Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#MusicMonday – Wedding Songs

Hello y'all….. I'm back….lol, not like I ever left….I'm too in love with blogsville men….I keep wondering when I will get tired…I've decided that I won't get tired but I guess my followers will change, cos y'all will be tired of me…. But yea, the exam went well, it was my sisters bday as well yesterday so all in all, I was glad….1000/1600…I tried abi….I'm not that smart jo ….How was y'alls weekend tho? I hope you all are doing good…kisses all around…o but none for Roc…he is no longer my blog crush jo, the boy is always hiding….y'all can like to introduce me to new mysterious male bloggers, with a writing skill like no other especially when it comes to sex &/romance…..hehhehehh ….Good luck to those in school as you start your exams btw, it is well with you all…..o and my next post will be my 100th, you all have not said what I should do o…so whatever you see, that's ok abi….goodie

So the reason why we are here today is for an exclusive look into my playlist for my wedding day. No there are no wedding bells ringing anywhere and never mind that I can't tell you what I want my wedding to look like, no idea for cake or dress…can the man just come, that's all I ask….but I for sure know what I want to hear sha….I wasn't going to do this, cos there is some kind of wedding/relationship bug on blogsville and I refuse to be sucked in…babes are still semi - single (me I want formal request to be girlfriend, is this wrong tell me people? I don't like to assume jo) and ain't complaining *wink*…..but then I heard the first song you are about to hear and I had tears in my eyes and I remembered that I was a girl…kmt!!!! So here we go guys enjoy

Gerald Levert – I was made to love you

Is there a better song? – can this like be the song I walk in with? …hehehhehehe

Keith Urban – Only you can love me this way

Need I say more….the words speak volumes, country music is still my best genre jo

Luther Vandross – Here and Now

Sigh* he shouldn't have died men…. This song is so special

I choose you: Mario's then Ryan Leslie's

So BB and I are on opposite sides on this…I want the one for my wedding and he wants the other for his….don't even ask why we were talking weddings. Smh
Nways can you guess which he picked and the one I picked…plus would really want to know which is better in your opinion….will tell u mines in the next post

And last but not least

Banky W ft Tynie – Till my dying day

Tuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee …..This is the song men *tears*

Omygosh…..such a girl!!!! Nways let me know what you all think….if you are married, what songs did u have on? And if you are not married what songs do you want not on this list?

#random: why is it that if u r dating someone say he's in Chicago and you live in NY, when he travels to Naij or London…you feel like he is far away & u miss him….ain't he far nways….

Sorry it's late guys, thank you for all the comments on the last post, especially miss glamtings and welcome to my new readers, hope u like what we do here



  1. tsk tsk neefemi, you have turned girly on me! Who is gonna be in my club now?

    So I prefer Mario's but there is something deeper about Ryan Leslie's own. All somber and haunting and stuff.

  2. Sylvester II Kay-AdadeApril 13, 2010 at 1:35 AM

    The first time I heard Gerald Levert's "I was made to love you" was on the radio in 2005 when I was about falling asleep and it was love at first listen. It is such a beautiful song.

    I searched Google frantically for it until one day I heard someone singing it. I'm sure I could have been charged for harassment with my approach. Anyway, I bought it and now fulfilled lol.
    Hmmm I hope I don't sound less of a man lol.

    Good post.

  3. I was made to love you is my favorite and was played at my wedding as well as Here and now and Banky W. You forgot our naija staples, No one like you and Fall in love. I also like Come What May from Mouling Rouge ST.

    I prefer the Ryan Leslie I choose you, never heard of the songs before now sha.

  4. i really like Gerald Levert's "I was made to love you" ....maybe i should pick out my wedding songs too....no..i think i should find the man first...nice collection here though...

  5. dnt laugh oh
    but psqaures i love you

  6. Not feeling romantic this moment so not thinking towards that right now.. Nice songs.You voted for 2cute on www.naijastories.com?
    please so her poem titled FOR ME YOU AND THEY
    please show her some love.

  7. Banky,s one and Gerald Levert's.
    lol BBB I couldn't help it.

  8. Abeg all these songs are too slow jare. How about some funky house or something from Terry G or Timaya ehn? That should have everyone bubbling na, how u see am? lol

  9. Wedding entrance song for 1 of my pal's wedding was Timaya!One of those really popular one's about "if you like beef me, i no send!" It was a riot!Very unconventional but it certainly got everybody stepping!!!Ooooh yeah!!!I feel like partying now that i think about it!Hehehe

  10. About #random, (wicked grin), cool, nifty's falling in LOVE!

  11. sugarking: no no way for timaya. he'll just keep shouting everybody everybody everybody. no way/ i'm still in loce with MARVIN GAYE'S SEXUAL HEALING. AND TOSIN MARTIN'S OLO MI.

  12. I prefer Mario's I chosse you, Ryan's is not bad too. I'm soo in love with Keith Urban – Only you can love me this way it would be my wedding song....hehe

  13. I'm teased for being cheesy every time I tell people this and it was a common wedding song (in the 80s) but I LOVE Bryan Adams "Everything I do." It's perfection imo.

    But I'm never getting married so whatevs.

  14. I can't think of any wedding song right now but these ones are great.

  15. they r gr8 songs..so now that you've got the songs sorted out, the man better come along o, or else..

    how u dey, dearie?

  16. hmmmmmmm, see dreams and plans..lol..

  17. Wedding plans! Good to know. I like the playlist, although you might need to make things a little more body-wriggly with one or two body-wriggling songs. How about Ayefele for instance. lol. Wishing you all the best. Congrats on your score. 1000/1600 ain't bad at all. That's 62.5%, a B. Good one. Been a while

  18. There's this one wedding song that i would love 'God bless the broken roads that lead me to you'..totally blew me away. I might have that one

  19. WOW!!!
    I see sum1 is really into wedding songs :-))
    Nice girl,thanks for sharing!

  20. The songs make sense....I'll keep them in mind for my own wedding

    Na wa oooo, you are sounding like....hmmm very girly. I like that there is this side to u too.

    It blends well...

    Lovely post

  21. Hey Hun,

    I think you should make your 100 post with other bloggers. Like a team post! That would be cool. And I LOVE BANKY W. This study break too long. Much love xx

  22. cool cool but what happened to Boys II men " I DO"

    Yori Yori nko
    Brian Adams " have u ever really loved a woman"
    Luther vandross ' the closer I get to You'

    think I should pause...I always get carried away when It comes to musical matters.
    Love ur selection and Timaya should not show up on my wedding sha.

  23. @Tayne...lol, my dear i'm fighting it o, seriously fighting it and i agree with you abt the songs

    @Sylvester - lol, no it doesn't make you sound like less of a man, its BB's fav song as well and thank you very much

    @Myne...no o, i just didn't want to put more than 5 or 6 songs but yes those are also great wedding songs....Yea the songs are new so no biggie...thats 1 for ryan's :)

    @doll...lol at maybe you should find the man first, i don't think it matters its just another set of songs...thanks for commenting :)

    @BBB - i actually thot abt it, cos i heard it while writing.... lol tho

    @sosexy - thanks still and yes i did

    @Juanita - lol, meanie...but yea those r great

    @Sugarking - lol, u r a joker...but yes i imagine those songs will be played as well

    @T.notes - lmao, sounds like fun though but i reckon that can never happen in my life and lol, ummmmm i plead the 5th young man

    @fragilelooks - lol, i agree with you jo and i don't know about sexual healing but def olo mi, thats a good song

    @shorty - yaaayyyy thats 2 for Mario and good, that is a great song

    @Nogobelieve - was actually going to put that song up, but changed my mind...i don't think its cheesy and you will get married sweety contrary to your opinion

    @Suru - thanks :)

    @histreasure - lol, ummm yea, in Jesus Name..i'm good mami, my love to the family

    @2cute4u - abi o, can u imagine

    @Geebee - lol, no wedding plans yet o, we are still praying lol...but yes def Ayefele, i'm a Yoruba girl, so you def know there is going to be some band there and thank you very much

    @Tricia - i know that song - Rascal Flatts - that a great song

    @My World - lol, yea i've always liked them...thanks dear and no problem

    @Nutty J - yaay, i'm glad i could help, heheh ...lol, thank you very much, i'm not sure i like the side yet but we'll see

    @Nogo - sounds like a great idea, cant do that for this post anymore but i will for a general post...much love u too

    @Issey,Uche - lol, i only wanted to put 5-6songs, maybe i will do a part II sha...glad u like ma and i agree with the last bit, lol

  24. Awww worrishall dis? I'm running from all this wedding talk lol but these songs are amazing *sigh*. I love the Rascal Flatt's song Tricia mentioned too as well as J.Moss's Give you more...so AWEsoMe! Thanks for the special shoutout :-) im glad ur exam went well!

    Peace Love and Cheesecake x

  25. I was made to love you - is the song that I want for my first dance.

  26. banky's song is very cool,love it

  27. I feel like my wedding was so long ago, all the songs we had then are now stale! lol. But I do love your selection, Luther Vandross does it for me every time.

  28. @glamtings - lol, i know right - was so not going to put it up cos im tired of wedding talk....i love love the J Moss song, now adding to my list
    and thanks ma

    @LucidLilth - its the bestest, great choice :)

    @muyiwa - it sure is, thanks for dropping by

    @Harlem loves - i will say Amen, for the future...not getting married yet, but thanks u r very nice and welcome to my blog

    @Diamond - its a great song, thanks for stopping by, welcome to my blog

    @Favoured Girl....lol, im sure they are not...songs stand the test of time...thank you very much ma and he sure does

  29. Hey Neefemi, thanks for making the playlist for my wedding:)) Just joking but you have helped make choices easier, nice collection!

  30. http://nuttyjay.blogspot.com/

    u can reach me at this address above...unfollow the other one...and if u want, u can folow this. sorry for the inconvenience

  31. @Olaoluwatomi.....lol, i'm glad i could help ma, let us know when it is o....

    @Nutty J.... i was looking for you, so thanks for stopping by and it was no inconvenience at all...


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