Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Disney, bitch!! by TayneMent

Just because I had some free time on my hands and this idea came to me in class(yes, I am a bad student), I thought I’d share. As some of you may know,  I am not picky about music, I’ll listen to a whole bunch of stuff regardless of age, sex or gender lol. Which may explain why I still have a fondness for boybands. Anyways, some of you may not be particularly interested in today’s theme, I came up with so many options for a title for this post and I couldn’t settle for one, so if Neefemi allows the language I ended up with – It’s Disney, bitch!. LOL. Well snort or laugh all you want these Disney people rule the world and there is proof all around. Below are some of the songs that are by artists from the school of Disney that I actually like, bear with me and just listen to some.

She annoys the heck outta me. I hate the way she sounds when she talks and I think she says a lot of crap but I have to admit that I like this song, If nothing else just look up the lyrics, they are quite inspirational.

Miley Cyrus – The Climb
She was the first lady in the whole High School Musical series (Yes, I watched it, I know I am an agbaya). Her music never really took off as much as other Disney peeps but I actually liked her song.

Vanessa Hudgens – Say Ok

I don’t know why but everytime I see her, I always think of a lollipop, maybe it has to do with her head to her body. Anyways, currently playing on the airwaves, this song grew on me and I like it.

Selena Gomez – Naturally
The original Disney queen, song wasn’t bad when it was released and I liked it. We got to hear it over and over as the theme song to Laguna Beach.

Hillary Duff – Come Clean
Finally, what is a Disney mention without the Jo Bros? If you don’t know who they are, well you might have been under a rock.

Jonas Brothers – Burning up
Hope this gave you guys a chuckle, please my fellow agbayas don’t hesitate to show yourself so I know I’m not crazy. Happy Monday and have a lovely week!

Neefemi speaks: if you can't already tell by now, TayneMent is like my fav person in the world... I can't even thank her enough cos i din't even ask her to do this before she did....and its so genius imma do a part 2, cos imma a major Disney, Nickelodeon & Abc family fiend...who saw Beauty & the briefcase (Hilary Duff) so cuutttteee..... i'mma sucker for romantic comedies/drama whatever - at least true love seems possible after watching like 2 until reality hits, lol

This weekend i was just down, was feeling dissatisfied with life and not even music could help...and then Sunday night, hooked up with a twitter friend....turned out to be a gentleman & cute & could carry a conversation.....i'm pimping him out, if anyone is interested, let me know...He's an Engineer, lol...he so did not ask me to do this, but seeing as i can't have him, i thought i would share (never mind that i dont know if he is single or not, lol) ......And today has been good, been listening to music at work all day and sweardown, music might yet be the death of me....and gosh some of these songs, i shouldn't know the words to...but i do (covers my head in shame) God forgive me sha

So everybody was quick to talk about Beyonce attending Bella (now nee) Adenuga's wedding, i don't hear you and all your rotten mouths saying anything now that she didn't show, people cursed the man for nothing and don't get me wrong not like i support what in my opinion would have been a waste of money (i'm very cheap, give me the money, for my future children please), but #isityourmoney? what is your own? and why couldn't you just wait to talk after the wedding...again like i said, i ain't hearing folks chat shit now....SMH!!!

I had a great relationship with my dad growing up until everything pafukad(lol, whatever the hell i'm trying to say) but when i think of my future i often pray that my daughter (never mind that i don't want a girl) but if i do have one, i want her to have the best of relationships with her dad...i want them to be best-friends, and i often see her on his feet dancing & i pray that he never disappoints her... i think its very important cos tho i seen all the evil my dad did...he made me feel like a star so i never went to a man looking for affection, looking for love, attention or money...through it all my dad is my #1fan and the same can be said for all my sisters...infact if anything, no offense, boys/men are playthings to dad just kinda made us realize that men are abundant in the world, it was a matter of picking one but most importantly picking the right one, no offense but somewhat opposite of him, lol

Please tell me you have all read Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart..... i actually know two people, Nigerians for that matter that haven't read it...#epicfail .....This book is a required book to read for students here and as of 2009 was #14 on Top 100 book, meta-list....get a copy if you haven't...its really a shame to not have read it, even if you don't like reading

Have a great week



  1. Just sayin Hi Hun! And I wanted to be furst :)

  2. Ohhhhh DANG!!!!!Was already dreaming of dancing all over the comment page singing "YES YESS YESSSS FIRST AT LAST!!!!!!"
    Ohhh Dang!!!!!Lol, ok back to the music!
    Hahaha Nickelodeon Dayssss: Remember Kenan n Kel?!!!!Who loves Orange Juice, Kel Loves Orange Juice, I do I do I do ooooo!!!!Oooh gosh, Dayssss!!!

  3. Wait u went out with someone u met on twitter? Omo, I have to re-activate my account sharply! It seems there's "levels" to be harvested there!

    And what's that "I can't have him" thing? and ur pimping him out?? Babe re-consider o!

  4. agbaya!! lol, ain't no shame in our game jor, i even watch suite life of zach and cody. I can not stand miley cyrus at all, and ditto on sugarking's question why can't you have this dashing engineer?

    I LOVE THEM alll
    SUE ME!!!!!

  6. I have read the book, it was a requirement here at some point in high school. So i wish every other dad was like yours, i like the part where you say 'boys are like play things'..
    In regards to the music,Hilary will do.

  7. that's the only miley cyrus song i think i've listened to.. thanks to x-factor.. but i loooved the words though..

  8. I love Miley Cyrus, yes I am an Agbaya Hanna Montana Fan, lol. I'm not big on her music though , much prefer the movies.

  9. i read things fall apart wen i was 8. my mum usd to b a literature freak. Stil love tat buk. SUGARKING: JEALOUSY. LMAO

  10. yeah for me i am ashamed to say i love miranda cosgrove's kissing you lol and i wont deny i am a big icarly

  11. I love miley cyrus, jonas brothers, hilary duff and all those disney pips, if that makes me agbaya, too bad cos that is me.

    Bella is married, i'll google it, beyonce was there, o goodie. I love beyonce even though she had to go and marry that fool/devil worshipper jayzee.

    I pray my 'gal' will love and have a good r/ship with her dad too.
    This is good neefemi!

    U a pimp now? i am kidding!

  12. Ok, I love Miley Cyrus!Uhu..I'm playing her right now so..You and me one..
    Babe hook me up oh, I'm
    Generally love your post o jare..
    Tk care

  13. @Nogo - hi honey

    @T.Notes - lol, i loved Kenan and Kel as well, lol at the daysss

    @Sugarking - yes i did and it was nice, i feel like its a better way to meet people than fb funny enough....and i can't cos i'm involved with someone else

    @lalah - i love zack & cody, heheheh & i can't date the dashing Engineer o cos i have someone

    @BBB - i'm with you jare, lol

    @Tricia - thats good, and awww thanks...yea i like Hilary as well

    @akabaggucci - yea i really like the words to the songs as well, very uplifting

    @Myne - totally agree with you

    @fragilelooks - i know right can't rbr how old i was just that i was mad young and my mum is a literature freak, but it was a good lesson

    @formerly stealth reader - totally no shame in that, i'm a disney freak so i'm with you

    @Tisha - lol, you are so funny, Amen to your prayer & yes o, i am heheheh

    @2cute4u - lol, where do you stay, lets see what we can do...and thanks ma


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