Monday, March 8, 2010

#MusicMonday Boy Band Edition by TayneMent

Hi guys, happy Monday to you and yours. I hope you guys aren’t sick of me but Blogger Neef needed help so I thought I’d chime in. I was going to do a part 2 of my hauntingly beautiful list but I figured we have enough melancholy around and maybe I’d try to inspire a laugh. I decided to go with a trip down memory lane specifically: The Boy Band era. C’mon na, y’all remember when they were hot! I am hoping this will make you laugh either at their corniness or your memory of how you thought they were hot (I know which category I fall under). So here’s but a few, hope you enjoy and fine at least one song that takes you down memory lane and puts a smile on your face. Have a lovely week!

These were my boys. These ARE STILL my boys. Even though, people don’t know they still make music, I will forever and ever love these boys and will now and in the future pay good money to see them in concert.

Backstreet Boys – I want it that way
The group who came from nowhere and stole the thunder from my boys. I can’t be too mad because they were the starting ground for my baby daddy. I loved this song so much and it is arguably one of their best songs.

Nsync – Gone
They were the bronze medalists in the boy band saga but they managed to slip out a few hits. I chose this particular song because it was more upbeat than their other ballads.

98 Degrees – Una Noche
I am taking it waaaay back with this one. If you grew up in Nigeria there is no way you haven’t heard this song. This was our first introduction to the boy band craze that would hit a few years later. Ladies and Gentlemen, from across the pond…

Take That – Want you back for good

Figured I should insert a band of our color in here. I thought about Shai – If I ever fall in love, thought about All4One – I swear, I thought about Azyet – Last Night but I figured I’d settle for..
Soul For Real – Candy Rain
One last one before I go is another English group that I think is underrated. This is my favorite song of theirs, hope you like (d) it:

BBMak – Ghost of you and me
Ok guys hope you had a smile, chuckle or laugh. Remember, I wish it was possible to include all the songs I would like to but it’s all good. Feel free to share your own favorite “boybanding” songs lol.

I really cannot thank TayneMent enough... i had gone to sleep by 7pm...i was feeling down and tired again so i took some tylenol pm and knocked out...and she had said to let her know if no one else offered to do Music Monday anyways she didn't hear from me and she still went ahead to send me this...thank you so very much Mami, i love u die, plus Gone is my favorite song of all times, so you more than rock in my books :) .....hope you guys like it and please show her love.....wishing you a blessed week, i feel much better today than i have felt in 3weeks, cant wait to go to the gym in a bit....thanks guys



  1. Ok now to comment. Lovin' the first 2 not so sure bout the others. Gon' check them out. Don't remember those xx

  2. Soul For Real...Candy Rain,played it !

  3. candy rain 4 meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. hmmm. na only Backstreet boys & nsync i sabi of all this ur list o. & i tot i be expert for music side. interesting

  5. dats one song I remember

  6. omgosh back for goood!
    i love that song.
    simply the best. i know all the damn words! <3
    oh and I want it that way too.
    hahah when I was growing up - i still am - but you get. we used to sing it a lot.
    and those are the only songs I know :(
    *now crying*
    ok bye.

  7. ooh i love these songs especially Candy rain ,thats whatsup

  8. Nsync "Bye Bye Bye" has to be included on this list. CLASSIC. It's one of those songs that just makes you happy whenever you hear it. That was the entire purpose of the dancing, hair gel-laden creatures called boy bands. :)

  9. No BoysIIMen? You don fall my hand you and Taynement. I don vex now.

    Anyway, JLS is representing from the other side for the youngies...

  10. OK I forgive you two. For starting with Backstreet and that song by Nsync, JT is killing me softly. Did you know of Blackstreet?

  11. Okay for someone my age it would be embarrassing to admit this but I miss boy bands.

  12. that's why I put disclaimer, I can't fit all the songs that I would like, I will still make someone unhappy.

    @Lucid - its ok you are not alone.

    Neefemi, thanks again.

  13. sweet heart, I'M SORRY!!!
    i shall make it up and i PWOMISE!!!
    i hope you are good?

  14. loool soul for real
    candy rain, it was my ringtone couple of weeks ago
    u shud see peoples expressions when my fone rang
    like what century is she from
    gosh i miss boy bands

  15. @Nogo - did u like them hon?\

    @Tricia - still a classic men

    @Fragilelooks - lol, loves it too

    @Harry - thats my fav boy band song till date

    @Moyo - lol @ when i was growing those songs men pele, maybe i will do a part two...and yea i know black street boys

    @Lucid....age ain't nothing but a # ma, but lol i miss them too, they were good thank you, i appreciate you a lot

    @David...miss you too dear and no worries, take ur time

    @sweetness....boy bands were the sit, i can imagine their expressions really


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