Monday, May 31, 2010

#MM – Talkative Monday

Hello...... What it do folks? How u been? How was the weekend? I stayed at home all weekend, except church and the best friend is trying to get me to go out, but I'm going to just sleep jo….ok I'm going to go…my antisocial behavior is getting the best of me….

So a couple topics I want to discuss real quick, I will only be grazing the surface so forgive me if it seems opinionated ….with that said THIS IS MY BLOG, I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION, MY OPINION ISNT ALWAYS RIGHT, INFACT NEVER RIGHT, BUT LIKE I SAID THIS IS MY BLOG….thank u very much

Woke up to twitter talks about Senator Yerima, the however old politician who in my opinion deserves to be shot dead (again my solution to half the problems in Nigeria) by marrying a 13yr old, the daughter of his driver (go to for more information)….words cannot explain how mad I was when I found out, we talked about it on twitter for a couple days, I probably should have talked about it on here, but I didn't. Sometimes I forget that what we have here on blogsville is an avenue to reach people, maybe by me talking abt it, somebody reads it discusses it with someone and who knows maybe it will get to the right ear. Nways I see everybody talking abt it and I'm wondering why it's so delayed…. So I've come up with an idea, as soon as there is a topic of interest, and concern let's find a way to get our artists attention, they have a voice, a lot of them are really concerned & knowledgeable & can bring attention to this topic a lot more – lets discuss it, part of Nigeria's problem is that we all too well bury it under the rug, because we kinda feel well nothing is going to be done nways, in this case something is been done and I hope it sticks….

The same thing goes with the issue of Niger – Delta, this would be the best time to shine light to what's going on over there with the whole BP oil spill in America – I know there is a way to make the oil companies clean up their mess and get schools and at least a state of the art hospital over there. I know it. On this one bribery and corruption will work o, I know the exact way for one all I have to do is provide data on the damages they have caused the people. Never mind that I can always tweak the data to make it say what I want it to say, but I wouldn't have to. But only if the Government will go for it, the greed in Nigeria is what is crippling us, and I'm really afraid for us. Currently the lawmakers in Nigeria are gearing to ask for their allowances to be raised from 27million to 42 million. How do they justify it, in a land ridden with poverty & disease? The Minister of state for Power is justifying increase of electricity charges but there is no electricity, does this make sense to anyone? Nways my point being, it's up to us, those of us here, those of us in Nigeria to do something, PLEASE, if culture, if legacy, if home, means anything to you, let's do our part.

In other news I am so tired of hearing talks about marriage; sorry I had to go there again. But people need to stop already, and by people I mean those who are so against it. Like I swear every weekend on twitter there is a rant about marriage and I understand that we are all in the age group where it seems like that's all people care about, but enough is enough jo. I even wrote it the other day "I remember the times when they used to pray for me to excel in school, now the prayer is about marriage & babies". I get it, but I feel like people are really disrespecting the institution of marriage itself & labeling it, and nowadays calling it a guaranteed failure. I have this theory that I could never date a guy who has at one point said he will never get married, call it what u like but it's a lie, I'm not that special to be the one to change you. This is my thing, "whose report will you believe?" you all know I come from a divorced home, if I use that report, well I probably will never get married myself, but there are also good reports for as many bad reports and there is God's report. Let's stop talking bad about the institution of marriage.

Which reminds me I read of a story of a girl who was actively dating two guys, the one proposed and she accepted and was crying about the fact that she will miss the other one and it hurts, never mind that the other one was himself engaged to be married to someone else….sigh!!!! U see the problem? as per the previous paragraph… how do u wish this kind of person success in their marriage? If u ask me, it's doomed already.

O then again I read this one story(please see disclaimer ontop) and this guy, older guy I should add goes on to enthrall us with stories of sexual escapades, threesomes and foursomes and one night stands and whatever else. To each their own, really!!! But this is my thing people are reading this and saying o I wish I could be like you and I'm thinking is that really what we want to be teaching guys and girls, again I've always said this, I'm all for sexual liberation and all but can you keep it to yourself please. Like do me this favor. I wish he would tell us how he made it, and became so influential, and inspire for the right things. I know I am being judgmental here but I can't help myself. P.s. I'm beginning to think that females cause this, some women are just too bold & give this men stories to tell

Music – You are here for music, No? Introducing Yemi Sax, never heard about him till a couple days ago ( I know, I'm bad) he reminds me so much of Kunle Ajayi….Enjoy


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Praise Thursday - Love

I did not forget o, i'm sure you thought i did....i reckoned that most of you came on here for Praise Thursday and  saw my random post and still commented, thanks :)

Nways today, no long talk....God is Love and you know me i'm a lover, here are a couple songs that speak of Gods love towards us, or how we should love him....

For Good Health, For promises yet met, For success and victory i say Thank You Jesus... enjoy the songs

Hezekiah Walker - God Favored Me

Mary Mary - Ordinary People

Lara George - Ko ma Si

Tolumide - My Love

Darlene Zschech - Jesus, Lover of my soul

P.S I Love You :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random as Hell

I’m BACK!!!!!! (Cue in T.I’s I’m back song) ……wazzzapppp my merry folks, live and direct from the great city of Houston. I have missed you all so very much; I gave up my blog to foreigner’s ehn, thanks again Oye and Miss Taynement Lol @ Miss TM saying “p.s neefemi loves you” on the last post, she ain’t ever lied cos I do Love you all. Which reminds me, thank you so very much to the people who nominated me for blogsville award, I really really appreciate it and please, if you did let me know will want to say a special thanks to you in any little way I can. Let’s get into this post shall we…….

Speaking of awards…. I got nominated for music blog heheheh. The blog is fast becoming one isn’t it? I do love sharing music with you tho, and I love hearing your feedback and  you also introduce me to new songs so ill keep going. Miss TM says I keep steady reviewing music; I do, cos it takes time to weed out the garbage from the good stuff, although I do enjoy my fair share of “garbage songs”. I fear that I will one day get a song from an upcoming artist and dismiss him/her and the person will turn around and blow up in my face. God forbid!!!!

I feel like I’ve let you guys down tho, cos this started out as a personal blog, then I did that story thing for a while and now music… I hope you are not too mad at me and like the direction, I will find a way for it to all make sense, I pray.

The thought counts, the simple things matter….

He made me a key….. The thought counts, the simple things matter

Ain’t NO replacement for a good man ….and a good friend ….. Get both and u might have hit the jackpot

Don’t you wish God will just come down himself and tell you “this is the bone of your bone, the one you will spend the rest of your life with”? Wouldn’t that be a big help in weeding out the “waste of timers” “the users” and every in between? That way I know through all the fights and the joys it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

Imma hold on to this and give it my best shot, but as with all things in life will move on and survive if it’s not meant to be

I’m still single ….. O the irony…… reminded that I’m still female after all J

Not ready to marry …. Still in that he messes up I walk out mind space

I like him ….. A LOT …..I want him to be THE ONE ….. I miss him

I pray I get into this school, I’m excited about that even tho going back to school means struggling with money again and sleepless nights and this time loads of research… but I want to do this more than anything

Going to school means new city, excited to have an apartment that I hope I can make look state of the art, working class single woman pad J ….. will miss the best friend a lot, I’m useless without her

I will cook food that I don’t eat for those I care about – shrimp pasta and shrimp fried rice this weekend and I hate shrimp

Laughter/ability to entertain me is the first way to my heart…… nodding is the second J

I hate the word nodding……I suck at nodding, I think….any pointers?

If you don’t know what nodding means, well SORRY….. Please don’t describe nodding on here, my dad reads the blog still, hi DaddyJ

Alicia Keys “Unthinkable” is my Leap of Faith song…. “If you ask me, I’m ready”

Avant’s “when it hurts” is my battle cry for Love song….. “When it hurts will we still be, same two lovers all over each other…. The only way that this will work is if you love me when it hurts”

I need to start making money ….my mates and a lot of folks younger than me are millionaire’s men

Why wasn’t I born with a talent? Singing, dancing, inventor, something L

I fear that I might be more famous than rich per say, I don’t want that, I want to be rich & no fame

I love breakfast food, I hate shopping, I hate bras, and beginning to like thongs

I love watching movies at home, Got a Brazilian wax, feels good, that shit hurt tho

I need money, so much I want to do… need to start putting things on paper & revamping my goals

I can be very stupid; I say some spontaneous shit at times, I’m befuddled cos I swear I’m pretty smart

Very passionate about sports and get passionate about many different topics and other people’s issues, when it’s about me I just clam up

I want a bike so bad, Harley, Ducati, a power bike sha… this is why I’m not ready to marry, so I can do all of this before any man says I’m not allowed…. He doesn’t want me to, thinks it’s dangerous. It IS

It fit like a glove skinny jeans

Pre-marital sex is Good, Bad …… I know what the Bible says, its not always about the guy tho, sometimes its just about the girl, what she wants … I don’t believe he (any guy)will leave for the one who doesn’t give it to him though, if he truly loves her…. it just depends on the relationship ….

Why is it always the girl that has to say No, let’s wait till marriage? Why can’t the guy say that?

I want to learn French, Spanish and Sigh Language….. Before the year runs out… Goodluck with that Neefemi

I hate material girls, I apologize if you are one…but to each their own

I need more shoes & need to vamp up my style …. I need money (re: the last sentence, o the irony)

I love driving, apparently drove for 11 hrs straight, TWICE, this past couple days

God is good to me, I never have visa issues, they just don’t ask me anything…. God is good to me

I’m gonna be ok, I’m gonna be successful, I will achieve all my heart desires, even the ones that seem impossible

Did you know according to Nigeria’s constitution, you can’t be in Government position before the age of 35? I was aiming for 30 :)

When is your future behind you? When you stop chasing your dreams… GO FOR IT

If you don't tell me you like me, i don't telling a friend doesn't help you know....i just think you are nice or bored if you keep talking to me, not that you think i'm special

I lost an uncle, the last boy in my mum’s house, may his soul RIP….. My mum is the last child and girl


Don’t you hate the twitter hashtags? Hehehehehe

#thatisall for now, still looking for that mojo L


Monday, May 24, 2010

Luck of the Irish - #MM by Taynement

Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen. Top of the mornin’ to ya! As you may have guessed today’s theme is going to be songs by artists that are Irish. As you may have guessed, Lil Miss Neef is tied up with stuff so I volunteered to Music Monday for her this week. A lot of good music have come from the lovely country of Ireland, it wasn’t really that hard to think of a bunch of them. So come with me as we go across the pond and go down memory lane for some of these songs.

I can guarantee that if you say name an Irish band, this band will probably be the first name you will hear from most people’s mouths. They have lasted all this years and are still rocking in their prime. They have achieved that status where no matter what they put out the world would still think they are awesome. It was hard picking just one song from them but I settled on this.

U2 - With or Without You

Ah, wasn’t she the center of controversy this one. With her unique sounding voice and very loud opinions, she shot to fame with this single that was penned by Prince. Anyone remember her tearing up the Pope’s picture on SNL?
Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares

I listened to this woman die in college. Not quite sure what genre she falls under  but she also has that haunting voice.
Enya – Only Time

If you grew up listening to music from Jand like I did, then you most definitely know this band made up of siblings. This was their most famous song and I used to listen to it a lot. As a bonus you can check out their collabo with Bono for “when the stars go blue”
The corrs – Breathless

I'm torn. Which Irish boyband should I include in the list? Should I just put both, I think I will.
Boyzone - No Matter What

My last song on here. These boys know how to work a stage as they sip on their Guiness and they are just now getting noticed in the States, hope they have continued success.

The Script - We cry

That's all I have for you guys this week, if you are still feening for some more songs, you can check out:
Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You
Westlife - Any of their songs really
Damien Rice - 9 crimes
Laura Izibor - From my heart to yours

Have a lovely weekend and P.S Neefemi loves you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Praise Thursday - Every reason to be thankful

Hi Guys, how are you? Hope your Thursday is going great. Thanks for the feedback on the last post, my bestfriend Oye wrote it all, and she has never written anything before, so i'm appreciative of her even more......

So yesterday was the longest day of my life, 2 planes, 11 hours on the road and all i could say was God Thank traffic, no cop stopped me and i was for sure going way over speed limit, no bad weather, everything was good and i'm grateful... if God looked at us at the end of the night & totaled our sins for that day or even the sin he knew we were going to commit when we woke up in the morning, i truly wonder where we would all be...its kind of a privileged life we living huh?

So i'm at my vacation hide out, no phone at all, but couldn't do without my computer and so far so good...i'm being taken care of and thats always a good thing....i think i'm getting my mojo back, we will see when i get back home....but before i ramble on sha, i hope you like the songs i bring to you today...have a blessed rest of the week, kisses all around

So i'm sure you know by now i was born and bred in a Pentecostal church.... Redeemed to be exact and if you don't know, most of the songs we use for praise and worship around Nigeria was written in that church.... lol yes i am being boastful, God forgive me :) ... Wale Adenuga who writes a lot of them songs, was the assistant pastor at my Redeemed branch (Jubilee) in was always blazing, or when he was bringing out a new cd and they needed us as audience for live recordings... i would not go to church if i was surely missing praise and worship, no point.....been to many different churches in my life, but no offense Praise and Worship at Jubilee is the best i have ever seen :)

Praise and worship - RCCG

Sinner's Prayer - Deitrick Haddon - tap into the blessing of this song, will you

Kurt Carr - Awesome Wonder - I Danced to this song as part of Sole2Soul - who hear knows SOD...nways i digress I LOVE this song

No Charge - Shirley Ceaser - please listen to the end, i understand the temptation to skip, but the message is at the end of the song

Thats it for today.... have a great rest of the week


Monday, May 17, 2010

#MM - Oye visits

HEY BLOGSVILLE!!!! How are y’all doing? It’s the best friend she’s always talking about while madam is here packing. Who knows where she’s going? *eyebrows raised*
So this is the first time I’ve ever shown any kind of interest in actually doing Music Monday. I’m a lil excited to say the least and I’m sure madam is even more excited. I hope y’all are having a great start to your week. I can’t complain about mine. I never work at the beginning of the week J

I’m not as versatile as my partner, (Yes I call her my partner), when it comes to music. I do Naij music for the most part. I don’t do rap…At all. I like Naija R & B and pop of course that’s why I’m going with P Square – idk where you’ll classify them sha. You choose. With their music, you can dance or just sing along. It’s the “expensive song for the common man” - that actually made more sense in my head.
On to the songs…

I can’t hear this song without getting up to dance especially the part where it says “So now she step into the club house, see how the boys dem a drop down drop down” The song dey always shack my body somehow.
-          Do me
This song is just for all the lovers and I am a firm believer in love!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been in love though or maybe I have. Hmm… Anywho, this song makes me wanna find a man and sing to him. Just pour out my heart and shit. You know to my "personal person"  J
-          I love you
Well of course this one is for anyone who’s happy about just being where/who they are e.g. ME!!! People go through different stuff everyday but do you ever know? The main thing is to just keep your head up and work your butt off EXPECTING and KNOWING that things WILL be better.
-          E no easy
Ok this is the one I want someone to sing to me :D. If you understand Igbo you’ll know why when someone says “onye mbu nobi” it’ll mean so much too you. As much as I believe in love I am so not a romantic. Flowers and chocolate and all them shit don’t work for me. However buy me chocolate cake and perfume and do me all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we’re good. Very random I know...
-          Ifunaya
What’s a P Square tribute without this song? I prefer this one so much more to the original mostly because I can do more dancing to it especially jacking. The beats are also heavier with the DRUMS!!! I love drums especially talking drums. They take me into a world of … But I digress.
-          Bizzy Body Remix

I hope you all enjoyed a lil of my somn somn. I shall now make myself useful by watching "CASTLE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 "Goodnight and God bless"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Praise Thursday - Dance

Yayyyyyyyyyyy weekend is upon us....... i'm glad, i need some rest, so physically tired right now, but so grateful. The world needs Jesus and FAST.... Did you guys hear about the constant killing of kids in China and then the plane that crashed the other day, but with one survivor(isn't he blessed)? I pray for that kind of blessing upon us, the one that protects us against all kinds of danger ....nways the point is not to preach, for i am a sinner myself, but to say Thank you Jesus... hope you enjoy the songs today, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happiness = love + laughter + friendship + purpose + a dance - my wish & prayer for you :)

Midnight Crew - Praise/This Fuji thing - i love this song, i can listen to it everyday and i hope it satisfies for Nigerian praise, lol

Deitrick Haddon ft Rubben Studdard & Mary Mary - Love him like i do - i loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee this song, i love the video, Deitrick is from my city "DETROIT" so you know i have to stay repping him :)

Tye Tribbett - No Way - I love this song, its just one of those songs that though its not the most spiritual song in the world, it tells HIM all you want to say "No way, i can make it without you" and Tye is CRAZY and a mad stepper too, Kirk Franklin has nothing on him

Martha Munizzi ft Sheila E - Glorious - is there a better song to end with? if you are not up on your feet dancing and moving now? imma pray for you, lol..... but seriously tho, Sheila E on the drums, WHAT??

Yes o, i was created to make HIS praise glorious ....we all were....have a great weekend, i might be back on Sunday i really miss not writing a story or poem, so hoping to find my mojo men...


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Late #MM - Naija Hip - Hop

Hello guys, how are you all doing today? I start by apologizing this is supposed to be #MM and not #MT. But you have to forgive me, will explain in a bit. Before i forget, Congratulations to all who are done with school for the semester at least, all the graduates in the house and all those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, sha if you are celebrating this month, congratulations from me.

So why the tardiness? I was in Michigan for the weekend. Had to go take care of some things, get some of my clothes, spend some time with my oyinbo crew and most importantly spend some time with my brother. I had truly missed him. So am I the only one who walks around naked in front of my brother? He is 21, my Engineer, lol. It’s funny as soon as I got into the house, he’s like “you have come again walking around naked”. He’s used to it, he’s the only boy and we all do it from my mum to the last born jo, he will be fine. So in other news i changed my profile picture cos my dad said my boobs were hanging out. The man won't kill me, this is after reading the same post on which i talked about sex. Lmao.
I realize i don't talk about my mum and my siblings as much. For one my siblings (the girls) are young @ 18 and 16 and i'm afraid of putting any info on them online before some pedophile finds them, God Forbid. Lol, I have a warped mind. But i'm so proud of them, the one is in her 3rdr yr in Uni studying Law and the one who is a writer like me, will be starting Uni this August. She wrote this piece the other day and i was mighty impressed (will share later) i think i'm going to encourage her to study Journalism and minor in communication and a foreign language. My mum, well she's my hero and i love her to death. O did i tell you that she has agreed to start considering having a man once the baby is in uni? i"m so excited and happy for her, if you know of any good widowed/divorced older men 55+ in Nigeria please let me know, thank you :)

So ummm I’ve been noticing some murmurings o, you people are accusing me of not playing Naija songs abi? I see you…. Sugarking (expect mail from me this week sir) and them, I got you and I hope you like the songs I’m about to share.  Beazy, Eldee, Wale, Proto aka Chiddy of Chiddy Bang, Matt Sesso, Production on two of the songs by KidKonnect – some of my fav men, new and old in the game …. My thing with naija music is that I’m not allowed to be a genuine critic, because I won’t lie I’m not impressed by a lot of it all, and let’s not start with the videos.  I have one bow-leg in this budding industry and I really want to see it become better and I have to respect the hustle, hard work and sweat some artists, producers, managers are putting in, especially the really good ones. So a big #SHOUTOUT to those doing their thing, for a lot of you all if you happen to see this, no I’m not trying to be disrespectful and I don’t want you to kill my career abeg, but COME HARDER #thatisall.

Umm, i am not paid  by any of the artists on here, they don't even know me. #random i love working behind the scenes still :)

Beazy - Who's got more bounce - Kid Konnect killed this beat and i can't even lie i didnt think ANYBODY, could touch it and Beazy really did his thing
Who's Got More Bou...
Eldee ft Proto aka Chiddy of Chiddy Bang  - My guys dem - this is like my anthem, lol
eLDee-My guys dem ...
Wale on Kini Big Deal - I loved it
02 Kini Big Deal.m...
Kpa Kpa Kpa - Matt Sesso ft Chykay - i like this song
Kpa Kpa Kpa ft.Chy...
Proto - Over You on a KidKonnect beat - i'm a big fan of both guys
Over You.mp3
Beazy ft Chykay & Teeto - From Las Gidi - any song that reps my city hard is good in my books
From Las Gidi.mp3

So thats it folks, i realize i haven't talked about a lot of topics lately e.g. fashion, politics, sports, i haven't written a poem or a story either... who stole my MOJO? i want it back please :( - anyhoo hope you like the songs, i want to hear your honest opinions and have a great rest of the week


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Praise Thursday

Hello people, how you doing? This week flew by so fast, but i ain't complaining at all. Get to see my brother in a couple days and i'm so excited i could cry.

So........... i was encouraged by the feedback from the it is well post and i have decided to start something new on the blog. I'm going to lose some folks on this one but i reckon i will also gain some, so its 50-50. Anyhoo, like I've said gone were the days i could preach, gone are my dancing for Jesus days, and Minister in charge at the Youth church days. Truth is i can barely tell anybody about God nowadays, i just go about my business living my life as godly as i can. My dad was a pastor so we are all strong prayer warriors in my house, but thats something that has also been slightly diminished in me. What has never ever diminished is my praising God. I cannot sing for shit, but that don't matter cos i'm loud as ever when i'm singing to God. It helps me when i'm mad, so i find myself calm so i don't say things i will regret and it just reminds me of God's faithfulness.

Anyhoo, starting this week, every Thursday i will put up 1 - 4 songs, that is meant to encourage and uplift you and in which we can praise God together. Thats it for now, who knows maybe this ministry will grow and we will have like our own bible study or something, lol. But anyways enjoy, have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

Marvin Sapp - Praise Him in Advance

Vicki Yohe - Because of who you are

Shekinah Glory Ministry - Praise is what i do

That's it folks

Check out this blog:

P.s Today is National Day of Prayer. Say a Prayer. One for me too, i need it


Monday, May 3, 2010

#Music Monday - Courtesy of WPGM and others

Hello my lovelies, 1st post in the month of May. The 2nd quarter of the year is upon us o, all Glory to God. Pray that whatever blessings you somehow missed in the 1st quarter will catch up with you and you will be embarrassed by Gods favor in Jesus Name.

So I feel like I had to discuss some things that came up from THIS post. First off, let me say I don’t have it all figured out, those were just some things I was certain of, that are requirements. Secondly, I wasn’t trying to say the owner of the article was talking about relationships; I was trying to show the mindset of a guy who is infact not looking for a relationship. Thirdly somebody said “discard the list, once you see him you will know”. I don’t have a list, I don’t sit down thinking my man has to be 6ft & above (I’m 5’2 any man taller than that is tall enough, lol) or he has to have a certain profession, or this amount in his bank account & come from a certain part of the world.
 No, I was saying he has to possess some certain values, that I know for me, will last me through the hard times and makes for great times. I’m saying for a woman who Is looking for a steady relationship, the kind that leads to marriage know what you want, have set ideas & principles so when you start talking to this man, you are not just easily influenced by what he says and you can tell real quick if the man is what you want.
I mean we could go into details about he must be from the same religion? Does he like sports? How’s his taste in music? Is he a democrat or republican? What his opinion on abortion & capital punishment? What’s his stance on the best way to discipline a child? Will you have a joint account? Do you like traveling & is he adventurous? Is he ok with me hyphenating my last name? I need not go on, all things that happen to matter me btw. You need to know. Like my uncle told me yesterday, if you always had a favorite flavor of ice-cream, you go into a new shop and are giving a whole bunch of new flavors, you are confused, way too many choices. If you don’t already know that you don’t like nuts on your ice-cream or candy or fruits, you will literally have to taste everything before you find the one you like. Jeeuxxx!!!! God forbid, hope you get my point sha, from my perspective that is. I totally respect where everybody is coming from and respect your opinions. I like to argue, forgive me J
On to the music…. because of what I do i.e. working with WPGM & Angonemi, and just having a lot of talented folks as friends, I get a lot of new music daily and some days its juts through reading other peoples blogs or something on the news or on TV, whatever. I decided to share with you some songs that I’ve come across, mostly thru WPGM (hence the UK songs) – Enjoy

Ty – Emotions: He is Nigerian – Ben Chijioke, ilike

Wiley ft Emeli Sande – Never be your woman

Steph Jones – La La mens love – Ok he is American sha

Drake ft Little Brother & Dwele – Don’t you have a man – Ok he is Canadian

Esmee Denters – I like her, she is Dutch and WPGM cannot take credit for this one, lol

Tinie Tempah ft Chipmunk – I had to look for a song that had both them cos I didn’t want to go over 7 songs. Lol. Tinie is Nigerian Patrick Okogwu & Chipmunk is HOT!!!

And last but not least Chiddy Bang – Slow down; Chiddy Bang consists of Proto (Chiddy) & his DJ/ producer and yes he is Nigerian as well - Chidera "Chiddy" Anameg and on this song they had Eldee – its pretty dope if you ask me

That’s it folks – wishing you a great week, stay safe and smile, no sad face this week yea