Friday, April 30, 2010

It is Well With You

So three posts in one week…. I seem to be on a roll…..Hi guys, how are you doing? Thank you all so very much for the comments on my last post, it appears I need to clarify some things, but I don’t want to do that now, so maybe Monday…all you anonymous folks can like to identify yourselves now(I wanna know)….but again like I said thanks

Yesterday, I felt this need to listen to Kirk Franklin's “The Fight of my Life Album” …if you ask me, this is the best Christian album hands down; every song for a different phase of life. I’m not one to preach, I often fear I’m sinning by not actually telling people about God cos he specifically asked that we do that, he asked us to bear fruits. But I hope that somehow what you see in me, what you see in my life, shows you my God & touches you. I hope that me being nice (at least trying to, truth is I’m a BITCH), encouraging love, honesty, trust, pushing and praying for you to succeed, somehow helping to be the motivation/inspiration you need & overcoming all the trials I face (that you all certainly know about, cos my mouth is too big) and even when I fall down & complain & cry & sin. You can see the God in me.

I don’t know who this message is for today; I just know it’s for someone. Even if its one person, God wants you to hold on, he needs you to not give up right now, though it’s the hardest time, your miracle is about to take place. And for you that needs to get back in touch with him & you think your sin is too much, he wants you to know that “amoye”, your sin is small in comparison and he has already washed it away, if you will just believe. I hope these songs help you, I hope they touch you in all the right places, for someone out there I hope you cry, and cry your heart out, because through that will come a great peace from the God who giveth peace that passes all human understanding and unfathomable joy. Your blessing is on the way and rest believe that God has just started with you….muah

If you click on the heading you will get the lyrics to each song, I thought it might help if you could see what was being said/sung

Ended on a happy note, I hope….. Wishing you a fantastic weekend


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What do we really want? - Semi Righteous Post Alert

So I read a blog that had mentioned this article
You all should probably go read it and then come back......u back? Ok...

So I put it up on twitter & everybody reads all we girls just start going ga ga..."omygosh where is he?" "I want a man like that" & all that.....found out he lives in cali btw...ideaasss tooohhh baaaaddd, lol....ok I digress again 

But it got me thinking after all the dust settled about a couple things
1. He sounds like a player & someone who is not ready to settle down...which is all good, if you are still on that tip
2. could you ever really trust someone like that?....I’m mad trusting like I don't know how to not trust until you disappoint me...but right off  the bat, I can tell you I cannot trust a man like that
3. At the end of the day he has only told you about the sex part of him....can he have a conversation? About sports, music, politics, things that interest me?... he sounds charming enough to drop my pants for, but after that what else? What do we got?

My mum said I’m in love the other day because for the 1st time I told her I’m not getting any younger & she thinks BB has something to do with it....I am NOT in love, yet....but I meant it when I said I’m not getting any younger...not like I've had much sex to speak of, but after my first go go ga about boys who try to be all about what they can do to me sexually & there A LOT of them....I find that we have nothing to talk about, I find that they hold no promise of a future for me....Though I’m not ready for marriage right this minute, I’m just not the casual kind & I really don't think that a lot of females are that way... its just not in our genes....I could do it...but that’s with me making sure that I have detached my veejayjay(vagina, pussy) from my heart & if that’s the case WHEN it ends, i better be damn well able to deal with it & I’m not crying & all that jazz....

So you ask "what do you have to say to a young person reading this?".....I say you are better off single, till you are ready for commitment but it will sound like I’m preaching...I say that only because you need to define yourself as a person to see who you are, what you are made off, what strength you possess.... you will find relationships a whole lot easier, its what I will tell my sister if she asks me....I will tell her to be careful and get to know him very that if you give yourself to him, it will not be something you regret (though I pray they both don't have sex till they marry)

Don't get me wrong either, I’m not preaching stay a virgin...that’s your cup of tea...I’m not one...I made a decision...swear down, I wrote down the pros & the cons, decided that I could live with the decision, went to the clinic got tested and did a pap smear, got condoms, lubricants & got on the pill....I’m a decision maker, I do absolutely nothing based on emotions #sueme ... I have recently decided that i don't want to sleep with the man I marry before marriage (watch me jump BB, when we meet)...decisions change too.... I will just hate for you to feel some kind of peer pressure to have sex, or for the guy to say the relationship won't work otherwise (tell him Neefemi said go JUMP & drown)... lets be honest there is always the double standard, so if u going to have sex, enjoy but try to keep the numbers low & do it with a guy that respects you, so that your business is never out there....let me tell you, if I used my mouth to tell you I slept with 20guys, you still wouldn't believe me & the guys couldn't convince u either... plus avoid doing guys in the same circle, girls forget that yes you are young & you can do all you want, you are sexually liberated & all, but its this same guys you are going to grow up with, the same ones who will be on the market, when its time to settle down and get married...all I’m saying is BE WISE!!!!

I can't tell you what all females want....but I can tell you what Neefemi wants

Conversation - about many different topics, teach me let me learn from you, & I will do the same....lets have discussions, lets agree to disagree, lets be passionate about our opinions without stepping on each others toes & then kiss afterwards :)

Laughter - I don't know if you have noticed, but I love to smile & laugh, not only you should you be a source of joy to me, you should know the things that bring joy to me, the minute & the grand things...its your job to know that

Passion - you have to have a certain lust for life....for what you do, what you want to do, ambition turns me have to have a certain lust for me & what we have as well

Support - realize that I am a very independent chic, on my free will I choose to be with you & though I tend to be so calm in my relationship, know that I will still go after my dreams with ruthless abandon.... it will be great to have your support & your motivation to go with, the same way I will give you cannot be controlling, it will never work.....& I will promise to seek your opinion even though sometimes i might not heed to said opinion

And lastly but not least....

Honesty and trust = communication..... I mean I don't know what else to say you have to trust me, full stop. Trust in me. You have to be honest with me, even when things might hurt let me know, unless you are sure that this information will never get to me and the likelihood of that happening is zero to none, so trust me....all of this is mute if we don't have the best of communication...we talk to each other all the time....we will do it while we date & we will do it when we are married

So my question for you is what do you want? I’m talking to the single folks now....married folks already found that out (I hope)....make a point to define it, if you are younger it will change as you grow older and that’s ok and if you are older then you should completely honest with yourself & so ladies if for example you need your man to be wealthy, that’s fine too....fellas if you need your woman to cook that’s totally fine....just don't think you are capable of changing the person, you are not God. 

Nways wasn't planning on writing anything anytime soon...but here we are :( ....see why my dad thinks I should be Oprah? i chat too much :(

Only Music Mondays from now on, no more deep thinking sturvs

blogs to check out:

P.S worrying again, trying to remind myself that everything will be ok, i have no control over it and God has already ordained it and come September i will be in Connecticut....pray with me


Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Disney, bitch!! by TayneMent

Just because I had some free time on my hands and this idea came to me in class(yes, I am a bad student), I thought I’d share. As some of you may know,  I am not picky about music, I’ll listen to a whole bunch of stuff regardless of age, sex or gender lol. Which may explain why I still have a fondness for boybands. Anyways, some of you may not be particularly interested in today’s theme, I came up with so many options for a title for this post and I couldn’t settle for one, so if Neefemi allows the language I ended up with – It’s Disney, bitch!. LOL. Well snort or laugh all you want these Disney people rule the world and there is proof all around. Below are some of the songs that are by artists from the school of Disney that I actually like, bear with me and just listen to some.

She annoys the heck outta me. I hate the way she sounds when she talks and I think she says a lot of crap but I have to admit that I like this song, If nothing else just look up the lyrics, they are quite inspirational.

Miley Cyrus – The Climb
She was the first lady in the whole High School Musical series (Yes, I watched it, I know I am an agbaya). Her music never really took off as much as other Disney peeps but I actually liked her song.

Vanessa Hudgens – Say Ok

I don’t know why but everytime I see her, I always think of a lollipop, maybe it has to do with her head to her body. Anyways, currently playing on the airwaves, this song grew on me and I like it.

Selena Gomez – Naturally
The original Disney queen, song wasn’t bad when it was released and I liked it. We got to hear it over and over as the theme song to Laguna Beach.

Hillary Duff – Come Clean
Finally, what is a Disney mention without the Jo Bros? If you don’t know who they are, well you might have been under a rock.

Jonas Brothers – Burning up
Hope this gave you guys a chuckle, please my fellow agbayas don’t hesitate to show yourself so I know I’m not crazy. Happy Monday and have a lovely week!

Neefemi speaks: if you can't already tell by now, TayneMent is like my fav person in the world... I can't even thank her enough cos i din't even ask her to do this before she did....and its so genius imma do a part 2, cos imma a major Disney, Nickelodeon & Abc family fiend...who saw Beauty & the briefcase (Hilary Duff) so cuutttteee..... i'mma sucker for romantic comedies/drama whatever - at least true love seems possible after watching like 2 until reality hits, lol

This weekend i was just down, was feeling dissatisfied with life and not even music could help...and then Sunday night, hooked up with a twitter friend....turned out to be a gentleman & cute & could carry a conversation.....i'm pimping him out, if anyone is interested, let me know...He's an Engineer, lol...he so did not ask me to do this, but seeing as i can't have him, i thought i would share (never mind that i dont know if he is single or not, lol) ......And today has been good, been listening to music at work all day and sweardown, music might yet be the death of me....and gosh some of these songs, i shouldn't know the words to...but i do (covers my head in shame) God forgive me sha

So everybody was quick to talk about Beyonce attending Bella (now nee) Adenuga's wedding, i don't hear you and all your rotten mouths saying anything now that she didn't show, people cursed the man for nothing and don't get me wrong not like i support what in my opinion would have been a waste of money (i'm very cheap, give me the money, for my future children please), but #isityourmoney? what is your own? and why couldn't you just wait to talk after the wedding...again like i said, i ain't hearing folks chat shit now....SMH!!!

I had a great relationship with my dad growing up until everything pafukad(lol, whatever the hell i'm trying to say) but when i think of my future i often pray that my daughter (never mind that i don't want a girl) but if i do have one, i want her to have the best of relationships with her dad...i want them to be best-friends, and i often see her on his feet dancing & i pray that he never disappoints her... i think its very important cos tho i seen all the evil my dad did...he made me feel like a star so i never went to a man looking for affection, looking for love, attention or money...through it all my dad is my #1fan and the same can be said for all my sisters...infact if anything, no offense, boys/men are playthings to dad just kinda made us realize that men are abundant in the world, it was a matter of picking one but most importantly picking the right one, no offense but somewhat opposite of him, lol

Please tell me you have all read Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart..... i actually know two people, Nigerians for that matter that haven't read it...#epicfail .....This book is a required book to read for students here and as of 2009 was #14 on Top 100 book, meta-list....get a copy if you haven't...its really a shame to not have read it, even if you don't like reading

Have a great week


Friday, April 23, 2010

10 things I love + I’m a good girl + RIP

How are you guys doing? I feel like its being a long time I have done an actual post, but thanks to a couple tags (Fabulola, TayneMent, Suru, Naked Sha, Lucidlilith, Blowing Blessings – Thanks Guys, Muah) plus something that happened to me I now have a lot to say – I will try not to make this long sha…

  1. I have to be like everyone & say GOD, Bros J (Jesus) & my guidance counselor the Holy Spirit….he has perfected my ways and keeps blessing me ridiculously, plus his last gift to me has kept me praising him & will continuously do so all the rest of my life
  2. Music – sometimes I have to ask God to forgive me, cos I feel like I love music more than him… I thank him for musicians, artists, songwriters, composers, producers, managers, everyone involved in music each day.
  3. My family and friends – my friends make up my family & my family makes up my friends if that even makes sense….for the support, encouragement, push, unconditional love… I cant say thank you enough
  4. Talking to him… he came @ the right time & I’ve never enjoyed conversations so….anything from music to politics to sports back to music….and o we haven’t met, so this is good, lol…I think …. I love intelligent conversations (turns me on)
  5. Writing…. I love writing, the release I get from speaking my mind, even when I’m judgmental, the joy of doing a music review, writing poetry or a short story, writing total B.S sometimes (thanks twitter) and hopefully start THE script with T.Notes soon(think he has given up on me, sowwwiieee)
  6. Which brings me to you guys…. I love, love Blogsville, can’t say  that enough, you are the absolute best…I’m sure I can’t thank you enough for what you do for me
  7. I love cooking…. I hate to eat ( chewing is just a long thing jo, I hope I don’t starve myself when I’m pregnant)…but I absolutely love to cook, especially seeing the satisfaction from those eating it…. I’m a mean cook if I say so myself J
Gosh this is hard can’t think of anything else I really love

  1. Material things I love include – shoes, wrist watches, dresses (esp black dresses), Boyshorts (can’t stand thongs really) shades (don’t get to wear it much cos I wear glasses), earrings (can’t ever do without this) & my blackberry of course nothing else I crave materially surprisingly enough
  1. I love studying – whew, I knew there was something I was missing…. I love  books, I love learning, I love school (hence going back) & I guess reading novels can be included here … its all part of this need to finish a book, including textbooks cover-cover…. I think I have this need to appear smart and knowledgeable about all topics ( thank God for Google & Wikipedia)
  2. I love smiles…. I love those who make me smile, hence my love for kids, they bring so much to my heart…my love for trying new things & dancing, there's so much joy gotten there & you can' help but smile….hence my love for comedy esp romantic comedies, so much laughter & smiles…..hence my love for traveling, I love the smiles when I get to my destination & the smiles when I return (do u get?) and why I like him, hes’s always smiling
Whew, thank you Jesus, nearly cracked my brain doing this… I tag, Nogobelieve, Tricia, NogoBlog, Tisha, Audeo, & akaBagguci….enjoy

Now on to why I am a good girl…..always being a good girl…my dad beat the devil out of me (I have the marks to prove it still)…I wont beat my kids like that, but it worked on me… I meet this boy a couple days ago & y’all know me I’m overly friendly, I try to be careful about that cos I don’t want to come off as a flirt…but nywhoo, we exchange pins(why the hell I did that, I don’t know) & like the next day he says something about hi love & he talks a lot about us seeing… we were to do a movie yday after much persuasion so when I tell him this morning that I had a cold & cough, hence slept off early & couldn’t make it – he goes “good cos I may have kissed you”….. HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!! The boy has a gf I might add & he is not fine (AT ALL) & yes I’m that vain, my guy has to be good looking…& then I ask him about his gf & he goes “why the jokes are too much?” “I’m like yea a lil, I don’t think I will want my man doing the same really & he goes well I wouldn’t tell & sends me a wink”….R u kidding me? R u kidding me? R u kidding me? And when I say seen, he goes Good Girl huh?” “And I’m like Hell Yeah”!!!! I wanna be a good girl die….I AM A GOOD GIRL!!! I haven’t had sex in close to two years (surely that makes me a good girl) I hardly ever curse, I respect my mummy & my daddy, I don’t steal & I try not to lie, I haven’t killed anybody yet & I have never looked for a guy based on his money or status….yes I am a good girl… & God forbid that I will be this fools side chic or muse, or kele, or whatever they call this thing these days…. I cannot believe the effrontery of this guy…. I can’t believe he saw my face & thot, this girl is cool & will be down… I’m so mad, I could shoot him & me don’t play games….so watch me become the epitome of BITCH!! Just what the doctors ordered for him I believe….ode boy

I hate death - i utterly do and though i did not know Da Grin, i loved his body of work. I love that he inspired a whole culture to love their language. I'm angry i will never get to see him, was going to pull major strings to meet him. I hate that death has so much power over us. But i thank God for a life well spent true it all. I'm 23 and i know i am unaccomplished compared to him. So i guess the lesson here is follow your dream, follow your heart, go after what you want with ruthless abandon. Leave absolutely no room for regrets, i can't stress this enough and if you see the quote i have at the top of my blog, let that be your walking principle and above all PRAISE GOD, be for GOD, don't be deceived, there is Heaven and Hell, its real. 

#thatisall .... Have a great weekend guys

P.S I Love you

Monday, April 19, 2010

#Music Monday - Break UP II by BB

Hello Guys....How are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend....mine was just horrible, with the only good thing being i met a fellow blogger...can you guess? I doubt it, so imma just tell you....finally met miss TAYNE MENT.... i was so happy to meet her, she is even more awesome in person, and she was very sweet to me and the best friend, you will think i was her baby....she won't let me put up any pictures though :(.... can't wait to meet the rest of you guys....we should totally do a blogsville for party for real

This is the 100th post i have been screaming about, but i couldn't think of anything wonderful to do...i've lost my mojo lately i tell you....but BB was very kind to do another Music Monday for me, i'm truly miss Tayne Ment sent me one too, like she knew i was in a funk, so that will be up next week and i have 3 other people lined up for Music Monday.... i'm very excited

About the last post.... 28 comments, you guys just rock...big kiss all around....but guys, it was just a selection of songs o...i'm not getting married anytime soon....a month ago i would have told you i'm not getting married till i was 28 or sumn, but i cant honestly say that, with that said...thanks guys, you always want the best for me and i appreciate that

Lets get into the music....

BB speaks : Everybody at one time or another, may have or is going thru a break up of some kind. We tend to deal with these "break up" feelings in different ways.....Luckily, a certain song, old or present, describes our present emotions, and perfectly puts it into words.  We think the song was written specifically for us..thats what good music touches the soul. Hope you like the selection...Have a good week

Jagged Edge _ Goodbye this song and the remix as well, the best remix of a song i've ever heard

Heather Headley _ I wish i wasn't Heather Headley really, her voice is awesome

Hall & Oates _ She's gone .....Oldie but the song

Mario ft Ludacris _ Get Out just wanna curse and bang your head along with this song

Whitney Houston _ Its not right but its ok ......when Whitney was the shit

Maxwell _ Pretty Wings ..... what is a break - up selection without this song? bitter sweet song

Darey _ Not the girl.... Neefe can't stand this song...i personally think its decent, and the video was nice

Donell Jones _ Where i wanna be ... I call this a pre - break up has the best line tho "but when you love someone you just don't treat them bad"

Neefemi speaks....that its guys...i love them songs, its funny even if you are not broken hearted there is something appealing about the songs or is it just me?....i'm very jaded about love, so maybe thats why i love them... heheheh what do you think? wishing you guys a wonderful rest of the week...its going to be a rather long week for me...Sunday can't come fast enough...sigh*** anyhoo, be good ....muahhhhhhhhhh

P.s Check out my interview with one of my fav artists BEAZY ... ....let me know what you think about the tracks too


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#MusicMonday – Wedding Songs

Hello y'all….. I'm back….lol, not like I ever left….I'm too in love with blogsville men….I keep wondering when I will get tired…I've decided that I won't get tired but I guess my followers will change, cos y'all will be tired of me…. But yea, the exam went well, it was my sisters bday as well yesterday so all in all, I was glad….1000/1600…I tried abi….I'm not that smart jo ….How was y'alls weekend tho? I hope you all are doing good…kisses all around…o but none for Roc…he is no longer my blog crush jo, the boy is always hiding….y'all can like to introduce me to new mysterious male bloggers, with a writing skill like no other especially when it comes to sex &/romance…..hehhehehh ….Good luck to those in school as you start your exams btw, it is well with you all…..o and my next post will be my 100th, you all have not said what I should do o…so whatever you see, that's ok abi….goodie

So the reason why we are here today is for an exclusive look into my playlist for my wedding day. No there are no wedding bells ringing anywhere and never mind that I can't tell you what I want my wedding to look like, no idea for cake or dress…can the man just come, that's all I ask….but I for sure know what I want to hear sha….I wasn't going to do this, cos there is some kind of wedding/relationship bug on blogsville and I refuse to be sucked in…babes are still semi - single (me I want formal request to be girlfriend, is this wrong tell me people? I don't like to assume jo) and ain't complaining *wink*…..but then I heard the first song you are about to hear and I had tears in my eyes and I remembered that I was a girl…kmt!!!! So here we go guys enjoy

Gerald Levert – I was made to love you

Is there a better song? – can this like be the song I walk in with? …hehehhehehe

Keith Urban – Only you can love me this way

Need I say more….the words speak volumes, country music is still my best genre jo

Luther Vandross – Here and Now

Sigh* he shouldn't have died men…. This song is so special

I choose you: Mario's then Ryan Leslie's

So BB and I are on opposite sides on this…I want the one for my wedding and he wants the other for his….don't even ask why we were talking weddings. Smh
Nways can you guess which he picked and the one I picked…plus would really want to know which is better in your opinion….will tell u mines in the next post

And last but not least

Banky W ft Tynie – Till my dying day

Tuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee …..This is the song men *tears*

Omygosh…..such a girl!!!! Nways let me know what you all think….if you are married, what songs did u have on? And if you are not married what songs do you want not on this list?

#random: why is it that if u r dating someone say he's in Chicago and you live in NY, when he travels to Naij or London…you feel like he is far away & u miss him….ain't he far nways….

Sorry it's late guys, thank you for all the comments on the last post, especially miss glamtings and welcome to my new readers, hope u like what we do here


Monday, April 5, 2010

#Music Monday – POV

What it do folks?….again Happy Easter, hope you all had a nice break if you did have one …. America no dey celebrate Easter….May God forgive them….lol @ at my attempt to speak pidgin….i can't speak it for shit, my side of Surulere we spoke yoruba all the way, the Igbo's and Hausas all around were forced to speak and understand it too…that's how bad…..

So I'm sick again…. I knew there was a reason I was down the other night….I rarely get down, at least I try not to….. I could only stay at work for half a day (the money is paining me sha) ….at some point I sneezed 10 times in a row, and on my way back I thought I was going to have an accident cos I have to close my eyes while sneezing (is it possible to have your eyes open while sneezing?)

So before I share songs with you and as I type this I have no idea the songs I want to share with you....I'm sure it will come to me …. I feel the need to address this issue…. And this is my point of view, will love to hear your point of view….

Since the whole Chris Brown thing happened, I have abstained from talking about it…you all know I'm a breezy fan, he is a great artist and in my opinion a better artist than Rihianna …but with that said I have never and will never condone a man raising his hands on a woman….its' the most cowardly thing ever….one of the reasons I don't talk about it much is cos my parents had a very physical and I mean tear the house apart marriage…I will never forget the very last day they fought and my mum left and never came back….that memory is etched permanently in my brain, where I have been able to repress most of my childhood memories, that one won't go…. I should tell you the actual occurrence but that will be too long (I love both my parents die btw, they can do no wrong in my eyes)….maybe some other day…..anyhooo, so my friend on her fb had put up a post (btw can I add that it was from a no-name magazine) that had what it called the full details of what Chris Brown did and goes that's why she will always hate Breezy….. I'm like a year later, please drop this issue, there are women living this daily (my point being focus on the issue than on this particular incident)….and she goes on to tell me how disappointed she is in me for making light of the issue, she hates cruelty of every kind, she doesn't know anybody that has done that, and if she did she will never talk to them, her parents taught her to respect and love herself and not take anything from anyone……

This is my take….Breezy was in every sense of the word lucky ….and I say this because, the one time he hits her, it came out in public, he might think it ruined his life…but I say it saved him, cos he has had to deal with it, I bet u a million dollars, the possibility he will ever do this again is ZERO ….so people who keep saying they can't forgive him or they hate him…what happened to your Christian nature?….to err is human, to forgive is divine…. 

Females: before you all act like you independent and no man can do this and do that…. I implore you to learn to be calm….scenario (like a typical naija movie)….woman shouts "you this impotent man, you can't do this and you can't do that, you must kill me now o, we will enter the same pant" get a slap and it starts a fight…. Lets remove that foolishness from our behaviors, there is only so much prodding and pressing buttons a man can take before he lashes out…yes there are some men that are just possessed, and have that controlling thing in them….it's why it's so important to know who you marry, please take your time, choose carefully, God forbid any female who reads this today is ever married to such a man…. 

Males: walk away, walk away…. It's really that simple, if not for yourself, for your children….learn to control yourself, and realize that your partner is not your property (yes, you paid bride price, and then what?) likewise don't marry a nagging woman….if you are the jealous type, you need to let any female you with know, what ticks you off and makes you jealous….and if you know you have serious anger issues, please deal with them before you marry someone….. 

For those of us who are so concerned about abused women/children….don't sit down and talk about it, do something… become an advocate, go talk to them hear their stories, and while you are at it, listen to the stories of the abusive person....there are two sides to every story ….I especially want you to sit down and talk to women, who through it all, stayed and now they are enjoying their marriage (I'm not encouraging you to stay o)….I'm just saying let's stop being so judgmental, casting people into hell, forgetting that we all make mistakes, some worse than others and though you don't forget at least forgive

One of my fav artists in the world is Lagbaja….especially for the first song you are about to hear …..P.S. Miss Tayne Ment, I think you might have been right J ….enjoy guys

Never Far Away – for those in LDR's I'm sure you can relate

Feyin E – Put a smile on your face no matter condition

Skentele Skontolo – Never been more proud of my Native attire

Wishing you a great week guys, my exam is on Sunday….wish me luck, I hate applying for schools…so freaking long…..


Saturday, April 3, 2010


I think and I worry too much….I hate that I do that….although I haven't been so stressed in a while and I'm glad for that

Been very happy lately and I just knew that when I crashed it will be bad, today is that day….nothing happened, absolutely nothing too

My mum would say that's how the devil steals your joy and she's probably right

Hope the cough syrup I just took will knock me out real soon and by morning all will be well in my world

I need to go out more….I don't think it's normal for a 23yr old girl to not have gone out but once this year

Thing is my idea of going out, is travel to another country or state….no more clubbing… but fun stuff doesn't have to be at night either

Maybe this school idea is not so bad after all…..Only if I go to school and not work that way I can travel and stuff

I hate unreliable people….it drives me insane….every time I say this, people go "and you want to go to Nigeria?" sad

I have never seen myself in a wedding gown; I have envisioned myself pregnant, barefoot, looking pretty in a black flowing dress

Never seen myself in a wedding gown tho, but I see myself married…ummm who knows or at this rate cares?

Everybody can like to free this issue, not all females have that gene… my aunties have been in my mum's ear & thus she's telling me shit I don't want to hear

My best friend said her Ideal man has properties from like the 3 diff guys she's liked….I'm so opposite

My ideal man is the man I like at the moment….once it's over, he no longer ceases to be, infact he has nothing I'm looking for…does that make sense?

I want to do so much….so much..... I pray for some direction, babes are not getting any younger…. now is the time to rule the world, no?

Nways I think the meds are kicking in…. is this like the shortest post I've ever written?….no, I think there has been one before

Happy Easter……Thank God for he has risen and even death could not hold him captive….Hallelujah unto the Most High….

You don't have to comment….I understand that this is totally bull

P.S I Love you