Sunday, February 28, 2010

My idea of a Saturday night

So I have decided to regale you with stupid stories as I often do….have I told you that I totally adore you guys for your support, kind words, for your love – I appreciate you all so very much – o and a big thank you and welcome to the new additions to my blogsville fam, you really didn't even have to comment and you still did…..thank you so much

Sometimes I just put the earphones in my ear and I get carried away, I can't hear anything the world can be crumbling and I won't hear – its only the song that matters, the song that makes my toes curl, my heart melts and my eyes water – today that song is Bez's "stop pretending" I feel like I have never heard a song more beautiful – it's on repeat tonight as I try to be productive… been sleeping all day, I really hate headaches tho

Did I mention that THE WEST WING is the best show in the history of shows? the dialogue is crazy and so ridiculously funny and to think it's supposed to be a Drama too, I love it… I have found my hairstyle for life, if you see the blogger profile pic, that's my new hairstyle – my Yoruba people will say "mo jo eyan" in other words "I resemble person" for the first time in my life, I've been so vain ehn, may God have mercy on me, but me thinks I can actually model now…well except my parents and siblings all told me this week that I am fat….it's a good thing I am a very secure person, I for don commit suicide finish, I'm still not sure I'm not going to steal so I can do a liposuction J

Which reminds me, a smile is so important – have I said that before? I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot…nways my story… I sprained my ankle some kinda way the other day, I swear I twisted it 360degrees… so I went to the café downstairs and this one older oyinbo guy was so cute trying to talk to me all because I had on a smile…I know there are some oyinbos that are racist and all, but there are some good often random ones that just make me laugh…I have also decided that I will forever wear a red lipstick, it's just awesome, lol…. This cute Arab guy at work said I was cute and I told the bf I would date him to which she said it will never happen - I want to sha, I have never dated a non- Nigerian (see where that has gotten me so far, lol) nways I should before I move back to Naij, don't you think? But truth is what do you guys talk about? that's why I never dated a non - Nigerian, I was born and bred in Nigeria, so how do you talk to someone who doesn't know and can't relate to the most important years of your life?….if I was born and bred here its different, cos no matter the Nigerian values my parents might have raised me with we still will have shared experiences – u get? Nways what do you think?

My boy, for the purpose of this blog will call him dele, finally broke up with his girl, which I swear down I will kill if I find her, but she is all the way in Canada, mschewww…nways I say finally only because ever since I met him…lol, I should tell you that we have never actually met face to face – we met thru a friend via bb, thank God for bb, lol and we have been friends since, actually best of friends, it's crazy stuff I tell you…nways I didn't like her because she made him feel insecure, she was never straight with him, always causing fights, never appreciated gestures, plus she knew nothing about music, which to both of us is a cardinal sin, lol….I feel bad that he is hurt, they were off and on for close to 5 years and I wish he had listened to me last year, it was just one of the things when everybody but him could see that she wasn't good to him, not that she wasn't good for him, she just chose not to be good to him ….same way a lot of girls think guys are evil, some girls are evil….I would do anything for a man that will treat me the way he treated her, he worshipped the ground she walked on and she threw that away, HER LOSS!!!!…..another friend of mine went through the similar thing just this month again - which reminds me somebody else asked me if I was gay again….the next person that does I will just kiss and grab his balls until he is weak and keep on moving, it's getting really annoying – boys are not perfect enough as it is that it irks me that girls like bad boys, abeg give me a sweet guy with that edgy side to him and I will find a way to make him my husband J …..Which reminds me I have the attention span of a 1yr old, you know how peek-a-boo works right? Well in this case I'm the child – my point being you have to be able to hold my attention all the time, I'm very curious about people and once I can figure you out, you lose all interest to me, why do you think Roc appeals to me? – writing it now and I'm worried about me too, lol pray for me J

O I wanted to address something – I gave this advice on a blog the other day to a lady who "thinks" emphasis on the word "thinks" that her husband is cheating – to pray and continue to be a loving wife and things will change, and everyone wanted to pounce on me, what kind of advise is that? How does that solve anything? Bla bla?....Here is what I think – people think prayer means sit down and wait for a miracle to which I say, I pity you, you will jones ehn….when I say to pray especially in the issues of marriage, you started this union with God, that should be the first place you seek help, so you get the strength to fight temptation, to make decisions that you will regret, to find the wisdom you need and the direction you seek….and then you start to address the situation whatever it is, with a clear mind and purpose and knowing that you will be victorious….now if we were talking about the problems in Nigeria and I told you to pray then you should slap me, btw I think every politician in Nigeria right now, needs to be shot execution style for anything to work – that's my solution – you always need prayer I don't care who you pray to, but if you think for one minute that that's not a good advice and the first place to start on anything, then well – I'll pray for you, lol…..

Speaking of writing, mine is both a gift and a curse – something I'm eternally grateful to God for – swear down I need an editor though and a manager as well, someone to tell me to focus and write – I always have so much to write, today it's a song, tomorrow a poem, later that same day a story – in my head always so beautiful but I never put it down – I need some direction with my writing, which reminds me I have assignments to complete, I guess I will be up late, will put up links for sure J

I am moving to Naija guys, end of the year….will let you know the details as it goes along…. I have no plan btw, other than I want to go, which is so unlike me – my bestfriend thinks I'm going to be so disappointed and I will move back soon – I want to prove her wrong, and I can only pray that God is on my side … for one this country causes cancer, the environmental connection to cancer in this country is more than any country period and there are statistics to back this up, plus it's so freaking cold in this country, except I travel to go ski or snowboard I don't want to live in a cold country, which reminds me I need to go to Vancouver it looks so pretty over there but shit men, what the hell is curling? That does not just a look like a sport to me and I don't think even if you explain I can understand it….my life is boring without sports yo, can football season come back already, and the NBA sucks this year

I thank God for my best friend every day though, she keeps me sane for real, even though she thinks I'm the weirdest person she has ever met….it's funny, we are friends only because she stayed on my neck…she had moved here before I did, and she would always send me an email and I would reply and even when I moved here she would always call me, and then I got I finally got the message, she wasn't going nowhere and was going to be there for me – you see my family members are stuck with me, but she chose me and I feel very special when I think of it…..nways I say that to say I love my friends cos left to me, I would probably never have any friends but most of my best friends chose me and stick with me, it's a gift I will forever cherish – I thinks it's why my purpose in life is to be a helper to others, cos God gave me so much, by giving me the best friends including most of you here, you've all been very good to me J

O yea the show was awwweeeeeessssssoooooommmmmmeeeee….. Trey Songz is the best and I blew a kiss for you TayneMent…..he sounds just like he does on cd and he is so freaking sexy it's a crime….Jeezy is my man, like T.I and Eminem there is something about their struggles and thugishness I like and I'm not a fan of Jay Z, but I do love his classics so it was all good….what is it about people and a crowd and fights? jeez there seemed to be a fight in almost every section at this event….Houston has big booty and big boob girls men, like damn, most of them not so fine in the face but that's ok though, cos they got ass and boobs, lol…. I heard on the radio today that if you are a fine girl you never have to learn to flirt, but if you are moderate you have to learn to bite your lips, make eye contact, buy the first drink, flip your hair…..I don't know I'm not a flirt, so what do you do to get a guys attention? I swear its only oyinbos that thing works for? I have been called a tease though; lol and lately I've been told I have a cold heart L

Nways that's all I got- lately, I feel like I need that person to talk to, you know – not your best friend or boy friend cos they criticize or judge even tho they don't mean to, or advise – just that person to talk to till 4am in the morning about dumb shit….hope you having a good weekend, the rodeo is here so this should be fun, will tell you all about it…I should go to bed now….o it's my step/half whatever its my sisters bday today, a point my dad always tries to remind me of, lol – I don't hate any of my dad's other kids, but for now they are babies so I don't even consider them people, am I bad?

P.S I LOVE YOU….. See you on Monday


  1. Don't try to prove me wrong. Just do it for you o. Abeg I need blogsville to tell you that Naij is not the place to be with or without a plan. You have people to "talk to" about stupid stuff, you are just weird is all. But not me sha cos I will just tell you I'm watching tv.
    P.S. I love you too

  2. I have soooo many comments but I am sleepy so it'll be short.Like Oye said, try to have some semblance of a plan before you go to naija.Esp with jobs, there's a saturation of returnees that a lot of people I know don't have jobs.

    Thank you for my kiss.

    I have never wanted a bad boy either.

    I've never written per se as a writer, too scared that I might suck.

    I always used to think that a non nigerian could never get it. Till I met my african american friend. We never dated but it seemed like it and he just got it and the things he didnt know he was eager to learn.

    I hve a day up, might whip up something for track your inbox.

    Have a lovely weekend luv.

  3. My friends choose me
    Though i choose who to let in
    and who stays out...

    I love and value my friends and i can actually be vulnerable with them
    i think God has blessed me with the best friends in the world, even though they are not perfect.
    Its why i don't let just any one in.

    thanks neefemi, this write-up was beautiful even though it was really long.

  4. I really don't know which of the issues raised here shld be commented upon.seems I lost touch after reading evrytn ... but great post!

  5. .... besides u re not d only 1 that wants to move bk to naija bt only if I get a good job after school in september.

  6. Oh I meant to write just *without a plan*

  7. A plan is always necessary if you want to move back, start making connections with those on ground. You could start with the NYSC and then follow from there.

    Pity about your friends that broke up with their partners, I hope they move on and learn to get over it, these things are not easy sha.

    Smiling, essential, flirting, very important, just have to do it right. I dated a non-Nigerian and I tell you there are so many things to talk about and the nice ones will also be willing to learn about your culture and for me curiosity means that finding out about their own culture is second nature. As it is I ended up married outside my ethnicity so there you have it...

  8. babe, that was a really long post..anyway, just wanna say u gotta do it for u.n have some good plan in place.if possible, secure a job first but yes, twill b good to have u back..hav a gr8 day

    n ur bff is a true gift, i so appreciate true friends!

  9. looooonnnnggg post

    think well before moving back< there shud def be a definite plan oh!

    i wonder why girls treat good guys like crap yet they will be complaining that there are no guys outside......

    its so crazy

  10. I can relate to getting carried away by music...ironically, I listen to the same songs time and time again and the effect hardly wanes...

    I hope your ankle feels better?
    I've chosen to go the red lipstick route too..

    It would be best to have a solid plan before moving back...

    aaah flirting..Wink*

    No, you aren't, it would be nice to reach out a bit..Happy new month dear! Have a great week...

  11. I love your photos!
    You are so lucky to have your bff..
    have a great moth ahead sweetie

  12. @Oye - lol, yes ma'am

    @TayneMent - lol, u rock missy i cant say that enuff....will try to come up with a plan....i don't think you will suck, u never know till you try it....maybe the arab guy will work :), p.s why aren't you dating the guy?

    @Tisha - i totally feel you, and why you thanking me, thank you so very much for reading it - you rock

    @musco - lol, thank you so much for even reading it and goodluck with everything

    @Myne - will do def, p.s i sent u a dm on twitter, let me know...yes i pray they get over it soon, they are both great guys.....its good to hear that i could date from outside will Nigeria, will see if it works out...awww where is SO from?

    @histreasure - it was, i'm sorry, lol, thank you so much for reading it and i definitely will do..cant wait to be home, we should do a blogsville party :) and yes she is, thank you

    @BBB -lol, yea thanks for reading it still and will try to start putting together a is crazy, when people for me are looking for, hiss

    @Rose - tell me about it, i never get tired of songs, especially good ones...yes it does, thank you and i want to see a picture o...will try to put together a, you are good at it huh? i will try ma, thank you and likewise

    @Tricia - thank you dear and yes i feel lucky, same to you, thanks

  13. Lol you talk alot, and you like music. I think I'm going to like you lol.

    And don't mind them prayer solves everything! But not without the appropiate actions to back them up.

    :) Nogo xx

  14. @Nogo - lol, i really do talk a lot, not so much in person though and yes you should come do a music Monday post, let me know.. yes o prayer without action is null....thanks for stopping by, off to your blog now :)


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