Monday, February 1, 2010

#MusicMonday Beautiful Music

The Bachelor is a rubbish show….what the hell? This is too much for me man…….sorry jare the best friends mum is watching it, and I'm literally dying here…like are you for real, you can't be falling in love with 5 people, jare…..

Hi guys, how are you doing? How was your weekend? HAPPY NEW MONTH...AMEN to a blessed month.... I hope it was relaxing….don't tell my mummy but I didn't go to church, it was too cold jo, God forgive me…speaking of parents so my dad and I aren't speaking….lol, he will soon miss me too much he will call…. But my dad always wants me to be calling people up and down this time pastors….I put my foot down and said no, for one I have access to God myself, plus I have my own pastor haba, I don't believe in looking for pastors up and down jo…and in the spirit of family speaking I'm sad again guys….my sisters are way prettier and more beautiful than me….I have been complaining on twitter and I would put up their pictures, but I don't think it's safe…my mummy said her friends have told her to lock them up for fear that they will rape them(God forbid sha) but I am inclined to agree jo…why am I so ugly? *wails* nobody worried about me like that o….hmmmpppphhhhhh

Nways guys…emmm I'm shy…so I'll just tell you to please visit this site>>> ….and leave a comment there, thank you,(thank you so much Juwon) J….ummm so umm yea umm ok just go here as well and watch out for more there>>> ….also on Mondays 8pm Jand time, 9pm Naija time, 2pm Central time and 3pm Eastern time, please tune in to to listen to WEPLUGG.O.O.DMUSIC radio sessions…. In time I will join the boss to do couple sessions on there and so will let you know when I'm on the air….smiling sheepishly thank you, for all your support and encouragement guys, God Bless you so very much

On to the music….music is my soul though….jeez, I'm convinced my man has to be related/in/around/connected to music somehow sha…will you believe though that I have not actively sought out new music this year…I'm ashamed of myself…but anyways just going to go to it

India Arie ft Dobet Gnahore….Pearls….it won a Grammy last night and you can tell why

Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caliat….Lucky….I'm hoping most of you have heard this song… also won a Grammy last night… makes me wish I was in love… Get his album guys

Shayne Ward …Promises….HE introduced me to this guy, apparently he was the winner of the second season off X factor – all his songs are beautiful for real

Shayne Ward...If it's ok with you…. Cos I love this song and it says so much

Lady Antellebum….Need You Now… please tell me you have all heard this song…you don't have to love country to love this song….it's so special…. They performed this song at the Grammy and won a Grammy for it I believe…The first time I heard about this group…it was….Looking for a good time…..I love the realness of this song…..gosh country songs make me happy

These guys amaze me cos right now, I don't know what genre too categorize them in…but listen and judge for you ….Rock City…..Argument and in a complete change of tempo Rude Girl

And because I was just mad yesterday that people were insulting this group every time their name was mentioned, I had to show you the goodness that is Zac Brown Band and that they deserved their Grammy… Whatever it is (look for the official video on youtube, its lovely)… the first time I heard them it was…Toes

Ha!!! Beautiful music my way sha….I hope you like it…let me know what you think

P.s. Trey Songz can like to get it tho…hehehehe just seen him perform with Stevie Wonder on Bet Honors…I'm just saying, the boy is good and very very very tres sexy

P.P.S I Love you


  1. so i read this one book one time like that and in your own way, you are looking for approval from people by saying you are not pretty. you may disagree, but i beg to differ.
    i will listen to the songs still one day...just not today.

  2. @Oye...lmao, Glad u know me very well, cos that book speaks nonsense...if i was not saying it out loud and during therapy i said it one day....then yes its safe to say thats true...

  3. Nice post there...happy new year to you too

  4. i love trey;s one love.these are awesome songs, plus ive heard them all.

  5. Haba! Neefemi so u have radio connects and I've been begging ppl to feature my artist since? abeg listen on and get back to me o! Seriously

  6. Lady Antellebum...Need you now. Beauutiful song. Me likey too :-)

  7. Great songs....jason mraz is awesome.
    Happy new month to ya!

  8. Hiss Nifemi. Hiss raised to the power of ten and 0 equals to one !
    You are beautiful ! If Yosola said she's going to do you, what other confirmation do you need? Hiss.
    I have four sisters and I know my 12 year old sis is hotter than anyone in that house - she even gets grown men hollerin' till they discover she's 12 ! But still, I don't think she's hotter or less hotter than I am.
    We are equally beautiful because we are a family.
    Ah ahn.

  9. Loved the Banky W post....I love dat guy, think he is so sexy nt as much as Trey songz Nice post again, don't reali listen to all dem songs often, but i always do wen u post dem. Have a great month!

    PS: Younger sisters are always

  10. Dear God I wrote a long ass reply and got an error. I am done crying. here we go again:

    Ok where do I start as a music lover meself nice selection.The thing about country is that you have to have talent to be in country, you can't fake it. Glad L.A are getting recognised and I'm sure opening for Taylor Swift on tour didn't hurt.(fun fact: one of the dudes on L.A is brother to singer, Josh Kelly who is husband to Katherine Heigl).

    I like Rock City, they tried breaking out in 2008 but it never worked. Check their remix of ushers love in the club - holla if you like and want the track(if you don't have it already)

    Trey Songz can get it more than least that's what I used to say till I saw the girls he was rolling with they look dirty..chics from reality shows.

    I will forward your link to Mr W :)..Personally, I think Capable was a better start to finish album than W experience.

  11. Okay now, 'shy' someborri.. Is this the point where you wish you too had an older sister? #FAIL.. :)

    The only name remotely familiar on the list is Shanye Ward. Can't stream off this annoying machine I'm on sadly, so I'll have to give em a spin later.

  12. Just checked the links out..
    Someone's doing big big things.. :D

  13. @Harry....thanks, glad you like it

    @Leggy...isn't he and thanks, thats very cool..., will email you soon

    @24yroldteenager - it is a great song, glad you like, thanks

    @blogoratti....thank you sir, he sure is awesome.., forgive me ma, will not do it again...;)

    @Anon...aww thanks for reading it, glad you liked it and yes Trey is waaaayyyyy sexier, lol..thanks for listening, i appreciate it much and yes i agree with you, they are

    @TayneMent...omygosh i am so sorry, i know how annoying that can be, thanks for still going ahead to comment :)
    you are so right abt country music and o didn't know that bout the brother and please def want the song will email you,, Trey Songz is just silly tho, i think he just loves to have fun but will never date any1 of them...awww thanks appreciate it and yea i think i agree, but Capable was more for females i think, omyGod someone that understands where i'm coming from, yes i wish i was 2nd jo, @ #fail...are you on twitter? let me know what you think about the songs ....and aww thank you so much Roc, really appreciate you...get on that BB p already :)

  14. Love your music collection. Even though my younger sisters are prettier, i never am intimidated.

  15. Thanks dear and yea no reason to be intimidated @ all....

  16. your younger sisters are prettier?
    ask their opinion and you may be shocked ;)
    about the list...i'm clueless
    *bows head in shame*

  17. Love the collections...
    Happy new month dearie.
    Love am the prettiest child in my being the only child...hahaha..even if i no fine for pple mama thinks am the prettiest...sike!!!

  18., my sisters are very conceited they will agree and no need to bow your head in shame its why im sharing it for those who dont know

    @Kabi-Osi....thanks mami, same to u again and lmao thats a good one


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