Thursday, May 6, 2010

Praise Thursday

Hello people, how you doing? This week flew by so fast, but i ain't complaining at all. Get to see my brother in a couple days and i'm so excited i could cry.

So........... i was encouraged by the feedback from the it is well post and i have decided to start something new on the blog. I'm going to lose some folks on this one but i reckon i will also gain some, so its 50-50. Anyhoo, like I've said gone were the days i could preach, gone are my dancing for Jesus days, and Minister in charge at the Youth church days. Truth is i can barely tell anybody about God nowadays, i just go about my business living my life as godly as i can. My dad was a pastor so we are all strong prayer warriors in my house, but thats something that has also been slightly diminished in me. What has never ever diminished is my praising God. I cannot sing for shit, but that don't matter cos i'm loud as ever when i'm singing to God. It helps me when i'm mad, so i find myself calm so i don't say things i will regret and it just reminds me of God's faithfulness.

Anyhoo, starting this week, every Thursday i will put up 1 - 4 songs, that is meant to encourage and uplift you and in which we can praise God together. Thats it for now, who knows maybe this ministry will grow and we will have like our own bible study or something, lol. But anyways enjoy, have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

Marvin Sapp - Praise Him in Advance

Vicki Yohe - Because of who you are

Shekinah Glory Ministry - Praise is what i do

That's it folks

Check out this blog:

P.s Today is National Day of Prayer. Say a Prayer. One for me too, i need it



  1. Praise, Neefemi. I feel you on praise lady.

    Great Idea...Are we going to see some Naija praise too? wink***

  2. There's one thing I know we can never go wrong in: "Praise." Many times I reflect on how praise can take me to a higher place. There must be something about it. Anyway, I'm in sha. Praise will confuse the enemy...that's why I praise You in ADVANCE There's something I do sometimes, I thank God in advance for what He is "going to" do. Because it is certain.

    "Lord, I worship You...just because of who You Are" And I will say, there's no one like You Lord.

  3. Oh yes...Naija praise *wink*

  4. lol @ startin our own bible study...
    as long as we have life.. we must keep praising..

  5. Ive been trying to live as godly as possibly as well...not easy though, how have u been, i feel like ive been away for ages...i havent rly been making my blog rounds! off to comment some more..have a nice weekend

  6. NEEEFEMI NEVER CEASING TO AMAZE ME!!!!Lol!!!Ok o, lets see if u're as up to speed on to gospel scene!lol. Not a bad idea at all.

  7. Nos 2 song...does it for me.

    Thumbs up girl.

  8. awwww i love these songs and my choir [yep im part of a gospel choir] we sang Because of Who You are for a concert we had recently plus i absolutely adore Marvin Sapp and his former group Commissioned and i also love Praise is what i do and Smokie Norful who sings the lead. You should check out his song 'Its all about You' its an oldie but goodie. 21:03's Cover me is also a good look. Oh this is so cool...i look forward to your future posts well done x

  9. we all need HIM closer to our lives at all times!

    definitely looking forward 4 more ...

  10. Because of Who HE is...for even if we deny Him, he cannot deny Himself..that's why He is dependable immortal God!!

  11. I can't sing for shit too but it doesn't matter when it comes to praising God. I love these songs.

  12. jst like u and suru.i cnt sing bt wen it comes to praising GOD i jst knw how to.

  13. i thought i should share some songs that i like with you
    God loves ugly by Jordin sparks
    Get up by Mary mary
    I worship you by Mary mary.
    i hope you like it.

  14. it's a beautifully brave thing, a move very few people will have the guts to make, but i can imagine the fulfillment it brings!!! Spot on sweety!

  15. Sylvester II Kay-AdadeMay 11, 2010 at 8:10 AM

    I find it amiable that you can praise when you're down, and angry!?
    I dont get angry, so I cant relate, but I do get down, I'm down. In those situations, it is so hard for me to.
    Thanks for the motivation.

  16. @Nakedsha - thanks ma and lol, yes you will

    @Jaycee - yes o and thank you, please send me some songs you like def and lol yes, i will not disappoint

    @simeone - lol, i know right - yes o, agreed

    @damsel - i agree its not easy at all men... i've been good mami, we thank God. How r u?

    @TNotes... lol, i'm going to assume this is good, ha see you this boy, you will see abi. thanks hon

    @Nutty J - thanks ma :)

    @glamtings - finally something we don't do alike, lol ...i cant sing men, i'm envious... and i love the songs you mentioned as well, thanks ma

    @musco - yes we do, thank you sir

    @histreasure - yes o

    @sure - thats true and thanks ma

    @fragilelooks - thats all that matters abi?

    @life around me - thank you so much, hadn't heard the Jordin Sparks before, but i know the Mary Mary, please don't hesitate to share songs you like

    @Ben Anyan - Thanks hon, i appreciate it

    @Sylvester - Thank you so much sir & you are welcome :)

  17. lol "Bible study" - I'd like that. I have a thing for Marvin Sapp as well. The guy is amazing.
    Praise Him In Advance - Never heard it but I LOVE.
    You'd help me find my way back to my faith.

  18. @Moyo - awwwww darling, i'm glad.... muah


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