Monday, April 5, 2010

#Music Monday – POV

What it do folks?….again Happy Easter, hope you all had a nice break if you did have one …. America no dey celebrate Easter….May God forgive them….lol @ at my attempt to speak pidgin….i can't speak it for shit, my side of Surulere we spoke yoruba all the way, the Igbo's and Hausas all around were forced to speak and understand it too…that's how bad…..

So I'm sick again…. I knew there was a reason I was down the other night….I rarely get down, at least I try not to….. I could only stay at work for half a day (the money is paining me sha) ….at some point I sneezed 10 times in a row, and on my way back I thought I was going to have an accident cos I have to close my eyes while sneezing (is it possible to have your eyes open while sneezing?)

So before I share songs with you and as I type this I have no idea the songs I want to share with you....I'm sure it will come to me …. I feel the need to address this issue…. And this is my point of view, will love to hear your point of view….

Since the whole Chris Brown thing happened, I have abstained from talking about it…you all know I'm a breezy fan, he is a great artist and in my opinion a better artist than Rihianna …but with that said I have never and will never condone a man raising his hands on a woman….its' the most cowardly thing ever….one of the reasons I don't talk about it much is cos my parents had a very physical and I mean tear the house apart marriage…I will never forget the very last day they fought and my mum left and never came back….that memory is etched permanently in my brain, where I have been able to repress most of my childhood memories, that one won't go…. I should tell you the actual occurrence but that will be too long (I love both my parents die btw, they can do no wrong in my eyes)….maybe some other day…..anyhooo, so my friend on her fb had put up a post (btw can I add that it was from a no-name magazine) that had what it called the full details of what Chris Brown did and goes that's why she will always hate Breezy….. I'm like a year later, please drop this issue, there are women living this daily (my point being focus on the issue than on this particular incident)….and she goes on to tell me how disappointed she is in me for making light of the issue, she hates cruelty of every kind, she doesn't know anybody that has done that, and if she did she will never talk to them, her parents taught her to respect and love herself and not take anything from anyone……

This is my take….Breezy was in every sense of the word lucky ….and I say this because, the one time he hits her, it came out in public, he might think it ruined his life…but I say it saved him, cos he has had to deal with it, I bet u a million dollars, the possibility he will ever do this again is ZERO ….so people who keep saying they can't forgive him or they hate him…what happened to your Christian nature?….to err is human, to forgive is divine…. 

Females: before you all act like you independent and no man can do this and do that…. I implore you to learn to be calm….scenario (like a typical naija movie)….woman shouts "you this impotent man, you can't do this and you can't do that, you must kill me now o, we will enter the same pant" get a slap and it starts a fight…. Lets remove that foolishness from our behaviors, there is only so much prodding and pressing buttons a man can take before he lashes out…yes there are some men that are just possessed, and have that controlling thing in them….it's why it's so important to know who you marry, please take your time, choose carefully, God forbid any female who reads this today is ever married to such a man…. 

Males: walk away, walk away…. It's really that simple, if not for yourself, for your children….learn to control yourself, and realize that your partner is not your property (yes, you paid bride price, and then what?) likewise don't marry a nagging woman….if you are the jealous type, you need to let any female you with know, what ticks you off and makes you jealous….and if you know you have serious anger issues, please deal with them before you marry someone….. 

For those of us who are so concerned about abused women/children….don't sit down and talk about it, do something… become an advocate, go talk to them hear their stories, and while you are at it, listen to the stories of the abusive person....there are two sides to every story ….I especially want you to sit down and talk to women, who through it all, stayed and now they are enjoying their marriage (I'm not encouraging you to stay o)….I'm just saying let's stop being so judgmental, casting people into hell, forgetting that we all make mistakes, some worse than others and though you don't forget at least forgive

One of my fav artists in the world is Lagbaja….especially for the first song you are about to hear …..P.S. Miss Tayne Ment, I think you might have been right J ….enjoy guys

Never Far Away – for those in LDR's I'm sure you can relate

Feyin E – Put a smile on your face no matter condition

Skentele Skontolo – Never been more proud of my Native attire

Wishing you a great week guys, my exam is on Sunday….wish me luck, I hate applying for schools…so freaking long…..




    I think he's one of the people with awesome music we have out there!

  2. Only 3 songs? For the first time I actually know all the songs...very well.
    I agree with you about the whole abuse thing. They've moved on from it and he seems to be repentant. Why are we still holding on to it? Forget that thing jare.
    Love you babes.

  3. Yo! Good you mentioned Lagbaja!
    Soo I have been looking for his song 'Mummy hi' for the looooongest time. I cant remember what album it was on. It was on the one with 2 discs I think? Waaaay waaay long time ago.
    Know the one Im talking about?


  4. My take on Brihanna gate. Chris did a bad thing, infact Chris did a terrible thing. Chris made a mistake, we thank God noone died. Chris said he was sorry, I choose to believe him, who am I to hate him and hold a grudge? na beans. Now if Chris does it again, that's a different story.

    I just had memories of my friends and I driving four hours for a lagbaja concert, twas hella fun.

    Aunty Neefemi, I have racked my brain, what am I right about?

  5. Hiiiii nifty-neefemi!Lol.
    Oh, thot the exam was this past sunday??

    Yeah u state valid points on Chris Brown, though i've been one of those people who have suggested he should go and get a paid job i.e, he blew it big time. But yeah,now that you mention it, to err is human...

    I LOVE Never Far Away-the song n the vid!!!Oh, n don't tell, i know him personally--friend of the family. (Gloats).Lagbaja is a master!!!Me n large Family used to for his night concerts in Motherlan when we were younger. Fun times, i tell you!!!

    And uuuuu,being all humble about your writing prowess, meanwhile, i saw your contribution to the cupid risk series!!!Hmmmm girl can write!!!!

  6. oh
    i love that never far away song
    now that uve mentioned it
    its going to be in my mind all week

    i love ur take on chris browns issue
    i believe he shud be forgiven and given another chance
    just one more
    now that the situation is public i am pretty sure he will behave

    he did a really bad things
    and he has been punished for it
    am glad it came out in d open.

  7. Love all them Lagbaja songs.

    Yeah Chris did a bad thing, but we only talk and know about it because it became public. Do we hate all the countless people who batter their wife, even when we know or are related to them. The public should just drop the issue and let the guy be.

  8. I tire o

    If Rihanna could forgive him...let the world also let the issue go...dude has paid enough.

  9. lagbaja is so original.I hope you feel better soon

  10. I definitely don't dislike Chris. He was wrong for sure but yeah, let's not throw him to the wolves for much longer. Now if he repeats the foolishness then kasala go really burst.

    I loove Lagbaja mayne, and till tomorrow I still want to see what he looks like. Thanks for resurrecting some memories. I think 'we before me' is my favorite album of his.

  11. First I want to thank you for putting up the WE ARE JOS logo and so I really must update my last post on our blog.
    Sorry, hope you getting better?
    I once had an abusive boyfriend but cause of my childhood,(a lot like yours)When he gave me the first slap,(our first fight-one of many)I gave him two cause I didn't want to be abused.Cause my childhood still props up every now and then,
    Nice post,Great advice.

  12. As my silly office has banned youtube facebook and all the things that used to make work meaningful for me i cant comment on the songs just yet...will save em for when i get home.

    However re-Brihanna gate as somebody cleverly coined mum just told me that our househelp came to work with a black eye and messed up hair and clothes cos her husband beat her up. This babe is real small mind and im like that is just unspeakable. I cant even imagine it happening to me cos if u touch me ur planning to kill me as im just a smallie. So while we love breezy and his music what he should have known better.
    I hear what u say about women pushing guys buttons but thats women for u we run our mouths. I have heard instances of my male friends punching a hole in the wall instead of hitting their girlfriends. Pause and consider this for a moment what if Chris Brown had asked her to get out of the car or parked the car and walked away instead of bashing her face into the windscreen/steering wheel and trying to bite her if u believe some accounts. I think what people are trying to wrap their minds around is the violence of the act. Its almost like being raped, cos u cant say the lady was dressed provocatively there's still no excuse for rape. So why do we excuse physical violence? Its the same kind of act, something has been lost. God forbid it happening to us but imagine yourself flinching from men or being unable to voice any opinion cos ur afraid of the consequences.
    We can forgive Chris but can we forget? I dont think so

    P.s forgive my long comment i just heard the house help story so this hit close to home.
    Hope u did good in your exam

  13. @NakedSha - Agreed, thanks ma

    @Oye - lol, good for you too ma

    @Fabulola - i answered already yea...

    @TayneMent - exactemently, thats all i'm saying...four hours, where were y'all coming from? sounds like fun though and check mail for the answer to the question

    @T.Notes - no o, its this sunday and i hate you o, dad has seen him and my sister, next time i come home, you have to introduce me heheheh and thanks hon i'm not as good as you still

    @BBB - i agree with you ma, thanks

    @TGWTRH - exactly, thank you very much

    @Nutty J - as in, he don do now....thanks ma

    @Pink Satin - i am ma, thank you :)

    @Original Mgebeke - if he repeats, then he ought to rot in jail men, lol..and yea that album was great, not sure i have a fav still though

    @2cute4u - yes i am, thank you ...and i'm sorry to hear you had to deal with that, but i'm glad, that life's experiences taught you to fight for yourself...

    @glamtings - first off, thanks for stopping by...i feel like I've accomplished by you commenting on my

    about work banning all those sites, a massive sorry, i will die if they try it here

    re -brihanna: i totally understood where u r coming from... esp if its true that this was his very first time touching her, then it was more than the average violent nature...he should have done exactly what you proposed....and you are right i can never say a rape is justified by what one wears...i don't excuse physical violence at all, what i was trying to get across, was what we as individuals should do to avoid such situations in our own lives and also rather than focus on this one incident, it might help to discuss the issue itself, like the unfortunate incident of your house-help - i can bet you thats not the first time, so how do we or in this case you help her and countless other victims like her? do we teach her to stand up for herself? how do we teach that man, that what he is doing is wrong and infact punishable in my opinion by death? yes we cant forget, believe me i cant forget the memories, so i can imagine my mum cant forget either...but i think the whole incident gave us the opportunity to discuss about violence instead we only focused on the one incident

    whew...that was long, prob abt the comment, thats what i like on this blog, so please anytime.... sorry to hear about the maid again, hopefully something can be done...and the exam is on Sunday, praying i ace it..thanks again

  14. i love your blog,and about the CB issue,rihanna has already spoiled his career,am a new female blogger,show me some love by visiting,thanks

  15. so real
    the realest thing i have read all day
    I like ur take on the CB issue

    I like him too, i also like lagbaja

  16. love that lagbaja's never far away with ego ogbaro,cool

  17. Lol Neefemi u show us love all the time on GlamTings so i just HAD to stop by. Lucky me i stopped by on the day u chose an explosive topic lol. I think u may have given me an idea for our next post o_O permission to steal pls? lol
    Do u know i totally get wat ur saying about pre emptive actions..but ppl are ashamed to come out n say that the person they love is abusing them.ooh i rem one time during nysc my friend sayin oh if a guy hits u its because he loves u....#crickets
    As in and she went to school o so she should damn well know better...but imagine if people think like that????
    Ok im gonna stop now before my comment is longer than ur post lol
    keep doing u hun ur doing great x

    meanwhile no need to sweat sunday im sure ur gonna ace it pieces x

  18. i love how u looked at this issue from all the different angles. great one. we often ignore the things that provoke violence, ignore the fact that there's woman - man violence too. nyc one.
    p.s. lagbaja rocks!

  19. @gidiasianbabe - i think he will do just fine, he has really great talent and that will always shine through...welcome to blogsville ma

    @sweetness ...thank you ma, i appreciate

    @muyiwa... i know right, its so awesome

    @glamtings....hehehe, i support awesome work is all o...and yes permission to steal granted :)..will be looking forward to reading the post...omygosh at that girl, i pray she never finds in tht situation, which reminds will you believe its a fact that more educated women, suffer thru abuse from their spouses than non educated women, something about having a lot to lose....such a damn shame....

    thank you so much ma, i really appreciate it and will do...God Bless xxxx

    @rayo....thank you for stopping by and i'm glad you like it...and yes he does

  20. It may take some time but I believe Chris will pull through. He has age and talent on his side. Love your take on the abuse thing.

    I love Lagbaja especially never far away, those strings and drums, gets me anytime. His latest album is not as good if you ask me.

  21. Lol u r far to kind. And once again u are right about the educated women sturvs but il end my comments there otherwise ul have like a 100 comments on this post with half of em being as a result of our back n forths lol. Now that ive discovered your blog i shall be ON IT like white on rice...

    Peace, Love and Cheesecake x

    All the best for sunday

  22. I totally love this post :-)))

  23. Amazing post. Just came across this blog a few days ago and have it bookmarked!! xxx

  24. Lagbaja is awesome... Nver Far Away is one of those songs I will always love, no matter how old it is... :)

    I'm so with you on this domestic violence thing... People need to get over it- not because what he did wasn't serious- but because noone would like to be forever judged based on the worst thing they have ever done. We all have things that we regret; imagine having the whole world remember you for only that... The guy is human after all, and we can only hope that he has learned from this ordeal.

  25. Nice.. I share your thoughts..First time here..I'd be back.
    I hope you'd be voting for 2cute's poem tilted FOR ME YOU AND THEY on
    Take care

  26. @Myne - i agree with you and i haven't heard Lagbaja's latest album, just a couple songs on there...will take a listen...thank u ma

    @glamtings....i enjoyed it very much, and the exam was ok... please come back, ...i shall be stalking u on urs as well...thank you very much

    @Myworld - thank you ma :)

    @Nicosi - aww thank you, and welcome, glad to have you here...i have you bookmarked as well

    @F - i agree with you 100%...i think its your first time here, thank you very much for joining us :)

    @sosexy....thank you very much and welcome as well, glad to have you on here and will do

  27. I'm way late with this one but great post : )

  28. Never too late my dear, thanks ma :)


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