Monday, March 29, 2010

#MusicMonday - "Picker Uppers" by BB

BB Speaks: OK... It’s my First Music Monday.
Reasons for doing this: I love music, and Neefemi begged me too :)
Sharing a bunch of songs that uplift the mood at different times
More like "picker upper" type music.

Neefemi Speaks: I so totally did not beg him to do this. :), Hi Guys, how are you all doing this Monday? Sleepless night = all I want is my bed, counting down the hours to the end of the day. Nways let me introduce you to previously mentioned friend who for the purpose of this blog we will call BB. BB and I have a thing for music, for the most part we have some common genres and artists we agree on...on others we are like cat and mouse trying to make a point for our case. E.g. He doesn't like Chrisette Michele, Laura Izibor etc; I’m not a fan of a LOT of the Nigerian artists he likes. He doesn't write, neither does he read the blog (thank God, lol), so for the most part the song choices will be by him and the story will be by me, when he does decide to grace the page again (secret: he has the next one in his head already, hehehe)

Nways I don't know about you, but the song choices he made today, inspire me...its funny that I hadn't heard them in a minute who knows maybe there is a message in the Enjoy and thanks to BB :)

Leann Womack - I Hope You Dance

R Kelly - You Saved Me

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston - When you believe

Boyz II Men - I will get there

Carrie Underwood - Jesus take the wheel

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up

Kirk Franklin feat. R Kelly, Crystal Lewis, Mary J Blige, Bono

P.S - Happy Birthday Sugarking, hope its a blessed one

P.P.S - My 100th post is coming up soon, think i have 4 more posts till i hit the mark...YOU tell me what to do, if anything at all


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bear with me!!!

Hellloooooooooo...... how you all doing? Excited for the weekend I hope, I am. My body needs some rest, going to get my hair did (i love to do my hair, wonder what I should do next? done many many diff things with my hair)...hoping to go to a shooting range this weekend as well, that should be fun...otherwise my ass sits at home, as uncle thinks I need to go out more, like I always say there is nothing I'm looking for outside :)

So, did I ever tell you that a couple days after I blogged abt that boy I know that kept screaming I will have sex with him in my ear, we found out he had appendicitis?... omygosh I felt so bad, although God forgive me I wasn't as sad as I coulda/shoulda been, which is why I felt bad, cos I felt I ought to have been more sad about it...I think Sugarking's prayer worked...lmao

I realize, I never want to come off as proud, vain, conceited or insecure....let's just say those are traits I hate.....I also realize that try as I might and I think I've said this a lot on here, I come off judgmental...what I really want to be doing is encouraging people and I feel like I come off preaching like I'm perfect....I'm far from it, what I am is principled, stubborn and set in my ways.... I reckon that I could never do a talk show(my father will die if he sees that, I told you he wants me to be Oprah)....but nways my point... forgive me, I don't mean to come off as such.

Speaking of shows I ought to tell you, that yours truly will be on a comp near you in abt 4-5weeks. We Plug Good Music (I hope you guys all follow it, we bring the best new music) will be airing on truspot radio, for an hr on Saturdays at a time to be determined, with the best new naija music out there (you already know how mad picky I am about naija songs)...nways be on the lookout for me for new great songs and please let me know, I will let you know what the deal is as I go along (p.s. you get to see my face too, so I guess anonymity is totally out the question now)

Speaking of being judgmental, I said that because of my all thing with relationships. I just believe in some things and I have a hard time relating to other people about it. I know love is not black and white; shu even friendships are not black and white. But I utterly refuse to believe that love is complicated. I refuse. I refuse to think that you ought to be fighting with someone you haven't physically met and all you got is the phone. Isn't that supposed to be the sweetest part of it all? cos you already know you see each other & I don't know why, but fights happen. to be honest I don't understand fights in a relationship, whatever kind of relationship until the person does something he/she knows you don't like, or disappoints you in a monumental way (only other excuse is hormone, or for men, the devil possessed him, lol)....I don't know, I'm given those around me a hard time and I ought to stop, but I just want them to be happy

Random fact about me: I'm uber submissive in a relationship, I don't know why I feel like he(whoever he is) gets to see the me that is gentle, that just wants to be held & not argue, except we having intelligent conversation. In life, business, school, with friends… I'm brutal though heheheh it just me? I wonder if that means I am not showing my real self, but I can honestly say that's me…just seems like the you, you should be to make your relationship, marriage work....people always say that there is the honeymoon stage after which parties involved soon change...I don't see why....p.s. I don't think the honeymoon stage should ever go away until you have kids or monumental issues like financial problems or in-law problems or someone cheats (and gets caught, lol)

Again random: I don't get why females are quick to say that their in-laws can only stay with them for a week only or ish like that. my advice: if his mother(whoever he refers to as such) is alive, you better make sure you have her eating out your hands and you have a guest house at the back might make your life a hella lot easier #imjustsaying

and lastly but not least, speaking of mothers like I said the last time...i need help in broaching the subject of getting remarried to my you all know she has been divorced more years than she was ever married....I think the Bible says something about you ought not to divorce and then remarry unless your husband is dead or something, but if I remember correctly there is an adultery clause in there...which means my mum can remarry...we are no longer kids, the youngest is 16 and is about to start mum is a beautiful woman, skinny and tall and about to be 50, and men swarm to her in flock, she just has to what do I tell her? How do I tell her? I really don't want her to grow older alone anymore, I hate knowing she is alone especially when I think of the fuckery that is NEPA in Nigeria....she is not getting any younger and I want to be in my married home, knowing that she is in her married home (does that make sense?)...somedays I think I want to remain single just so we will be together (stupid I know, but I worry about her)

As is my custom it appears I have made this longer than I intended to....before I leave, let me say I won't be on blogger for a bit, because I am studying for the GRE, need to take it in a week or so and applying to schools, hoping God performs a miracle so I can start in September...blame friend for this sudden obsession with skool btw, so I will read your posts but I might not always comment.....will do Music Monday though...o just remembered, he is supposed to do it this mon, yayyyy me

O wait blogs you should check out:
Thank you all so very much

P.S I Love you

Monday, March 22, 2010

#MusicMonday - My take!!!

What it do folks? How are you all this fine Monday night….just back from the gym and I’m all kinds of sore…. But I’ve been consistent so hooray to me *does the happy dance*… work was boring men, which is the nature of things at where I work if there is no outbreak of some sort. How was your weekend on the other hand? I saw Chrisette Michele on Friday, omygosh she was divvviiiinnnnnneeeeeeeeeee…..I couldn’t scream enough about her, I will try and upload a video of her performance later. I think whoever she was dating broke her heart though cos she was bitter and sang all her breakup songs. I hope she finds love soon sha, for someone who sings that beautifully you ought to be in love, no? Laura Izibor (didn’t know she was half Nigerian) opened for her, but we were late so never saw her, just heard her perform my favorite song from her “from my heart to yours”. She sounded good.

Was going to go to a shooting range but the weather in Houston was bitter men, bitingly cold. Jeez… So, friend!!! Hmmm I don’t know sha, this could be more than I thought, we will see. But otherwise things are calm on my end; it looks like I’m going to go back to school for my PhD…plus just making plans for the future so that’s good. We (blogsville and I) have to come up with a way for me to talk to my mum, to try to look for a man and remarry it bothers me a lot…But we will talk about that later.

Nways lets go to the music shall we…Miss Nogo thinks that we always do slow/sad songs on here, so I need to change that…was going to do some rock songs, but even that one is sad….so today imma share songs that I hate, songs that I love and songs that I’m iffy about….let me know what you think guys…

Songs I hate

Jesse Jag – Pussy Cat: no grown man should be singing such in my opinion
I can’t download it ….so here’s the link to listen to it

Sponsor – Teaiira Mari: really??? In 2010??? we still talking about guys getting shit for you? hissss

Beamer, Benz or Bentley – Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana: I hear there are now many different versions of this…smfh, dumb old guys

Songs I love

All I do is win – DJ Khaled et al.: Dj Khaled has yet to do something I hate, I love this song men, it’s all kinds of inspirational imo

Waving the flag remix – Naija version: if you haven’t heard this, what rock are you under ehn. Love this song die

Million Dollar girl – Trina ft Diddy and Keri Hilson: Trina is a bad bitch (forgive my language) and I love her men, she brings out the ghetto in me, lol, plus her body is my dream body ….

Songs I’m iffy about

Tuface – Implication: Maybe it’s just that I don’t understand what he is saying but I’m really not sure I like this song, I like the beat but still it’s just ehn for me and the video doesn’t help, what do you think?

Michael Word – Ose: WARNING: try to avoid watching the video cos you will just be disgusted, but I like the song and his voice, I hear he is working with eldee, so would wait to hear more from him, but this video makes me iffy abt him jo

So that’s it guys tell me what you think, let me know how you doing and what’s new….take care of yourselves my lovelies…muah


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health lifestyle

What it do folks? Happy St Patrick’s Day…You all should totally put up pictures of you in your green J…. Anyways, today I wanted to share with you, the new changes I have incorporated into my life. I feel like I come off talking trash all the time, I don’t tell you much about myself, so this is me sharing.

I’m a public health official, so I’m all into the health of the community and protecting our families and all. But there will be no family or community without the individual. I have for 3 weeks now taken control of my health, especially because Houston has been doing me strong thing. I’m hoping this won’t just be a month or two month thing but a lifestyle for the rest of my life.

As of today I’m 148lbs, 16 pounds heavier than what I was when I moved to Houston. Looking at the picture I don’t look it yes I know. Good thing is everything went to my thighs, so now they are even thicker and I got some extra boobs, heheheh. But it also means that my belly no longer is as defined as it was and because I’m 5”2 I’m bordering on being obese. It’s funny in my gym class I see people that look the same as me and tinier and I’m thinking damn we all have body image issues, we are here every day when we have relatively good bodies and some woman is trying to be the fattest woman on earth. Smfh. But it’s really not about that, it’s that you know how your body is structured, and now that you are young and still have all the energy taking control and staying fit, so it’s easier as you grow older to maintain a good lifestyle. (The instructor today is a granny, and doesn't look half as fit, but i was lifting 3lbs and she was lifting 10, go figure)

In truth I haven’t lost anything since I started working out and eating healthy. But I look slimmer, everything is firmer, my butt is bigger hehehe and I’m looking fit as well as defined. I will ideally love to be 140lbs, but again like I said this is no longer about the weight but about how I look and feel and living a healthy lifestyle. Nways all this story let me share what I do.

I make sure to drink 3 bottles of water a day, which makes up for 6 glasses of water. You are to drink 8glasses, so hoping that I get there. I cut off all alcohol (never drank much anyways) and all juices (freshly squeezed orange juice is always good tho). I drink a glass of fat free milk and just started green tea (has no calories or fat whatsoever).

I make sure to eat breakfast, that’s a must. Just started with cereal (tho i spoil it with the powdered milk i eat, o well) and 1 boiled egg (used to get Mcydees breakfast bagel); and then I take my vitamins (one a day women’s, vitamin c and triple omega oils). i'm going back on the pill cos in the past i lost weight or maintained weight on it (we'll see if it works. p.s i believe in condoms, no bare back o, again think healthy)  I also eat 1 apple a day, but if that’s not always possible, just make sure to eat fruits. A protein bar a day, I eat almonds (good for your metabolism) and I have a yogurt or two a day (u can never go wrong with dannon activia). For lunch whatever I get is loaded with veggies. For dinner I rarely eat, I’m too tired from working out, so this is when I cheat with cookies I love (biscoff, best cookies in the world) and I eat more fruits or a protein bar. And to top it off I work out. One hr class at the gym (anything more is not needed), wake up in the morning and jump down on the floor to do some sit-ups & planks and repeat the same at night. Hoping to start swimming once the weather is warmer(still the best form of exercise in my opinion) and jogging weekends.

Now this is the physical. It’s useless if you are not emotionally and mentally baggage free, stress free. That’s the most important thing. I’m a very busy girl, I always have my hand in multiple projects at the same time, but I’m not one to keep anything in my mind. I also make sure to laugh a lot. I always write lol a lot. It’s because I almost always laugh out loud, for the silliest things too. Besides even when there is something to worry about, I remember I have a God that loves me and I pray (well pray always, but get my point).
Some other extra things…i don't have to tell you to wash your hands protect yourself so much that way, be OCD about it, its OK. (i use Mary Kay satin hands wash, day & night cream - i have very soft hands heheh)... brush your teeth before you go to bed, and if you can have a shower as well. Sleep 8 – 9hrs if you can. Proven fact, I can’t do that. Besides I’m of the opinion that I will sleep when I die. Lol.  Make sure to use lotion with spf in it, the summer is almost here and you want to protect your skin. When I come out the shower, I dry up a little and lotion first with oil (baby oil works fine) to lock in the moisture, dry off and then use your lotion. Make sure to use a face cream with spf in it as well I usually do that after cleaning my face with rose water (i do the same at night, i use Mary Kay day and night cream(no spf)) put on some powder  and lip balm (biggest pet peeve is dry lips on both males & females) and I’m ready to go.

So that’s it… let me know other ways I can be better off course and whatever else I can incorporate…and I’m hoping you learnt something or I encouraged you to do something. There is always time btw, u just have to create it. For example I go straight to the gym from work; otherwise I would never do it. Picture goes down in an hr, in a month or two I will do an after picture. Thanks guys

P.S. read the labels and even when you eat out ask for nutritional info. Got panda express for lunch (chow mein, fried rice, beef and chicken) thinking i was gettiing some health stuff. my co worker said to go online and what i saw made me want to was bad, nways worked it out now sha but never again, infact no more eating out for me jo


P.P.S - picture down :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

#MusicMonday - Heart Break!!!!

Hello my lovelies…how are you doing? How was your weekend…mine was busy, I really need a vacation already, if I can make it over to the friend I told you about asap then maybe my world wouldn’t be so drab. Speaking of drab have I told you the #1 reason why I’m still single, because my heart has never been broken and I intend to keep it that way, disappointed a lot of times, cried once or twice (not more than that sha), hurt a little but its never been broken its why for now I play my cards right and I’m always in control. Why the story??? well because my darling cousin is crying over this guy, she has been talking too for months. Me, I just want to say kini big deal, u never had sex with him and you guys were never official, but I know either way the pain has to be there and I’m sad she’s hurting and I don’t know to help. This was how I came up with Music Monday.
So before I go on, i should tell you about the guy here that I told I wouldn’t do because he was cocky. Case in point he comes over on fri and I’m trying to not just talk to him, so Im pretending I’m asleep, best friend mum sells me out cos she likes him. He is likeable, he is funny and all, but na funny I wan chop? You don’t want a relationship, but you want to do based on the premise that you are good, and every girl wants to do you. So why don’t you meet every girl? I no do, don’t feel like being a member of your black book. When did it not become my choice to do? Infact it should be me telling you I want to do you and you acquiesce, no? And he kept saying things like “it’s because you are afraid you will fall in love with me” and “you will be addicted and you will want a relationship”. Like seriously??? I was so rude, I feel bad now, but in actuality he was disturbing my conversation with friend jo, yarning dust & friend slept off on me..hisssss.
As you well know music is my therapy, and what makes everything better. Well today I feel like being a man basher for all the hurt girls on blogsville and the world @ large. Here are a couple songs that might make you smile, if not happy completely. There will be another one guys, I really do believe we are all meant to meet our soul mates for whatever length of time. Just make sure to keep your heart open for that special one out there, it(love) will find you in the right time and it will blow your mind away. J
Toni Braxton – He wasn’t man enough for me
Jesse McCartney – Its Over
Britney Spears – Stronger

Eamon – I don’t want you back
Jojo – Get out Leave
            Smiley – Cry

PS: I love you!!!
And have a  great week!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My thoughts when I really should be working

Hello everyone, what it do? I hope the week has been pretty exciting.....i was on my way home the other day and i heard a bird call, like he was saying "hello there sexy" i was tripped...i can't take a compliment from a man but somehow its ok coming from birds....lmao, i wonder about me too....Let me get right into it, before I lose my train of thoughts, cos lately more and more I'm convinced I have the attention span of a 1yr old

First off, I feel like on every social media network I'm on (blogger, facebook, and twitter) there is a need for a will read something like this......DISCLAIMER: Welcome to LG's space. Though I share it with the whole world, it still remains my space in which I can talk about and say anything I so desire. As I am a very forthright person know that if I want to mention something about you I would tell you to your face, otherwise I do not make reference of you. If and when I write something that you think might be about you, then be rest assured and completely trust the fact that it is indeed not about you. Again let me remind you that this is my space to share my opinions and observations as I see fit, however inaccurate or judgmental or silly said statements might be or seem to you. It is not my intention now and forever to force what I have to say down your throat, I just say it. Thank you for visiting LG's space. P.S. I LOVE YOU

Whew, that was long and a little harsh and I wouldn't tell you the details but I really hate the fact that people make a lot of usually turns out that they are wrong and you have to go apologize or for most others they just keep quiet in shame. Plus can I just say that people can twist words to see what they want to see...words like mad or bad or crazy or stupid, or fine or cute are used now in so many diff ways it's unbelievable...the other day my friend and I were talking about how her ex is sending I love you msgs through her friends (amoye right?) anyways she goes "why is he even doing that? That's not cute", what does that have to do with dictionary definition of cute? ... nways that's that!!!

A friend of mine and I were talking and he asked why I blog and is it a money making business? So my question to you is why do you blog? I blog for my sanity, I don't know that I will be this sane if I didn't have this blog especially if you were here from the beginning with all what I went through with school (who remembers graduation and all that?) time goes by fast though, this blog would soon be a year...besides this blog helps me release sexual frustration heheheheh....speaking of which omo Zane has nothing on me now, all that one that she was saying that it was about sexual liberation....story!!!! The woman was horny as a mofo and wasn't getting any like me and decided to let her creative juices flow instead and write some terrific great sex scenes…..what I have written can never be found…. I will make sure to burn every trace of them when I'm tired of praising myself on how great they are lol…

In other news I have found a friend who wants to help me with my pursuit in being bad…..yes I said friend, this is not like the friends with benefit guy, that one was all about the "do"…this is more like we met, are attracted to each other and talk about any and every thing ….the best kind in my opinion… what do you recommend for me guys what adventurous things can I delve into that will not land me In jail, give me any disease or kill me?…. I draw the line at threesomes (AIDS IS REAL) Drugs or weed (cos I know Sugarking will recommend that, lol) and anal…..again it doesn't have to be sex related, just fun stuff to do generally…remember we are just friends so no romantic shenanigans thank you very much, I can like to not have that…..I have no friends to disturb me about marriage and left to my parents I should be doing my PhD and or working for the UN or in the case of my father be the next Oprah….I love my parents die for that alone…. I'm not a player but I like being single, you get a chance to meet people, half of them who turn out to be all kinds of wrong, but you have a story to tell, just keep your legs crossed that's my own….

I will be reminiscing if I leave here without talking about the Injustice in Jos…. I have not fully clicked on a picture but I have seen enough…. It was a quiet day in Heaven I'm sure as they observed the killings of young souls, men, women and even more precious children. I would say they were tears but my understanding of Heaven is that there will be no tears there…. We always say that trials and tribulations bring about change and it means joy is coming….but truth is this is not the first time this has happened in Jos, and the only reason why we are all crying is because now there are pictures and videos as evidence and proof other than accounts from people….and to think that the only thing our leaders did so far was to set up a committee…. I will curse all of them but that doesn't even help much, all I can say is this………. Never doubt that a small group of talented, committed and thoughtful citizens can change the know why? It's the only that ever has.... Nigeria will change I know that....the question is do you want to be a part of that small group that will lead the charge?

That's all I got guys….I'm tired… been working out steady this week 2hrs everyday too…. I have to get my body ready you know, lol…but no just trying to stay fit, summer is around the corner you know…..but today I'm going to do some work and rest, I will go make up for it on Saturday….. I'm missing my Roc again, where r u? ... Exciting things coming up, terrifying actually but God dey I will keep you posted….please make sure to check out and follow it please…..thank you guys have a blessed weekend, do something fun for me and be safe still


Monday, March 8, 2010

#MusicMonday Boy Band Edition by TayneMent

Hi guys, happy Monday to you and yours. I hope you guys aren’t sick of me but Blogger Neef needed help so I thought I’d chime in. I was going to do a part 2 of my hauntingly beautiful list but I figured we have enough melancholy around and maybe I’d try to inspire a laugh. I decided to go with a trip down memory lane specifically: The Boy Band era. C’mon na, y’all remember when they were hot! I am hoping this will make you laugh either at their corniness or your memory of how you thought they were hot (I know which category I fall under). So here’s but a few, hope you enjoy and fine at least one song that takes you down memory lane and puts a smile on your face. Have a lovely week!

These were my boys. These ARE STILL my boys. Even though, people don’t know they still make music, I will forever and ever love these boys and will now and in the future pay good money to see them in concert.

Backstreet Boys – I want it that way
The group who came from nowhere and stole the thunder from my boys. I can’t be too mad because they were the starting ground for my baby daddy. I loved this song so much and it is arguably one of their best songs.

Nsync – Gone
They were the bronze medalists in the boy band saga but they managed to slip out a few hits. I chose this particular song because it was more upbeat than their other ballads.

98 Degrees – Una Noche
I am taking it waaaay back with this one. If you grew up in Nigeria there is no way you haven’t heard this song. This was our first introduction to the boy band craze that would hit a few years later. Ladies and Gentlemen, from across the pond…

Take That – Want you back for good

Figured I should insert a band of our color in here. I thought about Shai – If I ever fall in love, thought about All4One – I swear, I thought about Azyet – Last Night but I figured I’d settle for..
Soul For Real – Candy Rain
One last one before I go is another English group that I think is underrated. This is my favorite song of theirs, hope you like (d) it:

BBMak – Ghost of you and me
Ok guys hope you had a smile, chuckle or laugh. Remember, I wish it was possible to include all the songs I would like to but it’s all good. Feel free to share your own favorite “boybanding” songs lol.

I really cannot thank TayneMent enough... i had gone to sleep by 7pm...i was feeling down and tired again so i took some tylenol pm and knocked out...and she had said to let her know if no one else offered to do Music Monday anyways she didn't hear from me and she still went ahead to send me this...thank you so very much Mami, i love u die, plus Gone is my favorite song of all times, so you more than rock in my books :) .....hope you guys like it and please show her love.....wishing you a blessed week, i feel much better today than i have felt in 3weeks, cant wait to go to the gym in a bit....thanks guys


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday for Sunday

It's Friday and I'm writing this for Sunday because I'm not sure I will have the strength to do so on Sunday….infact anyone up for #MusicMonday? I'm almost sure I won't be having the strength for that either…. This weekend is the burial and I am mentally preparing myself for the tears and the headache….it's all good though, still it's a celebration for a life well spent…

"Moved on"… #nuffsaid...You all know me pretty well, I'm sure you understand what I mean, if you don't….. I apologize, it's not my intention to leave you out, but some things are better left unsaid …. Peek-a-boo

It's really sad that there a lot of foolish and stupid people In the world….it's really such a shame, that we tolerate it…that we accept it as someone being cute or silly….President Bartlett (from the west wing) said and I quote " I don't know what's worse, being stupid or pretending to be stupid"…. I think the pretense is worse, NO? I say silly things, like talk a lot about the sex that I m not having, but I don't say anything that will remotely come off as stupid or foolish….my goodness!!! What happened to pretending to be smart? I've always said that I learn a lot, read a lot, ask questions about things so I'm somewhat knowledgeable about the topic, so I can "appear" smart…..when did people change & think it's ok to be blonde all the time? Seen on fb -"I miss the days when people were famous for having talent" I really do miss those days #thoushallnotjudge still

Saw this on twitter: it's better to fall from a tree & break your back than to fall in love and break your heart…..wth? How about I don't do both in the first place, and if that's not an option, how about I fall in love & break my heart? Why would breaking my back with the possibility of being paralyzed for life, be a better option than breaking my heart? ...  Forget story o, the heart can mend, dare I say it's easy to mend, the back and any other part of your body, not so much….No?

#secret: I'm scared of success some days, I'm a loner by choice & as much as I tell you everything about me, I'm as private as it gets…. I want to be behind the scenes, but it doesn't look like it's possible, plus it doesn't even seem right, God didn't give me this talent to not shine and that's hella scary *sighs* I need to get it together "worrying defeats the purpose of trusting in God"

I need a bloody editor… I can't seem to spell for the life of me….for someone who has good command of the English language, I make some embarrassing, nobody in elementary school should be making such, mistakes….goodness gracious, I really need to get off twitter…I blame it for my sudden rise in mistakes….so people's voices deepen as they grow older, mine is the exact opposite, my voice is getting tinier each day o my gosh…when did I become so girly like this? Jeez, I don't want to even think about how I will sound when I get on the radio.

Nways that's it…o my days, I talk a freaking lot on here, how d you guys deal with me? I barely said a word to anybody @ work today o, earphones in my ear, synonym for not in the mood to talk to you…. which I suspect is going to be the motto this weekend…..even my bbm, fb, phone conversations are dwindling, I just don't seem to want to talk to anyone lately…I need to get out this rut ASAP, im disgusting myself now

My lovelies, handsome men and pretty gentleman…have a great weekend and stay safe

P.S I Love YOU


Additions on Sunday

The services were great, but boy am I glad it's over…may her soul Rest in Perfect Peace…again I remember that she was only 22, and so has given me the motivation I need to start the ball rolling for so many things I want to do, including the bad things too, lol......I've started and I'll let you know my progress along the way….hope you all had a fab weekend? I am now going back to bed, was up all night writing and listening to some 90's music…it was good stuff. Have a great week; if there are no takers for #MusicMonday I'll probably still have sumthing up so no fears. Kisses all around, be safe guys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home on a week day

Your girl is sick and yes if this was twitter that will be an #attentionseekingtweet….. I'm a big baby when I'm sick, so much so that I'm mentally preparing myself for when I'm pregnant in the future to not ask for help or be whiny and shit….I especially want my mummy when I'm sick, I just want her to hold me, I don't know why, she's a skinny woman but she grabs tight men, u feel so much better after a good hug from my mum….she thinks Houston is bad for me, cos I've had some health issue or the other since I've been here….poor woman, I'm her akobi so I can't blame her and she promised to pay me for the days I've missed work J, was home yday too & then she's talking to my bf asking her if I'm burdening her…..I wanna burden her die, lol…..

Nways whats really good people? Twitter makes one a stalker sha, u should see how I secretly stalk my crush, what can I say he is a fine boy and I don't like to share, lol. I was just thinking that if I'm this attracted to guys that are far away, London, Naija…what happens when I move back? Will I be attracted to guys here? Scary innit? I swear I need help…oooooooo I forgot to tell you guys I went into an adult store the other day…first off the owner wanted to recruit me to sell stuff for him and be his girlfriend, talking about I'm hot and he is single…lol, I wanted to die from mortification….and I saw it all, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, whips, sofa looking things that enhances positions and a bloated dildo couchy thingy and balloon girls…..omo my eyes saw that day, 1st time too….yes I'm 23 and I saw a dildo for the first time that day…o well as I am celibate I didn't get anything….masturbation is just not my thing….to me it's almost as bad as the guy that likes a balloon girl, how will you want something so unfeeling?….as you all very well know I love to make out, foreplay and I'm the queen at kissing… so yea, lol….but the best friend got a vibrator and a butt plug, I don't know what she wants to do with it since her boyfriend is in Naija, but eh I don't ask questions I don't want answers to? Lol

Speaking of sharing guys? Monique said she had an open relationship with her husband. Omo leave story before I marry any guy, actually before I'm engaged to any guy, he is free to do whatever, as long as I don't find out…. I can't kill myself abi….but if we have reached engagement, we planning marriage and you cheat on me, nigga will get cut if I found out….like the other day the bestie is mad cos she knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody (u know how these things work) that said crush is talking to their friend and she was mad…I put it up on twitter and he asked me who/what I was talking about and I wouldn't say anything because for one I don't think it's my place (don't u agree?) I don't do gossip so I'm not going to repeat all that long story, but truth is we are not dating, so he owes me nothing and I've been in long dist relationships and I will be kidding myself if I say they never stepped out on me…infact that was the reason why I broke up with the one…..should your man cheat at any point? NO!!! if I find out, I will break up with him, I really don't see us getting back…but, but I never even think about it and have a headache about it….I'm very trusting and loyal, and I expect the same, not always the case….nways my point I don't wanna share….hahahaha I'm so full of shit, No? I love being single, #sueme………Speaking of going home, I feel like in talking to many guys, I've promised them something or the other….like you know how they say "o I like you" and I'm like "well we will talk when I get home", or he is talking about all the sexual stuff he will do to me and I'm like "its all mouth, we will see when I get home"….lol, u think I'm a social recluse now…I will be all kinds of hidden when I go home, lol….which just blows my plan for a blogsville party to hell, o well J

I'm very judgmental I think, and I keep trying to curb it although I try not to force my opinions down your throat….I say this to say, that if underneath you are really a good person, but you put up a fuck off face all the time, no one ever gets to see that, most especially me, I don't have the time or the patience to try to uncover the you beneath, I'm not your mama… need to know, give it to me straight, its 2010 #weoff games…this is not chess men, and in matters of life, the winners are those who are content, in peace and find pleasure in the simple and dare I say most unusual things….nobody should be trying to have an upper hand on anyone…again I repeat #in2010 and the years to come #weoffthat ….we should all be trying to win together, progress together, achieve together….I for one, I'm not halfway…I think I'm at the ¼th mark to making my dreams a reality, and you bet I need your help and I'm not afraid to ask to get where I need to be…nways I preach too much, I'm not wise or anything it's just how I think in my head and I like to share…oooooo before I forget, I don't have haters, does that mean I haven't made it? And the people that say they do, is it that they know, as in the person/people told you or this is just what you perceive? I will like some explanation on this for real

Please check out and ….thank you J

P.S I Love you

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hauntingly Beautiful Songs by TayneMent

Hey Hey people. Wasn’t Friday just here? And now it is Monday again. The whole thing is quite depressing really. Monday – Friday (countdown to weekend), Sunday (dread Monday) then repeat cycle. Sigh. The good part about Mondays is that we have our very own Music Mondays to look forward to lol. Well Ms Neefemi has deemed it fit yet again for me to share a part of my music love with you guys. Following in my “depressing” theme, I had blogged last week that I love sad songs. Sad songs to me are so real. I always say you can fake happiness, but you can’t fake pain/hurt. So I decided that my theme this Monday would be to share with you some songs I think are the most hauntingly beautiful (and sad)songs I know (interpret haunting really loosely). So hope you like them!
I heard this song in the best series finale I have ever seen (Six Feet Under) and all I could think of is “Who sang this song?”(I find new music sometimes from tv, frantically googling the lyrics I managed to catch it). This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Especially from 4min 27 down, when the violins come in and all…

Sia – Breathe Me

So yeah, I know you guys might be thinking huh? But this is a really beautiful song and if you really admit it, these chic’s had talent.

Danity Kane – Stay with me

This song needs no introduction. This song is the shiznit. This song should be on everyone’s playlist. This song embodies – Hauntingly Beautiful.

Evanescence – My Immortal

Also one of my favorites. These songs of resignation always speaks to me, as in if pesin say dey no want you, wetin man pikin go do?

Bonnie Raitt – I can’t make you love me

It’s a Bob Dylan cover but I oh so love this women. Some of you may have seen my “ode to her” back when I had just a slight obsession with her. I love this song and it gave me goosebumps when I heard her sing it live
Adele – Make you feel my love

My friend listened to this song with headphones and described it as an Eargasm to his ears.

Damien Rice – 9 Crimes.

So rumor has it that this song is about giving up a baby for adoption. I thought it was about a woman admitting to a man that she has to let him go to find someone better than she is for him. Either way, it’s a beautiful song.

Missy Higgins – Where I stood

Ok so I don’t want to cram too many songs, so Neefemi has suggested I could do a part 2 but I’ll list some extra songs and you can look it up if you are interested. Hope this isn’t too depressing. Have a lovely week!

Broken – Seether ft Amy Lee
Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt
Any Staind song, really.
Bother – Stone Sour
Always on your side – Shery Crow and Sting.
Wild Horses and Soulmate – Natasha Bedingfield
Isn't TayneMent awesome? i can't thank her enough and i'm hearing some of these songs for the first time too...this is what i love about blogsville, thank you so much ma, i appreciate you and i'm looking forward to part her love people - seriously guys get @ me if you want to do a music Monday as well, lets make this fun you know

Have a great month of March guys :)