Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Late #MM - Naija Hip - Hop

Hello guys, how are you all doing today? I start by apologizing this is supposed to be #MM and not #MT. But you have to forgive me, will explain in a bit. Before i forget, Congratulations to all who are done with school for the semester at least, all the graduates in the house and all those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, sha if you are celebrating this month, congratulations from me.

So why the tardiness? I was in Michigan for the weekend. Had to go take care of some things, get some of my clothes, spend some time with my oyinbo crew and most importantly spend some time with my brother. I had truly missed him. So am I the only one who walks around naked in front of my brother? He is 21, my Engineer, lol. It’s funny as soon as I got into the house, he’s like “you have come again walking around naked”. He’s used to it, he’s the only boy and we all do it from my mum to the last born jo, he will be fine. So in other news i changed my profile picture cos my dad said my boobs were hanging out. The man won't kill me, this is after reading the same post on which i talked about sex. Lmao.
I realize i don't talk about my mum and my siblings as much. For one my siblings (the girls) are young @ 18 and 16 and i'm afraid of putting any info on them online before some pedophile finds them, God Forbid. Lol, I have a warped mind. But i'm so proud of them, the one is in her 3rdr yr in Uni studying Law and the one who is a writer like me, will be starting Uni this August. She wrote this piece the other day and i was mighty impressed (will share later) i think i'm going to encourage her to study Journalism and minor in communication and a foreign language. My mum, well she's my hero and i love her to death. O did i tell you that she has agreed to start considering having a man once the baby is in uni? i"m so excited and happy for her, if you know of any good widowed/divorced older men 55+ in Nigeria please let me know, thank you :)

So ummm I’ve been noticing some murmurings o, you people are accusing me of not playing Naija songs abi? I see you…. Sugarking (expect mail from me this week sir) and them, I got you and I hope you like the songs I’m about to share.  Beazy, Eldee, Wale, Proto aka Chiddy of Chiddy Bang, Matt Sesso, Production on two of the songs by KidKonnect – some of my fav men, new and old in the game …. My thing with naija music is that I’m not allowed to be a genuine critic, because I won’t lie I’m not impressed by a lot of it all, and let’s not start with the videos.  I have one bow-leg in this budding industry and I really want to see it become better and I have to respect the hustle, hard work and sweat some artists, producers, managers are putting in, especially the really good ones. So a big #SHOUTOUT to those doing their thing, for a lot of you all if you happen to see this, no I’m not trying to be disrespectful and I don’t want you to kill my career abeg, but COME HARDER #thatisall.

Umm, i am not paid  by any of the artists on here, they don't even know me. #random i love working behind the scenes still :)

Beazy - Who's got more bounce - Kid Konnect killed this beat and i can't even lie i didnt think ANYBODY, could touch it and Beazy really did his thing
Who's Got More Bou...
Eldee ft Proto aka Chiddy of Chiddy Bang  - My guys dem - this is like my anthem, lol
eLDee-My guys dem ...
Wale on Kini Big Deal - I loved it
02 Kini Big Deal.m...
Kpa Kpa Kpa - Matt Sesso ft Chykay - i like this song
Kpa Kpa Kpa ft.Chy...
Proto - Over You on a KidKonnect beat - i'm a big fan of both guys
Over You.mp3
Beazy ft Chykay & Teeto - From Las Gidi - any song that reps my city hard is good in my books
From Las Gidi.mp3

So thats it folks, i realize i haven't talked about a lot of topics lately e.g. fashion, politics, sports, i haven't written a poem or a story either... who stole my MOJO? i want it back please :( - anyhoo hope you like the songs, i want to hear your honest opinions and have a great rest of the week



  1. we have opposite music tastes :(

  2. We have talent in Naij. I'm impressed.

  3. o God i love you for this!

  4. I dey wait that mail o!!!! There's this new guy, Bjizzle with the song "Naija" on Nigezie. He's nice still.

  5. Okiee would be checking out some of those songs..

  6. Wasn't feeling Beazy on that first track tbh..
    Those Kidkonnect beats went in though.. Loved the horns and the beat loops.
    Proto stay doing his thing. Looking forward to further projects from him.
    Loads of people seem to like Teeto, but I always feel like he's not sure how he wants to come across. Indigenous or foreign.
    Any idea on who made the beat on the last track?

  7. Feels nice reading about your family? lol @ the pedophiles hunting your sisters. You walk naked in front of your 21 old brother? Wao, that's pretty confident. You guys might just make the dude not see any big deal in women's bodies. Not bad anyways. I like the way you rep Naija in your list. So far i think Naija artistes aren't doing badly.

  8. @Nakedsha - lol, thats not always a bad thing

    @Oye - u know!!!!!!

    @Anon - why thank u :)

    @BBB - yes o

    @Sugarking - will do still, and haven't heard of him o, will check

    @blogoratti - did you like them? hope you did

    @RocNaija - Beazy is getting there still, me thinks. KK is the business. Proto is a BEAST. i think a lot of the new artists are like that and i think playbackgenius did the beat.

    @Geebee - thanks dear, lol, and i like to think we have done that. and yes Naija artists are getting better everyday


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