Monday, June 7, 2010

#MM - Hood Music

Hello, hello Good Morning J or afternoon or evening depending on what part of the globe you are at. See me, in my mind I am an international superstar and people read me from far and wide (joker lomo, please join me as I laugh out loud). Lol, I crack myself up.

Speaking of hello good morning, I love that song but damn that one girl is so ugly and dawn formerly of danity kane now doesn’t look so fine, I hope she really isn’t nyanshing Diddy.

It’s been said to me that 70% of my views on life will change. Do you believe that in your life? I am not opposed to change; I embrace it really, if my jumping from one state to another, different jobs is any proof. But I do believe in principles (maybe that is not the right word, but I can’t think of any right now), I believe in very set ways. I really think its people not having set ways/ideas/principles that tend to put people into trouble. You should not be rigid (in my head this all makes sense and does not sound contradicting at all) but principles are/is the tightrope you need to keep you from falling. Ok let me stop before I put myself in a big hole. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, I don’t either. J

I know people sha, I always forget that. Chari said that’s power when I said it on twitter, ain’t that the truth. If you know me, you already know money is not my thing, and I was reminded of that this weekend. What do I need money for when I know the person who can get me into the club, or the person who can get me in contact with that important dignitary or the person who can get me that interview I want. Anyone feel me?

My dad in telling me why it’s important for me to love my half abi step siblings used this scenario. He said one day I’m going to be retired but I will need sumn (maybe I want to throw a fundraiser or sumn) and all I will have to do is pick up the phone and say “Kunle (the would be then Governor of Lagos state or President of Nigeria) I am planning so, so and so event and I need you to attend, this is very important to me so I expect you to be there” who born the maga? He will be there and promptly too. Lol, isn’t my dad full of wisdom? You gotta love him. I saw my baby sister for the first time yesterday; she is going to be fat like me, but yellow like her daddy. She is so pretty, my dad made pretty babies, all 7 of us.

Speaking of which he called me to sing Dolly Parton to me the other day and when I seen him on skype he was praising his nice nails and how I took my nice nails for him. The man is a trip. I couldn’t get my mum to sing Kenny Rogers to me though, lol. So my mum is on this new keep everything to yourself tip, including her she says I shouldn’t tell anything. She forgets that her daughter just talks. God help me. I totally get where she is coming from, but it’s hard for me.

I need to be mind raped/fucked seriously men. I am intellectually bored and BB doesn’t have my time lately. Sigh!!! I take much joy in the fact that he doesn’t read this btw. We are good though and for that I’m thankful. I’m praying about a boy, I think the world is about to come to an end, lol. Which reminds me I’ve always had this theory that it takes a bad guy/relationship to make you value/and cherish a good guy/relationship. But I’m thinking and isn’t it possible that its cos of how bad that relationship was, is the reason why you think this guy is perfect? Cos now this guy is doing all the little things and it quickly clouds your judgments meanwhile he is steady cheating on you with every Bola, Ada and Mariam? Lol. Clearly, I have issues. If only men understood that all you had to is check in, and save yourself so much wahala. Sigh. 

I’m not a fan of people in trying to make a point calling out other people and tearing them down, it disgusts me. I’m not as cold as I appear, I am however a very practical or realistic girl, I have no time for games. Am I the only one that thinks there should be a timeline for how long you "talk" to someone before you start dating or keeps it moving? I say 6 – 8 months. Most of us here we don’t know how hard it is for some especially females. Our major problem is picking the right man, when some people can’t even find a man to talk to and are looking to websites in search of a man. I pray that’s never our portion for those of us here still single. i'm all for second chances, but when is enough, enough? i think there should be a set scale for these things, but who am i kidding, we are humans and people (not me) consider emotions and feelings into these things, so the scale will always be tipped in favor of what one person wants. 

I hear back from the school this week, I believe it, I receive it and it is already done in Jesus name. Congrats to for the win, I’m glad they and not gidilounge won. Congrats to all the winners including Lohi and Myne. #Shoutout to the organizers you all are doing fantastic work. #random when people say you deserve the award, does that mean that the people who didn't, weren't deserving? Lol, issues i tell you

I talk too much – let me share some of my hood music with you. #Dontjudgeme

I love Ace Hood, don't play men. 
Ace Hood - Overtime
Ace Hood - Cashflow

i can't tell you why i love this song, but i go hard on this song
Young Jeezy - Corporate thugging

It took me an hour, but i found this song - i hadn't heard it in a min and it was only Ludacris i could rbr on it. I looovvvvee this song, Ludacris killed it. I'm so hood with this song, lol
Dey Know remix - Shawty lo ft Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Plies, Lil Wayne

And to rap it up - lets just this say, this song still makes me go gaga, i have a mean look with it too, its too funny
Hustlin remix - Rick Ross ft Jay Z and Young Jeezy

Sigh, i hope u didn't laugh too hard, but can u picture me acting hood with it? lol, bad picture huh



  1. Aww thanks for the Shoutout and the constant support! Emm the music really isnt my taste.. I am an RnB/Neosoul chic.. but I know all of them from hitting the clubs...Have a good week!

  2. "I need to be mind raped/fucked seriously men.", Neefemi!!!! easy babes!!! lol

    " #random when people say you deserve the award, does that mean that the people who didn't, weren't deserving? Lol, issues i tell you"

    Now that's true tho.

  3. Lol@picturing hood neefemi. Nahhh picture don't fly too well.As per views in life changing,i've thot about that a number of times,but i always conclude that,hey i've been hearing that story for a while now and last i checked my core principles haven't none shifted. I think situations n setting might change,but we ultimately grow up n grow further into our life viewpoint.

    Uhmm on the hood music,my last stint in that regard was Enimen during his Marshal Marthers (4get ryt spelling) LP phase. Asides from that,i'm usually lost, except if u wana consider Sade Adu has hood!That chic rocks!

  4. I dont listen to hood music and my club days are slowly fading away so I am only familiar with one or two songs.

  5. Feest and foremost i also peznali like dat jammm 'ello n gud moring!'

    Secondly also please principles are standard for life dont change em. In fact i wee go as fer as saying if u change ur principles u are changing urself n darris a no no tenks

    thirdly ur dad is a superstarr 2 r's cos i dont know him peznali but u can give him 3 r's. Lol nobody else may understand it but i know u will.

    fourthly pls no need for violence if u are bored i take God beg u come n write music monday for GlamTings....tenks so much in advance

    fifthly amen my sister i agree with u...God will give u the answer u require from the school

    last bet not the least...You are a winner in our eyes bebe

    Please can u help me see how my comment is almost as long as ur post...ees ok im packing my bag n leaving ur site now...tenks ever so much

    God bless

  6. lol you need to be mind raped/fucked?
    Where did we ever go wrong with you O_0?
    hehe. I'm more neo soul and classic person, with the occasional R&B.
    Oh and if you ever act hood, do post it :D

  7. where do I start from?

    okay ... think I need to go bk to read again!

  8. Lol.You cracked me up with this post.

    About that timeline....i dont know really. For me, its not about the time it takes. Sometimes you just know. I have only ever been in one serious relationship and you know how that turned out. lol. but even then, i just knew. Thing is i'm pretty impulsive, but that what I get for thinking on my feet and what seems like an impulsive decision to other people is actually the product of a few well thought out scenarios. Anyways i'm just rambling. I needed this post.


  9. nee-feh-mee, "mind raped" no kill me, you and your dad seem to have a good relatioship, mumz is on the keeping things to herself as well however like you she can not keep things to herself at alll will come back and listen to the jamz

  10. I like the way you write. Its like a running commentary on everything and anything. I love that Dey Know song.

    "Hello Hello Dey Know Dey know"

  11. Didn't listen to the songs except the last, not a hood music kind of person and my mind has not been changed. Thanks for the shout out dear and your dad indeed is wise. I try never to burn bridges too.

  12. @Ms O... you are very welcome and thanks ma, hope the week has been great as well?

    @Sugarking - lol, i'm taking it easy sir... and i didn't get what part you thought was true..

    @T.Notes - lol, warever, i'm very gangsta o. And i totally agree with you. Lol, Eminem is the bestest, cant wait for his new album and Sade ROCKS.

    @Taynement - lol, i don't know when last i went clubbing either, i just have some ghetto streaks, lol

    @Glam tings - lol, at this new english o, which one is this now ehn?
    2ndly - i agree with you ma
    3rdly - lol, thanks ma and yes i get
    4thly - haba, you know now anytime, just let me know i will be glad to
    5thly- Amen, thank you so much
    lastly - thank you mami, really appreciate that
    and lol, long comments are welcome, infact required, God Bless you too

    @Juanita - lmao, so when i saw this originally i died laughing and i'm laughing again. lol, don't mind me jo, some screws were loose in the brain at the time. And lol, u don't like me i see, i should post it ke? you want my bride price to go down.

    @musco - lol, hope it made small sense

    @Audeo - :), And i totally understood btw, and i think i'm going to do the same, since i know, i'm just going to relax and remove all this time constraints, if its meant to be it will be. Thank you ma

    @fragilelooks - lol, this is good

    @Lalah - lol, i have issues men. And yea we do, weird but nice. Your mum and i will be bf then, lol.

    @Lady X - awww, thank you ma, and that is the jam men

    @Myne - lol, i can imagine, its hard to get into anyways. You welcome ma and yes he is, and so are you, for understanding that.


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