Thursday, June 10, 2010

Praise Thursday - Giving

Hello, my lovelies, how u doing? (Wendy voice)..... I hope you guys don't get mad at me on the days i post this late, but i justify it by thinking well, its the last post usually for the week, so there is still loads of time for every one to catch it....if not, i apologize :) hehehheheheheeheheheheh

Good day, i wore yellow like i promised and looked good :)....was actually pretty busy and did some work, had some really intelligent conversations, watched parts of the world cup concert #GoNigeria, worked out for an hour, there is some grilled potatoes in the oven, looks like Boston might take this(Amen in advance), got some good news from my mum, and celebration worthy news in BB's family, love the option of having nice backgrounds from Google and ooooo do you like my new template? i love it - generally a Good day, very grateful to God.

So imma Preach today (yes i said it) ....did i not promise not to do this? Forgive me, its more about me sharing my testimony though.... The topic is giving, especially your tithes. Let me start by saying "Give unto Caesar, what is due Caesar"- Jesus Christ himself said this. So there is never an excuse for not giving your Tithes, full-stop. You shouldn't even ever question this fact, you should just do it. I don't want to be like a church and tell you the whys and why nots? But i will tell you why i say so and how it has helped with financial problems in my life.

When i got this job, my father said i should give God everything( they call this first fruit offering). Now i have been working since i came to America and i always gave my tithes(10% of your income), sometimes gan i will put in 10% of whatever my folks gave me, so i'm like why didn't he tell me that when i was getting paid $8 and $10? My first pay check that will say thousand and you want me to give it all. So i reported,him to my mummy, and she too said yes i must do it, that she thought i knew this. I'm like, you have got to be kidding me. I get to church on Sunday, and what do you know, the Pastor is preaching about giving.

There are four kinds...... First fruit offering (you give everything or if you have an increase, you give that you got paid $500, and now you get paid $700, you give $200).... Then Tithe and like first fruit this is something commanded by God....Then there is sacrificial giving, to my understanding, this is more of a between you and God thing, a lot of times you give this out of the very little you have as a testament of a covenant you want to enter with God..... Then there is offering, again something you do with free will

So i gave, my entire paycheck and let me just say i have never regretted the decision and i can tell you that i know for sure that God will continue to provide for my needs, as he has been doing. I really believe thats why God has been providing for me men, cos as an international student paying $11k a semester(not a year o) i cannot tell you how rough it was, then my brother moved here as well and i was sure i was going to need to sell my eggs or become a prostitute ( threatened my dad with that) but somehow it has worked out. Who here was reading me when i started this blog? when i was looking for money for graduation and all, and how everything worked out perfectly.  I'm a living testament guys, do your part and God will surely do his part, his word can never go void.

I have a friend that argues that well she doesn't have to give tithe to the church, that she can take that same 10% and give it to an orphanage and its still the same thing. Its a lie o, at least to my understanding and again i say "Give unto Caesar, what is due Caesar. All you have done is given donation to the orphanage. My friend in trying to explain told her "if for no reason, see Nife, she always gives even when she has burrowed the money and see how God Blesses her". Like i said i'm a living testament, cos i have enjoyed in this country on little or nothing. My father is not rich, neither is my mum, although the best friend is a trust baby so we are going to hit that up, if i ever need to, lol.

Nways, thatsall, i hope you have learnt a lil something, i am not perfect o, i'm sure i have missed some myself, cos i swear i don't know maths, and i will look at my cheque before i leave for church and i would have forgotten the amount. Some days i over compensate, some days i under estimate. I have promised myself to be more conscious about it. And please all that, what is the pastor using it for, that is not ur "consign" (lol), really tho, that is not your business, this is just you and God. And for more proof i have heard of a lot of non Christians per se, who believe in this principle for whatever reason, who never fail to do it, and what do you know they are successful billionaires, so why not u?

Anyhoo, do with this message what you will, i hope it spoke to somebody. Couldn't find a lot of songs about giving and couldn't remember them as well, the ones we you use at Naija churches are not available on youtube. So hope you enjoy these three

Don Moen - Give Thanks

Joe Pace - Running Over

Vicki Yohe - Increase me

P.S I Love You....have a great weekend
Late Amendment - Boston won the game, whoop whoop!!!


  1. The New Testament teaches GENEROUS, SACRIFICIAL giving, from the heart, according to our means. For some, that might mean far less than ten percent while for others, it might mean even more than 50%.

    A study of firstfruits tells us that it merely means the first produce from the crops. It really has NOTHING to do with income or money.

    The first time tithe is mentioned in the Bible is Abraham's tithe of pagan spoils of war, and Abraham kept NOTHING for himself. This was NOT an act of worship. The goods that Abraham gave the tenth from didn’t even belong to Abraham:

    Genesis 14:21 (NIV) - The king of Sodom said to Abram, “Give me the people and keep the goods for yourself.”

    Notice in verse 21 the king of Sodom didn’t ask Abraham if he would give back to him the people, but rather said GIVE ME the people and keep the goods for yourself. The way that is worded indicates that the king of Sodom was claiming that the people and the goods belonged to him and those he represented.

    Genesis 14:22-24 (NIV) - 22But Abram said to the king of Sodom, “I have raised my hand to the LORD, God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, and have taken an oath 23that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the thong of a sandal, so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram rich.’ 24I will accept nothing but what my men have eaten and the share that belongs to the men who went with me—to Aner, Eshcol and Mamre. Let them have their share.”

    Notice in verses 23 and 24 Abraham also acknowledges that the goods belonged to the king of Sodom and those he represented.

    Therefore, it is clear that both the king of Sodom and Abraham acknowledged that the spoils of war did NOT belong to Abraham, yet he gave a tenth of the spoils to King Melchizedek. This would seem that Abraham did something wrong, if not even illegal, but Biblical historians agree that it was custom in Abraham's day to give the king a tenth of the war spoils. Had Abraham not given the tenth, he would have gone against custom.

    Conclusion: Abraham did NOT give a tenth of his income, or his wealth. Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils of war that didn’t belong to him. That is NOT an example for Christians to follow today.

  2. continuation:

    The next mention of a tithe is Jacob's VOW to tithe. Jacob set the conditions, not God. Nowhere in The Word does it tell us that Jacob actually tithed. Genesis 28:10-22

    Next is The Lord's Tithe. God gave His definition as a tenth of crops and animals which came from God's hand, not man's income. God NEVER commanded anyone to tithe on anything that man made or earned. Leviticus 27:30-33.

    The ordinances (instructions, or laws) for The Lord's Tithe are in Numbers 18. God gave strict orders to take His tithe to the Levites. God NEVER changed that command. Anyone who takes God's tithe to anyone other than the Levites is being disobedient to God's Word.

    There are others tithes in the Bible such as the Festival Tithe and the Tithe for the Poor. It is The Lord's Tithe that churches pattern their teaching after.

    Church leaders ignore God's definition of His tithe, and ignore God's ordinances for His tithe. They change the words to fit their pocketbook. This is nothing but manipulation of God's Word. They are false teachers.

    The Bible CLEARLY SHOWS that the tithe ENDED at the cross in the Book of Hebrews. In the first nine verses of Hebrews 7 the words tenth or tithes appears SEVEN TIMES. The ONLY place in the Bible, after Calvary, that tithing appears is in Hebrews 7.

    In Hebrews 7:5 we are told that Levi (the Levites) took the tithes under the law. In Hebrews 7:12 we are told that when the priesthood changes, the law will change. Hebrews 7:18 is telling us that Numbers 18 was disannulled. Numbers 18 established the Levitical priesthood, and part of that establishing included tithing. When the Levitical priesthood ended (at Calvary, or at least in the year 70AD when the temple was destroyed), all laws that established that priesthood were canceled. If Numbers 18 wasn't canceled, we would still be under the Levitical priesthood.

    Those who argue they didn't have money or income then really need to study the scriptures. They had money and wages, even in Genesis. The farmers had income from barter exchanges, and they had markets to buy and sell as proven in Deuteronomy 14:24-26.

    Those who argue Malachi 3:8, robbing God, need to start with verse 7. God is talking about His ordinances in Numbers 18 which we learned were disannulled according to Hebrews 7:18. Also, if you start with Malachi 1, you will see that God is speaking to the priests, not the people. The priests robbed God of the tithe (Nehemiah 13) and the priests robbed God of the offerings (Malachi 1).

    Give, yes. Tithing? NO. We are under a better covenant. Those who use Old Testament laws for their guidance are missing out. TODAY, we should be Spirit led, NOT led by the spirit of the old law.

  3. *Eyebrow raised* at previous commenter.

  4. @Gary Arnold
    The last time I checked the Bible has both Old and New testaments. My belief is that only things "amended" in the New testament are what will not be followed as is. Example "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" was in the Old testament but Jesus said to forgive. So we won't follow the old testament as is in that regard.
    Giving money now is our way of giving 10 percent of what we've earned since we are no longer farmers and such like they were back in the day.
    Understand what it says in its context.
    The Bible says to tithe. Malachi 3.
    A spirit led believer will give to church hoping to build the "house of God" and spread His word.
    If you do not believe in tithing, that's ok. But please give true and reasonable Bible passages to make your point.

  5. So I know I am gonna get crucified and I don't have bible passages to support but I believe in tithing and giving. I believe tithing is different from donations. I guess my area of difference is I dont think your tithe has to be 10%, i think it's what your spirit moves you to, which could be 100%, 80% or even 10% sef. Like I always disclaim, I'm in no way saying I am right or you are wrong, tis just what I believe.

  6. Gary: are you for real?

    Neefemi: In my understanding...''give unto ceaser what is his etc' is talking about TAX not Tithe.

    But as for the Tithe are spot on. From the earliest Hebrew word, tithe means ''seed distroyer''. Every money we earn is a seed. Part of that seed is a distroyer/devourer cos the money comes from the world. Now that 10% you give back is in actual fact the seed distroyer...not giving it back leaves the other perccentage exposed to devourers...and that is where u find urself paying hospital bills...mechanic bills...losing money etc.

    Okay this is a deeper understanding sha and I cant go into details. But it is enuff that the bible says ''you rob me of my tithe and you are cursed with a curse''

    That one is enough for me not to joke with tithe paying

  7. Sell your eggs? Like put em up in the supermarket?
    I do grumble A LOT when giving tithe but it is worth it though.
    We sure have :)

  8. hmmm
    thought provoking
    i wrote a post sometime last year on tithing
    one guy did exactly what Mr gary is doing now
    and i gave it back to him full time
    with passages to support
    i believe in tithing
    its important
    infact i am going to get the link to the post i wrote id be back


  10. @Gary: Uhmmmmm....Am i allowed to comment?
    @neefemi: I actually likeeeee the new background.
    On the songs,i'll definetly go4 Don Meon as my 1st pick. He's all time classic n dependably great worship music.

  11. God bless u one million times for this post!!!....i am also a living witness of God's supernatural supply which comes from giving, its sooo true. A lot of people argue blindly about tithing & giving seeds in the house of God, they are very shortsighted.... it is oo true, cos some of us are experiencing it

    Thanks for this post

  12. I'm thinking some people didn't wake up on the right side today;
    Anyways, I jump and pass gary abeg!
    Neefemi, thanks for the post and all the testimonies that came with it..
    I give oh and will give more whenever God blesses me with..
    Have a wonderful weekend..
    Love the new look!

  13. If you believe in tithing, then why don't you follow what God's Word says about tithing?

    Numbers 18 - TAKE THE TITHE TO THE LEVITES. Are you aware that the Levites were SERVANTS TO THE PRIESTS - they were the musicians, singers, ushers, janitors, etc. Is that who you take your tithe to, or have YOU decided that you know best and ignore God's instructions?

    Are you aware that the priests and the Levites worked in the Temple about two weeks a year on a rotational basis? They were divided into "24 courses" and worked one week out of every 24 and had REGULAR JOBS the rest of the year. She 1 Chronicles 24 for the priests, and chapters 25-26 for the Levites.

    You follow NONE of God's Word when tithing.

  14. i believe in giving tithes, for me it's a way of showing my gratitude to God for His goodness.

  15. Femme Lounge said, "i believe in giving tithes, for me it's a way of showing my gratitude to God for His goodness."


    I show my gratitude to God by being a generous giver, from the heart. I am Spirit led in my giving. If I were to tithe, I'd be giving a small fraction of the amount I actually give from the heart.

    Tithers are STINGY. You give your precious ten percent, and then maybe a little more and THINK you have done well. A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

  16. @Gary
    Is it the word tithing that you don't agree with? And giving 10% of your income?
    So if we replace "tithing" with "giving to the church" and also replace "10%" with "however much you are led to give" does that change it for you?
    The message she's trying to spread is give a portion of your earnings to the church. However much God puts in your heart is fine.
    She has been richly blessed by that and is encouraging others to do the same.
    Basically, GIVE!!!
    Sigh. I shall not respond after this.
    But please understand that everyone is entitled to express themselves how they please. This is HER blog and she's said exactly how she feels about it. It is ok to then make your own blog and write how you understand it.
    Yes I am speaking for her.

  17. Oye,

    Yes, it is the word "tithe" that I object to. It infers The Lord's Tithe, or The Biblical Tithe and it is not. Those who believe tithing is a command from God that is valid today have put themselves under the OT law; thus, they fall from grace.

    I am all for giving, and then giving even more. Blessings come from giving - I myself am a testimony to that. I can't even begin to outgive God. The more I give, the more He gives me.

    But no one should feel OBLIGATED to give. The OT tithe was NOT giving, it was a payment, the same as a tax. It was not paid from the heart.

    It is important to understand the difference between tithing and giving. They are not the same. HOWEVER, I do realize that those who give ten percent of their income, from the heart, and call it a tithe, are really giving and not tithing; thus, the blessings come.

    It's too bad so many churches use the word "tithe" incorrectly. They are using man's definition instead of the Biblical definition.

  18. Lol, this Guy is a nutcracker!!!!

  19. Commandment or not I believe in tithing, though I did not know about the first pay check thing. It works for me always and it is a blessing. First pay will be hard but I know I must give to Caesar... I also think that verse applies to not bootlegging tracks, buying dresses knowing you will return them, things like that also because that money belongs to those companies. Nee you're a blessed woman. God continue to bless you. Amen xx

  20. Relationships, music, dressing, now preaching.... wow! Well, here's how it was explained to me, the tithe is the 10% you give that makes the remaining 90% meaningful ... u know u could keep d whole thing and spend it on some sickness... the giving thing works meeen... and I gat several testimonies too. Nice one here Pastor Nee!

  21. And by the way.. Its really not our 'consign' what d Pastor uses it for (except u think u're giving it to him). If God says do it, then do it! All the human calculations may make sense ... but they're just calculations and life doesn't answer to calculations

  22. kunie - WHERE does God say "do it"????? Can you give scripture where God tells us to tithe on our income, or are we just supposed to believe you when you say He said "do it"??

  23. @Gary Arnold - you have stated your point effectively i think, as you can tell most of us disagree with you...but as i always say on here we are all entitled to have opinions and i'm not in the business of changing yours. Really appreciate you taking time to comment though, have a blessed day.

    @Fabulola - lol

    @Oye - i happen to agree with you

    @TayneMent - Why will you crucify you? you might be right, i will just say then that 10% is the minimum or don't you think?

    @Nutty J - yea, you are right but i was using it to mean "give to whom its due, what is due" and yep thats my understanding too.

    @Juanita - lol, no as in get it removed surgically for women who don't have eggs. Serious money making business in this country o.

    @BBB - thanks so much, i read it and spot on.

    @TNotes - awwww thanks and yes thats still one of my all time fav songs

    @Beulah - thank you and you are very welcome, glad you liked it ma

    @2cute4u - thank you so much ma, i appreciate it

    @Femme lounge - amongst other things, yes o

    @nogoblogs - Yea exactly, thats what i meant, glad you understood it. Thank you are so much, you are blessed as well.

    @Kunle - lol @ Pastor Nee - abeg o i can't, but thanks trying to show a complete person on the blog and this is definitely part of my life and the most important so i thought i should share and i agree with you

    Thanks again all

  24. neefemi - Opinions are worthless. Scripture is truth. I have quoted scripture to back up my comments. Those who tithe offer opinions but absolutely NO scripture to back it up.

    My opinions don't matter. Your opinions don't matter. GOD'S WORD MATTERS.

    I stick with God's Word. You stick with opinions.

  25. Lmao and i have heard you, so now please kindly stop spamming my inbox. Thank you for sharing

  26. Girly how come I dont get feed back to my email box na... see all the action you made me miss. Chei!!!

  27. @Nutty J - Lol, i think you have to request to do that on your own.


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