Thursday, May 13, 2010

Praise Thursday - Dance

Yayyyyyyyyyyy weekend is upon us....... i'm glad, i need some rest, so physically tired right now, but so grateful. The world needs Jesus and FAST.... Did you guys hear about the constant killing of kids in China and then the plane that crashed the other day, but with one survivor(isn't he blessed)? I pray for that kind of blessing upon us, the one that protects us against all kinds of danger ....nways the point is not to preach, for i am a sinner myself, but to say Thank you Jesus... hope you enjoy the songs today, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happiness = love + laughter + friendship + purpose + a dance - my wish & prayer for you :)

Midnight Crew - Praise/This Fuji thing - i love this song, i can listen to it everyday and i hope it satisfies for Nigerian praise, lol

Deitrick Haddon ft Rubben Studdard & Mary Mary - Love him like i do - i loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee this song, i love the video, Deitrick is from my city "DETROIT" so you know i have to stay repping him :)

Tye Tribbett - No Way - I love this song, its just one of those songs that though its not the most spiritual song in the world, it tells HIM all you want to say "No way, i can make it without you" and Tye is CRAZY and a mad stepper too, Kirk Franklin has nothing on him

Martha Munizzi ft Sheila E - Glorious - is there a better song to end with? if you are not up on your feet dancing and moving now? imma pray for you, lol..... but seriously tho, Sheila E on the drums, WHAT??

Yes o, i was created to make HIS praise glorious ....we all were....have a great weekend, i might be back on Sunday i really miss not writing a story or poem, so hoping to find my mojo men...



  1. Bless your heart, my dear.

    I LOVE THIS FUJI THING; It's tying with IGWE...

  2. I think I still prefer Igwe, lol. I'm rocking Deltrick's love him like I do now, nice song.

  3. feeling this your play list..
    songs i love..

  4. Asides from the Rubben Studdard song, I hadn't heard any of these..
    Nice one babes..

  5. great songs here..i like Igwe too, Midnight crew dem de try sha

  6. I am excited for the weekend as well. The beat on the Midnight Crew track reminds me of traditional weddings. :) I also put up two photos from the event. I meant to put them up once they were ready, but I've been a bit tied up. Thanks for your patience.

    Have a relaxing weekend dear.


  8. Well ur enthusiasm is most definitely infectious!Ehmm, that goes for two wishing back the mojo!Dunno whats up with me!
    Midnight crew is my pick. N their live performances is just eva off the everything!!!Yayyy for friday@last!

  9. Just to let you know...some of these your videos somehow ending up on my FB wall...can't help but pass some "praise" around...

    I like midnight crew and...."Love Him Like I do" (can't get tired of it)...and mad stepping with the Tye Tribett crew...and Martha Munizzi (that's everything). Lol. And that drummer woman...oooh la la.

    I was created to make His praise GLORIOUS...

  10. I didn't hear bout the plane crash ... sad

    nice playlist. im fast becoming a big Deitrick Haddon

  11. I'm listening from the first video! I don't think I've heard any of these before :( I'm so behind!

    :( How's life? I've been off your radar xx

  12. ur blog is practically a music it tho...ive been hearing good things about this chiddy bang dude..

  13. Sheila E is amazing.

  14. @NakedSha - awwww thanks ma

    @Myne - really? i don't like that song. yea, its really good, glad u like

    @simeone - thanks ma

    @RocNaija - really? thanks hon

    @histreaure - thanks ma, glad u do

    @raindropsonarose - i saw the pics they were lovely, thank you for that

    @fragilelooks - lol, really? don't like it and thanks ma

    @T.Notes - lol, thanks boo & i'm sure it will come back

    @Jaycee - lol, no problem, can i get the link to your facebook account?

    @lani - sure is, and yea he is awesome

    @Blowing Blessings - thanks so much

    @Nogo - lol, no problem thats why we are is good we thank God, how r u hon?

    @chilow - lol, that was never the intention o...glad u do & chiddy bang is awesome

    @2cute4u - thank you hon

    @life around me - she sure is


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