Friday, February 19, 2010

In a nutshell

I can't sleep, which has been my MO for the past couple days now….I generally don't mind just like to make sure I'm productive if I can't sleep – so this is me being productive….plus I have to take my braids out after work today, clean the house and go get my hair done tomorrow – so I figure I should do this now, otherwise I won't be here till Monday and this is so not a Music Monday Blog…. Which reminds me, when I made the decision to actually start writing I never thought I would write a lot on entertainment and its funny I'm knee deep in it…but it's been good though, I thank God….

So I feel like I miss you guys and have not really spoken to you…I feel like I've been writing more cautiously and I don't like that, so imma try to get my groove back...spoke to my mum today and she told me that any man that will marry me will be lucky and It brought tears to my eyes….it's funny you hear that said from the guy who doesn't want to date you, cos he can't commit…from the guy who won't/can't do long distance or from your girlfriends….it has never had any meaning to me till yesterday….Am I totally being vain or conceited when I say she is right? Lol…not because I'm better, more special, finer than the next but because I'm ME…I'm ME

Let me tell you a story….I know of a woman, a mother actually scratch that a Grandmother whose last born has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and whose first born who herself is a mother has leukemia and won't be able to hold her daughter for 3 weeks….. do you think you can describe or feel the pain this woman is going through?….I really think not….you work all your life to see your children become successful, healthy and happy and now you are watching them sick and there's nothing you can do, but pray, pray that God is merciful to you and remembers all the times you have been good & forgive all your sins……I say this to say that we really need to cherish our lives and cherish each other – my friend lost his dad the other day and I thought to call my dad, which I didn't do btw, will do that today unfailingly - we are visiting this earth, you need to remember that….it's why I find it funny when the girls around me are crying cos they broke up with their boyfriend of 2months and want to kill themselves or just some trivial shit like that….we really need to see the bigger picture sometimes and just realize that there's a reason for everything, and people don't always have to be in your life for a lifetime, some relationships have expiry dates and that's ok

Speaking of which, I really hate the need for people to tell you what they think is good for you sometimes….especially on topics that they themselves have no experience in….my friend "fineboy" would always say if you haven't tried it, you can't tell me it works…….I know, I know I do it sometimes and even if I don't, just cos you haven't experienced something doesn't mean what you say is less important, but some days it just really really irks me….especially about love…..I really wish people would leave me alone on this topic…..being single has been by choice for the most part and I'm not gay…I'm looking for something in someone, and when I find it, I will let you know….why do you think I crush all the time and long distance works for me? Cos I always see a glimpse of said thing and upon further exploration "it's" not there….What is it? Mental stimulation, that's all….I'm a very simple girl, and I want nothing from you other than, you are intellectual and rape my mind…..twitter crush had asked me the other day what I wanted from him? And I told him your attention/time for now…..that's all I want/need every other thing is easy in my opinion….. which reminds me what's the big deal in saying you like someone you just met, I didn't say I want to marry him or that I even want to date him (no particular him, #justsaying) but what's the big deal? If nothing comes out of it, shebi u move on….folks need to take a chill pill and learn to relax, enjoy each moment….enjoy the butterflies in your tummy, the giggles every time you talk to him, the blushes and all that good stuff and if it doesn't work out you move on….

So if you are on twitter you have noticed that Nigeria has been able to trend a couple topics, usually funny stuff, but not #LightUPNIgeria and people get mad upset over this….for one the people who need to be seeing this are not on twitter and staying behind the comfort of your computer and phone to talk about something is not the kind of change we need…Nigeria needs people that will go into the streets to show our disconcert, we need table discussions aired on the radio, on tv…. We need the sons and daughters of prominent people to back up our causes….we need to be ok to donate/campaign for the change we want, we need our musicians, actors and writers to use the gift God gave them to speak up and for goodness sake we need some honest to God people….and some of us e.g. me need to go back home and stop talking

O so I got vals gift….my lil sweet friend sent me a book "The Thing around your neck" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and a toy gun….lol, she is the best, she is my brothers best friend and so knows most everything about me and is always supportive and praying for me……my brothers friends love me more than some of my own friends gan, lol……thanks Jem, you are the best….

Deep, deep in my soul
Cocooned safely in a web of defense mechanisms
Is something they call my heart
I'm yet to discover it
Not broken, not hurt, just not explored
Experience they say is the best teacher
I say peoples story teach the best, so I learn from you
You who walk around with your heart in pieces
Sorrow and longing has turned your face into a bad painting of you
You whose cries from the depth of your soul,
Has the angels joining you to weep
Until I met you
You whose smiles, honesty & confidence
Has me fighting with myself
Cos deep, deep in my soul is my heart
I am yet discovering it
Now playing- On constant repeat – Chrisette Michele – Notebook

P.S. I Love You

Have a great weekend


  1. First!
    Lol I've not read sha.
    Brb (:

  2. My comment is looking like it'd be long.
    And to be honest you don't have to respond. It's too long.
    Sigh. I do love your mum. Well your family is amazing overall. And I've told you that too, you're one of those rare ladies. You know how portable things are everywhere? You're not. You are special, one of a kind. And you are you. Heck, if I were a man, eff my fears, I'd strive to be with you and no it's not sugar talking, I'm being honest here.
    The beginning of the fourth paragraph. Sigh. THANK YOU! I hate it! You don't know anything and you'd be talking to me as if you were around in my father's mother's day where things were probably different anyway. Gosh, Nifemi, you're my little role model. I don't need a Beyonce or Alicia Keys or even Oprah Winfrey in my life when you're there.
    "enjoy the butterflies in your tummy, the giggles every time you talk to him, the blushes and all that good stuff and if it doesn't work out you move on" Thank you!
    LOL go back home and stop talking, well I can't say anything on the #LightupNigeria cause.
    You wrote that little verse?
    I it.
    Why? Because there's a plain form of honesty to it.
    I do love you Nifemi.

  3. This is my best blogpost ever and that is why I'm commenting more than once.
    You're the best little lady!

  4. aww. i feel terible abt d woman wit sick kids.... U r one confident lady missy. Kip being U. NJOY UR WKEND.

  5. Your mum is really sweet...nice post neefemi

  6. Revel in the comment from your mum. Coming from her it shows you really really deserve it! And remember it anytime u feel low!
    thanks for the reminder to see the big picture and alL! Life is too short to hold on to inconsequential things!

  7. Lol can ur mum adopt me?
    I pray the lord...lay his healing hands on the sick kids....

  8. Intriguing post.
    I guess for most people, the hard part is the 'moving on' part.
    I'd have to agree with your mom, heck, she's known you longer than anyone else on earth.

    PS. Was Chrisette Michele once a part of Floetry?

  9. You mum is a good mother, praying to God for the sick kid, it's sad to lose a loved and worse to lose your own children.
    We all need to do something about this our country.
    Have a lovely weekend

  10. yes any man will be blessed to have someone like you neefemi.
    You are a darling and you deserve God's best so don't settle for less cos you'll give 100%

  11. roc naija na wa for you
    you deprive us of your talents se...

    no comments

    wait till i start commenting after you and hunting you till you update
    you, you you! i'm speechless.

  12. Aww,i just love yyour mum. Eyyah,i feel so sorry for the sick ones,i'll pray for them.

  13. It's so nice to hear compliments from parents and mums especially. So sorry to hear about the woman with sick kids. I hope God meets them somehow.

    I hear you on lightupNigeria. They have a new video on Youtube. I hope it is playing on Naija TV and radio.

  14. Your comment on Solomon Sydelle's blog brought me here...brilliant comment,great post!!!
    I totally like your blog! welldone!

  15. Awww...ur mom is so sweet and I'm sure she's right! Lovely post

    I wish I could have that enjoy every moment of live and not make a big deal out of things...but at times it's easier said then done...i feel u sha! Nice!

  16. ur mom is the best. She is right though and Im being very honest. This was a nice post i really enjoyed reading it, especially the parts about enjoying a relationship and living in the moment!! nice write up!!

  17. i personally dont advice people on realtionships as ive never been in any and in the cases where i have to advice you, i state clearly that i have never been in a relationship so you should take my advice with a pinch of salt.

  18. i love ur profile pic, hmmm c u, fine babe no pimples...u b confirmed babe o!

  19. i pray the woman's children recover soon. we really have to show love to the people in our lives more often and be thankful for having them. i enjoyed your post!

  20. @Moyo - you know, you are the absolute best....thank u so much and i love you more darling

    @Fragilelooks - thank you mami, i appreciate it, hope your weekend was good.

    @Harry - yea, mums are the best..thanks dear

    @lamikayty - thank you so much, will do

    @Kabiosi -lol, she sure can, thanks dear

    @RocNaija - yea i agree and i didn't mean to belittle it and you are too kind thank you so much she wasn't

    @TGWTRH -thanks dear and you are right, hope you had good weekend as well?

    @Tisha - awww thank u so much love and lol @ your comments to Roc

    @shorty - thanks dear

    @Myne -yea it was and thanks and i am yet to see the video, will check it out.

    @NoLimit - awwww, thank you so much, nice to meet you and have you on here....

    @Blowing Blessings you way - thank you so much ma, and you are right easier said than done, but if we start to cultivate it maybe it will stick :)

    @damsel - awwww thank you so much, really appreciate it and thanks for the comment on my picture too

    @leggy -i like that

    @Original Mgbeke- thank you ma

    @Femme Lounge - Yes we do, thank you so very much


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