Thursday, May 27, 2010

Praise Thursday - Love

I did not forget o, i'm sure you thought i did....i reckoned that most of you came on here for Praise Thursday and  saw my random post and still commented, thanks :)

Nways today, no long talk....God is Love and you know me i'm a lover, here are a couple songs that speak of Gods love towards us, or how we should love him....

For Good Health, For promises yet met, For success and victory i say Thank You Jesus... enjoy the songs

Hezekiah Walker - God Favored Me

Mary Mary - Ordinary People

Lara George - Ko ma Si

Tolumide - My Love

Darlene Zschech - Jesus, Lover of my soul

P.S I Love You :)


  1. Yey! Songs I liiiiiike...

    Have u listened to the rest of the Lara George songs on tht album? Especially Kole baje?

    Thanks babe!

  2. I loved Tolumide's video so much, my first time of seeing it. I also liked 1) Ordinary People 2) Ko Ma si 3)

    Lord, I praise You just because of You. There's really nobody like our God.

  3. These songs are great, I love the one by Tolumide and yeah Ijoba Orun and Kola Baje by Lara are great too. Have a lovely memorial day weekend.

  4. You introduce me to songs and artist i don't know. Thanks.

  5. great Lara..have a gr8 weekend ahead

  6. I kept on singing ..'Jesus lover of my soul'
    That was what appealed to my soul at the moment.
    Great songs!

  7. Omg funnily enough at a woman's meeting yesterday they preached 'God is Love'!

  8. and he...
    thanks for sharing!

    how goes it, love?

  9. @Nakedsha - No i haven't sister actually said she danced to a song on that album so i need to get my hands on said album

    @Jaycee - Glad you like ma :)

    @Myne - Thank you ma, glad you like

    @Life around me - you are much welcome

    @Harry - thank you sir

    @Sugarking - thanks hon

    @histreasure - thanks ma

    @2cute4u - thanks ma

    @Nogo - lol, he sure is

    @David - huh?? you are welcome



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