Monday, May 17, 2010

#MM - Oye visits

HEY BLOGSVILLE!!!! How are y’all doing? It’s the best friend she’s always talking about while madam is here packing. Who knows where she’s going? *eyebrows raised*
So this is the first time I’ve ever shown any kind of interest in actually doing Music Monday. I’m a lil excited to say the least and I’m sure madam is even more excited. I hope y’all are having a great start to your week. I can’t complain about mine. I never work at the beginning of the week J

I’m not as versatile as my partner, (Yes I call her my partner), when it comes to music. I do Naij music for the most part. I don’t do rap…At all. I like Naija R & B and pop of course that’s why I’m going with P Square – idk where you’ll classify them sha. You choose. With their music, you can dance or just sing along. It’s the “expensive song for the common man” - that actually made more sense in my head.
On to the songs…

I can’t hear this song without getting up to dance especially the part where it says “So now she step into the club house, see how the boys dem a drop down drop down” The song dey always shack my body somehow.
-          Do me
This song is just for all the lovers and I am a firm believer in love!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been in love though or maybe I have. Hmm… Anywho, this song makes me wanna find a man and sing to him. Just pour out my heart and shit. You know to my "personal person"  J
-          I love you
Well of course this one is for anyone who’s happy about just being where/who they are e.g. ME!!! People go through different stuff everyday but do you ever know? The main thing is to just keep your head up and work your butt off EXPECTING and KNOWING that things WILL be better.
-          E no easy
Ok this is the one I want someone to sing to me :D. If you understand Igbo you’ll know why when someone says “onye mbu nobi” it’ll mean so much too you. As much as I believe in love I am so not a romantic. Flowers and chocolate and all them shit don’t work for me. However buy me chocolate cake and perfume and do me all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we’re good. Very random I know...
-          Ifunaya
What’s a P Square tribute without this song? I prefer this one so much more to the original mostly because I can do more dancing to it especially jacking. The beats are also heavier with the DRUMS!!! I love drums especially talking drums. They take me into a world of … But I digress.
-          Bizzy Body Remix

I hope you all enjoyed a lil of my somn somn. I shall now make myself useful by watching "CASTLE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 "Goodnight and God bless"


  1. You see???..... you can write, there is hope for you yet!!!!! love you, thank you sweety :)

  2. teehee twas a psquare night I see. You did good best friend *clap clap* lol

  3. Correct babe! I love P-Square die! And I approve this post!!!!!Lol...


  5. p.square's a good one, no one can argue that they raised the bar in naija music..nice

    hope u r 'cashing' ur fun with bestie

  6. hi babes
    its been a while
    what's up with you?

  7. hahaha friend.
    gosh, I love the "two both of you" :P
    and yep, she can write. I actually enjoyed reading.

    i'm not big on p-square but I enjoy her choices sha.

  8. This their latest video no bad sha. Abeg who did the write-up? didn't seem like u.

  9. I love Psquare, their love songs mostly though, Lol. My personal persin, onye mbu nobi, they get me sha, love romance and all.

  10. I loove me some Psquare, and dig all the songs on this list. Nice one.

  11. wait!!there is a video for "i love you"? why am i just finding out!!Nice blog btw

  12. Yay!!! Glad you guys likes the blog. Sorry it took me forever to reply.

    Sugarking - I wrote it not Neefemi that's why it's different. Hope you liked it!!!

    Again thank you all for your comments.

  13. @tisha - i've been alright babes, and you? thanks for asking love


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