Thursday, June 17, 2010

#Praise Thursday - Name Calling

Hello folks. How are you doing? Whew about the last post, no more preaching for me. lol.
Miss TM says i see everything literal, and i have to agree, and you already know i can be rather opinionated about some things. I find that i can't always explain myself physically, so writing helps and today i am going to try and explain something. RocNaija says that we are who we are/ believe what we do based on our experiences, again i have to agree. But let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Olubukunola Ayomide Moyosola Oluwanifemi. That's all there is to know about me if you ask me.Olubukunola means God has added wealth. Ayomide means my joy has come. Moyosola means I rejoice in health. Oluwanifemi means God Loves me. So when i think of myself, i think wealth, joy, health and love all wrapped in God. Thats all you need to know about me if you ask me. (will be taking off names soon)

So let me go back, i was having an argument with BB and the best friend about them calling a new baby by just his initials. And they wanted to know why and i gave them that whole spill about names are very important, hence God changing some peoples names in the Bible or given specific names to a person/place ( i'm sure i dont have to remind you all about this). Still they thought that i was overreacting that it wasn't a big deal. I ended up just saying you know, do you, but i do know no child of mine can/will be called by just his initials. No child of mine is getting an English name, cos if u ask me most of them don't make sense. My child is getting a very "conc" yoruba or delta name. I remember when i was coming to this country i begged my dad to change my name, and he wouldn't and with understanding now i'm very glad he never did.

I don't play with names, i think names are very important, when i'm sad i call my names to myself to remind me of who i am. I think my issue with names started from my dad. One of the times he was mad at my mum and he had called her names, he had said that part of the reasons why she was evil is cos of her name "Lucy" that it was taken from Lucifer and how lucifer fell from heaven and God did not find favor with him and all that. This was the first time i heard of Lucifer btw. Please do not judge my dad, you all know how much i love my dad, and i only share this story to make a point. My mum's maiden name starts with Ogun and i know a lot of my cousins who are changing it to Oluwa. I know that a lot of people have decided that juniors should not be added to kids name, so no more Kunle junior or something like that, or even given the names of grandfathers and all.

I'm going on and on, but let me say this all came to play for me because last week i had decided that i needed to be very careful about what i say, so no more "Olowdow", "ode", "stupid" i don't curse but no more of that even for games (failed woefully at that today). Then they spoke about it in church, then i read this the very next day and then heard Kirk Franklin speak on the radio that there was power in the tongue and a woman had the ability to edify her man . Been worrying about this whole school thing, so i promised myself that anytime any evil thot came into my mind concerning school, relationships, family, i would SPEAK out positive words and then i saw this the very next day and i was entirely sure God was sending me a strong message.

Is this a message for you as well? I'm speaking what i want about everything health, wealth, family, success, friends, everything even the minutest of things. I encourage you to do the same. But when i think of a name, i think of the name Jesus, the name above all names. The name that Conquers all is Jesus. Love it, thatisall

Fred Hammond - Your Name is Jesus

Matt Redman  - Blessed be your name

Yolanda Adams - That Name

Kirk Franklin - Something about the name Jesus


  1. I understand your point. Don't agree with it completely. I don't believe that calling someone by their initials will change anything about the person or what their name means. To me 'initials' is the same as having a nick name and there is nothing wrong with a nickname as long as it's not degrading or it doesn't make people look at you weird.
    My bro calls me psychedelic doesn't change the fact that my name is AMORIGHOYE. I believe it's the given name that means something not really whether you are called it or not.
    And I do believe there is power in tongue. No doubt about that. Just ask you know who...Lol.

  2. I had so much fun reading and learning a lol..
    I agree with the significance for the name giving.
    Thank you so much and take care

  3. I agree with you about names. Given names have more power when people call the owner by it MOST if not all the time. If a child is called JD from birth, he/she may loose the meaning of the original name. And yeah there is power in the tongue, that is why the name thing is even more important.

    Lovely songs especially the Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin's NU Nation project. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  4. lol, you already know I disagree with you. Like Oye said, calling by initials does not take away from your name. You give power to what you want. If someone tries to make you feel bad by saying you are stupid when you aren't, only you can allow them to make you feel bad. What they call you doesn't make you who you are. Just like what people think you are doesn't change the core of who you are.

    Most english names actually have a meaning but it requires a lot of digging. plus its not bad having an english name na :(

  5. I almost got into trouble once in UI when 1 yeye woman didn't pronounce my full name while taking d attendance. d yeye woman was so angry I corrected her.naija woman 4 dt matter.

    d beautiful part of my name is dt I won't change it 4 anything in d world evn when all these yeye oyinbo pple make faces that can't pronounce my name!

    special thanks 4 assuring me that my name still remains special!

  6. Nice one here... particularly blesses by the cuss words part... those words go a long way. I think you're gradually entering your future ... From pastor to Bishop

  7. lol, i think i'm gonna have to try hard with d cuss words used in jest, cos in Ghana,among close circle of friends its even kinda complimentary. but the trend with names in Gh's people giving the fanciest names more 4 d sound of it than the meaning of it; Jason-Shennel michaels 4 eg, lol.
    Nice piece, plus i lyk dat i can call ur name with such weight & meaning attached to it now. :-)

  8. Lol im definately not a fan of calling a baby by his initials.....let the child grow old enough to learn his name fest. However i agree with Taynement in that people can call you whatever they like we choose what we answer to. Furthermore plix english names are cool. For example my name is Esther which means A dismissed! lol.
    Love all the songs
    Keep doing what you do babe x

  9. Yayyyyyyy!!!!You are sooo right on point!!!!HI-5 GAL!!!And amazing cos we're thinking the same thots!My devos have been along that line of late.

    N sooo true about names having mucho significance. It is no joke. The whole idea of giving a child a prophetic name is such that everytime someone calls the name of the child,you are speaking into the life of the child. I love our traditional names,especially as related to God. Some of them are POWERFUL!!!

    Back along the lines of school,i've been doing same.Speaking Speaking Speaking. N it works awesome! Every morning i wake up/when i'm getting discouraged i speak positive prophetic words about my plans and aspirations and its amazing the way your works go ahead of you and make straight your paths.

    I'm with you all the way! Right on Preach On!Lol!

  10. I hear you on the name thing. I've never thought of it that way. But positive words spoken out loud. I am a big endorser of that! You get what you give out. :)
    PS I love the Kirk Franklin song. Always have *Sigh xx

  11. my step mum always call me by my initial....which totally irks me....
    A childs name plays an important role!

  12. I really dont know about the initials, and havent given much thought to it but I hundred percent agree with you that there is power in names. It did come to mind, when you mentioned olodow and ode, where do you draw the line, after all I can respond to someone's words or actions by saying you're so silly, or you're not serious. Is there power in those two latter statements? I don't know,it seems like a fine line. Your post especially spoke to me because I've been struggling with foolish speech, especially using the Lord's name in vain, oh my gosh, God etc...I am really trying to stop that.

  13. @Oye - on this one we agree to disagree ma, cos i think when u say a name, u are prophesying and you don't do that when you just call initials or nicknames and yea definitely, lol

    @2cute4u - thank you dear, glad you liked it.

    @Myne - awwwww thanks, i really appreciate it, great weekend as well.

    @TayneMent - hmm again i disagree, if a mum is calling her child a fool all his life, do you think that he is giving her power and wont that child be foolish? when you are older yes, you have a choice of what people call you tho. Lol at a lot of digging, your name is special jo.

    @Musco - haba, let me know what your name is now?

    @Kunle - lol, i keep telling you o, that is not my ministry, but thanks glad you liked it.

    @benayan - really? that is rather interesting. and thanks i appreciate it

    @glamtings - lol, your name is a biblical name jo....but yea u r right, when u grow up u have a choice, as a child i don't agree with it at all.

    @T.Notes - lol, glad you agree, and i know it is well for us both in Jesus name. Amen

    @nogoblogs - why the sigh baby? and yes, you get what you give out def.

    @Kabiosi - i can imagine, i will be so mad. Yes it does

    @Miss Natural - I don't think there is power as much in those latter statements, but still i am really trying to not saying anything negative. its hard let me tell you and i pray you can stop yours as well. welcome to my blog ma

  14. I think the name you bare is very important in my own opinion, that is why I changed mine. But I think the nickname doesn't really matter.

  15. @life around me - really, what did you change it to?


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