Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home on a week day

Your girl is sick and yes if this was twitter that will be an #attentionseekingtweet….. I'm a big baby when I'm sick, so much so that I'm mentally preparing myself for when I'm pregnant in the future to not ask for help or be whiny and shit….I especially want my mummy when I'm sick, I just want her to hold me, I don't know why, she's a skinny woman but she grabs tight men, u feel so much better after a good hug from my mum….she thinks Houston is bad for me, cos I've had some health issue or the other since I've been here….poor woman, I'm her akobi so I can't blame her and she promised to pay me for the days I've missed work J, was home yday too & then she's talking to my bf asking her if I'm burdening her…..I wanna burden her die, lol…..

Nways whats really good people? Twitter makes one a stalker sha, u should see how I secretly stalk my crush, what can I say he is a fine boy and I don't like to share, lol. I was just thinking that if I'm this attracted to guys that are far away, London, Naija…what happens when I move back? Will I be attracted to guys here? Scary innit? I swear I need help…oooooooo I forgot to tell you guys I went into an adult store the other day…first off the owner wanted to recruit me to sell stuff for him and be his girlfriend, talking about I'm hot and he is single…lol, I wanted to die from mortification….and I saw it all, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, whips, sofa looking things that enhances positions and a bloated dildo couchy thingy and balloon girls…..omo my eyes saw that day, 1st time too….yes I'm 23 and I saw a dildo for the first time that day…o well as I am celibate I didn't get anything….masturbation is just not my thing….to me it's almost as bad as the guy that likes a balloon girl, how will you want something so unfeeling?….as you all very well know I love to make out, foreplay and I'm the queen at kissing… so yea, lol….but the best friend got a vibrator and a butt plug, I don't know what she wants to do with it since her boyfriend is in Naija, but eh I don't ask questions I don't want answers to? Lol

Speaking of sharing guys? Monique said she had an open relationship with her husband. Omo leave story before I marry any guy, actually before I'm engaged to any guy, he is free to do whatever, as long as I don't find out…. I can't kill myself abi….but if we have reached engagement, we planning marriage and you cheat on me, nigga will get cut if I found out….like the other day the bestie is mad cos she knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody (u know how these things work) that said crush is talking to their friend and she was mad…I put it up on twitter and he asked me who/what I was talking about and I wouldn't say anything because for one I don't think it's my place (don't u agree?) I don't do gossip so I'm not going to repeat all that long story, but truth is we are not dating, so he owes me nothing and I've been in long dist relationships and I will be kidding myself if I say they never stepped out on me…infact that was the reason why I broke up with the one…..should your man cheat at any point? NO!!! if I find out, I will break up with him, I really don't see us getting back…but, but I never even think about it and have a headache about it….I'm very trusting and loyal, and I expect the same, not always the case….nways my point I don't wanna share….hahahaha I'm so full of shit, No? I love being single, #sueme………Speaking of going home, I feel like in talking to many guys, I've promised them something or the other….like you know how they say "o I like you" and I'm like "well we will talk when I get home", or he is talking about all the sexual stuff he will do to me and I'm like "its all mouth, we will see when I get home"….lol, u think I'm a social recluse now…I will be all kinds of hidden when I go home, lol….which just blows my plan for a blogsville party to hell, o well J

I'm very judgmental I think, and I keep trying to curb it although I try not to force my opinions down your throat….I say this to say, that if underneath you are really a good person, but you put up a fuck off face all the time, no one ever gets to see that, most especially me, I don't have the time or the patience to try to uncover the you beneath, I'm not your mama… need to know, give it to me straight, its 2010 #weoff games…this is not chess men, and in matters of life, the winners are those who are content, in peace and find pleasure in the simple and dare I say most unusual things….nobody should be trying to have an upper hand on anyone…again I repeat #in2010 and the years to come #weoffthat ….we should all be trying to win together, progress together, achieve together….I for one, I'm not halfway…I think I'm at the ¼th mark to making my dreams a reality, and you bet I need your help and I'm not afraid to ask to get where I need to be…nways I preach too much, I'm not wise or anything it's just how I think in my head and I like to share…oooooo before I forget, I don't have haters, does that mean I haven't made it? And the people that say they do, is it that they know, as in the person/people told you or this is just what you perceive? I will like some explanation on this for real

Please check out and ….thank you J

P.S I Love you


  1. get well soon!!
    yeah i heard about the monique thing...Open relationship sa!!

  2. Aww-ey *hugs* :)
    Hahaha from the second paragraph down, I am just like you. Well not just like like like but yeah we are alike :D
    Except the dildo one oh :p hehe no commentos sha sha.
    And when you put that hater thing the way you put it hmmm, I am now forced to believe that it is what we percieve because the haters won't say now would they?
    Plus, I also don't really think its something you percieve because I dunno why but when someone hates you, I mean you'd know.
    But who wants to hate you ehn? *this is where i roll my eyes :p* you'r no harm to the world. it's like you exist but you don't if you get me. you're there but you're doing your own thing in your own little spot. hence portable chic ;)

  3. Sorry about ur illness...just recovering from mine too. I really hope you get better soon

  4. Get well soon but at least you got a day off work.!! Butt plugs? Not even gonna ask...:

  5. I'm hearing about the Monique thing now...What no open relationship for me..and people say it brings people together, i understand not.
    I'm 25 and i haven't seen a dildo myself! Btw watch out all those Naija men don't come for their promises :)

  6. Get well soon.... You'll cross the bridge of Naija blokes when you make the move... till then carry go!

  7. I hope you feel all better soon!!!

  8. I hope you feel better really soon! Ur mom is sooo sweet!

    About Monique...smh, what a shame!!!!

    About hatas...i dont even know what the criteria is jare, every1 won't like u!

  9. Feel better and yea that houston air is something else.

  10. Aawww see these people beating me to first! I've been trying to do some school workand have just given up so came to check on you.

    Sorry you sick too, saw you stopped by to wish me well so I'm returning the favor :)

    Be careful with all that ur teasing, lol - when these boys catch u u will have plenty wahala ;)

    Much Love Chicka,
    Nogo xx

  11. Awww.dearie get well soon.
    Lol am in a Long distance and am so not a fan of masturbating....>>>I replaced it with shopping...when am horning ...i SHOP!!!

  12. hope u get better soon oh! ur lucky to have ur mom, and i think shes right...houston weather can be sure thats why ur getting sick..
    butt plugs? na wa o!!


  14. Get well soon..I enjoy good loving when I feel sick but I don't like people around me whenI am having asthma related issues.....
    Tease them boys jo....
    Take care

  15. hope you feel better... how is your mom going to pay for your own sick days? lol that's funny

  16. The idea of open relationships is quite interesting but it is the knowing that I like no the sharing. Abeg, lol.

    Did I reply your email? Let me go check, meanwhile get well soon.

  17. em....yeah, em.**clears throat** u see, u shouldn't really knock masturbation if u haven't tried it sha. seriously have u tried it after smoking a joint?? try that and come and write this post again lemme see.

    You are the queen of kissing?? Mcheeewwww. U don jam me before? lol

  18. @Pink Satin -thanks ma

    @lol, I guess I really don't have one yet then -lol & I get u

    @Harry - glad to know you are better, and yea I am thanks

    @Tricia - Neither do I, lol -my kind of person and yes Naija men scare me too

    @Juanita - lol, yea don't ask - thanks dear

    @akaBagguci - sir I had to be sick for u to drop a comment, lol - thank you so much, I appreciate u esp from twitter and will do

    @BomiJolly - thank you so much ma

    @Blowing Blessings - thank you ma, yes she is - yea u r right, not every1 will like u

    @TayneMent - thank you mami

    @Nogo - thanks a lot love & lol and imma stop with the teasing lol

    @KabiOsi - lol, I'm getting u - I usually listen to music & dance - thanks

    @damsel - thanks mami, I think I agree - lol,yes o na so we see am

    @fragilelooks- thanks mami and yea I feel u

    @Issey,alice,uche - I feel u o jare, its needed sometimes, esp from the right person...sorry to hear you have asthma and will do,lol

    @Suru - lol, thanks, I'm my mummys baby o

    @Myne -lol, u r so funny, so u want to know but not share tsk tsk, lol -thanks mami

    @24yrdold- thanks love

    @Sugarking - lol, never gotten high so I can't say I know what you mean, lol crazy boy - sweetie u know nothing kisses like me men I tell you hehehhehe


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