Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random as Hell

I’m BACK!!!!!! (Cue in T.I’s I’m back song) ……wazzzapppp my merry folks, live and direct from the great city of Houston. I have missed you all so very much; I gave up my blog to foreigner’s ehn, thanks again Oye and Miss Taynement Lol @ Miss TM saying “p.s neefemi loves you” on the last post, she ain’t ever lied cos I do Love you all. Which reminds me, thank you so very much to the people who nominated me for blogsville award, I really really appreciate it and please, if you did let me know will want to say a special thanks to you in any little way I can. Let’s get into this post shall we…….

Speaking of awards…. I got nominated for music blog heheheh. The blog is fast becoming one isn’t it? I do love sharing music with you tho, and I love hearing your feedback and  you also introduce me to new songs so ill keep going. Miss TM says I keep steady reviewing music; I do, cos it takes time to weed out the garbage from the good stuff, although I do enjoy my fair share of “garbage songs”. I fear that I will one day get a song from an upcoming artist and dismiss him/her and the person will turn around and blow up in my face. God forbid!!!!

I feel like I’ve let you guys down tho, cos this started out as a personal blog, then I did that story thing for a while and now music… I hope you are not too mad at me and like the direction, I will find a way for it to all make sense, I pray.

The thought counts, the simple things matter….

He made me a key….. The thought counts, the simple things matter

Ain’t NO replacement for a good man ….and a good friend ….. Get both and u might have hit the jackpot

Don’t you wish God will just come down himself and tell you “this is the bone of your bone, the one you will spend the rest of your life with”? Wouldn’t that be a big help in weeding out the “waste of timers” “the users” and every in between? That way I know through all the fights and the joys it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

Imma hold on to this and give it my best shot, but as with all things in life will move on and survive if it’s not meant to be

I’m still single ….. O the irony…… reminded that I’m still female after all J

Not ready to marry …. Still in that he messes up I walk out mind space

I like him ….. A LOT …..I want him to be THE ONE ….. I miss him

I pray I get into this school, I’m excited about that even tho going back to school means struggling with money again and sleepless nights and this time loads of research… but I want to do this more than anything

Going to school means new city, excited to have an apartment that I hope I can make look state of the art, working class single woman pad J ….. will miss the best friend a lot, I’m useless without her

I will cook food that I don’t eat for those I care about – shrimp pasta and shrimp fried rice this weekend and I hate shrimp

Laughter/ability to entertain me is the first way to my heart…… nodding is the second J

I hate the word nodding……I suck at nodding, I think….any pointers?

If you don’t know what nodding means, well SORRY….. Please don’t describe nodding on here, my dad reads the blog still, hi DaddyJ

Alicia Keys “Unthinkable” is my Leap of Faith song…. “If you ask me, I’m ready”

Avant’s “when it hurts” is my battle cry for Love song….. “When it hurts will we still be, same two lovers all over each other…. The only way that this will work is if you love me when it hurts”

I need to start making money ….my mates and a lot of folks younger than me are millionaire’s men

Why wasn’t I born with a talent? Singing, dancing, inventor, something L

I fear that I might be more famous than rich per say, I don’t want that, I want to be rich & no fame

I love breakfast food, I hate shopping, I hate bras, and beginning to like thongs

I love watching movies at home, Got a Brazilian wax, feels good, that shit hurt tho

I need money, so much I want to do… need to start putting things on paper & revamping my goals

I can be very stupid; I say some spontaneous shit at times, I’m befuddled cos I swear I’m pretty smart

Very passionate about sports and get passionate about many different topics and other people’s issues, when it’s about me I just clam up

I want a bike so bad, Harley, Ducati, a power bike sha… this is why I’m not ready to marry, so I can do all of this before any man says I’m not allowed…. He doesn’t want me to, thinks it’s dangerous. It IS

It fit like a glove skinny jeans

Pre-marital sex is Good, Bad …… I know what the Bible says, its not always about the guy tho, sometimes its just about the girl, what she wants … I don’t believe he (any guy)will leave for the one who doesn’t give it to him though, if he truly loves her…. it just depends on the relationship ….

Why is it always the girl that has to say No, let’s wait till marriage? Why can’t the guy say that?

I want to learn French, Spanish and Sigh Language….. Before the year runs out… Goodluck with that Neefemi

I hate material girls, I apologize if you are one…but to each their own

I need more shoes & need to vamp up my style …. I need money (re: the last sentence, o the irony)

I love driving, apparently drove for 11 hrs straight, TWICE, this past couple days

God is good to me, I never have visa issues, they just don’t ask me anything…. God is good to me

I’m gonna be ok, I’m gonna be successful, I will achieve all my heart desires, even the ones that seem impossible

Did you know according to Nigeria’s constitution, you can’t be in Government position before the age of 35? I was aiming for 30 :)

When is your future behind you? When you stop chasing your dreams… GO FOR IT

If you don't tell me you like me, i don't telling a friend doesn't help you know....i just think you are nice or bored if you keep talking to me, not that you think i'm special

I lost an uncle, the last boy in my mum’s house, may his soul RIP….. My mum is the last child and girl


Don’t you hate the twitter hashtags? Hehehehehe

#thatisall for now, still looking for that mojo L



  1. Randommmmmmmmm!!!!

    excellent post!

  2. Glad to have you.
    Had fun reading..

  3. Welcome back... :) I so agree about God just sticking bright red "L" for loser signs on some guys' heads... So much time would be saved! Material girls are wasting their own time, not anyone else's... All they amass never means anything in the end. I really liked this post. Random posts always have me nodding at my screen like "yeah... true... LOL... TRUE... PREACH!" LOL

  4. This babe u have jst gone up a notch in my book...chop luv random posts!

    That nodding only problem is trying not to gag (dnt wanna tlk too much since ur Daddy still share d pointers oo!

    And keeping chasing those gives u something to wake-up for n work hard towards.

    Can't wait to hve my own apartment own space! *sigh*

    Welcme back!!!

  5. LOL. This post is the true definition of "randomness."

    About the direction of your blog, don't worry we're following. As for liking that guy A LOT...may God's will be done. As for money AMEN! I wanna be rich too Father, Amen.

  6. I thought you meant nodding oo, but now I'm not so sure, lol. WHo says you have no talent? Abeg pursue your dreams, all the best the next level.

  7. Nodding??
    congrats on the nomination
    u sure deserve it

  8. eally random. But i enjoyed it, maybe i'll try it one day.

    Thought i was alone in the dept of not ready to be married and not having a talent but you are a pretty good writer.

    Nodding hurts the throat, lol.

    Can't wait to have my apartment. I'll stop here, too many true talks to pick.

  9. Welcome back.....

    Random as helll...excellent.

    //The thought counts, the simple things matter….//

    I like

  10. Welcome back. I don't get what this nodding means o! Go girl pursue you dreams. Love the randomness.

  11. You "suck" at nodding? What else do u do while nodding, pls tell? Lmao

  12. yeah i voted for ya.

    i love shopping, hate handling the bills.
    keep chasing your dreams, what is life if you aint living for something worth it?

    very random post but also very 'you'
    c ya!

  13. no be serious "randomizing" o..liked it tho..
    Since Adam said ' the woman u gave me ' to God, the man upstairs decided that you got to choose your own person o b4 u say na hin give u -lol..

    nodding? -like every every, practice makes perfect-lmao

  14. Question? is Hell really random though??? LOL! Sorry.

    Nodding???? ewwww!!!! Dont Nod ohh! you are stars not people!
    You dont eat shrimp O_O
    I would ride a bike with you..A harley!
    Learned sign language in second yr as a pre-req for my program.. I think I have forgotten it..Have a good one!

  15. He gave u a key?
    Biko I want the story.

  16. OMG you're back!!! These randoms are very good for the soul and the rest of us look for something to relate too. Not like I didn't already know all this stuff anyways. Lol.
    Continue these randoms o. Very needed indeed.

  17. Good Lord,everybody's picked up on this nodding issue!Noway it would have slipped past unnoticed;-)
    Welcome back.Missed Ya!
    U should do #random more often>>i like! Clearly tho,ur mind needs a vacation!And with such a mind,its sacriledge to claim to be untalented!

  18. Omo, this is a whole lot of plans for this year alone o! I wish u d best of luck sha!!!

  19. gee!!! "NODDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!" em, r u on skype?? u need to skype me ASAP!!!!

  20. I agree with Sugarking Skype me or Twitter me because the more I read your blog the more I'm convinced you're like pretty much amazing! Well, more like we got a lot in common. Dont add Sugarking!!! Jokes I love that guy (he didn't know that but now he does lol)

    Love xx

    PS What school are you trying to get in?!?! I've been dreaming of my dream apartment at Southampton. I've already started decorating in my head lol.

  21. damn! total randomness. burr gee a lot of things to do for the year n its apparently almost half left of it.
    Nodding is the easiest form of protein intake #sueme. Passionate about sports, want a bike, love movies, love driving. Mehn those counts enough not to bother about a talent.

  22. @Cerebrallybusy - thanks ma

    @2cute4u - thanks a lot ma

    @F - lol, yes o and thank you so much

    @Miss Enigma - lol, i chop knuckle o and thank u and i didn't get any pointers o and i will, thanks ma

    @Jaycee - thank u so much, AMEN

    @Nakedsha - abi o

    @Myne - lol, heheheh and will do, thanks ma

    @BBB - lol, what??? thank you ma

    @Life around me - thanks ma, and you are not at nodding hurts the throat

    @Nutty J - thank you ma :)))

    @shorty -lol... will do, thank you so much

    @Quaggar - you are so bad, lol

    @Tisha - awwwww tisha i love you mucho, thanks so much and will chase my dreams, no problem

    @histreasure - lol, is it? that makes sense...and yes o i guess i will

    @Ms. O - i don't know o and lmao, u r not i don't eat shrimp...yaaay i will so be calling you on that, o u have to rbr so you can help

    @Fabulola - lol, he made me a key so i could go in and out if i needed to

    @Oye - i think u might be mad, lol

    @T.Notes - lol, never...and yes men i tell u, crazy girl that i am, lol

    @Sugarking - Amen and thanks & lol, i added u, haven't seen u

    @Nogo - lol, send me your twitter or skype id ok....trying to get into Connecticut and Amen to dream apartment

    @Kennisblegad - can u imagine? isn't that sad and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol, u r so bad....and yes i agree with you

  23. enjoyed every line of this post. I pray you have so much money you dont know what to do with. And love will come.

    p.s. nodding may have given me tonsillitis. iKid iKid :|

  24. @Audeo - Amen and Amen...thanks so much ma and lmao, i hope you feel much better, no Tuesday ramblings this week?


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