Monday, February 15, 2010

#Music Monday - Soulful Music

Boy am I glad this weekend is over….whew, can we now talk about things unrelated to love or valentine's day? thank you very much….lol, but no I'm a lover you all know this, it's easy for me to love but emmm it was a bit too much for me this year, people were on another P, taking this vals day thing to another level, I'm really really really glad it's over…..btw for those of you who want to kill over valentine's day I wonder what Anniversaries are for in the first place? Riddle me that

You guys are all kinds of awesome btw, cos u professed a new car in my life….I claim it in Jesus Name, AMEN….lol, no I had shipped my blue baby like I like to call it from Michigan to Houston, didn't even get it till Wednesday night, and I'm just really glad it's here, it rained heavy here on Thurs and Fri, plus it's still mad cold…apparently that animal that said we still have 6weeks of winter was right…..nways thanks for the comments, I appreciate you guys, I really do

So let me see any personal news before I jump into the music???…..ummmm not so much, Twitter crush made me blush all week long, his voice is divine, I'm like a 15yr old high school child, can I just say that I'm happy I'm single, lol and that I need to move to Nigeria like tomorrow before some other fine girl grabs him, lol ….are you ever in a conversation and someone is asking you a question, that you know for sure you didn't tell them about and then you remember they read your blog? lol….good thing I don't lie on here, that could be awkward cos it happens to me a lot, so much so that when people have questions I refer them to the blog,lol….work is going great, I'm still not seeing my money but it's all good…writing a lot, o yeah check out my post on GREEDS here à

which reminds me Chris Brown put out a mixtape yesterday….firrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee, he can like to rise above this beating girl thing and become the success that he is…download here …… I'm mad excited cos I get to interview an artist this week that I love die, I did a review on him some time ago on here, but this is different cos I get to actually hear from him, will put up the link once I do…..o so with my car came all my shoes, 2 big boxes full, color me happy, lol but emmmm none of my clothes (don't even ask) still very happy sha

Ok Music – this is afterall what we do here on Music Monday – today's songs are from the best soulful women in the business, from new artists to "old" artists….this is music that just gets you, touches your inner core, there's no fronting with these kind of songs….p.s. a man that cannot rock with this, does not cut it with me, nothing personal – you just gotta appreciate good music… you have to listen to the lyrics tho, otherwise you miss the point, you can't be mad after listening to any of the songs I'm about to share with you just can't….I'm not going to say anything about each song, you listen and be the judge and tell me what you think…Enjoy

Ledisi – In the Morning

Corinne Bailey Rae – Are you Here

Angie Stone – Found a Keeper

Jill Scott – Epiphany….. I just have to say, what do you know about spoken word? tell me what do you know about this? This is just mad beautiful, swear down I'm going to try my hands at this; I have the words,now to find the music…

Chrisette Michelle – Love is you

Sade – Be that easy

And this is just an extra cos I like her, this is actually Pop, but I'm thinking if u are like me you just heard about her, plus she is Nigerian so yea def want to put her out there
May7ven - Take Off My Clothes

How was your weekend and hope your week is going great? God Bless you and continue to keep you guys…



  1. I finally listened to the songs!

  2. Angie stone my all time fav!
    I haven't said congrats for the car! I'm happy for you.
    Btw, I'm also glad Vals is Over, thiS year was too much like a National HOLIDAY.

  3. I couldn't see the videos except Angie Stone and May7even. I always like Angie, and will look for the spoken word from Jill Scott.

    Congrats on the car and twit crush, love you too.

  4. Funny Valentines day for me this year felt like not many people really cared even the couples/

  5. Sade, jill and angie i love. I'm so nt feeling dis week jare.

  6. @Oye - Halleuyah!!!!

    @Tricia - she is awesome, thank u much love and u ain't ever lied man

    @Harry - awww thanks

    @Myne - hope you were able to see? find them honey.

    @Suru - i'm telling you

    @Fragilelooks - Glad u like them ma, and i feel you, feel the exact same way

  7. Am I the only one that thinks C.Breezy's mixtape was better than his album??
    He needs to make a video of 'Medusa'..

    And I see Sade did big numbers with her album. Good to see people like yourself appreciate good music.

  8. I agree, glad you like it...haba now Roc you should know me and music by you doing boo?


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