Thursday, May 20, 2010

Praise Thursday - Every reason to be thankful

Hi Guys, how are you? Hope your Thursday is going great. Thanks for the feedback on the last post, my bestfriend Oye wrote it all, and she has never written anything before, so i'm appreciative of her even more......

So yesterday was the longest day of my life, 2 planes, 11 hours on the road and all i could say was God Thank traffic, no cop stopped me and i was for sure going way over speed limit, no bad weather, everything was good and i'm grateful... if God looked at us at the end of the night & totaled our sins for that day or even the sin he knew we were going to commit when we woke up in the morning, i truly wonder where we would all be...its kind of a privileged life we living huh?

So i'm at my vacation hide out, no phone at all, but couldn't do without my computer and so far so good...i'm being taken care of and thats always a good thing....i think i'm getting my mojo back, we will see when i get back home....but before i ramble on sha, i hope you like the songs i bring to you today...have a blessed rest of the week, kisses all around

So i'm sure you know by now i was born and bred in a Pentecostal church.... Redeemed to be exact and if you don't know, most of the songs we use for praise and worship around Nigeria was written in that church.... lol yes i am being boastful, God forgive me :) ... Wale Adenuga who writes a lot of them songs, was the assistant pastor at my Redeemed branch (Jubilee) in was always blazing, or when he was bringing out a new cd and they needed us as audience for live recordings... i would not go to church if i was surely missing praise and worship, no point.....been to many different churches in my life, but no offense Praise and Worship at Jubilee is the best i have ever seen :)

Praise and worship - RCCG

Sinner's Prayer - Deitrick Haddon - tap into the blessing of this song, will you

Kurt Carr - Awesome Wonder - I Danced to this song as part of Sole2Soul - who hear knows SOD...nways i digress I LOVE this song

No Charge - Shirley Ceaser - please listen to the end, i understand the temptation to skip, but the message is at the end of the song

Thats it for today.... have a great rest of the week



  1. Thank God for journey mercies. So I guess you'll be doing some writing? Good luck babe.

    You may be right about the praise songs being propagated by Redeemed. But it all started somewhere you know? LOL..

    The Sinner's prayer is a powerful song.

    Enjoy your weekend and vacation...

  2. I hate missing Praise and Worship! That's the best part! Must be a music-lover thing, Lol

    Rest well for the both of us! Envy!!!


  3. Love awesome wonder.. amazing song

  4. Abeg you and who committed sin at night.? Chai, is there back gist I'm missing??

  5. Traditional Naija praise is usually heart-filled. iLike.

    So you know "You are an awesome wonder" almost made me jump up and start dancing. I surrender to the wonder of His power. Who can understand it? He knew my name before my birth.

  6. This babe where r u? and who is taking care of u oo?? *side eye*lol

    Praise n worship is a great way to communicate wiv d Lord.

  7. Enjoy oh.. Sha remain small for us..
    Envy you your vacation tis minute..
    Take care dear..

  8. Hmmm, Take me to where you are..
    Nice post..
    Have all the fun you can handle dear

  9. @Myne.... we thank God, and i should soon hopefully, thanks ma and lol, was just being naughty :)

    @Nogo - i agree and thanks

    @Harry - it sure is

    @Sugarking - lol, of course not... i trust u to read hidden messages

    @Jaycee - thanks ma, and yes o, still one of my fav songs ever

    @Miss Enigma - lol, coded babe tohhh bad men and u aint ever lied

    @2cute4u - thanks ma

    @sosexy - lol, i wish, thanks ma


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