Monday, March 22, 2010

#MusicMonday - My take!!!

What it do folks? How are you all this fine Monday night….just back from the gym and I’m all kinds of sore…. But I’ve been consistent so hooray to me *does the happy dance*… work was boring men, which is the nature of things at where I work if there is no outbreak of some sort. How was your weekend on the other hand? I saw Chrisette Michele on Friday, omygosh she was divvviiiinnnnnneeeeeeeeeee…..I couldn’t scream enough about her, I will try and upload a video of her performance later. I think whoever she was dating broke her heart though cos she was bitter and sang all her breakup songs. I hope she finds love soon sha, for someone who sings that beautifully you ought to be in love, no? Laura Izibor (didn’t know she was half Nigerian) opened for her, but we were late so never saw her, just heard her perform my favorite song from her “from my heart to yours”. She sounded good.

Was going to go to a shooting range but the weather in Houston was bitter men, bitingly cold. Jeez… So, friend!!! Hmmm I don’t know sha, this could be more than I thought, we will see. But otherwise things are calm on my end; it looks like I’m going to go back to school for my PhD…plus just making plans for the future so that’s good. We (blogsville and I) have to come up with a way for me to talk to my mum, to try to look for a man and remarry it bothers me a lot…But we will talk about that later.

Nways lets go to the music shall we…Miss Nogo thinks that we always do slow/sad songs on here, so I need to change that…was going to do some rock songs, but even that one is sad….so today imma share songs that I hate, songs that I love and songs that I’m iffy about….let me know what you think guys…

Songs I hate

Jesse Jag – Pussy Cat: no grown man should be singing such in my opinion
I can’t download it ….so here’s the link to listen to it

Sponsor – Teaiira Mari: really??? In 2010??? we still talking about guys getting shit for you? hissss

Beamer, Benz or Bentley – Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana: I hear there are now many different versions of this…smfh, dumb old guys

Songs I love

All I do is win – DJ Khaled et al.: Dj Khaled has yet to do something I hate, I love this song men, it’s all kinds of inspirational imo

Waving the flag remix – Naija version: if you haven’t heard this, what rock are you under ehn. Love this song die

Million Dollar girl – Trina ft Diddy and Keri Hilson: Trina is a bad bitch (forgive my language) and I love her men, she brings out the ghetto in me, lol, plus her body is my dream body ….

Songs I’m iffy about

Tuface – Implication: Maybe it’s just that I don’t understand what he is saying but I’m really not sure I like this song, I like the beat but still it’s just ehn for me and the video doesn’t help, what do you think?

Michael Word – Ose: WARNING: try to avoid watching the video cos you will just be disgusted, but I like the song and his voice, I hear he is working with eldee, so would wait to hear more from him, but this video makes me iffy abt him jo

So that’s it guys tell me what you think, let me know how you doing and what’s new….take care of yourselves my lovelies…muah



  1. Neefemi you are leaving me and you will soon find looooove! lol. I used to wish my mom would remarry too, I dunno. Sponsor is kinda catchy.

  2. Why are you bothered about your mum remarrying? We'll talk about that later.

    Let's just say I'm Iffy about all your songs except the Million Dollar girl by Trina.

    Have a nice week.

  3. I have the same sentiments about that Jesse Jagz guy. And where he got the name from is entirely beyond me.
    Debut album name: Jag Of All Trades. God help us!
    Congrats on the workout consistency

  4. Ahh Ahh...Jesse Jags is not bad...yes the pussy cat does not work for me as well but I like his other songs like A TI DE and bend down low....I think his lyrics are very on the surface so lovers of deep(mostly rock) lyrics would not appreciate him.

    I am also iffy about TUface Implication....hope he is not losing his talent..
    Just pray mum is happily remarried...that is more important than just remarrying

  5. I can't wait to talk about ur mum and plans for her 2 remarry...

    PS; i can't wait to call you Dr.Neefemi Ph.D

  6. PHD?! All the best with that..I'm trying to escape doing masters..:)
    Ps. Love you

  7. After what you said about 'Sponsor' (and I agree by the way, I made sure not to watch/listen to it. ha.

    I had to watch the Ose vid and, well, his video is low budget, which is technically okay. We all have to start somewhere, shebi? However, the song and my ears just didn't agree...

  8. @neefemi: Ok are you the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest person in blogger or what?!!!
    Thanx4 dropping by all over the place!!!
    *Gonna award you sweeeeetest Naija Blogger (SNB)!*

  9. ummm that ose song is a no no... i love trina too she is just baddddddd..."single again" was my not really into Jesse Jagz like that but i do like the Implication song..its catchy sha

  10. Hi, I've been living under a rock cuz this is my first time hearing Waving the Flag (hides her face in shame).

    What I need to do is just collect a list from you because you have become my go-to person for new music, even if the new music is only new to me.

  11. that pussy cat song should be a sin..and i love jesse jagz i think hes a good producer. but i cant listen to that song once he starts singing..

  12. Never been a Jesse Jagz fan.. so no comment. But I like the way Banky always reps Naija. Like subliminal advertising, it'll make more people unconsciously believe.

    Uhm.. So I'm guessing you didn't see Trina's nude pics that leaked right? Maybe you wouldn't want that body as much.. #imjustsaying

  13. @TayneMent - heheheh but i didn't say anything now, will found you soon i'm sure of it....yea its catchy just stupid :)

    @Myne...yes we will talk and lol @ all of them being iffy, i feel you. hope you having a nice week as well ma

    @T.Notes -na real God help us men. lol and thank you kind sir...i'm not that sweet o, lol...just supportive of good work.

    @Issey, Uche.... haven't heard those, but i agree cos even when i've heard it on other people he's sounded like he's rhyming ABC. I think tuface is loosing his talent. And will do about momsy, thaks.

    @Harry - awww your are the best, always supportive...thank you so much

    @Tricia - thanks ma, lol no escape o, you should....muah, love u

    @Solomonsdyelle - yes we have to start @ the song and my ears didn't agree, lol...but yea i see your point mami

    @Chibaby - lol @ its a no no - yes that was my song too when i had just broken up with then ex :)...implication is catchy but makes no sense is my problem with it

    @Nogobelieve -lol, no need to hide, i reckon a lot of people haven't either... Juwon just send me an email, you know i got u

    @Eve - yea i think he is a good producer and he should stick to that jo, singing is not for everybody.

    @RocNaija - yes o Banky does me proud i didn't and i meant the body in the video jo, party, Roc are you on twitter? hmmm you this boy and your undercover ways :)

  14. First time here.. I like it here..Will be back..
    Have you heard of
    Please take a lot at it..
    I am,

  15. Soorrii my best blogger buddie ;) I know I'm making my way over here too late. In fact I'm still making my way through the songs. The ones you didn't like I din't like either lol. Me too I'm adding myself to the ashamed list not knowing about the "flag song" :( I LOVE M.I *Sigh
    How have you been? I woke up cuz I needed the bathroom now I can't sleep Lol

  16. @2cute4u....thanks ma and yes i follow both blogs :)

    @Nogo - my paaddii, heheheheh...awwww pele, turn off the computer so you can sleep, pele, its ok though, thats why we here, so many songs you post up i haven't heard either, so its all good :) muah

  17. hi, saw you'd commented on a post of mine featured on circumspecte...and i followed u your own love-filled world, and very infectious too i must say. Lovely work!(hope it doesnt sound too 'clicheish',lol) glitter!

    ben anyan.

  18. Note: Dropped by. Upload something,a Blog, Music,Anything!!!I'm Dang Bored!

  19. that teirra mari track is catchy but she's spitting a load of stupid bullshit. That T-pain song is exciting. I could definitely bump to that. 'UP DOWN, UP DOWN'!! my kinda of motivation.

  20. I was iffy about them remixing K'naan but it turned out really great. Can't wait to hear about your mom.

  21., you are funny, glad you agree jo to both hehehe :)

    @Suru....yea it did, i'm glad...spoke about mum, did you see it yet? :)

  22. Re: Michael Word 'Ose'

    Many thanks for your comments about Michael's video, but if you had tried harder, you should have just extracted just the audio from the video and embedded only the song on your blog. Prompting your readers to try not to watch the video only makes them more curious.

    Michael Word is not your average bling bling/swagger/Hennessey/Moet/Bentley Nigerian artiste as you will begin to notice from now on. His voice and talent is world class that will be heard across the world very soon. We will make a video of him just singing to the camera lens one day and you will put it on your blog and you and your viewers will not be able to resist watching this cute boy just singing!

    Lastly, Michael Word featured on the song 'Na You' on Eldee's new mixtape 'Is It Your Money' (go get your copy now), he may work with him again in the future but he is not "working" with Eldee. Michael Word is a new artiste on the world scene, signed to the managerial company RMG, and despite your comments about his first low budget video, his name is now registered in your brain and you will hear more and more from him and love him as we continue with our lives.

    Again, many thanks for your comments and the publicity.

    Ayo Shonaiya
    CEO, RMG (Part of the R70 World Group)

  23. @Ayo....i'm sorry you feel like i was putting your boy down, and i appreciate you stopping by to drop a comment....i couldn't have removed the video like you said and just gotten the music, if i could i would have...but note that i didn't bash him as a singer, i bashed the video, so it might help to think that we want better quality videos from our artists...with that said please keep me in the loop, of future work from Michael, would be happy to listen and give you my honest point of view...again thanks for stopping by


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