Monday, April 19, 2010

#Music Monday - Break UP II by BB

Hello Guys....How are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend....mine was just horrible, with the only good thing being i met a fellow blogger...can you guess? I doubt it, so imma just tell you....finally met miss TAYNE MENT.... i was so happy to meet her, she is even more awesome in person, and she was very sweet to me and the best friend, you will think i was her baby....she won't let me put up any pictures though :(.... can't wait to meet the rest of you guys....we should totally do a blogsville for party for real

This is the 100th post i have been screaming about, but i couldn't think of anything wonderful to do...i've lost my mojo lately i tell you....but BB was very kind to do another Music Monday for me, i'm truly miss Tayne Ment sent me one too, like she knew i was in a funk, so that will be up next week and i have 3 other people lined up for Music Monday.... i'm very excited

About the last post.... 28 comments, you guys just rock...big kiss all around....but guys, it was just a selection of songs o...i'm not getting married anytime soon....a month ago i would have told you i'm not getting married till i was 28 or sumn, but i cant honestly say that, with that said...thanks guys, you always want the best for me and i appreciate that

Lets get into the music....

BB speaks : Everybody at one time or another, may have or is going thru a break up of some kind. We tend to deal with these "break up" feelings in different ways.....Luckily, a certain song, old or present, describes our present emotions, and perfectly puts it into words.  We think the song was written specifically for us..thats what good music touches the soul. Hope you like the selection...Have a good week

Jagged Edge _ Goodbye this song and the remix as well, the best remix of a song i've ever heard

Heather Headley _ I wish i wasn't Heather Headley really, her voice is awesome

Hall & Oates _ She's gone .....Oldie but the song

Mario ft Ludacris _ Get Out just wanna curse and bang your head along with this song

Whitney Houston _ Its not right but its ok ......when Whitney was the shit

Maxwell _ Pretty Wings ..... what is a break - up selection without this song? bitter sweet song

Darey _ Not the girl.... Neefe can't stand this song...i personally think its decent, and the video was nice

Donell Jones _ Where i wanna be ... I call this a pre - break up has the best line tho "but when you love someone you just don't treat them bad"

Neefemi speaks....that its guys...i love them songs, its funny even if you are not broken hearted there is something appealing about the songs or is it just me?....i'm very jaded about love, so maybe thats why i love them... heheheh what do you think? wishing you guys a wonderful rest of the week...its going to be a rather long week for me...Sunday can't come fast enough...sigh*** anyhoo, be good ....muahhhhhhhhhh

P.s Check out my interview with one of my fav artists BEAZY ... ....let me know what you think about the tracks too



  1. You never know you might meet someone who will sweep you off your feet before that time..
    I love your selection esp. on Maxwell.
    Have a great week dear.

  2. Congrats on the 100th post, finally!

  3. Man there is something about Darey that is just offputting. Funny, i was thinking about break up songs - Eamon's is still the funniest and angriest.

  4. congrats on a 100 music mondays (abi?). Abeg do and come and interview me o!!! I'm a producer o!!!

  5. These are some of my fave songs...I second Taynement tho..Eamon's always comes to mind first! Have a good week!

  6. There are a few of my best songs in there. Nice...

  7. Ah Ah! Where were you that you met Taynement? Im jealous o!

  8. I pick ''Its not right but its OK...''

    I just love the song...I sing it for everything negative...even a mosquito bite.

    Congrats on ur 100 post...when I grow up, I'll get to 100 posts just like u.

  9. I'd go for Maxwell..hehe just coz he's fine!

  10. lol@nutty J...when i grow up...!!!Same here;')

  11. I wanna meet a blogger! Nice song selections...

  12. Hey Nee. I'll hit u a mail soon n then u'v gotta spill!As per the project, yeah,. i'd update u on that when i mail.
    Cheers Cheers

  13. 100TH post?Congrats girl!
    Take it easy..
    Take care

  14. Congrats on post 100! It's not easy and you're so consistent with it!

    Do you know this is my first time seeing that Maxwell video and hearing those other songs? What would I do without you, seriously?

  15. @Tricia... this is true, thanks darling

    @Nakedsha.... thanks ma

    @TM - you can say that again, i think its cos he tries too hard & yes i agree with u Eamon's the worst still

    @Sugarking - thanks sir and will do, expect mail soon ok

    @Ms O....i know right and it has nothing to do with you being brokenhearted & Eamon's is just a classic

    @Myne....thanks ma, i will let him know

    @Fabulo-la ....she lives in Dallas & i'm in Houston and she was in town for the weekend...hopefully i get to meet you soon as well, she won't let me

    @Nutty J @ even for mosquito bite, thats jokes and thank you very much ma

    @Juanita - isn't he so pretty?

    @T.Notes... lol, joker and looking forward to the mail

    @Suru....hopefully we meet soon, and thanks will tell BB

    @2cute4u.... thank you so much ma

    @Nogobelieve.... thank you very much ma, and its my pleasure well really BB had the song choices so i will tell him you loved them ;)


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