Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm so freaking pissed, omydays? In lieu of killing someone or actually engaging in conversation which may become heated therefore insults might occur, cos u know people be taking the piss laughing at u…imma blog, have I said thank God for blogging this month….well thank God for blogsville

So why am I pissed? The COLTS lost….who? American Football, Home of Peyton Manning…the Colts lost in the Super bowl….it's bad enough that Arsenal lost the game to Chelsea today, but the Colts lost, so you can only imagine how my facebook, my blackberry and my twitter has been going off…….arrrrrghhhhhh fack shit….I don't know how to argue (well I do but I choose not to, I like to be silent) but I do love my sports …..Name it? From tennis to soccer to football to hockey throw in some baseball and some race car driving and every Olympic sport there is and that's me and my idea of fun and the only reason I will argue and can kill someone so right now I'm in tears and freaking pissed…Arsenal sucks, the Pistons suck, the Red wings suck, Andy roddick sucks, the Giants (my original football team) suck, the Colts Suck, Michigan in whatever sport sucks -shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

I was looking forward to Monday when I will come here to tell you about how the Colts won, that I spoke to twitter crush and so all is well with my world, that the best friend and her mums both got tattoos, that I was deliriously happy cos my car got in from Michigan, that I had the best sex conversations this weekend, that I was told I love you by two ex's and that the training @ work with my new dept went well…but now I don't think I will be doing any blogging tomorrow- so I might as well talk now….shiiiiiit

Twitter crush buzzed…lol, I'm such a baby but I was so happy he did too…he's cute and funny and he's cute and funny and he's cute and funny – lol, ok maybe all is well in my world

So I'm the butt of every1's joke o – I have been termed cocoa-virgin, lol – I have hilarious guy friends and they have hounded me about this even the best friend joined in and has termed me Miss goody two shoes – lol, of which I told her I reckon I could sleep with a total stranger than do the fwb and she is like and I quote "I die, you will never, you that you think of a body like a goddess that no one can touch" lol – funny girl – lol but this is my argument because i'm always shouting that I won't have sex and don't want fwb if I do it with him I feel like he and everyone who thinks I can't hold on won like it's some competition, lol– whereas with a complete stranger(preferably a white man) he doesn't know me, he therefore cannot judge me plus it can be my little secret gan….u feel me, that's what I need!!! a white man that can sex good hehehehh – this and all the weird things they were saying about sex itself gan just made me laugh for hours….plus I read two Zane books this week, like my crush said "that woman needs Jesus" some of the nasty sex scenes…is it ok if I say

So expecting the car tomorrow – I am so excited, no more 5am waking up….but best friend and I want to start waking up @ 6am to workout – will let you know how that goes, so yay to last day on the bus except by choice……..Not sure what to say about the declaration of love – I was shocked but apparently I shouldn't have been and should have known that I'm deserving of this – I will think about it more during the week though – although I do know I will stay single this year, no if not's or maybes and this is my choice, love has got nothing to do with it

So I'm not sure I've ever explained what I do….Epidemiologists investigate communicable diseases, over 200 of them the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deem reportable, mostly I have been working with flu cases and vaccine preventable diseases but as from Monday I will be working with the food borne department and investigating diseases due to food poisoning I'm excited cos it means more work and trust me this is good…..the best friend and her mums both got tattoos and I'm proud of myself for not getting one, lol – it's very sexy no doubt but hmmm the pain ain't even worth it, the best friend nearly tore off my left hand, cos I had to hold her while she was getting it done…I can't imagine what it will be like If either of us were having kids – she wants an epidural, so this is good for me - I don't want one but I have told her I don't want her to be there lest I kill her due to pain, I don't do pain o, lol – I will put the picture in my next post

Ok so that is all, I am now going to sleep, hoping and praying that I wake up happy tomorrow and forgetting this day ever happened…that's what I get for not going to church again - I got dressed and all too, just couldn't enter, my heart wasn't there and I hate to be there otherwise… whether or not my heart is there sha I will be at church next week, before thunder should strike me – ok ummmm pls check out my interview with Timi Dakolo and below is a poem that came to me @ 3am in the morning …..Don't have a name for it but let me know what you think

Words fail me

You do that to me

And I don't know why

I'm scared to talk to you

I'm afraid I might say something stupid

And that will be the last day we speak

What's with the high school feeling?

I don't get it

I never even talked to boys in high school

So why does my heart beat funny

When you say hi

This can't be butterflies right?

Definitely worms

I live for your compliments

I live for your smiley

It seems like a sign of your approval

And tonight if I dream of you

I know it will be a good dream

But before I go

I should tell the world about your eyes

Yes your eyes

Your see right through me eyes

That's what I will be dreaming of

When I go to bed tonight?


P.S I love you guys and have a fabulous, filled with favor and mercy week and stay safe


  1. first!

    i wish i could read this now
    but i have to get ready for school now

    but i'll be back ipromise
    was just marking my space

    and pleaase dont be mad :)

  2. first!
    shebi it's me and you that will be in the delivery room? you wanna take epi die!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Boo, I wanted to be first : (

    Love the poem; I think we all feel that way at one point or another :)

    Didn't watch the game. I just went on youtube to look at the commercials. The only thing I know about the Colts is that Kendra Wilkinson is married to Hank Baskett and Kim Kardashian is dating Reggie Bush for the Saints.

    I'm going to risk coming off as stupid and ask what fwb means?

  4. Who Dat, baby! hehe..

    I still don't get the cocoa virgin deal.

    matching tattoos wow, are they nigerian?

    @Nogobelieve, you've been watching E! ehn?

  5. i wasn't first! next time.
    fwb = friends with benefit.
    and no it's not a stupid question.

  6. hahaha ur soooooooo random! GEEZ I dunno where to start with you! hey but nice work with the interview, tho...I'm IMPRESSED!

  7. aww sorry about the loss lol ..
    i love love the poem...took me to a happy place lol
    and why no bf this year ?? dont deprive the special boy o !
    and congrats on the car!

  8. First of all, I love the poem... and sorry about the colts losing..i guess u win some and lose some...

  9. ah, babes..glad to be catching up on what's going on in ur beautiful life.missed u..and yay!! on the new ride..
    i'm with you on the pain thing..very low tolerance for pain, couldn't even bring myself to get a second opening in my ear even when all my friends had.. but u'll find out what u r capable of going through when u wanna have those pretty little ones..

    forgive my u..

  10. Sorry about the game,i also support arsenal,was very angry after the match,mtseew.
    Yayyy on your new car,i really like the poem ;)

  11. PS. Did you get a Toyota Prius? :/

  12. I don't know about the superbowl, but who said I won't yab you about Arsenal? guys are gone! pele o...LOL

    I love the poem sha and I'm excited you're doing my kind of job and enjoying it too. I've had a few people describe epidemiology as boring. SMH.

  13. i came back!

    indeed a very random pozt )

    i love the poem.i do.

  14. hehehehe
    arse nal
    u guys shamed me
    wanted u to trash chelsea so manu will go up
    anyway sorry dear
    dont worry am sur this week will be fabulous

  15. eyah soryy about your teams loosing!

    And ur poem is rally nice!

  16. @oye: sorry I'm late in replying. Fwb... friends with benefits. Okay, that makes sense. I'm with you on that one. It never ends well.

    @Taynement: if it's crap reality tv, I'm watching it.

  17. love the poem, the post is so random.sorry your team lost. Have a wonderful week.

  18. i dont care about football so i cant sympathize with you o!! but ur poem was nice :)

  19. aaww babe..i was dying for a job at the CDC but i wasnt so lucky i guess..congrats oo...6am wakeup..that used to be life..."sigh" glad ur doing well babe

  20. @Cerebrally Busy - Temi, u r sweet - glad you liked the poem love

    @Oye - lol, you are a nurse so maybe i will listen to you, but only if i am about to die...

    @Nogobelieve - lol, Juwon about thats all you know about the game...thats so cute, glad you liked the poem and yes we sure do

    @TayneMent - hmmphhh no Saints fan on my page o...o my name on bb is cocoa butter skin, so they started calling me cocoa virgin

    @Chari - lol, welcome and yea i am very random and thanks, really glad you like it

    @Eve..aawww thanks glad you liked it, no man drama this year jare its the best thing right now and thanks again

    @Harry - thanks, i'm really glad you like it and you are very right about the colts

    @histreasue...missed you too and love, i know right until you've had kids you don't know pain, and nothing to be forgiven bout, appreciate your comments always

    @Roc......hmmmmppppphhhhh, No Saints fan on my page o,, u gat jokes too i see, lol.. no i have a honda cr-v

    @Shorty...but we beat Liverpool yesterday, yayyyyy and thanks dear, glad you like it whatever we beat Liverpool yesterday and you guys drew, plus Chelsea lost heheheh, glad you liked the poem ma and Epidemiology is so not boring o, i love it

    @BBB...hahahah Man U fan, be gone o, yea this week wasn't so bad, thanks ma

    @Blowing Blessings....thank you ma, i appreciate it

    @The Girl with red hair - glad you do ma, i appreciate it and thanks, the week wasn't so bad, hope it was likewise, thats ok and thanks i appreciate it

    @unwritten....i even interviewed there but didn't get as well, maybe one day..hope your interview went u babes, No Saints fan allowed on my page, haba....

  21. Congrats on the Car...Hope you're loving it.
    The poem's also pretty good so was the interview.


  22. I've so missed being at your blog, i had to read over the posts i missed.
    Missed you loads!

  23. @Sly - thank you very much sir, i appreciate it

    @Tricia - missed you too dear...muah

  24. Nice poem, liked the interview with Timi too, my first time on your interview blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog time and time again and congrats on the car!

  25. @olaoluwatomi....thank you ma

    @Ann...thank you very much


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