Thursday, June 24, 2010

Praise Thursday - Worship

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? I hope its been a great week for you as it has been for me. A lot of prayers answered this week for me and mines, admissions, new job, visa and tomorrow is my baby bros bday, never mind the fact that he is going to be 22. lol

Today we are going to worship the Lord of Hosts, the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The Bright Morning Star, That Ancient of Days, Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Rose of Sharon, The One who was, who is and who is to come. The Lord on High. ( I wish i could have written this in yoruba, but a lot of you won't understand).

This is by special request from Audeo although it was what i had planned to do coincidentally. I'm thankful to God and i can confidently say i am not worried, although i have been making plans like i always do, because yes i am a control freak, but i believe it is only in accordance to Gods plans for me and he has gone ahead of me to set everything in motion. Nways before i talk too much, lets do this, these are all familiar songs, so please just let the spirit lead.

Found this while looking for songs on youtube. I've had it on repeat. I believe its called Everlasting God and his name is John Dreher

Holiness (Take my life) - not sure of the artist - Scott Underwood i think

Micheal W Smith - Awesome God

Amy Grant - El Shaddai

Be still & Know - Steven Curtis Chapman

As the deer - not sure of the artist originally by Martin Nystrom

He'll Do it Again - Gloria Trotter



  1. You are my King-Chris Tomlin and
    Mighty yo Save are a couple of my faves.

  2. The last song spoke to me.
    "you may not know when or how but he will do it again"

  3. love u these songs..have a gr8 weekend dear and may He order your steps..

  4. i think Holiness is a Micah Stampley original. Loves them all.

  5. Control Freak,here here too!lol!
    Great stuff here. I'm a definite fan of Amy Grant.
    N i'm with you on the testimonies.

  6. This is a powerful selection, I have been blessed by listening.

  7. Thank you so much for praising Him. I'm greatly inspired

  8. thank God for your answered prayers..Lord know i could do with some of that...

    Holiness is by Micah Stampley.I had the pleasure of listening to him live at a church in London in 2006(i think)

  9. In worship, when my heart is pure before Him, He knows how much I love Him. And Heaven sees my heart.

    Thank God for your answered prayers and thank you for this post.

    #this is the air i breathe - Michael W. Smith

  10. Neefemi, have u heard Surely Goodness and Moving Forward both by Israel Houghton on his Power of one album? Or PJ Morton and his dad's Bishop Morton's version of Let Go Let God? I think they are a really good look x


  11. @Fabulola - Love those as well

    @Life around me - i'm glad ma

    @histreasure - love you too ma, i hope you are ok and AMEN.

    @Ms.O - yea, i think so too. Thank you

    @T.Notes - lol, we seem to be very much alike. Thanks hon, God Bless

    @Sugarking - i've taken note sir.

    @Myne - awww glad u like it. Thanks

    @2cute4u _ we thank God, thanks ma.

    @Chic Therapy - Thank you and he will do the same for you and more, just believe. Lol at u think, but yes i think u right.

    @Audeo - Yes o, we thank God, and thank you for reading ma. Thats one awesome song, never gets old.

    @Glamtings - Till today no o, so you see thanks for sharing. xxx


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