Monday, May 3, 2010

#Music Monday - Courtesy of WPGM and others

Hello my lovelies, 1st post in the month of May. The 2nd quarter of the year is upon us o, all Glory to God. Pray that whatever blessings you somehow missed in the 1st quarter will catch up with you and you will be embarrassed by Gods favor in Jesus Name.

So I feel like I had to discuss some things that came up from THIS post. First off, let me say I don’t have it all figured out, those were just some things I was certain of, that are requirements. Secondly, I wasn’t trying to say the owner of the article was talking about relationships; I was trying to show the mindset of a guy who is infact not looking for a relationship. Thirdly somebody said “discard the list, once you see him you will know”. I don’t have a list, I don’t sit down thinking my man has to be 6ft & above (I’m 5’2 any man taller than that is tall enough, lol) or he has to have a certain profession, or this amount in his bank account & come from a certain part of the world.
 No, I was saying he has to possess some certain values, that I know for me, will last me through the hard times and makes for great times. I’m saying for a woman who Is looking for a steady relationship, the kind that leads to marriage know what you want, have set ideas & principles so when you start talking to this man, you are not just easily influenced by what he says and you can tell real quick if the man is what you want.
I mean we could go into details about he must be from the same religion? Does he like sports? How’s his taste in music? Is he a democrat or republican? What his opinion on abortion & capital punishment? What’s his stance on the best way to discipline a child? Will you have a joint account? Do you like traveling & is he adventurous? Is he ok with me hyphenating my last name? I need not go on, all things that happen to matter me btw. You need to know. Like my uncle told me yesterday, if you always had a favorite flavor of ice-cream, you go into a new shop and are giving a whole bunch of new flavors, you are confused, way too many choices. If you don’t already know that you don’t like nuts on your ice-cream or candy or fruits, you will literally have to taste everything before you find the one you like. Jeeuxxx!!!! God forbid, hope you get my point sha, from my perspective that is. I totally respect where everybody is coming from and respect your opinions. I like to argue, forgive me J
On to the music…. because of what I do i.e. working with WPGM & Angonemi, and just having a lot of talented folks as friends, I get a lot of new music daily and some days its juts through reading other peoples blogs or something on the news or on TV, whatever. I decided to share with you some songs that I’ve come across, mostly thru WPGM (hence the UK songs) – Enjoy

Ty – Emotions: He is Nigerian – Ben Chijioke, ilike

Wiley ft Emeli Sande – Never be your woman

Steph Jones – La La mens love – Ok he is American sha

Drake ft Little Brother & Dwele – Don’t you have a man – Ok he is Canadian

Esmee Denters – I like her, she is Dutch and WPGM cannot take credit for this one, lol

Tinie Tempah ft Chipmunk – I had to look for a song that had both them cos I didn’t want to go over 7 songs. Lol. Tinie is Nigerian Patrick Okogwu & Chipmunk is HOT!!!

And last but not least Chiddy Bang – Slow down; Chiddy Bang consists of Proto (Chiddy) & his DJ/ producer and yes he is Nigerian as well - Chidera "Chiddy" Anameg and on this song they had Eldee – its pretty dope if you ask me

That’s it folks – wishing you a great week, stay safe and smile, no sad face this week yea



  1. Proto is comedy 'keeps it rolling like a victim in a wheel chair' 'was too much for school to teach' **ode. lol Chimpmunk seem 2 hv too much Nigerian friends. n some other gurl. Ty was good on tht track n Drake killed it as usual. Good taste in music hun n have a totally gorgeous week.

  2. The funny thing about relationships is the fact that there really is no perfect partner out there. No, let me rephrase that. There might be that guy or girl you dreamed of out there but only one in a million end up with such perfect partners. Now, that's a pitiable ratio, don't you think. Every now and then we meet people and we've got to accept what we get and put up with some flaws here and there. Thank God for another month. All the best.

  3. Babe, I'm still waiting on my feature o!!! ah!!!

  4. Wow.. Who would have guessed.
    I listen to Tinie on the radio here a lot.
    Never knew he had Naija blood..

  5. I like TY's Emotion...very nice and he's Nigerian!!!*proud moemtn* :)
    Have a great week babes.

  6. hmmmmm..seems I'm so late on this one, had to go a post back then to the link but in short...Its cliche to say there are no perfect partners out there but when you meet you eventually work the imperfections. I believe everyone as someone.

  7. I have to say that I read this and I mulled it over in my mind.
    Sometimes, we don't want to really discuss this issue for fear of sounding desperate. Thanks for bringing it up

  8. @Kennis - thanks honey and you ain't ever lied, hope your week was swell as well

    @Geebee - it is a pitiable ratio but God dey, just have to put it in prayer starting now

    @Sugarking - expect mail soon sir, i haven't forgotten just been busy, ma binu

    @RocNaija - i know right, thank God for Google :)

    @NoLimit - i love the song and yea def proud

    @Tricia - i agree, hopefully life does not distract us from that person

    @2cute4u - i feel you men, i guess the psychologist in me allows me discuss things i wouldn't normally be able to. Thanks dear

  9. nice collection...
    how are you,dear?

  10. @My world....i'm good dear, how are you and thank you...

  11. Never be your woman - my chooooooooooooooooone! Look at her hair.
    Plus the way Wiley changes gradually.. That was really good. My choooooone! Hehe :)

  12. @Moyo - lol, they r great songs


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