Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday for Sunday

It's Friday and I'm writing this for Sunday because I'm not sure I will have the strength to do so on Sunday….infact anyone up for #MusicMonday? I'm almost sure I won't be having the strength for that either…. This weekend is the burial and I am mentally preparing myself for the tears and the headache….it's all good though, still it's a celebration for a life well spent…

"Moved on"… #nuffsaid...You all know me pretty well, I'm sure you understand what I mean, if you don't….. I apologize, it's not my intention to leave you out, but some things are better left unsaid …. Peek-a-boo

It's really sad that there a lot of foolish and stupid people In the world….it's really such a shame, that we tolerate it…that we accept it as someone being cute or silly….President Bartlett (from the west wing) said and I quote " I don't know what's worse, being stupid or pretending to be stupid"…. I think the pretense is worse, NO? I say silly things, like talk a lot about the sex that I m not having, but I don't say anything that will remotely come off as stupid or foolish….my goodness!!! What happened to pretending to be smart? I've always said that I learn a lot, read a lot, ask questions about things so I'm somewhat knowledgeable about the topic, so I can "appear" smart…..when did people change & think it's ok to be blonde all the time? Seen on fb -"I miss the days when people were famous for having talent" I really do miss those days #thoushallnotjudge still

Saw this on twitter: it's better to fall from a tree & break your back than to fall in love and break your heart…..wth? How about I don't do both in the first place, and if that's not an option, how about I fall in love & break my heart? Why would breaking my back with the possibility of being paralyzed for life, be a better option than breaking my heart? ...  Forget story o, the heart can mend, dare I say it's easy to mend, the back and any other part of your body, not so much….No?

#secret: I'm scared of success some days, I'm a loner by choice & as much as I tell you everything about me, I'm as private as it gets…. I want to be behind the scenes, but it doesn't look like it's possible, plus it doesn't even seem right, God didn't give me this talent to not shine and that's hella scary *sighs* I need to get it together "worrying defeats the purpose of trusting in God"

I need a bloody editor… I can't seem to spell for the life of me….for someone who has good command of the English language, I make some embarrassing, nobody in elementary school should be making such, mistakes….goodness gracious, I really need to get off twitter…I blame it for my sudden rise in mistakes….so people's voices deepen as they grow older, mine is the exact opposite, my voice is getting tinier each day o my gosh…when did I become so girly like this? Jeez, I don't want to even think about how I will sound when I get on the radio.

Nways that's it…o my days, I talk a freaking lot on here, how d you guys deal with me? I barely said a word to anybody @ work today o, earphones in my ear, synonym for not in the mood to talk to you…. which I suspect is going to be the motto this weekend…..even my bbm, fb, phone conversations are dwindling, I just don't seem to want to talk to anyone lately…I need to get out this rut ASAP, im disgusting myself now

My lovelies, handsome men and pretty gentleman…have a great weekend and stay safe

P.S I Love YOU


Additions on Sunday

The services were great, but boy am I glad it's over…may her soul Rest in Perfect Peace…again I remember that she was only 22, and so has given me the motivation I need to start the ball rolling for so many things I want to do, including the bad things too, lol......I've started and I'll let you know my progress along the way….hope you all had a fab weekend? I am now going back to bed, was up all night writing and listening to some 90's music…it was good stuff. Have a great week; if there are no takers for #MusicMonday I'll probably still have sumthing up so no fears. Kisses all around, be safe guys.


  1. Feel better dear, you'll be out your rut soon, it's a phase. I'd gladly help for #MM but I hope someone else offers, don't want to overload.have a good week ahead.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, and may your friend's soul rest in perfect peace.

  3. May your friends soul rest in peace but please do not be too bad, LOL. And yeah I'd rather break my heart, easier to mend or hide than a broken back.

    Looking forward to music monday.

  4. @ "I say silly things, like talk a lot about the sex that I m not having" em...where do u live abeg?

    Spelling errors? babes I read this post twice and haven't found any errors yet. What r u on about.

    And oh, sorry about your friend once more.

    P.s. This your profile pic is wicked!

  5. May ur friend rest in peace.
    Hope u feel better soon.

  6. pretense = pretence. olodo rapata :p
    I found an error oh. #okbye
    I am a professor, don't judge me :)
    handsome men and pretty gentlemen - hissss. Yosola nko?

    I became a girl too. :(
    I hate girls! Girls suck :(
    May the soul of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace. amen

  7. 'you are smart''
    don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's okay to feel sad cos someone you cared about died. it only shows that you are human.

    Protect your heart! It's where you produce life from, and don't let go of your talent or who you are...

  8. Hope you feel better soon!! I pray your friend's soul rests in perfect peace, I pray you you find peace and comfort... I totally agree with Tisha, take the time to be sad, it's healthy.

    And I love this --

    "Life is Short - So Break Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably, Never Regret Anything That Made U Smile & Praise God Always!!!"

    Got that from your page.. don't forget...:)!

    Take care and I hope your weekend goes ok..



  9. The rut is only for some time.
    May your friends soul rest in perfect peace.
    Have a lovely week

  10. May her soul rest in peace. It doesn't seem like you have many spelling errors but you probably used spell check lol

  11. May she rest in peace.

    Don't fall in a rut!!! I do that too often then I have to go around chasing after people after neglecting them while in my rut... It's long.

    Btw I rather be heartbroken. Less chance for physical deformity ;)

  12. @TayneMent - u rock eternal in my books, tank you so much...muah muah

    @Original Mgebeke -Amen,thanks hon, i appreciate it, i wont be too bad and thank you so much for all you do ma :)

    @Sugarking - lol, in d US too far sorry...and blushing, glad u like it...thank you much

    @Kabi osi - Amen, thanks ma

    @Moyosola - if i catch u ehn, see ur head, lol...and i totally ment to say pretty women and handsome gentleman, u see part of the mistake i'm talking about...u r beautiful now...thanks love, Amen

    @Tisha - awwww thank you and will do, thanks love

    @Bomi - Amen and Amen.....awwwwwwwwwww, will do thank you, somedays i forget, thank u so much

    @TGWTRH - Amen and thank you, wishing you the same

    @Suru - Amen and lol, i never do use it, will start now tho, thanks

    @Nogo - Amen and i hear you, it is, thats what i say hehehe thanks dear


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