Friday, March 12, 2010

My thoughts when I really should be working

Hello everyone, what it do? I hope the week has been pretty exciting.....i was on my way home the other day and i heard a bird call, like he was saying "hello there sexy" i was tripped...i can't take a compliment from a man but somehow its ok coming from birds....lmao, i wonder about me too....Let me get right into it, before I lose my train of thoughts, cos lately more and more I'm convinced I have the attention span of a 1yr old

First off, I feel like on every social media network I'm on (blogger, facebook, and twitter) there is a need for a will read something like this......DISCLAIMER: Welcome to LG's space. Though I share it with the whole world, it still remains my space in which I can talk about and say anything I so desire. As I am a very forthright person know that if I want to mention something about you I would tell you to your face, otherwise I do not make reference of you. If and when I write something that you think might be about you, then be rest assured and completely trust the fact that it is indeed not about you. Again let me remind you that this is my space to share my opinions and observations as I see fit, however inaccurate or judgmental or silly said statements might be or seem to you. It is not my intention now and forever to force what I have to say down your throat, I just say it. Thank you for visiting LG's space. P.S. I LOVE YOU

Whew, that was long and a little harsh and I wouldn't tell you the details but I really hate the fact that people make a lot of usually turns out that they are wrong and you have to go apologize or for most others they just keep quiet in shame. Plus can I just say that people can twist words to see what they want to see...words like mad or bad or crazy or stupid, or fine or cute are used now in so many diff ways it's unbelievable...the other day my friend and I were talking about how her ex is sending I love you msgs through her friends (amoye right?) anyways she goes "why is he even doing that? That's not cute", what does that have to do with dictionary definition of cute? ... nways that's that!!!

A friend of mine and I were talking and he asked why I blog and is it a money making business? So my question to you is why do you blog? I blog for my sanity, I don't know that I will be this sane if I didn't have this blog especially if you were here from the beginning with all what I went through with school (who remembers graduation and all that?) time goes by fast though, this blog would soon be a year...besides this blog helps me release sexual frustration heheheheh....speaking of which omo Zane has nothing on me now, all that one that she was saying that it was about sexual liberation....story!!!! The woman was horny as a mofo and wasn't getting any like me and decided to let her creative juices flow instead and write some terrific great sex scenes…..what I have written can never be found…. I will make sure to burn every trace of them when I'm tired of praising myself on how great they are lol…

In other news I have found a friend who wants to help me with my pursuit in being bad…..yes I said friend, this is not like the friends with benefit guy, that one was all about the "do"…this is more like we met, are attracted to each other and talk about any and every thing ….the best kind in my opinion… what do you recommend for me guys what adventurous things can I delve into that will not land me In jail, give me any disease or kill me?…. I draw the line at threesomes (AIDS IS REAL) Drugs or weed (cos I know Sugarking will recommend that, lol) and anal…..again it doesn't have to be sex related, just fun stuff to do generally…remember we are just friends so no romantic shenanigans thank you very much, I can like to not have that…..I have no friends to disturb me about marriage and left to my parents I should be doing my PhD and or working for the UN or in the case of my father be the next Oprah….I love my parents die for that alone…. I'm not a player but I like being single, you get a chance to meet people, half of them who turn out to be all kinds of wrong, but you have a story to tell, just keep your legs crossed that's my own….

I will be reminiscing if I leave here without talking about the Injustice in Jos…. I have not fully clicked on a picture but I have seen enough…. It was a quiet day in Heaven I'm sure as they observed the killings of young souls, men, women and even more precious children. I would say they were tears but my understanding of Heaven is that there will be no tears there…. We always say that trials and tribulations bring about change and it means joy is coming….but truth is this is not the first time this has happened in Jos, and the only reason why we are all crying is because now there are pictures and videos as evidence and proof other than accounts from people….and to think that the only thing our leaders did so far was to set up a committee…. I will curse all of them but that doesn't even help much, all I can say is this………. Never doubt that a small group of talented, committed and thoughtful citizens can change the know why? It's the only that ever has.... Nigeria will change I know that....the question is do you want to be a part of that small group that will lead the charge?

That's all I got guys….I'm tired… been working out steady this week 2hrs everyday too…. I have to get my body ready you know, lol…but no just trying to stay fit, summer is around the corner you know…..but today I'm going to do some work and rest, I will go make up for it on Saturday….. I'm missing my Roc again, where r u? ... Exciting things coming up, terrifying actually but God dey I will keep you posted….please make sure to check out and follow it please…..thank you guys have a blessed weekend, do something fun for me and be safe still



  1. In relation to what you said about misuse of words nowadays, just today, I sent my brother a message about how someone 'killed' a certain song. After that, I sent a follow up one asking why it had become so normal that I used 'killed' to mean something very good.

    I don't know why that is but I do know that language is fast growing (and in this case and country, fast dying). So I'm making a conscious effort to please the dictionary if I claim to be speaking English.

    Sorry about the length!

  2. Word abuse, Veery Rampant. I am guilty of it too. I call strange things sexy and good things wicked! About Jos. No comment. Its just too sad and i'm too much of a sissy to even think about it. About Fun things you can do...hmm....You could smoke "shisha". Lol, its a fruit thingy that gets you high but its totally healthy, *i think. Not, it'll be fun :D Lol.
    Make sure you have fun and come blog about it.

  3. I've seen some pics of Jos, traumatizing! But God sees it all. I blog for release, i get it alot from writing. Love u hun' have a great wknd

  4. Jos needs our prayers...Lets pray for em

  5. Lol at the disclaimer!!! When I started reading this I thought to myself 'Mehn where's the phone? This chick is crazi. If I knew this chick I woulda picked up the phone and called her'... Anyways that doesnt quite make sense but I hope you get the drift...

    I need to exercise. I keep starin' at my belly wishing it away...

    But yeah Jos aint right. I saw the website. I can't get those pics out of my head. I can't believe it. :(


  6. i've missed u dearie, so much.oh, i get what u mean abt the use of words..i sometimes use 'bad' to show how much i like

  7. I just started following your blog and I'm feeling your sanity.

    Blogging gives me a platform to say what's on my mind and speak with person(s) whom I have no idea where they are.

  8. @Nakedsha....long is good thank you, and i feel you, i do music reviews for diff sites and i always use killed for a

    @24yrold - don't know much about shisha but will look into it definitely and i will blog about it trust ;)

    @Tricia - really was traumatizing, and yes i blog for the same you dear thanks

    @Harry - i'm praying and supporting in anyway i can

    @Nogo - lol, it actually made sense, when i write and my bf reads she will call me to ask me what i'm on exercising and not loosing weight, i'm tired jo and Jos was horrible, God will have mercy on us all

    @histreasure -awwww my blogsville mummy i miss you too :), lol we all do nowadays @ feeling my sanity, hope thats a good thing...and i totally feel you, met a lot of great people via blogsville

  9. inJOStice in JOS - i like.

    Nifemi, you are a special lady.
    Thats all I can say

  10. lol...You are hilarious!!! Have fun with ur new "friend"

  11. @Blowing, will do, thanks ma

  12. This is what reading you does!!!I'm supposed to be studying, instead i'm chuckling to myself--people might start to question my sanity!!!
    *You're hilarious!!*

  13., please go read o...why thank you sir? ;)

  14. *Update Update Update*!!!lol.
    As regards ur comments on mine,lets chitchat sometime ma (right back@u)!


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