Monday, March 1, 2010

Hauntingly Beautiful Songs by TayneMent

Hey Hey people. Wasn’t Friday just here? And now it is Monday again. The whole thing is quite depressing really. Monday – Friday (countdown to weekend), Sunday (dread Monday) then repeat cycle. Sigh. The good part about Mondays is that we have our very own Music Mondays to look forward to lol. Well Ms Neefemi has deemed it fit yet again for me to share a part of my music love with you guys. Following in my “depressing” theme, I had blogged last week that I love sad songs. Sad songs to me are so real. I always say you can fake happiness, but you can’t fake pain/hurt. So I decided that my theme this Monday would be to share with you some songs I think are the most hauntingly beautiful (and sad)songs I know (interpret haunting really loosely). So hope you like them!
I heard this song in the best series finale I have ever seen (Six Feet Under) and all I could think of is “Who sang this song?”(I find new music sometimes from tv, frantically googling the lyrics I managed to catch it). This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Especially from 4min 27 down, when the violins come in and all…

Sia – Breathe Me

So yeah, I know you guys might be thinking huh? But this is a really beautiful song and if you really admit it, these chic’s had talent.

Danity Kane – Stay with me

This song needs no introduction. This song is the shiznit. This song should be on everyone’s playlist. This song embodies – Hauntingly Beautiful.

Evanescence – My Immortal

Also one of my favorites. These songs of resignation always speaks to me, as in if pesin say dey no want you, wetin man pikin go do?

Bonnie Raitt – I can’t make you love me

It’s a Bob Dylan cover but I oh so love this women. Some of you may have seen my “ode to her” back when I had just a slight obsession with her. I love this song and it gave me goosebumps when I heard her sing it live
Adele – Make you feel my love

My friend listened to this song with headphones and described it as an Eargasm to his ears.

Damien Rice – 9 Crimes.

So rumor has it that this song is about giving up a baby for adoption. I thought it was about a woman admitting to a man that she has to let him go to find someone better than she is for him. Either way, it’s a beautiful song.

Missy Higgins – Where I stood

Ok so I don’t want to cram too many songs, so Neefemi has suggested I could do a part 2 but I’ll list some extra songs and you can look it up if you are interested. Hope this isn’t too depressing. Have a lovely week!

Broken – Seether ft Amy Lee
Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt
Any Staind song, really.
Bother – Stone Sour
Always on your side – Shery Crow and Sting.
Wild Horses and Soulmate – Natasha Bedingfield
Isn't TayneMent awesome? i can't thank her enough and i'm hearing some of these songs for the first time too...this is what i love about blogsville, thank you so much ma, i appreciate you and i'm looking forward to part her love people - seriously guys get @ me if you want to do a music Monday as well, lets make this fun you know

Have a great month of March guys :)



  1. Lovely Lovely tracks...most of 'em...I figure you don't do rock rock!(*most people dont). But a beauuutiful song, is "breath" by breaking benjamin. I love love! the band. And i'd love you do to. There is some hard rock, but "breath" and "what lies beneath" should do. Please download and listen. Sooo Glad someone loves music this intensely. :-)

  2. i love the fact that u got a guest blogger to do a music, you did a gr8 job..beautiful

  3. These I would love to listen to on a stressful school night. Well done to Taynement. I like..a lot!

  4. I love the Adele song and anything by Natasha Beddingfield. Nice songs!

  5. Thank you all, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    @24yearoldteenager - I don't discriminate oh, I listen to hard rock and I do know Breaking Benjamin and Breathe. Like most hard rock songs, not unless they are ballads I don't qualify them as "hauntingly beautiful"..I'd have to find another name for them(hmm just thought of a bunch of hard rock songs that would qualify lol). I think my fav BB song is "So Cold"

  6. Seems like am not alone in my love for sad songs. Nice selection from taynement.

  7. i love your music monday songs, they always fit my even if i dont comment, just know that your posts always touch me.

    God bless you.

  8. Wow.. Is that Damien Rice video weird or what?
    I like Danity Kane.. Pity they split up, I thought they were quite talented & pretty girls.
    Interesting song choices..

  9. i love songs mehn...sad songs?...depends on the mood.

  10. Omo, most of the people on here, I'm just hearing for the first time o! So there are incredible artists as these and they are not in the spotlight?

  11. hmmmmm........I LOVE MUSIC and when I find my match We become musical friends....
    Your list ain't bad but where is Ingrid Michealson's Die Alone , James Powell,Lene MarlinFiona apple and where is Ingrid again...? She is my hauntingly beautiful.
    @Taynement I am definitely doing musical mondays if my blog events allow.

    Good Job

  12. Issey, Alice, I was telling Neefemi, there is way too much music out there, there was no way I could fit in every type of hauntingly beautiful songs in the post. These were just the ones I happened to remmeber at the time I was typing.

  13. I could only listen to Sia 'cuz by the time that track finished I am now sad, just a lil, and sleepy. Lol! Will be back xx

  14. @24yrold - we don't discriminate o, we listen to everything on here and i actually listen to Breaking Benjamin, yes o i love music die

    @histreasure - yes o, whenever you want to be one, please let me know

    @Juanita - glad you like it

    @Suru - thanks glad you like it

    @TayneMent - thank you again, so very much

    @Fragilelooks - :)

    @TGWTR - :)

    @Cerebrallybusy - awww thank you my love, i appreciate it and i'm glad

    @Roc - lol, weird is an understatement o and yea i like Danity Kane too

    @leggy - i feel u

    @Sugarking - i know right, isnt that the way with the world?

    @issey,Alice, Uche - you are definitely welcome to do a, let me know, pele dear, get @ me via the email addy above to do a Music Monday post ok

  15. Nice song choices. Deep and thought provoking. Just what music should do.

    First time here. Navigated from Femme lounge.
    Nice blog.

  16. awww thanks Dammy....just seeing this and i don't know that happened....will be visiting yours now

  17. you guys would probably love my playlist

  18. Just saw it....loving it...welcome

  19. three most hauntingly beautiul songs:
    1. Angel (Sara McLachlan)
    2. Song For A Winter's Night (Gordon Lightfoot)
    3. You Raise Me Up (Secret Garden & Brian Kennedy)


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