoy the butterflies in your tummy, the giggles every time you talk to him, the blushes and all that good stuff and if it doesn't work out you move on….

So if you are on twitter you have noticed that Nigeria has been able to trend a couple topics, usually funny stuff, but not #LightUPNIgeria and people get mad upset over this….for one the people who need to be seeing this are not on twitter and staying behind the comfort of your computer and phone to talk about something is not the kind of change we need…Nigeria needs people that will go into the streets to show our disconcert, we need table discussions aired on the radio, on tv…. We need the sons and daughters of prominent people to back up our causes….we need to be ok to donate/campaign for the change we want, we need our musicians, actors and writers to use the gift God gave them to speak up and for goodness sake we need some honest to God people….and some of us e.g. me need to go back home and stop talking

O so I got vals gift….my lil sweet friend sent me a book "The Thing around your neck" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and a toy gun….lol, she is the best, she is my brothers best friend and so knows most everything about me and is always supportive and praying for me……my brothers friends love me more than some of my own friends gan, lol……thanks Jem, you are the best….

Deep, deep in my soul
Cocooned safely in a web of defense mechanisms
Is something they call my heart
I'm yet to discover it
Not broken, not hurt, just not explored
Experience they say is the best teacher
I say peoples story teach the best, so I learn from you
You who walk around with your heart in pieces
Sorrow and longing has turned your face into a bad painting of you
You whose cries from the depth of your soul,
Has the angels joining you to weep
Until I met you
You whose smiles, honesty & confidence
Has me fighting with myself
Cos deep, deep in my soul is my heart
I am yet discovering it
Now playing- On constant repeat – Chrisette Michele – Notebook

P.S. I Love You

Have a great weekend

Monday, February 15, 2010

#Music Monday - Soulful Music

Boy am I glad this weekend is over….whew, can we now talk about things unrelated to love or valentine's day? thank you very much….lol, but no I'm a lover you all know this, it's easy for me to love but emmm it was a bit too much for me this year, people were on another P, taking this vals day thing to another level, I'm really really really glad it's over…..btw for those of you who want to kill over valentine's day I wonder what Anniversaries are for in the first place? Riddle me that

You guys are all kinds of awesome btw, cos u professed a new car in my life….I claim it in Jesus Name, AMEN….lol, no I had shipped my blue baby like I like to call it from Michigan to Houston, didn't even get it till Wednesday night, and I'm just really glad it's here, it rained heavy here on Thurs and Fri, plus it's still mad cold…apparently that animal that said we still have 6weeks of winter was right…..nways thanks for the comments, I appreciate you guys, I really do

So let me see any personal news before I jump into the music???…..ummmm not so much, Twitter crush made me blush all week long, his voice is divine, I'm like a 15yr old high school child, can I just say that I'm happy I'm single, lol and that I need to move to Nigeria like tomorrow before some other fine girl grabs him, lol ….are you ever in a conversation and someone is asking you a question, that you know for sure you didn't tell them about and then you remember they read your blog? lol….good thing I don't lie on here, that could be awkward cos it happens to me a lot, so much so that when people have questions I refer them to the blog,lol….work is going great, I'm still not seeing my money but it's all good…writing a lot, o yeah check out my post on GREEDS here à

which reminds me Chris Brown put out a mixtape yesterday….firrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee, he can like to rise above this beating girl thing and become the success that he is…download here …… I'm mad excited cos I get to interview an artist this week that I love die, I did a review on him some time ago on here, but this is different cos I get to actually hear from him, will put up the link once I do…..o so with my car came all my shoes, 2 big boxes full, color me happy, lol but emmmm none of my clothes (don't even ask) still very happy sha

Ok Music – this is afterall what we do here on Music Monday – today's songs are from the best soulful women in the business, from new artists to "old" artists….this is music that just gets you, touches your inner core, there's no fronting with these kind of songs….p.s. a man that cannot rock with this, does not cut it with me, nothing personal – you just gotta appreciate good music… you have to listen to the lyrics tho, otherwise you miss the point, you can't be mad after listening to any of the songs I'm about to share with you just can't….I'm not going to say anything about each song, you listen and be the judge and tell me what you think…Enjoy

Ledisi – In the Morning

Corinne Bailey Rae – Are you Here

Angie Stone – Found a Keeper

Jill Scott – Epiphany….. I just have to say, what do you know about spoken word? tell me what do you know about this? This is just mad beautiful, swear down I'm going to try my hands at this; I have the words,now to find the music…

Chrisette Michelle – Love is you

Sade – Be that easy

And this is just an extra cos I like her, this is actually Pop, but I'm thinking if u are like me you just heard about her, plus she is Nigerian so yea def want to put her out there
May7ven - Take Off My Clothes

How was your weekend and hope your week is going great? God Bless you and continue to keep you guys…


Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm so freaking pissed, omydays? In lieu of killing someone or actually engaging in conversation which may become heated therefore insults might occur, cos u know people be taking the piss laughing at u…imma blog, have I said thank God for blogging this month….well thank God for blogsville

So why am I pissed? The COLTS lost….who? American Football, Home of Peyton Manning…the Colts lost in the Super bowl….it's bad enough that Arsenal lost the game to Chelsea today, but the Colts lost, so you can only imagine how my facebook, my blackberry and my twitter has been going off…….arrrrrghhhhhh fack shit….I don't know how to argue (well I do but I choose not to, I like to be silent) but I do love my sports …..Name it? From tennis to soccer to football to hockey throw in some baseball and some race car driving and every Olympic sport there is and that's me and my idea of fun and the only reason I will argue and can kill someone so right now I'm in tears and freaking pissed…Arsenal sucks, the Pistons suck, the Red wings suck, Andy roddick sucks, the Giants (my original football team) suck, the Colts Suck, Michigan in whatever sport sucks -shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

I was looking forward to Monday when I will come here to tell you about how the Colts won, that I spoke to twitter crush and so all is well with my world, that the best friend and her mums both got tattoos, that I was deliriously happy cos my car got in from Michigan, that I had the best sex conversations this weekend, that I was told I love you by two ex's and that the training @ work with my new dept went well…but now I don't think I will be doing any blogging tomorrow- so I might as well talk now….shiiiiiit

Twitter crush buzzed…lol, I'm such a baby but I was so happy he did too…he's cute and funny and he's cute and funny and he's cute and funny – lol, ok maybe all is well in my world

So I'm the butt of every1's joke o – I have been termed cocoa-virgin, lol – I have hilarious guy friends and they have hounded me about this even the best friend joined in and has termed me Miss goody two shoes – lol, of which I told her I reckon I could sleep with a total stranger than do the fwb and she is like and I quote "I die, you will never, you that you think of a body like a goddess that no one can touch" lol – funny girl – lol but this is my argument because i'm always shouting that I won't have sex and don't want fwb if I do it with him I feel like he and everyone who thinks I can't hold on won like it's some competition, lol– whereas with a complete stranger(preferably a white man) he doesn't know me, he therefore cannot judge me plus it can be my little secret gan….u feel me, that's what I need!!! a white man that can sex good hehehehh – this and all the weird things they were saying about sex itself gan just made me laugh for hours….plus I read two Zane books this week, like my crush said "that woman needs Jesus" some of the nasty sex scenes…is it ok if I say

So expecting the car tomorrow – I am so excited, no more 5am waking up….but best friend and I want to start waking up @ 6am to workout – will let you know how that goes, so yay to last day on the bus except by choice……..Not sure what to say about the declaration of love – I was shocked but apparently I shouldn't have been and should have known that I'm deserving of this – I will think about it more during the week though – although I do know I will stay single this year, no if not's or maybes and this is my choice, love has got nothing to do with it

So I'm not sure I've ever explained what I do….Epidemiologists investigate communicable diseases, over 200 of them the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deem reportable, mostly I have been working with flu cases and vaccine preventable diseases but as from Monday I will be working with the food borne department and investigating diseases due to food poisoning I'm excited cos it means more work and trust me this is good…..the best friend and her mums both got tattoos and I'm proud of myself for not getting one, lol – it's very sexy no doubt but hmmm the pain ain't even worth it, the best friend nearly tore off my left hand, cos I had to hold her while she was getting it done…I can't imagine what it will be like If either of us were having kids – she wants an epidural, so this is good for me - I don't want one but I have told her I don't want her to be there lest I kill her due to pain, I don't do pain o, lol – I will put the picture in my next post

Ok so that is all, I am now going to sleep, hoping and praying that I wake up happy tomorrow and forgetting this day ever happened…that's what I get for not going to church again - I got dressed and all too, just couldn't enter, my heart wasn't there and I hate to be there otherwise… whether or not my heart is there sha I will be at church next week, before thunder should strike me – ok ummmm pls check out my interview with Timi Dakolo and below is a poem that came to me @ 3am in the morning …..Don't have a name for it but let me know what you think

Words fail me

You do that to me

And I don't know why

I'm scared to talk to you

I'm afraid I might say something stupid

And that will be the last day we speak

What's with the high school feeling?

I don't get it

I never even talked to boys in high school

So why does my heart beat funny

When you say hi

This can't be butterflies right?

Definitely worms

I live for your compliments

I live for your smiley

It seems like a sign of your approval

And tonight if I dream of you

I know it will be a good dream

But before I go

I should tell the world about your eyes

Yes your eyes

Your see right through me eyes

That's what I will be dreaming of

When I go to bed tonight?


P.S I love you guys and have a fabulous, filled with favor and mercy week and stay safe

Monday, February 1, 2010

#MusicMonday Beautiful Music

The Bachelor is a rubbish show….what the hell? This is too much for me man…….sorry jare the best friends mum is watching it, and I'm literally dying here…like are you for real, you can't be falling in love with 5 people, jare…..

Hi guys, how are you doing? How was your weekend? HAPPY NEW MONTH...AMEN to a blessed month.... I hope it was relaxing….don't tell my mummy but I didn't go to church, it was too cold jo, God forgive me…speaking of parents so my dad and I aren't speaking….lol, he will soon miss me too much he will call…. But my dad always wants me to be calling people up and down this time pastors….I put my foot down and said no, for one I have access to God myself, plus I have my own pastor haba, I don't believe in looking for pastors up and down jo…and in the spirit of family speaking I'm sad again guys….my sisters are way prettier and more beautiful than me….I have been complaining on twitter and I would put up their pictures, but I don't think it's safe…my mummy said her friends have told her to lock them up for fear that they will rape them(God forbid sha) but I am inclined to agree jo…why am I so ugly? *wails* nobody worried about me like that o….hmmmpppphhhhhh

Nways guys…emmm I'm shy…so I'll just tell you to please visit this site>>> ….and leave a comment there, thank you,(thank you so much Juwon) J….ummm so umm yea umm ok just go here as well and watch out for more there>>> ….also on Mondays 8pm Jand time, 9pm Naija time, 2pm Central time and 3pm Eastern time, please tune in to to listen to WEPLUGG.O.O.DMUSIC radio sessions…. In time I will join the boss to do couple sessions on there and so will let you know when I'm on the air….smiling sheepishly thank you, for all your support and encouragement guys, God Bless you so very much

On to the music….music is my soul though….jeez, I'm convinced my man has to be related/in/around/connected to music somehow sha…will you believe though that I have not actively sought out new music this year…I'm ashamed of myself…but anyways just going to go to it

India Arie ft Dobet Gnahore….Pearls….it won a Grammy last night and you can tell why

Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caliat….Lucky….I'm hoping most of you have heard this song… also won a Grammy last night… makes me wish I was in love… Get his album guys

Shayne Ward …Promises….HE introduced me to this guy, apparently he was the winner of the second season off X factor – all his songs are beautiful for real

Shayne Ward...If it's ok with you…. Cos I love this song and it says so much

Lady Antellebum….Need You Now… please tell me you have all heard this song…you don't have to love country to love this song….it's so special…. They performed this song at the Grammy and won a Grammy for it I believe…The first time I heard about this group…it was….Looking for a good time…..I love the realness of this song…..gosh country songs make me happy

These guys amaze me cos right now, I don't know what genre too categorize them in…but listen and judge for you ….Rock City…..Argument and in a complete change of tempo Rude Girl

And because I was just mad yesterday that people were insulting this group every time their name was mentioned, I had to show you the goodness that is Zac Brown Band and that they deserved their Grammy… Whatever it is (look for the official video on youtube, its lovely)… the first time I heard them it was…Toes

Ha!!! Beautiful music my way sha….I hope you like it…let me know what you think

P.s. Trey Songz can like to get it tho…hehehehe just seen him perform with Stevie Wonder on Bet Honors…I'm just saying, the boy is good and very very very tres sexy

P.P.S I Love you