Friday, April 23, 2010

10 things I love + I’m a good girl + RIP

How are you guys doing? I feel like its being a long time I have done an actual post, but thanks to a couple tags (Fabulola, TayneMent, Suru, Naked Sha, Lucidlilith, Blowing Blessings – Thanks Guys, Muah) plus something that happened to me I now have a lot to say – I will try not to make this long sha…

  1. I have to be like everyone & say GOD, Bros J (Jesus) & my guidance counselor the Holy Spirit….he has perfected my ways and keeps blessing me ridiculously, plus his last gift to me has kept me praising him & will continuously do so all the rest of my life
  2. Music – sometimes I have to ask God to forgive me, cos I feel like I love music more than him… I thank him for musicians, artists, songwriters, composers, producers, managers, everyone involved in music each day.
  3. My family and friends – my friends make up my family & my family makes up my friends if that even makes sense….for the support, encouragement, push, unconditional love… I cant say thank you enough
  4. Talking to him… he came @ the right time & I’ve never enjoyed conversations so….anything from music to politics to sports back to music….and o we haven’t met, so this is good, lol…I think …. I love intelligent conversations (turns me on)
  5. Writing…. I love writing, the release I get from speaking my mind, even when I’m judgmental, the joy of doing a music review, writing poetry or a short story, writing total B.S sometimes (thanks twitter) and hopefully start THE script with T.Notes soon(think he has given up on me, sowwwiieee)
  6. Which brings me to you guys…. I love, love Blogsville, can’t say  that enough, you are the absolute best…I’m sure I can’t thank you enough for what you do for me
  7. I love cooking…. I hate to eat ( chewing is just a long thing jo, I hope I don’t starve myself when I’m pregnant)…but I absolutely love to cook, especially seeing the satisfaction from those eating it…. I’m a mean cook if I say so myself J
Gosh this is hard can’t think of anything else I really love

  1. Material things I love include – shoes, wrist watches, dresses (esp black dresses), Boyshorts (can’t stand thongs really) shades (don’t get to wear it much cos I wear glasses), earrings (can’t ever do without this) & my blackberry of course nothing else I crave materially surprisingly enough
  1. I love studying – whew, I knew there was something I was missing…. I love  books, I love learning, I love school (hence going back) & I guess reading novels can be included here … its all part of this need to finish a book, including textbooks cover-cover…. I think I have this need to appear smart and knowledgeable about all topics ( thank God for Google & Wikipedia)
  2. I love smiles…. I love those who make me smile, hence my love for kids, they bring so much to my heart…my love for trying new things & dancing, there's so much joy gotten there & you can' help but smile….hence my love for comedy esp romantic comedies, so much laughter & smiles…..hence my love for traveling, I love the smiles when I get to my destination & the smiles when I return (do u get?) and why I like him, hes’s always smiling
Whew, thank you Jesus, nearly cracked my brain doing this… I tag, Nogobelieve, Tricia, NogoBlog, Tisha, Audeo, & akaBagguci….enjoy

Now on to why I am a good girl…..always being a good girl…my dad beat the devil out of me (I have the marks to prove it still)…I wont beat my kids like that, but it worked on me… I meet this boy a couple days ago & y’all know me I’m overly friendly, I try to be careful about that cos I don’t want to come off as a flirt…but nywhoo, we exchange pins(why the hell I did that, I don’t know) & like the next day he says something about hi love & he talks a lot about us seeing… we were to do a movie yday after much persuasion so when I tell him this morning that I had a cold & cough, hence slept off early & couldn’t make it – he goes “good cos I may have kissed you”….. HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!! The boy has a gf I might add & he is not fine (AT ALL) & yes I’m that vain, my guy has to be good looking…& then I ask him about his gf & he goes “why the jokes are too much?” “I’m like yea a lil, I don’t think I will want my man doing the same really & he goes well I wouldn’t tell & sends me a wink”….R u kidding me? R u kidding me? R u kidding me? And when I say seen, he goes Good Girl huh?” “And I’m like Hell Yeah”!!!! I wanna be a good girl die….I AM A GOOD GIRL!!! I haven’t had sex in close to two years (surely that makes me a good girl) I hardly ever curse, I respect my mummy & my daddy, I don’t steal & I try not to lie, I haven’t killed anybody yet & I have never looked for a guy based on his money or status….yes I am a good girl… & God forbid that I will be this fools side chic or muse, or kele, or whatever they call this thing these days…. I cannot believe the effrontery of this guy…. I can’t believe he saw my face & thot, this girl is cool & will be down… I’m so mad, I could shoot him & me don’t play games….so watch me become the epitome of BITCH!! Just what the doctors ordered for him I believe….ode boy

I hate death - i utterly do and though i did not know Da Grin, i loved his body of work. I love that he inspired a whole culture to love their language. I'm angry i will never get to see him, was going to pull major strings to meet him. I hate that death has so much power over us. But i thank God for a life well spent true it all. I'm 23 and i know i am unaccomplished compared to him. So i guess the lesson here is follow your dream, follow your heart, go after what you want with ruthless abandon. Leave absolutely no room for regrets, i can't stress this enough and if you see the quote i have at the top of my blog, let that be your walking principle and above all PRAISE GOD, be for GOD, don't be deceived, there is Heaven and Hell, its real. 

#thatisall .... Have a great weekend guys

P.S I Love you


  1. Hehe, your list is interesting.

  2. Your good girl story! Neefe, I love you!
    LOL aww..the guy is silly though.
    At least, he would respect you - that's all that matters.
    And Da Grin ... my first husband you know.
    I vowed not to leave any comments sooo... but it hurts.
    It does.

  3. Two things in common am a poor eater..really poor. I eat to taste not to get satisfied and i hate death. :(
    that dude be trippin' like for real.
    P.s with your description it means am also a good girl ;) Love u

  4. teach me how to not want to eat :(

  5. I love food die! Although a lil gizmo frying here and burning there..and now "you must come with an adult into the kitchen" hehe.
    Interestting list btw.
    Good girl stays good ;)

  6. nice i needed this men was a good girl tryin to gt bck on track even tryin to define my own good girl

  7. Always find you engaging so I keep coming back for me.
    Love your list.

  8. First time viewing your blog... lol @ #7. I'm sure if you had to list more than 10 you would have come up with more stuff.

    RIP DaGrin.... can't eva forget that his laff...

  9. I love your ten things, one person who doesn't like eating or food it seems, lol.

    BTW, How come there are these guys who just want to push the envelope? Please just check out Stings post, yours is even small. pschew to all of them.

    RIP to DaGrin.

  10. Good girl in the house. Give the stupid guy what for, 'he be crazy'
    Thanks for the tag

    Recently heard dagrin was in an action but the stupid press said he was getting better and now i hear he's dead, so sad.

  11. thank God I wasn't tagged!

    ... close to 2 yrs?does dt make u a good girl?u really got me cracking up immediately i read dt part.

    hanks 4 stopping by mine.

  12. Loving the list and I'm glad you told that guy off; good for you! Why do some guys act like women are just going to lay down and spread em' because they're interested? I don't get it.

  13. Lol. The guy's an obvious douche. :-( I curse when i'm angry/carried away. That make me a bad girl?

  14. i'm a good girl too :) lol
    good girls unite!
    and death does have so much power over us ...may his soul RIP

  15. wow! what a list you got there,girl :-))

    n yes,I gotta confirm that you really are a good girl o.

  16. nahhhh i still don't believe u'r a good girl;)Good girls dnt b convincing folks that they r "good". Bsyds,u dnt want me spilling how we...last summer???Evil Wink!

    lol!U know i'm right up infront of the folks who believe you jare!

    As per the guy,if u want me2 handle him4 u,just give d word!I'll be lifting lead n waiting ur reply.

    As per our project,hmmm its kicking off hot in ur absence,so kindly tell nifty neefemi that i need her back in the kitchen b4 i burn myself!
    Will mail u drafts soon and we'll talk.

    da grin. real sad.

  17. missed u girl..and i love your ten things..

  18. BABE!!! Let me say that again BABE!! its like ur in my head wat the deuce!!! Sometimes i swear down guys make me want to shoot sommin, peep what i wrote in my blog last week [its a private blog not glamtings]:
    Break in transmission please. If you send somebody a bbm saying Babieeeeeee and the person replies 2 hrs later with a 'hi' would you reply the next day with a 'sweetieeeeeeeeee'? If the same person replies 4 hrs later with a 'hey' would u know reply the next day with a 'hey sexieeee'? Are you really that thick? Then you text again the next day saying hey babe...the reply this time takes 6 hrs where upon i say sorry been busy cos i kinda feel bad...but then u make me feel better about my reaction to u cos u reply with a 'come let me give u a massage'. Silly twit. How do you think telling me 'Your a beautiful babe and gangster too...too purrfect' is a compliment? Am i overreacting here? Especially when you dont know ME LIKE THAT. I understand if thats the way you r used to talking to girls but if i dont respond like other girls surely you should stop and check yourself. But no u dont, just keep barrelling forward until ur ass gets deleted. Keep going you are on the right track.KMT

    Lol so do u see why im totally feeling this week's post? I wish you were in Cardiff we would have been bestos i swear.
    Have a great week n yea RIP Da Grin


  19. Just stumbled upon your blog. Lovely write up.

  20. RIP Da Grin...didn't know him that well either but he sure was talented...
    Dude is a moron! teach him a lesson he won't be in a hurry to forget!

  21. @Nakedsha - Thank you ma :)

    @Moyo....awww i love you too dear, pele i know how much you love him, may his soul RIP in major tripping, we just have to be thankful to God always....& good girls unite heheheh, love you

    @TayneMent - eating is good for your metabolism o, thats why i can't lose the weight fast now

    @Juanita - lol, sha don't kill yourself & thanks - yes o , good girl stays good

    @barefeet - lol, glad you like it & as long as you are comfortable in your skin, then you are a good girl

    @sosexy - awwwwww thank you

    @OPE - welcome & thank you &hmmmm i don't know about that o, it was hard men...may his soul RIP

    @Myne - yes o, weird like that...thank you ma...boys r just silly really, its disgusting ...may his soul RIP

    @Tisha - lol, good girls unite & yea its a terrible tragedy

    @musco - lol, i won't forget next time & glad i made you laugh... u welcome

    @Nogobelieve - thank you ma & i don't get it either men

    @24yroldteenager - he is & lmao, i think thats allowed

    @Eve - heheheh, yes o we united....yea men, RIP Dagrin

    @My world - :), glad u like ma & yaaayyy me heheh

    @T. Notes - lol, joker lomo, you are funny and don't worry the boy has been dealt with, trust me and get at me boy i'm excited....may his soul RIP

    @histreasure - i missed you too ma, thank you

    @glamtings - omygosh, omygosh - its like you were here when it happened, like really there are plenty boys like him around the world?...swear down this was how it went down for real....talking about i don't want to come off as a pest, boy stop i need to come visit so we can hang or whenever you drop by this part of the world, it should be too much fun for real...and send me the link to the private yea, i want to see the terror you cause on there heheheheh

    @Mamuje - thanks ma, i'll be visiting yours as well

    @Nolimit - he was, may his soul RIP and yes i did, lol...thanks ma

  22. Lol im gettin u ToTally! A visit will be bunz as abdul mumu has spoilt all my chances of getting this visa at least this yr lol. I'll get ur email from GlamTings n send u an invite to view kizzesss

  23. Wait, wait, juat hold on one sec, "YOU CAN'T STAND THONGS??!!!" Chai, Neefemi u fall my hand sha.

  24. @glamtings - i know right, that stupid money miss road boy, mschewwww. ok love, looking forward to it...muah

    @Sugarking - lol, i didn't say i don't wear it, i said i don't like it in comparison to boy shorts... lol

  25. LoL ive sent it check your hotmail x

  26. seriously mehn
    guys could be daft wth!

  27. U love to cook but don't like eating.... wow! Well its good news for your future husband..and children, they'll have a lot to eat..

    And 4 d guy, abeg pity him na. HE's probably had his way before wif some oda... Just teach him to open his eyes well....


  28. @Chi-Chi - as in??? no explanation men

    @Adekunle - lol, thats what everyone always says...and lol, exactly thats what i was trying to do....miss u hon


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