Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Am i the only one just hearing about this Filipino singer called Charice. She's pretty good.

I hate Periods and i'm tempted to curse Eve for putting us through this. I have a short one and i don't break out or have cramps, but for one i'm so sleepy and tired for days before and then i get so hormonal, everything makes me cry or laugh or get irritated. Sigh. I've said it i absolutely refuse to be like this when i'm pregnant i'm telling you God now. I must be the happiest person ever. And i swear down like people know you are on or about to be on your period, they start to take the piss. Like, for crying out loud can you not tell that this is the absolute worst time to try to mess with me. I'm good at pretending though, so all of this is in my head and looking at me you could never tell, i have the brightest smile pasted on, and looking as good as i can be. Today i am wearing pink (i hate pink), yesterday a bright green and white( i hate green) tomorrow i'm sure it will be yellow (i hate yellow). Black is my favorite color if you cant already tell. 

This dude at work damn near molested me today, really rubbing my back and giving me an unwarranted hug. Like dude i don't even know you like that and cos he is Nigerian i even always bend to greet him. Was so pissed, and i was afraid he was going to unhook my bra right there infront of everyone, that was the beginning of the fuckery that was today.

BB didn't help. Moving on. Supervisor was just extra irritating today. Sigh. School said i was owing them something, so that has delayed this whole process and i won't be hearing back from them till about the end of the month. I have faith, i believe and i have claimed it, but God knows my insides are about to tear up.

If your boyfriend/the guy you are talking to, whatever you want to call it these days, offers to buy you a ticket someplace, not that you are going to see him, but he knows you want to go to said location, will you accept? Is it pride if you don't? What do you think the persons reason(s) for not accepting is/are? Why should one accept? 

Which reminds me my friend on twitter said today "if you don't have a main chic, then your side chic is your main chic, stop fronting" Translation yes you are not officially dating her, don't think you can marry her but as long as you don't have that "one" and she is the one you do everything with, then she is your chic, stop fronting.

Apparently i watch a lot of movies, i just don't remember their names, same thing with books. I tell you i have a solid combination of defense mechanisms. My favorite are repression and selective memory. 

Why do people that are sick refuse to do something about it? Yes you shouldn't always run to the Doctor but thank God for self medication and home/natural remedies and your local pharmacist you know. I really think though that except you are majorly preoccupied in your life, people especially women know when their body is failing them, you need to be in tune with your body. But i am the first person to know how you can be so preoccupied with your life,in your brain that you neglect your body, hence the women you see who pee and see that they are delivering babies. That shit is still funny to me. hheheheh 

Did you know psychology is considered art and not science? Didn't know that till i got my degree, i thought i was getting a Bsc and i end up with a BA. I think writing should be considered science and not art. There is something strangely scientific about the art of writing. Don't you think? I swear thats why i cant write these days ,something is missing on one side of the equation or has been replaced either way at least in my life this has become one complicated quadratic equation with no answer. I don't make sense.

I wonder why people like me. Don't know why i wonder about it but i do, and i never ask. Boyfriend/bestfriend/even my own folks. Do you wonder the same? i wonder if my kids would love me like i love my folks. I wonder if i've ever made a difference, changed one's opinion. I wonder about a lot of things anyhoos so this is not news.

I don't pretend to be what i am not. I am a cheap skate i realize, lol. My brain is overly active, like you can't already tell. My bestfriend says its going to be about her and her husband, like he comes first over the kids. I say its going to be about me and my kids, they come first before my husband. That my friends is the direct influence of upbringing, never let it be said that environment is not instrumental and if you ask the me the greatest influence on a person. Nature wins everytime people, nature wins over nurture every time.

BB inspires me, don't tell him i said so.

Time heals ALLLLLLLLLLLL(for emphasis) All wounds. I choose not to explain this, i strongly believe it, think of it what you will. 

Excited for the world cup, saturday is going to be awesome and yes i think Nigeria is going to get their butt kicked.

I'm happy that i know most if not all of you, even behind this computer, i feel a part of a world beyond my wildest belief, because you share your thoughts and allow me to share mines. 

Anyhoo, Praise Thursday tomorrow, topic is Giving. Drop names of songs if you have any.



  1. I have a BSc in psychology. I think it depends on your concentration. I was psychology/pre-med. I didn't need to take any language arts classes the BA psych pple needed to take. Besides, psychology is generally considered a social science, definitely not a science.

  2. I welcome periods (not like I have a choice) but omoo mehn, Eve has questions to answer oh!

    I'm excited for the world cup too..

    And looking forward to Praise Thursday.

  3. Sweetie, thats why I got on the pill, it regulates my moods and I know EXACTLY when it is coming.

    And err..abt taking said trip from bf/guy you are talking to.
    By principle I wouldnt, but if he is bf, depends on how long we've been dating.

  4. Wow that was a mouthful wasn't it? Every paragraph I have a reply but lets not go there lol.

    Firstly there was a time I had no period for 6 months. I loved it. And I wasn't pregnant.

    Secondly I didn't reply with my Skype 'cuz its my personal account and I didn't want to post it here and I don't have your email or Twitter so ummm or my Twitter awamusicmap.

    I wouldn't except the ticket unless it was from a good friend or boyfriend I don't any madness from any guy hoping for anything from me, and I'm on my independent flex so I wouldn't take from a guy who's not particularly close to me.

    I do the movie thing too! I'll be like "No I haven't seen it" *Pop DVD in (more like look on internet - Lol) and I'll be like "Oooohhh this movie!" Lol

    Wish I could drop some songs for Praise Thursday *Sigh need to get my act together!

    Hope you're ok xx


  5. Yup. Charice got a good voice. Her personality off stage is so different from when she is on stage.

    It might be the PMS making you think people are taking the piss because you have lower tolerance. I am sure I have PMS but I don't notice the difference. I get irritated easily all the time so all the same to me.

    I don't think it's fair to put boyfriend and person you are talking to in the same category, they are not on the same level. If it was my boyfriend yes I would take it. If a person chooses not to, its for no reason other than pride or not enough trust hence the not wanting to feel indebted to them.

    I wonder why certain people like me but not my core group of friends.

    I don't think time heals all wounds.

  6. I like you lol cos I feel lyk if we meet we'd jst click...and iLove ur random but meaningful posts.

    Like Charice; she got discovered on Oprah and her story is just a beautiful one. Happy for her and her Mom.

    I get cramps on the first day, and I'm very cranky/emotional (I cried myself to sleep jst last week) but after day one I'm good.

    If it's a guy who is still in the "talking to" phase, I wldn't accept. But from the boyfie, hell yeah...I'd collect it. (except if I knw he's not financially strong at the time oo)

    Have a blessed day!

  7. phew...i am grateful for periods when they come cos normally its irregular.

    I trust God for your school thingy. It'll work out perfectly.

    I believe in the science of writing.

    I do believe that time heals all wounds. I am a testimony to that. You know it.

    I am thankful for you. You dont know how much of a blessing you've been to me.

    Love you too


  8. I always wonder why i'm missed or liked, and i asked once but I never got an answer.
    But have you ever wondered why you like someone? Sometimes there is no real reason.
    I really want to be a friend and a mother to my kids and husband.

  9. pretty random but then, u rule 'randomness'

    whether or not i accept would depend on the rlnship, bf,oh yes but 'some guy am talking to' wouldn't be so easy and its bcos i wouldnt want to bcom obligated.

    Oh dear, i know they surely are kicking naija stright out in d first rounds..

    periods are a biatch..i def going thru hell now and every one is surprised and saying i really shdn'tbe..oh, well, will be seeing my OB/GYN abt it

    and babe, i am queen of repression / selective helps me forgive and more importantly, move on ya.

  10. @Sting - Hey ma, haven't seen you on here in a while, hope med school is going well? I also did premed/psychologhy, although my school also made me take all the language arts classes, so i ended up graduating with more credits than i needed. Plus i thought cos my school was more research oriented it will be classified Bsc, so yea maybe its based on the school as it is a social science course.

    @Nakedsha - lol, we have no choice unfortunately. hope you are good ma?

    @Fabulola - ose dear, and yea we already talked about the pill. And thanks, i agree with you, amount of time you have been together is important in determining that.

    @Nogo - what jazz did you use o, i can like to try it? and there were no side effects really?
    2ndly - will be sending u an email as soon as i'm done here
    And i hear you about that independent flex, thats how it should be.
    Lol, yay to someone who is like me, folks think im crazy for not remembering.
    Its ok, about the songs, just wanted people to be a part of it and not just me shoving stuff down peoples throat.
    I'm good love, i hope you are doing well?

    @TayneMent - yea i saw that, happy for her. lol, about the pms, you are probably right.
    Hmmm you have a point, will def consider that. Do you not wonder about your core group of friends cos u already know why they like you?
    and time heals all wounds jor, i'm right and you are wrong (inside joke), lol

    @Miss Enigma - you know i'm all hormonal and you say sumn sweet like that and you make me cry. Thank you so much, if im ever in Ny will def holla
    Yea happy for her mom especially
    awww about the crying to sleep. pele and no pill helps?
    Lol at hell yeah i will collect, will think more abt it, its a very touchy thing for me
    Have a blessed day ma.

    @Audeo - really? Have u tried going on the pill? its safe. Amen and Amen, thank you so much ma.
    Chop Knuckle jare, wish i knew the exact formula, but it is science.
    And yes i do, thats why i know also, that you have a special grace as well. I'm so glad, proud, happy for you btw.
    You also made me cry, thank you so much, you have been the exact same to me, just by sharing your stories, thank you so much.
    Big hug and kiss xxxxx, love you

    @life around me - i actually do and i usually have an answer, lol. isn't that weird? but yes sometimes, most times, there is no reason, even if you can give one, its more than that. Amen you will be that and much more to them and i pray the same for me as well

    @histreasure - heheheheh, you always make me smile and my head will now be swelling, lol.
    I'm with you on that, the obligation thing is always my main fear.
    Yes they are but i'm sure loads of Nigerians are working their juju so lets see, lol
    Yes you shouldn't be, especially after having kids, although some people are different and start to have worse pains after child birth than before so yes please go see you ob/gyn as soon as possible.
    Omygosh ma, you are the only person that has understood this, most people think its because you are afraid and hurt and all that but you are exactly right its so i can forgive and move on.
    Love you too ma

  11. My period is in 3 days and it sucks! I am moody, i like sweets, hate them, i don't want to talk to anyone even my family and friends.

    I am disgusted with everyone, i am pissed again! I can almost say i hate being a woman, all these emotions flying around in different directions. I feel like i can't control anything and i hate feeling out of control.

    ...and we are so not losing to whoever on Saturday.

    i may not watch the match o, just love being patriotic.

  12. when bf went to d uK for school, i started hating periods cos even when it didnt come id know i wanst pregnant,
    its our blessing and our curse

  13. @Tisha - lol, pele, its been my worst so far this time around so i know how you feel...and i will just say Amen to us winning the match, because thats the only way we wont get whooped :)

    @BBB - it really is a blessing and a curse

  14. Boyyyy neefemi you are a mouthful!!!How does one even begin to comment!!!No commentary,just enjoyed reading thru all the rambling!lol!Well,not rambling to you tho.

    Periods,during my own period,i start clawing at the walls,screaming profanities.One time they had to call me an exorcist,then he started praying for me, then i started levitating, what do i know!Pele Deary!Hope u're peachy now??

    As per the match, wanna bet how bad we'll loose?!!

  15. @T.Notes - lol, i know its bad men :(....ori e, be laughing at us o, you will have a daughter, don't worry, lol. And yes was peachy the next day, thanks. I thought we were going to lose 6-0, so i thank God.


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