Friday, April 30, 2010

It is Well With You

So three posts in one week…. I seem to be on a roll…..Hi guys, how are you doing? Thank you all so very much for the comments on my last post, it appears I need to clarify some things, but I don’t want to do that now, so maybe Monday…all you anonymous folks can like to identify yourselves now(I wanna know)….but again like I said thanks

Yesterday, I felt this need to listen to Kirk Franklin's “The Fight of my Life Album” …if you ask me, this is the best Christian album hands down; every song for a different phase of life. I’m not one to preach, I often fear I’m sinning by not actually telling people about God cos he specifically asked that we do that, he asked us to bear fruits. But I hope that somehow what you see in me, what you see in my life, shows you my God & touches you. I hope that me being nice (at least trying to, truth is I’m a BITCH), encouraging love, honesty, trust, pushing and praying for you to succeed, somehow helping to be the motivation/inspiration you need & overcoming all the trials I face (that you all certainly know about, cos my mouth is too big) and even when I fall down & complain & cry & sin. You can see the God in me.

I don’t know who this message is for today; I just know it’s for someone. Even if its one person, God wants you to hold on, he needs you to not give up right now, though it’s the hardest time, your miracle is about to take place. And for you that needs to get back in touch with him & you think your sin is too much, he wants you to know that “amoye”, your sin is small in comparison and he has already washed it away, if you will just believe. I hope these songs help you, I hope they touch you in all the right places, for someone out there I hope you cry, and cry your heart out, because through that will come a great peace from the God who giveth peace that passes all human understanding and unfathomable joy. Your blessing is on the way and rest believe that God has just started with you….muah

If you click on the heading you will get the lyrics to each song, I thought it might help if you could see what was being said/sung

Ended on a happy note, I hope….. Wishing you a fantastic weekend



  1. yay!!! i'm first, i felt so dejected today but this post and the songs definately made my day and love you too neefemi!!

  2. This post was def for me! Thanks hun...have a fab wkend! God bless

  3. fact. God bless u. Those songs are just refreshing. "I can't take another day without You."

  4. Yep,been feelig down all week, now I'm hsppy again! Thanks :), same to you too.

  5. thanks love for sharing tis. feeling elevated already.

  6. yep i agree on it being an amazing album. its been 2 yrs since i bought it and everytime i hear a song its like i am hearing it for eth frist time again.

  7. The album is ill.
    Thanks for sharing and I'm definite you r no b***h.

  8. I love you so much right now, I came here from Jaycee's FB status. Thanks for sharing this message. Have a blessed weekend too.

  9. You know you are such an inspiration I wonder how you do it.
    I know you will say its God but really, how DO you do it?

  10. Lol.. *sigh* so I cried.
    I cried because this past week, I've been down but I've been hiding it. I'm like the most depressed person I know but I know how to hide it. Bad but oh well.
    I'm kinda stronger now. *sigh* I know I say it too much but who is a human being without YOU in their life?
    Mennnn, I'm in love with you Neefe.
    You ARE an inspiration and you're on the list right after my mom now. Don't move up tho, stay there, hehe :p
    Amazing lady like you, you're blessed

  11. Nice, thanks for the uplifting words. New to blogsville. Check out my blog thanks Lemme know what you think...

  12. I'll be saving this post for the days when I'm down. Thank you : )

  13. love your blog. been reading for a day or so (u talk a lot). love the songs. Ur inspiring. much love.

  14. @lalah - awww thats great, i'm glad - muah

    @Blowing Blessings - no problem ma, i'm glad, hope your weekend was great as well

    @Jaycee - Amen, thanks and God Bless you too ma :)

    @Juanita - you welcome honey, i'm really glad xxx

    @Fragilelooks - my pleasure ma, and i'm glad xxx

    @Reverence - i know right, its just awesome, thanks for dropping by

    @lani - it sure is & awwwww thanks sir, hope your weekend was awesome

    @Myne - i love you ma, it was my pleasure, hope your weekend was great

    @Fabulola - like i told you before this made me cry & yes my answer will be God(lol), i really can't say anything else - thank u so much ma, i really appreciate it MUAH

    @Moyo - awwww my baby thank you so much, i love you and you know you can always talk to me if you need to, Amen and God Bless you. MUAH

    @Piscean Gem - welcome and will make sure to follow you, thank you for stopping by i appreciate it

    @Nogobelieve - awww you welcome my sweets :)

    @Kennisblegad - OMG *covers face in shame* lol, and you havent died yet? hehehe i know i do talk a lot, i'm trying. Thank you so much tho, i really appreciate the time you did that & you saying that. will be following your blog as well. much love

    ---- I appreciate you all so very much, thank you and God Bless you

  15. Thank have done well with this post

  16. "The Fight of my Life Album"???
    I need this album!!

    "Jesus.. Do you still remember my name?"

  17. @Nutty J - Thank you dear

    @RocNaija - Do you want it? i know thats my fav line of the album

  18. i have read just one post i did enjoy it. your blog name attracted me, like it.
    i have heard the songs before and they really touched me. thanks for sharing

  19. @Life around me - thank you so much ma


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