Monday, June 21, 2010

#Music Monday - Good News & My Opinions.

You know how they say you remember when certain things happened? 9/11 i was in Nigeria. Micheal Jackson dying i was in my statistics class & it happens to be my brothers bday too (Jun 25 is just around the corner). Meeting "the one" -in my case in a hospital room (lol, joker lomo, im speaking prophetically jo). Nways you get my point.

Well today i was on my way to the car to go get an oil change and was about to call the best friend to tell her about my ex that was in my business this morning, when i saw that i got a message. I click and i see its from the school and i'm thinking "omygosh they are asking me to send me something again" but no it was my acceptance letter. I got accepted guys. As of Aug 2010, i will be a Doctoral Student at the University of Connecticut. My joy knows no bound and i'm grateful to God for he has been good to me. I just want to say thank you all so very much, for your kind words and prayers, may God Bless you and for as many of you waiting on the Lord for something, i use myself as a point of contact the Lord will meet you at your point of need in Jesus Name. Amen

I wasn't going to write today, it was going to be all music, so lets go there. I shall be sharing songs i have opinions on, please let me say that this is my blog, i have a right to my opinion. If you are the artist in question/any of your people, my opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, so please don't feel the need to insult me. Thank you.

Jesse Jagz ft MI and Ice Prince - Nobody test me

One of my fav songs of Jesse Jags album which i thought was fairly ok. Production wise it was stellar, content wise, not so much. But combination of the 3 on this song, and i was hooked. Its Jesse Jagz's song but MI and Ice Prince totally stole the show. I love the video, well done, simple without any wahala. Why was it so dark though? I don't get.

Beazy ft Chykay & Shank

The hook of this song is so nice, Chykay did great, i find myself singing "i'm a bad girl, jare". Shank did his thing i'm a fan and Beazy as well, of course, i remain loyal. The video was too dark for me, but they assured me that they did this on purpose, though i can't tell you why. I can't lie, i was expecting some kind Jackie Chan kind fighting and we see a winner sturvs, lol( i know, i know) but still not a bad video.

Con.tra.diction - Dreams(Places to Go)

I like this song, i like the lyrics. I have to be honest and say that her voice is not the strongest, but i like this song. First off the beat is so nice, this is pop, some britney, aguilera kind ish. No other Nigerian has done this. The video is cheesy but so cute, love it.

Goldie ft Eldee tha Don - You know it

So umm yea, allow me to be honest. No you can't take my man. lol. But really though, i love this song and i feel like the video could have been much better. That make- up artist needs to be banned in the whole of Nigeria. Anyways people will say i'm hating so let me stop. But i like that whole denrele and goldie switching part.

Eldee - One Day

So not a big fan of cameos in videos generally, but like BB said on this one i guess it was to show that we are all in support of the movement and i for one, am massively behind the movement. One day e go better.

And for my feature on Fresh artists check out Xuzia and Blink

01 Super prod by B...
Blink on Super produced by Baron Boys. Love it. SNM

Xuzia - This music...
Xuzia is one of my fav artists right now that you haven't heard about in Nigeria. He sings so well, and i've heard a couple other tracks and i'm more impressed with his writing skills.


#WhoisJeremyEnglish: ANGONEMI

In other news, WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC RADIO SHOW is back...whoop whoop!!! Did you all tune in today, it was awesome. Please make sure you tune in next Monday on 8pm GMT/2pmET/3pmCT. You can also listen on your bb/iphones. Big Big Tunes men.

So much i want to share with you, this is just a few from the Nigerian artists, and these are all stale at this rate, if i posted as i got them i will be posting everyday and i haven't even gone through some of the other international artists we get sent everyday. Let me know your honest opinions.

Have a blessed week, God Bless you



  1. Congratulations, Neefemi!

    So happy for you. God bless you and all the best with your doctorate!

  2. i loved MI's part of that song..only one kelly that i know, kelly rowland, lol.nice
    i tried listening to that tosyn's song today but i was totally put off by her voice but i gave it another chance now and i actually liked the song.

    Im proud of you! (If thats possible)

  4. us proud o,lol!

  5. woohooo CONGRATS Sweets!!! Well done! *insert bb dancing smiley* here xoxo

  6. big CONGRATS!

    we suppose wash am o.

  7. cogratulations babes. poping a drink 4 u.

  8. Congrats Neefemi.....

  9. Congrats!!!! Very good news indeed!

  10. AWWWWW..this is great news, girl!!! congratulations..go show them stuff jare!!

  11. Congrats on your doctorate, that is such great news! You go girl. So you'll be moving soon? Aww.

    As for Naija artistes and videos, some are really good, I love the concept for Goldie's and Tosyn's, one edgy and the other cute. I prefer the former in terms of song, someone please translate, lol..

  12. @Nakedsha - thank you so very much, Amen and God Bless you too

    @leggy - Mi Killed it and yea that was my reaction as well

    @Fabulola - Thank you so much ma, i really appreciate it

    @Beautiful - will do, thank you so much

    @doll - thank you so much

    @glamtings - hhehehe, thank you so much hon

    @musco - Thank you sir and will think of sumn

    @fragilelooks - hehhehe, thanks hope the drinks was nice, thank you

    @life around me - thank you so much

    @Ms O - thank you so much dear

    @histreasure - lol @ go show them stuff, thank you so much mami

    @Myne - yes o, moving again. Thank you so much ma. Lol, i totally understood.

    And true that bout Ice&M.I entirely stealing the shine in that album.Tho i neva @all liked Jessee whateva he calls himself.

  14. I guee Seek ye 1st the kingdom is really coming to play how erthng's falling into place, i so cant wait 4 the "the one" episode, lol.
    I'm wholeheartedly, totally, absolutely happy for u. infact if u run out of happiness, half of mine will be more than enough to fill ur happiness requirements, lol. Tis just the beginning sweety, it just started :-)

  15. wow CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! my brother goes to uconn as well ( the storrs campus) he plays basketball


    As for the music, I felt like I've been living under a rock or something. I think I only heard about 1 or 2 of the songs previously. I love the one day song. And MI kills every track ANY track. In fact if I was a new artist I wouldn't even put him on my track because he'd just jack my song, lol

    Anywho love congrats and great music choices for Monday :) Even though it's Thursday lol (took me 2 days to listen to everything haha)

    Plenty love,
    Nogo xx

  17. @T.Notes - lol, thank you so much hon, i really appreciate it. Love U know it too, except the video sha and lol BB says the exact same thing about Jesse.

    @Ben - yes o, a recipe that never fails surely. Thank you so much, it means a lot and Amen, not just for me for us all.

    @damsel - really, might need to talk to him then cos i know no one in Connecticut. Thank you so much dear.

    @nogoblogs - lol @caps. Thank you so much dear. and about the music, its all good tho, u also introduce me to new songs as well. MI is great. Thank you so much love. muaaaah


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