Monday, June 14, 2010


Nicki Minaj is jocking Lil Kim’s style, Lady Gaga is jocking Madonna’s style, Christina Aguilera is jocking Lady Gaga’s style. Lately it seems that’s all we hear, a poor musician slaves to put out a good song and we end up just compating it to someone else. Like I was telling my friend earlier, this world is too damn old for anything to be original anymore so everyone needs to deal with it. I don’t particularly care about who is stealing/copying anyone , I have always said when it comes to music, its either I like it or I don’t. That being said, there’s been A LOT of remakes when it comes to songs and I thought I’d share a few with you guys.

Originally sang by Phil Collins. These two siblings remade this song on her Full Moon album. If you don’t already know I am a huge fan of Brandy and I keep wondering why she doesn’t sell records.
Brandy ft Ray J – Another day in Paradise

Originally sang by 50 cent ft Justin Timberlake. I heard two covers of this song when I was on the other side of the world. One had an unplugged feel to it and the other was a dance version by this Belgian pop artist  that I was instantly drawn to
Katerine (Avgoustakis) – Ayo Technology
Originally sang by the hugely successful Irish boy band, WestLife, this song was redone again by the Velvet Teddy Bear when he won American Idol ( by the way have you seen him lately? He has lost a LOT of weight!)
Ruben Studdard – Flying without wings
Originally sang by the late great Michael Jackson. It impossible to think that anyone could redo a song of his and do it justice but this band tried. If you are ever looking for a song to get you going on the treadmill, this should be on the list. Plus the drums are sick on this song! ( I love drums)
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
Originally sang by Jimi Hendrix. Both guys are sick with their instruments..ahem as in the guitar. There’s not much of a difference in the remake but this is my favorite song from the “Remaker” even if it’s not his song. Please listen to what he does with his guitar from 2:02 and if you really don’t have time then start from 2:50 and let this man talk to you with his guitar.
John Mayer – Bold as Love

I’ll stop here now so as not to take up your time but some extras are:

Madonna – American Pie (Originally sang by Don Mclean)
Whitney Houston – Song for You (Originally sang by Donnie Hathaway)
Jessica Simmpson – Angels (Originally sang by Robbie Williams)

Hope you guys enjoyed the selection and I apologize ahead of time if you did not see any of your favorite remakes on here, feel free to comment on which ones you liked and which songs (not on the list) that are your favorite remakes. Have a lovely rest of the week, I intend to enjoy mine.


  1. 1st

    like lady gaga's attitude
    she knows who she is...


  2. i dont really listen to remake unless ive not heard the original before.

  3. Mehn paradise from brandy was my joint back in the days.....Mehn u taking me way back**sniff**

  4. remakes just give u a different perspective..i always listen and unless it's pretty off, i try not to compare much...

    did i tell u i like the new template? i love raindrops!

  5. My favorite songs that I will make a cover of are Celine Dion's My Heart will go on' and Westlife's Flying Without Wings. I love those songs so seeing another version of the second here is great!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I enjoyed the songs and definitely share your sentiments all the way..

  7. I was really surprised about the Ayo Technology remake. I kind of like it :) xx

  8. That's interesting. I didn't know Ayo technology was a remake.

  9. Ms. Augilera is jocking Gaga? Huh?

  10. @Tisha - yes she does

    @leggy - i can see why

    @KabiOsi - lol, i hope thats a good thing, but thats the jam mehn

    @Histreasure - exactly, i like remakes and thank you ma, glad u do

    @Myne - Thanks on behalf of TayneMent

    @2cute4u - Thanks on behalf of miss Taynment

    @nogoblogs - me too

    @Original Mgbeke - me neither

    @Tori - you don't think?


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