Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bear with me!!!

Hellloooooooooo...... how you all doing? Excited for the weekend I hope, I am. My body needs some rest, going to get my hair did (i love to do my hair, wonder what I should do next? done many many diff things with my hair)...hoping to go to a shooting range this weekend as well, that should be fun...otherwise my ass sits at home, as uncle thinks I need to go out more, like I always say there is nothing I'm looking for outside :)

So, did I ever tell you that a couple days after I blogged abt that boy I know that kept screaming I will have sex with him in my ear, we found out he had appendicitis?... omygosh I felt so bad, although God forgive me I wasn't as sad as I coulda/shoulda been, which is why I felt bad, cos I felt I ought to have been more sad about it...I think Sugarking's prayer worked...lmao

I realize, I never want to come off as proud, vain, conceited or insecure....let's just say those are traits I hate.....I also realize that try as I might and I think I've said this a lot on here, I come off judgmental...what I really want to be doing is encouraging people and I feel like I come off preaching like I'm perfect....I'm far from it, what I am is principled, stubborn and set in my ways.... I reckon that I could never do a talk show(my father will die if he sees that, I told you he wants me to be Oprah)....but nways my point... forgive me, I don't mean to come off as such.

Speaking of shows I ought to tell you, that yours truly will be on a comp near you in abt 4-5weeks. We Plug Good Music (I hope you guys all follow it, we bring the best new music) will be airing on truspot radio, for an hr on Saturdays at a time to be determined, with the best new naija music out there (you already know how mad picky I am about naija songs)...nways be on the lookout for me for new great songs and please let me know, I will let you know what the deal is as I go along (p.s. you get to see my face too, so I guess anonymity is totally out the question now)

Speaking of being judgmental, I said that because of my all thing with relationships. I just believe in some things and I have a hard time relating to other people about it. I know love is not black and white; shu even friendships are not black and white. But I utterly refuse to believe that love is complicated. I refuse. I refuse to think that you ought to be fighting with someone you haven't physically met and all you got is the phone. Isn't that supposed to be the sweetest part of it all? cos you already know you see each other & I don't know why, but fights happen. to be honest I don't understand fights in a relationship, whatever kind of relationship until the person does something he/she knows you don't like, or disappoints you in a monumental way (only other excuse is hormone, or for men, the devil possessed him, lol)....I don't know, I'm given those around me a hard time and I ought to stop, but I just want them to be happy

Random fact about me: I'm uber submissive in a relationship, I don't know why I feel like he(whoever he is) gets to see the me that is gentle, that just wants to be held & not argue, except we having intelligent conversation. In life, business, school, with friends… I'm brutal though heheheh it just me? I wonder if that means I am not showing my real self, but I can honestly say that's me…just seems like the you, you should be to make your relationship, marriage work....people always say that there is the honeymoon stage after which parties involved soon change...I don't see why....p.s. I don't think the honeymoon stage should ever go away until you have kids or monumental issues like financial problems or in-law problems or someone cheats (and gets caught, lol)

Again random: I don't get why females are quick to say that their in-laws can only stay with them for a week only or ish like that. my advice: if his mother(whoever he refers to as such) is alive, you better make sure you have her eating out your hands and you have a guest house at the back might make your life a hella lot easier #imjustsaying

and lastly but not least, speaking of mothers like I said the last time...i need help in broaching the subject of getting remarried to my you all know she has been divorced more years than she was ever married....I think the Bible says something about you ought not to divorce and then remarry unless your husband is dead or something, but if I remember correctly there is an adultery clause in there...which means my mum can remarry...we are no longer kids, the youngest is 16 and is about to start mum is a beautiful woman, skinny and tall and about to be 50, and men swarm to her in flock, she just has to what do I tell her? How do I tell her? I really don't want her to grow older alone anymore, I hate knowing she is alone especially when I think of the fuckery that is NEPA in Nigeria....she is not getting any younger and I want to be in my married home, knowing that she is in her married home (does that make sense?)...somedays I think I want to remain single just so we will be together (stupid I know, but I worry about her)

As is my custom it appears I have made this longer than I intended to....before I leave, let me say I won't be on blogger for a bit, because I am studying for the GRE, need to take it in a week or so and applying to schools, hoping God performs a miracle so I can start in September...blame friend for this sudden obsession with skool btw, so I will read your posts but I might not always comment.....will do Music Monday though...o just remembered, he is supposed to do it this mon, yayyyy me

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Thank you all so very much

P.S I Love you


  1. that in-law thing, not easy sha o.... but doable.. i think there's usually some distrust at first from the mother... :)

  2. Aww, gently gist about it with your mum.

    Good luck!

  3. Nice one.. I got a couple of we plug good music mails on facebook... I will listen to it on truspot...

    I wish you good success in your GRE

  4. I think she can remarry...we the kids wanted to suggest the same thing to my mum when we were younger then we released how happy she has been, we let it be..I think at that time we really wanted a father figure..
    About the submissiveness, well if you can still be yourself the you are putting up a face..Its just you.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. This post was really random and interesting. About your mum, just go ahead and talk to her about it and see what she thinks.

  6. Nice post.. You really kept the conversation going and it was lively. I do like your blog.
    Communication has always been the best in every situation,Talk to your mama.. You'd resolve it.Wish you the best too..
    Sometimes,I wish to me single all my life but I'm sure My mum and dad will die a thousand times over seeing that I'm an only child..
    Have a funfiled weekend..
    Would you like to have a banner of WE ARE JOS on your blog?we'd be so grateful if you do.If yes, Please visit
    Thank you so much.

  7. You know what i do with your blogs?I open it in a new tab and keep it for a nice long good read!Girl can talk!I'm starting to be with the opinion on gunning for next oprah!
    -Howz sex-guy now?
    -B4 i go and make myself look stupid in public, i need an education on the deal behind "We plug good music"!All i know's a friend in the U.K sends me messages on their activity in the U.K.
    -lol@NEPA phobias.On mum. Is she open to dating again to start with?You're both adults,shld be able2 discus it openly with her.
    -Ooh,n thanx4 the recommendation!

  8. Oh,drop me a note on the music gig!Gotta c it somehow.
    On forever honeymoon,who says its unachievable!People just settle for less.
    All d best with exams.Don't be too far off.

  9. Why are you trepid about talking about it with your mom, just come up with it, it's not a terrible suggestion. I gist about that with my mom all the time.

    I am the same way with relationships re:submissive

    hmm..I wouldn't speak about the inlaw thing till you have experienced it.

    who is the he doing music monday?

    I apply to have exemption on your no commenting bit. I fully expect to see your comments on my blog...BOTH OF THEM!!:D

    Goodluck on your GRE, you'll be fine. Come join us in the sress of school.

  10. @akaBaguci - agreed now, but people don't even want to try, at least pray that your mother-in-law is great :)

    @Nakedsha - thank you ma, will do

    @Lani - awww thanks and thanks :)

    @Tricia - will def try talking to her about it...thanks ma

    @Suru - thanks hon, will do

    @2cute4u - lol, will do def and yes your parents will die, don't worry you will find someone that makes it all worth it...will get the banner no problem

    @T.Notes - lol, no Oprah for me o, thank guy is better now..We Plug good music is a website 2 friends and i run, and our aim is to bring out the best music out there, especially from those we are on the radio on and we have an event every other month, where we get artists to perform in London and Naij....i don't know on mumsy, so just going to have to ask her...and you welcome...will do on the music gig and my arguments exactly on forever honeymoon...thanks a lot

    @Taynement - cos my mum is holier than thou, lol, but will try...yay, i was beginning to think i was very weird...i'm not speaking about it, but i'm saying how about we pray for good inlaws instead...He is friend :) and will do ma, thanks dear even tho your motive is mean, lol...

  11. awww, u r such a lovely daughter, all the best with mummy
    and i totally agree with u on in-laws, why should i have issues with them anyway? not wise

  12. Cool. Babes, we have gist o! I'm really hoping to get my songs on this ur thingy. Lemme know, so I can send you a "listen" link. Neefemi toh bad!!


    As for your mom that's very sweet of you. I wish I was that nice. I on the other hand would not want to know. Lol. Slightly immature, yes. But also the nature of our relationship, we don't talk about such things. Sad but true.

    I'd watch your TV show if you hosted one :)

    About submission I understand where you're coming from. I can definitely relate. But I don't understand exactly what it means. I don't think it means you're not yourself. I think it's deeper than that. But I'm not sure what...

    Glad you're getting your hair done. It will definetly look better than me. Though I'm still lookin' good ;) haha

    Much Love Chicka
    Thanks for linking me up in your post :)

  14. But why would I need my inlaw eating out my hands? isnt that just manipulation?
    Yea I would rather they not come n spend the night/weekend unless its ABSOLUTELY neccessary. That such a bad thing???

  15. Just talk to your mum about it...and show her the clause in the bible that permits it...

    On mother-inlaw thingy...its by God's grace. some women are just not good mother-inlaw material. God just has to help on this.

    Submissive huh? hmmm...u never struck me as that type. Not overly submissive I hope? or submissive to what extent.

  16. im in the same boat with the whole mom/dating thing. I think shes secretly dating though! Just tell ur mom " mommy/mum/mom, i think its time for u to start dating!!"

  17. oh, and u dont strike me as the submissive type, but i guess lots of ppl get like that ( guy or girl) when they are rly into the person

  18. @omotee - thank you ma :)

    @Sugarking - send it to my email yea....thanks sir

    @Nogo - lol, maybe cos i havent done a post in a min...i don't think its sad or immature, its just what it is, plus i think those talks come easier with, abt submission and you welcome honey

    @Fabu-lola - lol, no its not so bad, i guess i don't see it as manipulating tho

    @Nutty J - will do and yes God will help us... no not overly submissive just that all the craze in my body just calms down but i guess its only with someone i truly like

    @damsel - lol @ secretly i want to know sha and will do thanks...and yea i think thats what it, like i'm calmer when i really like someone, no gr gra you get


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