Monday, March 15, 2010

#MusicMonday - Heart Break!!!!

Hello my lovelies…how are you doing? How was your weekend…mine was busy, I really need a vacation already, if I can make it over to the friend I told you about asap then maybe my world wouldn’t be so drab. Speaking of drab have I told you the #1 reason why I’m still single, because my heart has never been broken and I intend to keep it that way, disappointed a lot of times, cried once or twice (not more than that sha), hurt a little but its never been broken its why for now I play my cards right and I’m always in control. Why the story??? well because my darling cousin is crying over this guy, she has been talking too for months. Me, I just want to say kini big deal, u never had sex with him and you guys were never official, but I know either way the pain has to be there and I’m sad she’s hurting and I don’t know to help. This was how I came up with Music Monday.
So before I go on, i should tell you about the guy here that I told I wouldn’t do because he was cocky. Case in point he comes over on fri and I’m trying to not just talk to him, so Im pretending I’m asleep, best friend mum sells me out cos she likes him. He is likeable, he is funny and all, but na funny I wan chop? You don’t want a relationship, but you want to do based on the premise that you are good, and every girl wants to do you. So why don’t you meet every girl? I no do, don’t feel like being a member of your black book. When did it not become my choice to do? Infact it should be me telling you I want to do you and you acquiesce, no? And he kept saying things like “it’s because you are afraid you will fall in love with me” and “you will be addicted and you will want a relationship”. Like seriously??? I was so rude, I feel bad now, but in actuality he was disturbing my conversation with friend jo, yarning dust & friend slept off on me..hisssss.
As you well know music is my therapy, and what makes everything better. Well today I feel like being a man basher for all the hurt girls on blogsville and the world @ large. Here are a couple songs that might make you smile, if not happy completely. There will be another one guys, I really do believe we are all meant to meet our soul mates for whatever length of time. Just make sure to keep your heart open for that special one out there, it(love) will find you in the right time and it will blow your mind away. J
Toni Braxton – He wasn’t man enough for me
Jesse McCartney – Its Over
Britney Spears – Stronger

Eamon – I don’t want you back
Jojo – Get out Leave
            Smiley – Cry

PS: I love you!!!
And have a  great week!!!


  1. Love all the songs. Lol. Guess what's now playing? Jojo's Too little too late. Totally dig Eamon's don't want you back. Was stuck on that for like ...forever. Lol. :-)

  2. Hearing the Jesse song for the first time. I like the vibe. But Hun you should let go a lil surely whatever happens in heart break teaches you a lil more bout life and makes you stronger. And how will you appreciate what you have properly if you haven't lost anything?

    And please have a Music Monday with some party Jams cuz all your music makes my heart hurt. Lol I don't know how else to explain that feeling but I'm lovin' the music anyway. :)

    Nogo xx

  3. Throwback for reals! iLove smiley!!! Been on that tune + body language for days now!
    loves it!

  4. Wait, could you please let me know how many hurt girls exactly we have on blogsville lemme know exactly how many times I need to invoke thunder to fire the people making them hurt. That ur guy will get one too, I promise.

  5. lol @ sugarking too. I think guys should take note of the kind of song a lady listens to. lmao

  6. lol @ sugarking!!!!!

    I love that Toni Braxton song. Should go dig that album out sef...

    Hope you are well!

  7. LOL!! This made me laugh..."He wasn't man enough" is definitely one of my favorite Toni Braxton songs too!

  8. Lol so much spirit in this blog post and not a positive spirit :p
    I think that men are just as hurt as women are. It's a thing that shouldn't be discussed or questioned because the same way "men hurt girls" is the same way a girl hurts a man. Plus everything has a cause sooo.

  9. @24yrold - awww i love that song, i love JOJO, where is she gan? and i feel you jare, thanks for dropping by

    @Nogo - really? Jesse is one of my fav artists men...and i hear you honey, i reckon i can learn from other peoples experience but i totally feel you....and lol yes ma, will do

    @Mrs O - i do too, the girl is great...glad you like ma :)

    @Sugarking - awwwwww your such a sweetheart, thanks dear ...muah

    @Taynment - glad you like ma

    @Nakedsha - lol, he has my back

    @NBB - lol, they really should though...i believe its your first time here, thanks for dropping by

    @Harry - :)

    @Solomonsydelle - that was a classic album. i am ma, thanks for asking...i'm sure all is well with you and the family

    @BomiJolly - yayayay thats good, that was the plan, that song is such a classic

    @Moyo - i agree though, im just saying today is for the women maybe i will do for the men next week : )

  10. That guy sure sounds very cocky and in the wrong way too. You know there's cocky in an endearing way not about being a sex god abeg. Love the songs.

  11. @Myne....i know not sexy at all....thanks ma

  12. Nice selection of songs BTW!
    I'm a little behind on this, bring me up to speed! What's the deal with the guy now? Is he now old story? Do tell; something shoulda happened since the 19th?
    Lol, the narration neat; shouldn't have ended!

  13. @T.Notes....thank you and yes he has been kicked out sharply, he was never in its all good :)....


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