Monday, June 28, 2010

#MusicMonday by Guest Blogger 'AUDEO' - 2007 in Review

2007 was a good year. For music and for me. I think I may have found music again that year. And a part of myself that I never knew existed. It was the year I danced on bartops and mooned people ( i have the grace to blush). It was the year I first drank champagne straight from the bottle and danced till 6am. Thing is before 2007, I was never interested in those things. Sure i'd done them, but never like that. You know how you squeeze every little bit of enjoyment from a situation? I did that in 2007. I was free, thin and fearless. In 2007, I fell in love all over again. With music, and with dance. 

Hi, I'm Audeo. This is my absolute first time time writing on someone else's blog and to be honest i'm slightly petrified. Even if I was ecstatic when Neefemi asked me to (thanks honey). Anyways, I'm gonna be sharing music from 2007. Some I strutted to while walking down Sanusi Fafunwa on my way to lunch. Some I tried to practice the steps from the video from the safety of bedroom. time I tore my shorts....Enjoy.        

T-Pain - Bartender (and all its remixes. 2007 was afterall the year of "the Pain')

Rihanna ft Jay Z - Umbrella (Unarguably the monster hit of the year) 

R-Kelly ft Usher - Same Girl ( I prefer the remix with T-Pain. But this one was alright)
J Holiday - Bed (oooooo this was a tune) 
Neyo - Because of you (just the opening bars...can inspire some serious hip swaying)

The Dream - Shawty is a Ten (Love the remix with Fabulous .."Shawty is the shu shu shu shu shugar honey iced

R.Kelly,T-pain,T.I - I'm a flirt (Omdzzzz... do you know that I know all the words in this song..including T.I."s rap. and the part in the video where that girl throws her head back..i nearly broke my neck trying that. Whaaat! it looked sexy and i was practising just in case i wanted to do it on sum club bartop. Rotflol. I was a major trip) 

Wyclef ft Lil Wayne - Dollar dollar bill (some kill for the bill, some steal for the bill, oooo. This songg reminds me that Wyclef dint always sound like a bleating goat)
Hope you remember these songs from 2007 and it fills you with nostalgia. They did for me. Oh and 2007 was the year of my red red lips which is what inspired this post because this morning is the first time since then that I've worn red lipstick. 
Enjoy the rest of your week. xxx 
Neefemi's corner: A big big big big Thank you to Audeo, she is the best. Asked her to do this on Saturday and here it is and if this doesn't transport you back in time, well what can i say? Can't remember where i was/what i was doing, but i loved loved all them songs, and know every single line to each. Thanks Again Audeo. Please, let me know if you want to be a Guest Blogger, i will greatly appreciate it. 
Also guys quick question, what do you think other music blogs are missing, that you want to see on here? Want this to be as much for you as it is for me. Have a blessed week
P.S I Love You

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Praise Thursday - Worship

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? I hope its been a great week for you as it has been for me. A lot of prayers answered this week for me and mines, admissions, new job, visa and tomorrow is my baby bros bday, never mind the fact that he is going to be 22. lol

Today we are going to worship the Lord of Hosts, the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The Bright Morning Star, That Ancient of Days, Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Rose of Sharon, The One who was, who is and who is to come. The Lord on High. ( I wish i could have written this in yoruba, but a lot of you won't understand).

This is by special request from Audeo although it was what i had planned to do coincidentally. I'm thankful to God and i can confidently say i am not worried, although i have been making plans like i always do, because yes i am a control freak, but i believe it is only in accordance to Gods plans for me and he has gone ahead of me to set everything in motion. Nways before i talk too much, lets do this, these are all familiar songs, so please just let the spirit lead.

Found this while looking for songs on youtube. I've had it on repeat. I believe its called Everlasting God and his name is John Dreher

Holiness (Take my life) - not sure of the artist - Scott Underwood i think

Micheal W Smith - Awesome God

Amy Grant - El Shaddai

Be still & Know - Steven Curtis Chapman

As the deer - not sure of the artist originally by Martin Nystrom

He'll Do it Again - Gloria Trotter


Monday, June 21, 2010

#Music Monday - Good News & My Opinions.

You know how they say you remember when certain things happened? 9/11 i was in Nigeria. Micheal Jackson dying i was in my statistics class & it happens to be my brothers bday too (Jun 25 is just around the corner). Meeting "the one" -in my case in a hospital room (lol, joker lomo, im speaking prophetically jo). Nways you get my point.

Well today i was on my way to the car to go get an oil change and was about to call the best friend to tell her about my ex that was in my business this morning, when i saw that i got a message. I click and i see its from the school and i'm thinking "omygosh they are asking me to send me something again" but no it was my acceptance letter. I got accepted guys. As of Aug 2010, i will be a Doctoral Student at the University of Connecticut. My joy knows no bound and i'm grateful to God for he has been good to me. I just want to say thank you all so very much, for your kind words and prayers, may God Bless you and for as many of you waiting on the Lord for something, i use myself as a point of contact the Lord will meet you at your point of need in Jesus Name. Amen

I wasn't going to write today, it was going to be all music, so lets go there. I shall be sharing songs i have opinions on, please let me say that this is my blog, i have a right to my opinion. If you are the artist in question/any of your people, my opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, so please don't feel the need to insult me. Thank you.

Jesse Jagz ft MI and Ice Prince - Nobody test me

One of my fav songs of Jesse Jags album which i thought was fairly ok. Production wise it was stellar, content wise, not so much. But combination of the 3 on this song, and i was hooked. Its Jesse Jagz's song but MI and Ice Prince totally stole the show. I love the video, well done, simple without any wahala. Why was it so dark though? I don't get.

Beazy ft Chykay & Shank

The hook of this song is so nice, Chykay did great, i find myself singing "i'm a bad girl, jare". Shank did his thing i'm a fan and Beazy as well, of course, i remain loyal. The video was too dark for me, but they assured me that they did this on purpose, though i can't tell you why. I can't lie, i was expecting some kind Jackie Chan kind fighting and we see a winner sturvs, lol( i know, i know) but still not a bad video.

Con.tra.diction - Dreams(Places to Go)

I like this song, i like the lyrics. I have to be honest and say that her voice is not the strongest, but i like this song. First off the beat is so nice, this is pop, some britney, aguilera kind ish. No other Nigerian has done this. The video is cheesy but so cute, love it.

Goldie ft Eldee tha Don - You know it

So umm yea, allow me to be honest. No you can't take my man. lol. But really though, i love this song and i feel like the video could have been much better. That make- up artist needs to be banned in the whole of Nigeria. Anyways people will say i'm hating so let me stop. But i like that whole denrele and goldie switching part.

Eldee - One Day

So not a big fan of cameos in videos generally, but like BB said on this one i guess it was to show that we are all in support of the movement and i for one, am massively behind the movement. One day e go better.

And for my feature on Fresh artists check out Xuzia and Blink

01 Super prod by B...
Blink on Super produced by Baron Boys. Love it. SNM

Xuzia - This music...
Xuzia is one of my fav artists right now that you haven't heard about in Nigeria. He sings so well, and i've heard a couple other tracks and i'm more impressed with his writing skills.


#WhoisJeremyEnglish: ANGONEMI

In other news, WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC RADIO SHOW is back...whoop whoop!!! Did you all tune in today, it was awesome. Please make sure you tune in next Monday on 8pm GMT/2pmET/3pmCT. You can also listen on your bb/iphones. Big Big Tunes men.

So much i want to share with you, this is just a few from the Nigerian artists, and these are all stale at this rate, if i posted as i got them i will be posting everyday and i haven't even gone through some of the other international artists we get sent everyday. Let me know your honest opinions.

Have a blessed week, God Bless you


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Headaches & Whatever else on my mind

Hello people… are you all doing? Hope you are all having a swell weekend. Thanks to all the new additions to my blogsville family, happy to have you all on here. I seem to be the only one not excited about Fathers Day, wasn't excited about Mothers day either sha, it sucks that my folks are not around jo. Anyways, wishing all of your fathers' a Happy Fathers' Day. Fathers' rock eternally and I happen to have a great dad, through all the bad times, I love that man to death and he is very special to me. Grateful for his life and I pray that we will all have many more years to celebrate our fathers. Amen.

So I have headaches, have I said this before. I actually I have migraines. Bad bad migraines. I don't sleep, I get headaches and the days like today I decide to sleep in; I wake up with a headache. O su mi. I know I was just speaking about positive words and believe me I try, initially when it starts I always say "ori fo ota mi (my enemy has a headache)" but omo men story, once it progresses and I want to cry and some days I cry in an attempt to sleep, I start to say I have a headache and I want to scream it to the rooftop, like sharing will make it any better. Nways I have had a lingering headache all day, not as mindnumbing as it was in the morning, and I just really wish I could pour cold water on my head right now. I'm tired of headaches, told BB that the amount of pastors that have prayed concerning my headache this year is scary, like they all had dreams I was going to die from a headache. Nways still talking to God about this, cos I don't want to have this all my life, so I need a complete healing from this and I'm sure he will deliver.

Speaking of heads let me start by saying I am tired of this hair issue everywhere. As far as I know, hair is an identity issue, just like bleaching/tanning and the same with weight. I will explain. Hair for most females is their identity, be it natural, weaves, relaxed, short, and/ long. It's about their identity, what it says about them, how they look, how they feel, not what society is telling them. How else do you explain women who think that they need to marry Chinese men, so their kids can have great hair, so they can be successful? What does society have to do this? If society influenced our hair choices, girls won't have short hair, cos men don't like short hair. How else do you explain women who won't pay their bills, rent, but put a down payment on Indian hair? Before you attack people & insult folks who don't agree with your opinions, you have to understand how hair makes a woman feel. Think of the countless females who can't have hair cos they have alopecia; or have to cut their hair cos of cancer or the folks who think that they cannot succeed because they have nappy hair etc. It's the same with women who bleach or tan…they know the consequences, but they don't feel good about themselves because they think their skin is too pale, they don't look beautiful so they do what they have to do . To me It's like that anorexic girl who is skinny but sees herself fat. These issues have nothing to do with society; it's all about one's identity. I should add here, that society may play a role for some, people who have no mind of own, easily influenced people if you ask me, but for most, its more a self esteem/ identity issue.

My point, DO YOU and allow others do them. Teach by example, which is why I love juiceegal and her natural Saturday's blog, but don't make it seem like you can't be friends with folks because they don't have natural hair or dismiss their reasons for not having one as stupid. Personally I have done thousand different kinds of hair style. My mum cut of my hair when I was 10 cos of my headaches and cos my hair though long was too thick and she thought that might have been why I was having headaches plus no one in school (FGGC Akure) would agree to do my hair, she always had to pay extra when I was home for the old woman to do my hair. Boy was my dad furious. She herself has cut her hair numerous times cos of migraines. I have done every kind of weave except for lace wig (it should be banned) and in various colors. Had a low cut for two years grew out my hair, no relaxer and then I relaxed it and now my hair is shaved off on the one side. I also cannot be arsed about what I have on my head as long as it looks good and is easy to comb or I don't have to comb it at all, I have a fear of combing my hair, relaxed or otherwise it's a freaking mop, I swear I want to go Amber Rose. So yea, please leave the hair issue alone, I beg u. Thank you.

In other news, can't seem to express myself. I miss you has come to mean, I like you, I'm thinking about you, I want you, I miss you….. I miss you now means everything I feel and more, sigh.

My mum is the best, she keeps me sane and I love that she reminds me to pray always, I also love that she asks of all my friends, she's cute like that.

I still say boot instead of trunk as the Americans say. Last I checked I am Nigerian jo.

Someone I knew from my school (Home Science) passed away yesterday from Sickle Cell. I was so sad, cos she couldn't have been 30 yet and then it reminded me about my Cousin Eyit. He should be going on 27/28 now and that fear kills me that he wouldn't get to 30. I love him so much and I keep praying that God you cannot take him from me. We have been telling him he has to marry and have kids, cos im so afraid he won't make it. He is the only son and I'm like dude you cannot not leave a part of you. He thinks we are mad, he is like if he has kids, and he dies who will take care of them. I promise I will, take care of them and raise them as mine, but God forbid, Eyit will grow up to see his grandkids, I believe in a Miracle making God. Nways called him today, he sounds so good and he is doing well and I'm happy.

Please tell the ones you love that you do, please I cannot beg that enough. Life is short, live a regret free life as much as u can. Love with all your heart; even if you are like me and you can't say it please show it.

Miss Fabulola, says she doesn't get why people say "I appreciate you". My argument is that at least for me "I appreciate you" is not necessarily because what you did was to me, but somehow it inspired me, it motivated me, It made me a better person. E.g Audeo (never met her btw) sharing her story on blogsville, she didn't do it for me, but going with her through her hurt and then her healing and now seeing her in love. I have never seen a woman's strength displayed as so, well apart from my mother. And then there are people like my best friend who has gone far & beyond for me. I can confidently say that amongst girls I have not seen friendship like ours yet, amongst boys yes, but girls no, we call each other partners and its true, I feel like she is my soulmate (BB understands this already, lol). And then there is BB who even though he has been in my life for only a short period of time, he has inspired and motivated me and changed my thinking. So "I appreciate it" doesn't quite cut it, "I appreciate you" is more it for me. So what do you think?

I write songs did I tell you? I tend to throw them all out but I had kept this one and I was on skype with a producer friend of mine and I sent it to him and just like that he made a beat to the lyrics and it was so beautiful I had tears in my eyes. So imma try to work on honing my skills, maybe I can add song writer to my resume.

I hope you have nominated your fav bloggers. I'm excited for this part of the awards. I was hoping it will be anonymous so i could nominate myself. ikid. I didn't/wont be nominating/voting for myself, thats some loser shit jo. let's go there....promise to fill out mines tomorrow, that shit is hard.

Chai I talk too freaking much, actually more like I write too much, o well. Forgive me

P.S I Love You

Thursday, June 17, 2010

#Praise Thursday - Name Calling

Hello folks. How are you doing? Whew about the last post, no more preaching for me. lol.
Miss TM says i see everything literal, and i have to agree, and you already know i can be rather opinionated about some things. I find that i can't always explain myself physically, so writing helps and today i am going to try and explain something. RocNaija says that we are who we are/ believe what we do based on our experiences, again i have to agree. But let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Olubukunola Ayomide Moyosola Oluwanifemi. That's all there is to know about me if you ask me.Olubukunola means God has added wealth. Ayomide means my joy has come. Moyosola means I rejoice in health. Oluwanifemi means God Loves me. So when i think of myself, i think wealth, joy, health and love all wrapped in God. Thats all you need to know about me if you ask me. (will be taking off names soon)

So let me go back, i was having an argument with BB and the best friend about them calling a new baby by just his initials. And they wanted to know why and i gave them that whole spill about names are very important, hence God changing some peoples names in the Bible or given specific names to a person/place ( i'm sure i dont have to remind you all about this). Still they thought that i was overreacting that it wasn't a big deal. I ended up just saying you know, do you, but i do know no child of mine can/will be called by just his initials. No child of mine is getting an English name, cos if u ask me most of them don't make sense. My child is getting a very "conc" yoruba or delta name. I remember when i was coming to this country i begged my dad to change my name, and he wouldn't and with understanding now i'm very glad he never did.

I don't play with names, i think names are very important, when i'm sad i call my names to myself to remind me of who i am. I think my issue with names started from my dad. One of the times he was mad at my mum and he had called her names, he had said that part of the reasons why she was evil is cos of her name "Lucy" that it was taken from Lucifer and how lucifer fell from heaven and God did not find favor with him and all that. This was the first time i heard of Lucifer btw. Please do not judge my dad, you all know how much i love my dad, and i only share this story to make a point. My mum's maiden name starts with Ogun and i know a lot of my cousins who are changing it to Oluwa. I know that a lot of people have decided that juniors should not be added to kids name, so no more Kunle junior or something like that, or even given the names of grandfathers and all.

I'm going on and on, but let me say this all came to play for me because last week i had decided that i needed to be very careful about what i say, so no more "Olowdow", "ode", "stupid" i don't curse but no more of that even for games (failed woefully at that today). Then they spoke about it in church, then i read this the very next day and then heard Kirk Franklin speak on the radio that there was power in the tongue and a woman had the ability to edify her man . Been worrying about this whole school thing, so i promised myself that anytime any evil thot came into my mind concerning school, relationships, family, i would SPEAK out positive words and then i saw this the very next day and i was entirely sure God was sending me a strong message.

Is this a message for you as well? I'm speaking what i want about everything health, wealth, family, success, friends, everything even the minutest of things. I encourage you to do the same. But when i think of a name, i think of the name Jesus, the name above all names. The name that Conquers all is Jesus. Love it, thatisall

Fred Hammond - Your Name is Jesus

Matt Redman  - Blessed be your name

Yolanda Adams - That Name

Kirk Franklin - Something about the name Jesus

Monday, June 14, 2010


Nicki Minaj is jocking Lil Kim’s style, Lady Gaga is jocking Madonna’s style, Christina Aguilera is jocking Lady Gaga’s style. Lately it seems that’s all we hear, a poor musician slaves to put out a good song and we end up just compating it to someone else. Like I was telling my friend earlier, this world is too damn old for anything to be original anymore so everyone needs to deal with it. I don’t particularly care about who is stealing/copying anyone , I have always said when it comes to music, its either I like it or I don’t. That being said, there’s been A LOT of remakes when it comes to songs and I thought I’d share a few with you guys.

Originally sang by Phil Collins. These two siblings remade this song on her Full Moon album. If you don’t already know I am a huge fan of Brandy and I keep wondering why she doesn’t sell records.
Brandy ft Ray J – Another day in Paradise

Originally sang by 50 cent ft Justin Timberlake. I heard two covers of this song when I was on the other side of the world. One had an unplugged feel to it and the other was a dance version by this Belgian pop artist  that I was instantly drawn to
Katerine (Avgoustakis) – Ayo Technology
Originally sang by the hugely successful Irish boy band, WestLife, this song was redone again by the Velvet Teddy Bear when he won American Idol ( by the way have you seen him lately? He has lost a LOT of weight!)
Ruben Studdard – Flying without wings
Originally sang by the late great Michael Jackson. It impossible to think that anyone could redo a song of his and do it justice but this band tried. If you are ever looking for a song to get you going on the treadmill, this should be on the list. Plus the drums are sick on this song! ( I love drums)
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
Originally sang by Jimi Hendrix. Both guys are sick with their instruments..ahem as in the guitar. There’s not much of a difference in the remake but this is my favorite song from the “Remaker” even if it’s not his song. Please listen to what he does with his guitar from 2:02 and if you really don’t have time then start from 2:50 and let this man talk to you with his guitar.
John Mayer – Bold as Love

I’ll stop here now so as not to take up your time but some extras are:

Madonna – American Pie (Originally sang by Don Mclean)
Whitney Houston – Song for You (Originally sang by Donnie Hathaway)
Jessica Simmpson – Angels (Originally sang by Robbie Williams)

Hope you guys enjoyed the selection and I apologize ahead of time if you did not see any of your favorite remakes on here, feel free to comment on which ones you liked and which songs (not on the list) that are your favorite remakes. Have a lovely rest of the week, I intend to enjoy mine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Praise Thursday - Giving

Hello, my lovelies, how u doing? (Wendy voice)..... I hope you guys don't get mad at me on the days i post this late, but i justify it by thinking well, its the last post usually for the week, so there is still loads of time for every one to catch it....if not, i apologize :) hehehheheheheeheheheheh

Good day, i wore yellow like i promised and looked good :)....was actually pretty busy and did some work, had some really intelligent conversations, watched parts of the world cup concert #GoNigeria, worked out for an hour, there is some grilled potatoes in the oven, looks like Boston might take this(Amen in advance), got some good news from my mum, and celebration worthy news in BB's family, love the option of having nice backgrounds from Google and ooooo do you like my new template? i love it - generally a Good day, very grateful to God.

So imma Preach today (yes i said it) ....did i not promise not to do this? Forgive me, its more about me sharing my testimony though.... The topic is giving, especially your tithes. Let me start by saying "Give unto Caesar, what is due Caesar"- Jesus Christ himself said this. So there is never an excuse for not giving your Tithes, full-stop. You shouldn't even ever question this fact, you should just do it. I don't want to be like a church and tell you the whys and why nots? But i will tell you why i say so and how it has helped with financial problems in my life.

When i got this job, my father said i should give God everything( they call this first fruit offering). Now i have been working since i came to America and i always gave my tithes(10% of your income), sometimes gan i will put in 10% of whatever my folks gave me, so i'm like why didn't he tell me that when i was getting paid $8 and $10? My first pay check that will say thousand and you want me to give it all. So i reported,him to my mummy, and she too said yes i must do it, that she thought i knew this. I'm like, you have got to be kidding me. I get to church on Sunday, and what do you know, the Pastor is preaching about giving.

There are four kinds...... First fruit offering (you give everything or if you have an increase, you give that you got paid $500, and now you get paid $700, you give $200).... Then Tithe and like first fruit this is something commanded by God....Then there is sacrificial giving, to my understanding, this is more of a between you and God thing, a lot of times you give this out of the very little you have as a testament of a covenant you want to enter with God..... Then there is offering, again something you do with free will

So i gave, my entire paycheck and let me just say i have never regretted the decision and i can tell you that i know for sure that God will continue to provide for my needs, as he has been doing. I really believe thats why God has been providing for me men, cos as an international student paying $11k a semester(not a year o) i cannot tell you how rough it was, then my brother moved here as well and i was sure i was going to need to sell my eggs or become a prostitute ( threatened my dad with that) but somehow it has worked out. Who here was reading me when i started this blog? when i was looking for money for graduation and all, and how everything worked out perfectly.  I'm a living testament guys, do your part and God will surely do his part, his word can never go void.

I have a friend that argues that well she doesn't have to give tithe to the church, that she can take that same 10% and give it to an orphanage and its still the same thing. Its a lie o, at least to my understanding and again i say "Give unto Caesar, what is due Caesar. All you have done is given donation to the orphanage. My friend in trying to explain told her "if for no reason, see Nife, she always gives even when she has burrowed the money and see how God Blesses her". Like i said i'm a living testament, cos i have enjoyed in this country on little or nothing. My father is not rich, neither is my mum, although the best friend is a trust baby so we are going to hit that up, if i ever need to, lol.

Nways, thatsall, i hope you have learnt a lil something, i am not perfect o, i'm sure i have missed some myself, cos i swear i don't know maths, and i will look at my cheque before i leave for church and i would have forgotten the amount. Some days i over compensate, some days i under estimate. I have promised myself to be more conscious about it. And please all that, what is the pastor using it for, that is not ur "consign" (lol), really tho, that is not your business, this is just you and God. And for more proof i have heard of a lot of non Christians per se, who believe in this principle for whatever reason, who never fail to do it, and what do you know they are successful billionaires, so why not u?

Anyhoo, do with this message what you will, i hope it spoke to somebody. Couldn't find a lot of songs about giving and couldn't remember them as well, the ones we you use at Naija churches are not available on youtube. So hope you enjoy these three

Don Moen - Give Thanks

Joe Pace - Running Over

Vicki Yohe - Increase me

P.S I Love You....have a great weekend
Late Amendment - Boston won the game, whoop whoop!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Am i the only one just hearing about this Filipino singer called Charice. She's pretty good.

I hate Periods and i'm tempted to curse Eve for putting us through this. I have a short one and i don't break out or have cramps, but for one i'm so sleepy and tired for days before and then i get so hormonal, everything makes me cry or laugh or get irritated. Sigh. I've said it i absolutely refuse to be like this when i'm pregnant i'm telling you God now. I must be the happiest person ever. And i swear down like people know you are on or about to be on your period, they start to take the piss. Like, for crying out loud can you not tell that this is the absolute worst time to try to mess with me. I'm good at pretending though, so all of this is in my head and looking at me you could never tell, i have the brightest smile pasted on, and looking as good as i can be. Today i am wearing pink (i hate pink), yesterday a bright green and white( i hate green) tomorrow i'm sure it will be yellow (i hate yellow). Black is my favorite color if you cant already tell. 

This dude at work damn near molested me today, really rubbing my back and giving me an unwarranted hug. Like dude i don't even know you like that and cos he is Nigerian i even always bend to greet him. Was so pissed, and i was afraid he was going to unhook my bra right there infront of everyone, that was the beginning of the fuckery that was today.

BB didn't help. Moving on. Supervisor was just extra irritating today. Sigh. School said i was owing them something, so that has delayed this whole process and i won't be hearing back from them till about the end of the month. I have faith, i believe and i have claimed it, but God knows my insides are about to tear up.

If your boyfriend/the guy you are talking to, whatever you want to call it these days, offers to buy you a ticket someplace, not that you are going to see him, but he knows you want to go to said location, will you accept? Is it pride if you don't? What do you think the persons reason(s) for not accepting is/are? Why should one accept? 

Which reminds me my friend on twitter said today "if you don't have a main chic, then your side chic is your main chic, stop fronting" Translation yes you are not officially dating her, don't think you can marry her but as long as you don't have that "one" and she is the one you do everything with, then she is your chic, stop fronting.

Apparently i watch a lot of movies, i just don't remember their names, same thing with books. I tell you i have a solid combination of defense mechanisms. My favorite are repression and selective memory. 

Why do people that are sick refuse to do something about it? Yes you shouldn't always run to the Doctor but thank God for self medication and home/natural remedies and your local pharmacist you know. I really think though that except you are majorly preoccupied in your life, people especially women know when their body is failing them, you need to be in tune with your body. But i am the first person to know how you can be so preoccupied with your life,in your brain that you neglect your body, hence the women you see who pee and see that they are delivering babies. That shit is still funny to me. hheheheh 

Did you know psychology is considered art and not science? Didn't know that till i got my degree, i thought i was getting a Bsc and i end up with a BA. I think writing should be considered science and not art. There is something strangely scientific about the art of writing. Don't you think? I swear thats why i cant write these days ,something is missing on one side of the equation or has been replaced either way at least in my life this has become one complicated quadratic equation with no answer. I don't make sense.

I wonder why people like me. Don't know why i wonder about it but i do, and i never ask. Boyfriend/bestfriend/even my own folks. Do you wonder the same? i wonder if my kids would love me like i love my folks. I wonder if i've ever made a difference, changed one's opinion. I wonder about a lot of things anyhoos so this is not news.

I don't pretend to be what i am not. I am a cheap skate i realize, lol. My brain is overly active, like you can't already tell. My bestfriend says its going to be about her and her husband, like he comes first over the kids. I say its going to be about me and my kids, they come first before my husband. That my friends is the direct influence of upbringing, never let it be said that environment is not instrumental and if you ask the me the greatest influence on a person. Nature wins everytime people, nature wins over nurture every time.

BB inspires me, don't tell him i said so.

Time heals ALLLLLLLLLLLL(for emphasis) All wounds. I choose not to explain this, i strongly believe it, think of it what you will. 

Excited for the world cup, saturday is going to be awesome and yes i think Nigeria is going to get their butt kicked.

I'm happy that i know most if not all of you, even behind this computer, i feel a part of a world beyond my wildest belief, because you share your thoughts and allow me to share mines. 

Anyhoo, Praise Thursday tomorrow, topic is Giving. Drop names of songs if you have any.


Monday, June 7, 2010

#MM - Hood Music

Hello, hello Good Morning J or afternoon or evening depending on what part of the globe you are at. See me, in my mind I am an international superstar and people read me from far and wide (joker lomo, please join me as I laugh out loud). Lol, I crack myself up.

Speaking of hello good morning, I love that song but damn that one girl is so ugly and dawn formerly of danity kane now doesn’t look so fine, I hope she really isn’t nyanshing Diddy.

It’s been said to me that 70% of my views on life will change. Do you believe that in your life? I am not opposed to change; I embrace it really, if my jumping from one state to another, different jobs is any proof. But I do believe in principles (maybe that is not the right word, but I can’t think of any right now), I believe in very set ways. I really think its people not having set ways/ideas/principles that tend to put people into trouble. You should not be rigid (in my head this all makes sense and does not sound contradicting at all) but principles are/is the tightrope you need to keep you from falling. Ok let me stop before I put myself in a big hole. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, I don’t either. J

I know people sha, I always forget that. Chari said that’s power when I said it on twitter, ain’t that the truth. If you know me, you already know money is not my thing, and I was reminded of that this weekend. What do I need money for when I know the person who can get me into the club, or the person who can get me in contact with that important dignitary or the person who can get me that interview I want. Anyone feel me?

My dad in telling me why it’s important for me to love my half abi step siblings used this scenario. He said one day I’m going to be retired but I will need sumn (maybe I want to throw a fundraiser or sumn) and all I will have to do is pick up the phone and say “Kunle (the would be then Governor of Lagos state or President of Nigeria) I am planning so, so and so event and I need you to attend, this is very important to me so I expect you to be there” who born the maga? He will be there and promptly too. Lol, isn’t my dad full of wisdom? You gotta love him. I saw my baby sister for the first time yesterday; she is going to be fat like me, but yellow like her daddy. She is so pretty, my dad made pretty babies, all 7 of us.

Speaking of which he called me to sing Dolly Parton to me the other day and when I seen him on skype he was praising his nice nails and how I took my nice nails for him. The man is a trip. I couldn’t get my mum to sing Kenny Rogers to me though, lol. So my mum is on this new keep everything to yourself tip, including her she says I shouldn’t tell anything. She forgets that her daughter just talks. God help me. I totally get where she is coming from, but it’s hard for me.

I need to be mind raped/fucked seriously men. I am intellectually bored and BB doesn’t have my time lately. Sigh!!! I take much joy in the fact that he doesn’t read this btw. We are good though and for that I’m thankful. I’m praying about a boy, I think the world is about to come to an end, lol. Which reminds me I’ve always had this theory that it takes a bad guy/relationship to make you value/and cherish a good guy/relationship. But I’m thinking and isn’t it possible that its cos of how bad that relationship was, is the reason why you think this guy is perfect? Cos now this guy is doing all the little things and it quickly clouds your judgments meanwhile he is steady cheating on you with every Bola, Ada and Mariam? Lol. Clearly, I have issues. If only men understood that all you had to is check in, and save yourself so much wahala. Sigh. 

I’m not a fan of people in trying to make a point calling out other people and tearing them down, it disgusts me. I’m not as cold as I appear, I am however a very practical or realistic girl, I have no time for games. Am I the only one that thinks there should be a timeline for how long you "talk" to someone before you start dating or keeps it moving? I say 6 – 8 months. Most of us here we don’t know how hard it is for some especially females. Our major problem is picking the right man, when some people can’t even find a man to talk to and are looking to websites in search of a man. I pray that’s never our portion for those of us here still single. i'm all for second chances, but when is enough, enough? i think there should be a set scale for these things, but who am i kidding, we are humans and people (not me) consider emotions and feelings into these things, so the scale will always be tipped in favor of what one person wants. 

I hear back from the school this week, I believe it, I receive it and it is already done in Jesus name. Congrats to for the win, I’m glad they and not gidilounge won. Congrats to all the winners including Lohi and Myne. #Shoutout to the organizers you all are doing fantastic work. #random when people say you deserve the award, does that mean that the people who didn't, weren't deserving? Lol, issues i tell you

I talk too much – let me share some of my hood music with you. #Dontjudgeme

I love Ace Hood, don't play men. 
Ace Hood - Overtime
Ace Hood - Cashflow

i can't tell you why i love this song, but i go hard on this song
Young Jeezy - Corporate thugging

It took me an hour, but i found this song - i hadn't heard it in a min and it was only Ludacris i could rbr on it. I looovvvvee this song, Ludacris killed it. I'm so hood with this song, lol
Dey Know remix - Shawty lo ft Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Plies, Lil Wayne

And to rap it up - lets just this say, this song still makes me go gaga, i have a mean look with it too, its too funny
Hustlin remix - Rick Ross ft Jay Z and Young Jeezy

Sigh, i hope u didn't laugh too hard, but can u picture me acting hood with it? lol, bad picture huh


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Praise Thursday - Overcoming Depression

Hello guys, how you doing? I hope the week has been great for you....Did this week fly by or what? Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus :)

Today we are going to talk a lil, before we go into the songs. Bear with me, i promise i won't preach, i couldn't even if i wanted to. My sister at 16 is the preacher in my family, she did just that and danced on Sunday at her church. She got a standing ovation. lol, so proud of her. Anyhoo

I get DEPRESSED. I don't get mood swings, i'm not the kind who is happy now, and unhappy 10mins later, thats the best friend. But i get depressed where i don't feel like talking to anybody, listening to music (u know thats major for me) and i usually get depressed when i'm physically tired, i swear it doesn't make sense and then i remember all the things that are not going right in my life. But even if you don't get depressed like me, you get lonely, you feel alone, you are tired, or you are frustrated. How do you pull through? For one i hate when people want to preach to me or tell me i'm a child of God so why would i say this.( I do this to my sister all the time).  I usually just get over it really, i remember where i have come from and where i'm going to. i remember that people have been worse and then i go back to the music, always the music. So this is what i want to do today, share songs that uplift me.

P.s i am not clinically depressed, i have a degree in psychology, i know what the difference between the different kinds of psychological mood disorders are. But i do feel like you should acknowledge your mood always. Depression is like any other disease, it can kill. So please Nigerians are fond of taking this issue lightly, please deal with it accordingly. If talking to a friend or loved one and music doesn't help you, consider therapy. People will argue that we don't have that in Nigeria, if thats the case, get on the internet or the phone, and to talk to therapists or psychologists around the world, write about it, do something about it, please.

Get Up - Mary Mary
I thought of you Fabu-lo-la, when i heard this song this morning because of your last post. I can definitely relate to parts of this song as i've been worrying about lack of self motivation and what the future has for me, and i've been feeling stagnant. Mary Mary - looked "FIERCE" in this vid, lol.

Can't give up now - Mary Mary
This is my "i remember where i'm from, remember where i'm going to with God on my side" song. Don't you just feel the tears sting a lil bit?

Smokie Norful - I need you Now
This is my "call on Jesus, please get me out this funk, this mood and lift me up"song. Listen very well to the words in this song, it speaks volumes.

Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Winans - STAND
I just asked you this question what do you do to pull through? "after you've done all you can, you just STAND" - if you don't finish any song, finish this song, please

I usually just do 3-4 songs, but just had to put up this song. i'm sure these songs are familiar to you and this is the most cliche of them all, but these songs work wonders for me

Donnie McClurkin - We Fall Down
This is my "there is nothing to big for God, cos i was born a sinner & he died for me song"

I pray for those of us who deal with mood disorders in anyway shape or form, the Lord will heal us.

I didn't preach much did i? :)

P.P. S I Love you