Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health lifestyle

What it do folks? Happy St Patrick’s Day…You all should totally put up pictures of you in your green J…. Anyways, today I wanted to share with you, the new changes I have incorporated into my life. I feel like I come off talking trash all the time, I don’t tell you much about myself, so this is me sharing.

I’m a public health official, so I’m all into the health of the community and protecting our families and all. But there will be no family or community without the individual. I have for 3 weeks now taken control of my health, especially because Houston has been doing me strong thing. I’m hoping this won’t just be a month or two month thing but a lifestyle for the rest of my life.

As of today I’m 148lbs, 16 pounds heavier than what I was when I moved to Houston. Looking at the picture I don’t look it yes I know. Good thing is everything went to my thighs, so now they are even thicker and I got some extra boobs, heheheh. But it also means that my belly no longer is as defined as it was and because I’m 5”2 I’m bordering on being obese. It’s funny in my gym class I see people that look the same as me and tinier and I’m thinking damn we all have body image issues, we are here every day when we have relatively good bodies and some woman is trying to be the fattest woman on earth. Smfh. But it’s really not about that, it’s that you know how your body is structured, and now that you are young and still have all the energy taking control and staying fit, so it’s easier as you grow older to maintain a good lifestyle. (The instructor today is a granny, and doesn't look half as fit, but i was lifting 3lbs and she was lifting 10, go figure)

In truth I haven’t lost anything since I started working out and eating healthy. But I look slimmer, everything is firmer, my butt is bigger hehehe and I’m looking fit as well as defined. I will ideally love to be 140lbs, but again like I said this is no longer about the weight but about how I look and feel and living a healthy lifestyle. Nways all this story let me share what I do.

I make sure to drink 3 bottles of water a day, which makes up for 6 glasses of water. You are to drink 8glasses, so hoping that I get there. I cut off all alcohol (never drank much anyways) and all juices (freshly squeezed orange juice is always good tho). I drink a glass of fat free milk and just started green tea (has no calories or fat whatsoever).

I make sure to eat breakfast, that’s a must. Just started with cereal (tho i spoil it with the powdered milk i eat, o well) and 1 boiled egg (used to get Mcydees breakfast bagel); and then I take my vitamins (one a day women’s, vitamin c and triple omega oils). i'm going back on the pill cos in the past i lost weight or maintained weight on it (we'll see if it works. p.s i believe in condoms, no bare back o, again think healthy)  I also eat 1 apple a day, but if that’s not always possible, just make sure to eat fruits. A protein bar a day, I eat almonds (good for your metabolism) and I have a yogurt or two a day (u can never go wrong with dannon activia). For lunch whatever I get is loaded with veggies. For dinner I rarely eat, I’m too tired from working out, so this is when I cheat with cookies I love (biscoff, best cookies in the world) and I eat more fruits or a protein bar. And to top it off I work out. One hr class at the gym (anything more is not needed), wake up in the morning and jump down on the floor to do some sit-ups & planks and repeat the same at night. Hoping to start swimming once the weather is warmer(still the best form of exercise in my opinion) and jogging weekends.

Now this is the physical. It’s useless if you are not emotionally and mentally baggage free, stress free. That’s the most important thing. I’m a very busy girl, I always have my hand in multiple projects at the same time, but I’m not one to keep anything in my mind. I also make sure to laugh a lot. I always write lol a lot. It’s because I almost always laugh out loud, for the silliest things too. Besides even when there is something to worry about, I remember I have a God that loves me and I pray (well pray always, but get my point).
Some other extra things…i don't have to tell you to wash your hands protect yourself so much that way, be OCD about it, its OK. (i use Mary Kay satin hands wash, day & night cream - i have very soft hands heheh)... brush your teeth before you go to bed, and if you can have a shower as well. Sleep 8 – 9hrs if you can. Proven fact, I can’t do that. Besides I’m of the opinion that I will sleep when I die. Lol.  Make sure to use lotion with spf in it, the summer is almost here and you want to protect your skin. When I come out the shower, I dry up a little and lotion first with oil (baby oil works fine) to lock in the moisture, dry off and then use your lotion. Make sure to use a face cream with spf in it as well I usually do that after cleaning my face with rose water (i do the same at night, i use Mary Kay day and night cream(no spf)) put on some powder  and lip balm (biggest pet peeve is dry lips on both males & females) and I’m ready to go.

So that’s it… let me know other ways I can be better off course and whatever else I can incorporate…and I’m hoping you learnt something or I encouraged you to do something. There is always time btw, u just have to create it. For example I go straight to the gym from work; otherwise I would never do it. Picture goes down in an hr, in a month or two I will do an after picture. Thanks guys

P.S. read the labels and even when you eat out ask for nutritional info. Got panda express for lunch (chow mein, fried rice, beef and chicken) thinking i was gettiing some health stuff. my co worker said to go online and what i saw made me want to was bad, nways worked it out now sha but never again, infact no more eating out for me jo


P.P.S - picture down :)


  1. yes i was totally rocking my green toidasy
    Happy St pattys day neefemi
    beautiful pic, i love the earrings
    i never do breakfast
    i never have the time, quite unhealthy, i know
    but oh well...

    nice post
    ahh oui, i drink lots of water too

  2. Okay, Panda express always tasted unhealthy and one day, it tasted really spoiled. So, yes, I'm glad you've been discouraged from Panda.. :)

    Bless you routine, keep up with the healthy lifestyle.

  3. 1st time here...girl...u dont know how i felt one time when i ate a wrap and i thought i was being healthy..i almost cried when i saw 800 calories..we just do what we can and try to keep healthy :)

  4. babes
    all this health stuff i gbadun
    but the exercise part is not just me
    would rather play sport...

  5. I want to be healthy too!!! I'm trying but not much success. .. :( I am having a bottle of OJ on campus though... with a packet of oreos and a King size Twix bar... :S Sun is peeking out. Might try to walk more. Good luck! Do it for the both of us!!! <3

  6. Darling I completely agree I've been on an eating plan for the past month and have implemented all the 80% of the things mentioned and as my fitness fundi coach says "Nothing tastes better than thin" go for it gal .

    LOL we cld be virtual weightloss buddies let me know xoxo


  8. Heeee.....girl, its like you and me have this same body type. I have worked out more than others and I am fit but I have plateaued in my weight at 5ft 5inchs and 143 pounds. I am ideally 140 at any given time and I would love to be 130 but that won't happen unless I go into starvation mode and even if I succeeed, how do I maintain 130 without going crazy? As for now, my goal is to keep on exercising to stay fit and not worry about weight.

  9. WOW!!!
    nice stuff you got da picture :-))

  10. girl, i'm praying for such perseverance and dedication..obviously, i cant wish away my post-baby, i've registered at a gym and like you, can only make it in the evenings after's still a struggle, big one

    ah, i missed the pic!

  11. Hmm.... tried so hard to go to d gym every morning before work.... did that for say 15 days. Not sure I was losing weight....just increased my chest... boy is so busy now, I take consolation in the fact that I'm busy.... can achieve something else... 90kg, 6ft , is that healthy? Please tell me! But cant remember fallin sick in a looooong time! Work @ least 16hrs per day...hmm.

    Nice one ma, and thanks for reminding me about d breakfast part. DId that 4 a while too and phew.. i forgot again. Will resume today.

    Thanks...NIce, Mrs Public health official

  12. And please keep d pictures a lil bit longer! one hour, too short considering time zone

  13. Go Girl!!! this ur routine is tight and I envy ur determination. I'd like to do same...but after the first week or so I just get discouraged or too busy...

    One day very soon, I'll clench my fist,grit my teeth and '..just do it''

    Great stuff girl

  14. @sweetness...awww thank you dear and you my friend need to create time, lol..wake up 30mins earlier than you normally do...pele i know its hard, never again i tell you... thanks ma :)

    @Chibaby - abi o, i'm sure and even when we slip we just have to keep at it and not give up :)

    @Harry - awwww thank you, glad you like

    @Tisha - thats even better i wish i could do that, so out of shape..., you want me to beat you from here abi....we will do it together ok, just try and let me know if you need help

    @Norma.....yaaaayyyy sounds good, let me email addy is, just send me an email and we will go from there ;)

    @fragilelooks...thank you, i hope so too, will do

    @lucidlilth - lol, i know right - abeg its not that serious, no need to kill ourselves...i'm with you on that plan men...good luck ma

    @myworld - thank you :), glad you like

    @histreasure - awww at least you are doing something about it, thats the great part...sorry i'll put up another one i'm sure :)

    @Taynement....thanks ma

    @Kunle....sounds healthy enough, just make sure to make adjustments where you can, for someone like you who is so busy, make sure to take your vitamins...that helps...and lol, i actually left it up for almost 12hrs, sorry will do better :)

    @Nutty, thank you ma and when you are ready i will be rooting for you as well

  15. 1.....Good thing is everything went to my thighs, so now they are even thicker and I got some extra boobs, heheheh. butt is bigger hehehe

    I swear these are the only things I could rmbr in this whole post. Chai, I need help.

  16. 1st time here2. Reading thru your recent posts n lol'ing all over the place. Well apart from the serious ones though;)
    lol@SugarKing. I swear too, from a guy point of view, those are the only few things i can remember to comment on this particular post.For some reason...!
    Evil Grin.
    I do wish you the best tho.

  17. hmmmmm.... just wondering why u re bothered if u still have a 'tite' body like u said.

    thnks 4 stopping by!

  18., you are just a bad, imma pray for you

    @T.Notes...aww welcome, thank you for stopping by, went by yours and i like... lol, and thanks

    @musco....cos tite, doesn't always mean healthy so just trying to be healthy :), and my pleasure

  19. lol wow i need to be more like you. great blog.
    check mine out

  20. @L.B... thank you ma, and i did check you out, i love it :)

  21. And I missed it.. :'( :'(

    E pain me sha..

  22. @Roc: lol...but you always almost do..when you will be going awol on us all the time

  23. you mange to stick with it? I stock on loads and LOADS of diet coke..bad, I know..*sniff* I'm guilty!

  24. least its diet :)


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