Monday, May 31, 2010

#MM – Talkative Monday

Hello...... What it do folks? How u been? How was the weekend? I stayed at home all weekend, except church and the best friend is trying to get me to go out, but I'm going to just sleep jo….ok I'm going to go…my antisocial behavior is getting the best of me….

So a couple topics I want to discuss real quick, I will only be grazing the surface so forgive me if it seems opinionated ….with that said THIS IS MY BLOG, I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION, MY OPINION ISNT ALWAYS RIGHT, INFACT NEVER RIGHT, BUT LIKE I SAID THIS IS MY BLOG….thank u very much

Woke up to twitter talks about Senator Yerima, the however old politician who in my opinion deserves to be shot dead (again my solution to half the problems in Nigeria) by marrying a 13yr old, the daughter of his driver (go to for more information)….words cannot explain how mad I was when I found out, we talked about it on twitter for a couple days, I probably should have talked about it on here, but I didn't. Sometimes I forget that what we have here on blogsville is an avenue to reach people, maybe by me talking abt it, somebody reads it discusses it with someone and who knows maybe it will get to the right ear. Nways I see everybody talking abt it and I'm wondering why it's so delayed…. So I've come up with an idea, as soon as there is a topic of interest, and concern let's find a way to get our artists attention, they have a voice, a lot of them are really concerned & knowledgeable & can bring attention to this topic a lot more – lets discuss it, part of Nigeria's problem is that we all too well bury it under the rug, because we kinda feel well nothing is going to be done nways, in this case something is been done and I hope it sticks….

The same thing goes with the issue of Niger – Delta, this would be the best time to shine light to what's going on over there with the whole BP oil spill in America – I know there is a way to make the oil companies clean up their mess and get schools and at least a state of the art hospital over there. I know it. On this one bribery and corruption will work o, I know the exact way for one all I have to do is provide data on the damages they have caused the people. Never mind that I can always tweak the data to make it say what I want it to say, but I wouldn't have to. But only if the Government will go for it, the greed in Nigeria is what is crippling us, and I'm really afraid for us. Currently the lawmakers in Nigeria are gearing to ask for their allowances to be raised from 27million to 42 million. How do they justify it, in a land ridden with poverty & disease? The Minister of state for Power is justifying increase of electricity charges but there is no electricity, does this make sense to anyone? Nways my point being, it's up to us, those of us here, those of us in Nigeria to do something, PLEASE, if culture, if legacy, if home, means anything to you, let's do our part.

In other news I am so tired of hearing talks about marriage; sorry I had to go there again. But people need to stop already, and by people I mean those who are so against it. Like I swear every weekend on twitter there is a rant about marriage and I understand that we are all in the age group where it seems like that's all people care about, but enough is enough jo. I even wrote it the other day "I remember the times when they used to pray for me to excel in school, now the prayer is about marriage & babies". I get it, but I feel like people are really disrespecting the institution of marriage itself & labeling it, and nowadays calling it a guaranteed failure. I have this theory that I could never date a guy who has at one point said he will never get married, call it what u like but it's a lie, I'm not that special to be the one to change you. This is my thing, "whose report will you believe?" you all know I come from a divorced home, if I use that report, well I probably will never get married myself, but there are also good reports for as many bad reports and there is God's report. Let's stop talking bad about the institution of marriage.

Which reminds me I read of a story of a girl who was actively dating two guys, the one proposed and she accepted and was crying about the fact that she will miss the other one and it hurts, never mind that the other one was himself engaged to be married to someone else….sigh!!!! U see the problem? as per the previous paragraph… how do u wish this kind of person success in their marriage? If u ask me, it's doomed already.

O then again I read this one story(please see disclaimer ontop) and this guy, older guy I should add goes on to enthrall us with stories of sexual escapades, threesomes and foursomes and one night stands and whatever else. To each their own, really!!! But this is my thing people are reading this and saying o I wish I could be like you and I'm thinking is that really what we want to be teaching guys and girls, again I've always said this, I'm all for sexual liberation and all but can you keep it to yourself please. Like do me this favor. I wish he would tell us how he made it, and became so influential, and inspire for the right things. I know I am being judgmental here but I can't help myself. P.s. I'm beginning to think that females cause this, some women are just too bold & give this men stories to tell

Music – You are here for music, No? Introducing Yemi Sax, never heard about him till a couple days ago ( I know, I'm bad) he reminds me so much of Kunle Ajayi….Enjoy



  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It just goes to show how twisted the world has become.
    - BP wont clean up their mess...acting like they're shocked!
    - Nigerian Senator marrying a 13yr old girl...noone bats a lash.
    ...And the world goes on. We live in crazy times!

    Congrats on your "Best Music Blog" nomination for the Nigerian Blog Awards (never heard of it):

  2. So many issues *sigh*

    1) The case of Yerima should reach the United Nations like Banky said on twitter this morning

    2) Yes, I agree that many times we hide our problems under the rug (although I think the younger generation of Nigerians have started to undo that status quo).

    3) The Niger Delta situation can actually be attacked now that BP is in trouble.

    4) The institution of marriage is what a person makes of it, I've heard about both failures and has to do with whether both parties are ready to commit or not. The decision lies at our feet.

    Congrats on your nomination Neefemi :)

  3. Actually, I am in support of using the artists. But then, like other really TRUTH-SPEAKING songs, they may ban them in Naij. How effective!

    Congrats babe, well deserved!

    YEMI SAX. I like a lot...

  4. Yerima is a lunatic for marrying a 13 yr old and i suggest every form of media is used, they may ban a lot of things but they can't ban good olf facebook.

    Yeah, marriage is a blending of two forgivers...
    so what do you want yours to look like? Its up to you, speak the right words!

  5. Na wa o, today's story came with some serious vexing o! lol

  6. U missed d issue of d Israeli raid on d Floatila. That one still unnerves me!!!Yay u might say they instigated/were asking for it, but it seemed an extreme measure. To think i used to support Israel!
    Oops,i'm clearly derailing off-topic!

    I like Yemi Sax.
    I hate the old geezer Yerima.
    N yeah, well i guess it might be helpful not to tire of talking about Naija's many issues!

    On another note,Neefemi,school must must happen!!!

  7. Hmm, sup with that Yerima dude anyways, isn't his wife enough for him?
    Poor girl, I do hope she cuts his third leg off sharp. On a more serious note, why isn't anyone doing anything about it? It's not normal oh, it's stupidity..
    Eehem me and marriage...leme just leave that bit out- underaged O_0

  8. Sweety, the Old paedophile will face the Law cos unfortunately for him, he contracted the marriage in Abj which had signed the Child's Right Act..let's hope the his fellow senators do not tread the path of dishonour by sweeping this under the carpet!

    Congrats on your shaking!!

  9. aarrgggghhhh
    1) Hate (a word i hardly use) talking about this dude but i have to. I can't imagine what she is already going through *sigh*. Where is the Jerry Rawlings of Nigeria.

    2)Niger Delta..... because of the extreme measures taken (not very good) thats why attention has finally been paid.

    3)Marriage... in my opinion is to look inward and know if you love yourself enough to love someone else in good times and bad times. Can you forgive your own mistakes enough to forgive someones own. Its not just falling in love and having kids but also to smile and hug your child when he comes home with the lowest grade.

  10. I kept reading and thinking thoughts that made me extremely sad. At the end what made me smile were the songs and I had such fun. I think you should visit my blog and listen to the two songs I featured for special reasons. Have a happy new month!

  11. I am so tired of the marriage issue, as in no more prayer except to find the right husband. On Yerima, I second that man needs to be shot. Naija has too many issues and I hope it gets solved someday

  12. @Sylvester - we surely do live in crazy times, May God help us all and thank you so much, i appreciate it

    @Jaycee - i hear you on that sigh men, but i really do see changes coming our way soon and yes the decision lies at our feets. Thank you so much, i appreciate it

    @Nakedsha - well i was thinking more about talking about it and thereby spreading the news around but songs too aren't a bad either and though they can ban it on air, they can't ban it on the internet. thank you ma, i appreciate it

    @Tisha - you ain't ever lied, i'm learning to to do just that

    @Sugarking - lol, i wasn't vexing o, just writing

    @T.Notes - there would have been no end to this post, if i had written all the issues on my mind men, sick people in this world i tell you. Amen to that honey, Amen

    @Juanita - i hope she does cut off more than just his legs, but thats just wishful thinking and lol @ underage

    @histreasure - a big AMEN to that and thank you so much ma

    @life around me - The Jerry Rawlings of Nigeria has been my solution since, but people think i'm evil, so chop knuckle for that and about Marriage you are so right.

    @2cute4u - i did visit your blog, and i loved it. thanks ma

    @Afrigenic - i'm telling you men, o su mi...Amen to that


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