Monday, June 28, 2010

#MusicMonday by Guest Blogger 'AUDEO' - 2007 in Review

2007 was a good year. For music and for me. I think I may have found music again that year. And a part of myself that I never knew existed. It was the year I danced on bartops and mooned people ( i have the grace to blush). It was the year I first drank champagne straight from the bottle and danced till 6am. Thing is before 2007, I was never interested in those things. Sure i'd done them, but never like that. You know how you squeeze every little bit of enjoyment from a situation? I did that in 2007. I was free, thin and fearless. In 2007, I fell in love all over again. With music, and with dance. 

Hi, I'm Audeo. This is my absolute first time time writing on someone else's blog and to be honest i'm slightly petrified. Even if I was ecstatic when Neefemi asked me to (thanks honey). Anyways, I'm gonna be sharing music from 2007. Some I strutted to while walking down Sanusi Fafunwa on my way to lunch. Some I tried to practice the steps from the video from the safety of bedroom. time I tore my shorts....Enjoy.        

T-Pain - Bartender (and all its remixes. 2007 was afterall the year of "the Pain')

Rihanna ft Jay Z - Umbrella (Unarguably the monster hit of the year) 

R-Kelly ft Usher - Same Girl ( I prefer the remix with T-Pain. But this one was alright)
J Holiday - Bed (oooooo this was a tune) 
Neyo - Because of you (just the opening bars...can inspire some serious hip swaying)

The Dream - Shawty is a Ten (Love the remix with Fabulous .."Shawty is the shu shu shu shu shugar honey iced

R.Kelly,T-pain,T.I - I'm a flirt (Omdzzzz... do you know that I know all the words in this song..including T.I."s rap. and the part in the video where that girl throws her head back..i nearly broke my neck trying that. Whaaat! it looked sexy and i was practising just in case i wanted to do it on sum club bartop. Rotflol. I was a major trip) 

Wyclef ft Lil Wayne - Dollar dollar bill (some kill for the bill, some steal for the bill, oooo. This songg reminds me that Wyclef dint always sound like a bleating goat)
Hope you remember these songs from 2007 and it fills you with nostalgia. They did for me. Oh and 2007 was the year of my red red lips which is what inspired this post because this morning is the first time since then that I've worn red lipstick. 
Enjoy the rest of your week. xxx 
Neefemi's corner: A big big big big Thank you to Audeo, she is the best. Asked her to do this on Saturday and here it is and if this doesn't transport you back in time, well what can i say? Can't remember where i was/what i was doing, but i loved loved all them songs, and know every single line to each. Thanks Again Audeo. Please, let me know if you want to be a Guest Blogger, i will greatly appreciate it. 
Also guys quick question, what do you think other music blogs are missing, that you want to see on here? Want this to be as much for you as it is for me. Have a blessed week
P.S I Love You


  1. Very nice selection. I like most of the songs, not too keen on the tpain. The dream's shawty is a 10 I just liked the "aaaay!" part. Wyclef's "Sweetest Girl" used to be my jam till I overplayed it.

    @Neef - re: yoru question, are you turning your blog strictly to a music blog hence your question? That would (i think) help in answering the question better.


  2., i remember 2007.when i wondered what was wrong with t-pain's voice..nice song but it wasnt my fave time with music.a lot of sex on the radio.

  3. Wow.. This truly took me down memory lane.. Loved this..
    Quite different from what I see here Neefemi, lol

  4. Nice selection...

    I really couldnt get enough of 'I'm a flirt'

    Neefemi dont turn ur blog to strictly music ooo...we need the wise words

    Hello Audeo...

  5. was it just 2007...seems longer! nice trip down memory lane

  6. This took me back to one of the BEST SUMMERS of my life! Loves it!

  7. postttt! *alanta* yes i'd love to write again. Thank you

    Hello Nutty J

  8. @Taynement - not at all ma, just trying to get some feedback for new ideas to incorporate.

    @leggy - lol, yea there was a lot of that on the radio.

    @2cute4u - we thank Miss Audeo, glad u liked

    @Nutty J - lol, ok ma. i won't. Thank you

    @doll - it sure does feel longer, time is flying.

    @Ms. O - glad it was a good memory, we thank Miss Audeo.

    @Audeo - lol. i will be calling you up soon don't worry. Thanks again

  9. hay audeo.... seems like am stalkin u innit....hehehe...just loooove ur makes ma day


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