Thursday, June 3, 2010

Praise Thursday - Overcoming Depression

Hello guys, how you doing? I hope the week has been great for you....Did this week fly by or what? Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus :)

Today we are going to talk a lil, before we go into the songs. Bear with me, i promise i won't preach, i couldn't even if i wanted to. My sister at 16 is the preacher in my family, she did just that and danced on Sunday at her church. She got a standing ovation. lol, so proud of her. Anyhoo

I get DEPRESSED. I don't get mood swings, i'm not the kind who is happy now, and unhappy 10mins later, thats the best friend. But i get depressed where i don't feel like talking to anybody, listening to music (u know thats major for me) and i usually get depressed when i'm physically tired, i swear it doesn't make sense and then i remember all the things that are not going right in my life. But even if you don't get depressed like me, you get lonely, you feel alone, you are tired, or you are frustrated. How do you pull through? For one i hate when people want to preach to me or tell me i'm a child of God so why would i say this.( I do this to my sister all the time).  I usually just get over it really, i remember where i have come from and where i'm going to. i remember that people have been worse and then i go back to the music, always the music. So this is what i want to do today, share songs that uplift me.

P.s i am not clinically depressed, i have a degree in psychology, i know what the difference between the different kinds of psychological mood disorders are. But i do feel like you should acknowledge your mood always. Depression is like any other disease, it can kill. So please Nigerians are fond of taking this issue lightly, please deal with it accordingly. If talking to a friend or loved one and music doesn't help you, consider therapy. People will argue that we don't have that in Nigeria, if thats the case, get on the internet or the phone, and to talk to therapists or psychologists around the world, write about it, do something about it, please.

Get Up - Mary Mary
I thought of you Fabu-lo-la, when i heard this song this morning because of your last post. I can definitely relate to parts of this song as i've been worrying about lack of self motivation and what the future has for me, and i've been feeling stagnant. Mary Mary - looked "FIERCE" in this vid, lol.

Can't give up now - Mary Mary
This is my "i remember where i'm from, remember where i'm going to with God on my side" song. Don't you just feel the tears sting a lil bit?

Smokie Norful - I need you Now
This is my "call on Jesus, please get me out this funk, this mood and lift me up"song. Listen very well to the words in this song, it speaks volumes.

Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Winans - STAND
I just asked you this question what do you do to pull through? "after you've done all you can, you just STAND" - if you don't finish any song, finish this song, please

I usually just do 3-4 songs, but just had to put up this song. i'm sure these songs are familiar to you and this is the most cliche of them all, but these songs work wonders for me

Donnie McClurkin - We Fall Down
This is my "there is nothing to big for God, cos i was born a sinner & he died for me song"

I pray for those of us who deal with mood disorders in anyway shape or form, the Lord will heal us.

I didn't preach much did i? :)

P.P. S I Love you


  1. I think I listen to we fall down everyday! Yup mood swings.. sigh!

  2. I love 'Stand' and 'Cant Give Up Now'
    Lets get some church up in here.
    I hope you feel better hun', You will:)missed being here,missed your energy,now am back

  3. I hope you feel better soon Neefemi.

    I love "Get Up" by Mary Mary

  4. Lovely songs and really uplifting.

    There are so many things we overlook in Nigeria, I have seen a depressed or should i say a frustrated person before, its really not a pretty sight.

  5. Totally had fun reading.. I found these songs reassuring. You listened to the gospel songs I featured? They are spanking new. Figured you'd love it.. That's why I'm suggesting it to you.

  6. Lovely selections..I love Mary, Mary..but We fall Down just has the capacity to get thinking again.
    have agr8 weekend, dear

  7. i love mary mary's i can't give up now, it has been a wonderful antidepressant for me too. stay on top girl! may plenty of sunshine come your way! mwaah!

  8. @Ms O. - it happens to the best of us, just have to keep encouraging ourselves

    @Nakedsha - it always does, thanks

    @Tricia - lol @ let's get some church up in here...welcome back, missed you too

    @Jaycee - thanks ma

    @life around me - it surely isn't hopefully we can get the awareness out there

    @2cute4u - i did, thanks for sharing

    @histreasure - glad u liked them and thank u

    @femme lounge - Amen, thank you so much ma, muah

  9. Admitting one has a problem is the first step to healing..yes, 9jas don't like to admit such becox they might be seen as 'ye of little faith', i let everybody know becox am only HUMAN! Am glad you have an antidote for yours & you have gotten over it, mine, i write into my diary, read a novel or watch a comedy.. SHALOM

  10. Thanks, havent heard these in a while!

  11. @The nitty-gritty tales - yes o, you are exactly right and thats exactly what i say as well. Comedy helps me as well. God Bless, thanks for stopping by

    @Devine - you are so welcome ma :)


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